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    Guardian Radio Episode 112

    28 May 2015 , by Mark

    The House of Wolves has been released! Does it live up to the hype? Is the Prison of Elders a proper replacement for a full fledged Raid? Is the Trials of Osiris the most competitive event in Destiny? Is Skolas the bane of the Queen? Are the new Crucible maps the best yet? Answers to all these questions and more...

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    TTL Party Chat Episode 18

    27 May 2015 , by Mark

    Episode 18 of TTL Party Chat, the Official Podcast of the TTL Gunslingers, has arrived. Join Cozmo, Stuicide and Cute as they are joined by special guest Nightmare to discuss the House of Wolves expansion for Destiny, Smite, and the Witcher. Also make sure you check out the Totally Rad Vids below. -Care Package -Passages are earned not given -COD.....

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    Guardian Radio Ep 112 Postpone...

    26 May 2015 , by Belle

    Mark, Byf, Craig and Belle decided to take Memorial Day off. But have no fear Guardians. We will be coming to you LIVE from the Reef Wednesday 5/27 at 10:30pm EST with the recorded show being dispatched shortly after.  Just think of it this way, this week your trip to work on Thursday will get a special treat. Tuesday was...

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    Warlock School Episode 40 Suga...

    26 May 2015 , by Watts

    *For Mature Audiences only because the easily offended need not apply* It’s Episode 40 of your favorite Destiny Podcast. Andy, Remy, and Watts are your trusty Warlock hosts where they say hurtful things and you might cry. It’s ok. Prison of Elders is talked about and basically it’s the worst. Maybe you like it. Maybe you don’t. Does anyone really.....

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    Aim Assist Gaming Episode 38

    25 May 2015 , by Mark

    Episode 38 of the Aim Cast, brings together TwoLoudtx, Nolxero, Hambone, N64Josh, special guest from the Aim Assist Gaming Twitch Community Manage, Scoop. The Cast talks all about their first impressions of the House Of Wolves release and the latest patch notes for update Don’t worry not spoilers. The cast also talks about some of th...

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