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    Guardian Radio Episode 164

    23 May 2016 , by Mark

    This week the community is buzzing with the supposed “leak” of Rise of Iron! Is this the next Destiny expansion? What could it possibly be bringing with it if its real and what lore potential is there? We dive in deep on what it could be. We also discuss the latest happenings of the week including the cancellation of Trails...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 163

    17 May 2016 , by Mark

    This week we Bungie gave us another Twitch stream and it gave us some insight into the Concept Art that helped shaped the world of Destiny. We broke down some of our favorite parts of this amazing stream. We also discussed the new LFG features coming to the Destiny App. Will it be the matchmaking tool we’ve been wanting? We...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 162

    9 May 2016 , by Mark

    It’s a bit of a slow news week around the Destiny Community but that didn’t stop us from chatting about the latest happenings. First up is the latest Bungie Update where we discuss the upcoming melee changes and Bungie Twitch streams. We then chat about the latest Activision Investors call. How does what was said effect the Destiny play...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 161

    3 May 2016 , by Mark

    This week Iron Banner returned and with it Lord Saladin brought the April Update loot. On this episode we discuss our thoughts on the latest monthly event and how the meta may have shifted with the wealth of loot in play. We also discuss the new changes coming to the Titan melee in the coming week. We’re also joined by...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 160

    26 April 2016 , by Mark

    The Iron Banner is returning this week and we have all the details for you. There are some new changes coming to the monthly event and it seems like the April Update will will extend its loot drops to the competition brought to us by Lord Saladin. We also break down the second week of the Challenge of Elders and...

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