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    Guardian Radio Episode 184

    18 October 2016 , by Mark

    Heroic mode is hours from dropping and this week we sat down to chat about the possible changes coming to Wrath of the Machine. The light of Guardians is going up also this week and we have our thoughts on how it will change the game and how it will effect the overall end game of Destiny. All this and...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 183

    11 October 2016 , by Mark

    The first Iron Banner of Year 3 is here! This week we share our thoughts and impressions of the event. We discuss Supremacy as the chosen game mode and the loot that seemed to be raining on Guardians as we all chase the 385 cap. Our buddy N64Josh from The Loot Cast stopped by to chat about the Iron Banner...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 182

    4 October 2016 , by Mark

    Raid Spoilercast! This week while Mark is away at Disney Belle hosts as the team discusses in detail the mechanics, concept, likes, dislikes and loot in Wrath of the Machine. WARNING this is a full spoiler episode about the raid. We also share our year 3 Trials of Osiris first experiences and impressions as well as touch on the Destiny...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 181

    26 September 2016 , by Mark

    Rise of Iron is here! This is the episode we’ve been waiting months for. We finally get to chat about our experiences and impressions fighting for Fel Winter’s and battling back the SIVA invasion that is happening on Earth. Did it live up to our expectations? What’s good? What’s bad? We cover it all on this epic episode. WARNING! There...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 180

    18 September 2016 , by Mark

    The time is now Guardians! The Hype Train has arrived at the station and Rise of Iron is here. Join us this week as we get set to embark on our rise as Iron Lords. We break down the Owl Sector infection that has taken over our Guardians. What does it mean in the lore and for the direction of...

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