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    Guardian Radio Episode 126

    1 September 2015 , by Mark

    We have seen the inside of the Dreadnaught in strike form and it looks amazing! This week we breakdown the ‘Shield Brothers’ Strike Twitch reveal with special guest Lady Desiree. Desiree shares with us details about her recent trip to Bungie where she got to hear some of the new audio tracks coming with The Taken King. Spoiler alertR...

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    Aim Assist Gaming Episode 52

    31 August 2015 , by Mark

    Episode 52 of the Aim Cast, brings together TwoLoudtx, Nolxero, Hambone, N64Josh, and the man that has taken over 100 people to the Lighthouse for FREE, Vibez87. The crew talks about this past weeks Rift Multiplayer Red Bull Tournament and the Strike the Dreadnaught Bungie Twitch Stream. Along with all the PVP talk and the weekly update opinions Ha...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 125

    25 August 2015 , by Mark

    Destiny 2.0 has officially been revealed! This week we breakdown all the latest info and details from Bungie’s Year Two reveal. Joining us to help dig through it is Paul Tassi from Forbes. Are the changes what the community wants? Will they be more than just quality of life upgrades? All this and a special announcement from Craig on another.....

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    Guardian Radio Episode 124

    18 August 2015 , by Mark

    Get your Gjallarhorns! Get you Gjallahorns here! This week Xur did what many thought was unimaginable, he sold the one weapon that so many have been chasing for nearly a year. Does it’s prevalence in the game now change the player base and over all meta? We dive into this topic as well as cover the latest GameInformer articles including...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 123

    11 August 2015 , by Mark

    Destiny: The Taken King infosplosion is upon us! This week we’re joined by Dan Gibbons from the BRB UK Podcast, otherwise known as @CapnAverage. Dan’s been lending his vocal talents to us for some of our recent Audio Grimoire and this week he helps us breakdown all the info that has come out over the past week. From then GameInsider...

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