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    Guardian Radio Episode 177

    22 August 2016 , by Mark

    PRIVATE MATCHES! Does anything else need to be said?! The feature we have all been waiting for has finally been revealed and is on its way with Rise of Iron. Our own MesaSean went to Bungie last month and can finally chat about everything he experienced while there including the much anticipated feature and everything else he played. We also...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 176

    16 August 2016 , by Mark

    We are on the eve of Gamescom and the big reveal of the “New Feature” coming to Destiny’s Crucible. What could it be? We dig through the possibilities as well as all the other new Rise of Iron details coming to light this week. We also take time to get through a bunch of emails as well as a few...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 175

    9 August 2016 , by Mark

    This week the news hit the fan! GameInformer unveiled their latest cover story and it has opened up the flood gates on Rise of Iron. On this episode we dig through all the new details and give our thoughts and options on how the new expansion looks to be shaping up. We also announce the 7 winners of our current-gem...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 174

    2 August 2016 , by Mark

    The news is slow but the hype is real as we inch closer to the release of Rise of Iron. This week we make due with what little news is happening in the community. We find time however to answer a few of your great questions and ponder the idea of transom and cosmetics making a major appearance in the...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 173

    26 July 2016 , by Mark

    We’ve finally had our first in-game glimpse into the changes coming with Rise of Iron. This week we breakdown the Cosmodrome reveal stream and give our thoughts the new content coming with RoI. We also announce an update to our already HUGE current-gen giveaway. Don’t forget to send in your questions and topics to us to feedback@theguar...

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