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    Guardian Radio Episode 138

    24 November 2015 , by Mark

    The Iron Banner is back and it has brought the loot! This week we welcome Destiny cosplayed @AirBubbles to breakdown the news of the week and discuss the latest iteration of Iron Banner. We also discuss the upcoming December weapon changes and the new Refer-a-Friend Program. Don’t forget to send in your questions and topics to us to feedback@...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 137

    17 November 2015 , by Mark

    This upcoming week will see the return of the Iron Banner and Weapon Parts! To help us breakdown all the news we’re joined by TWO special guests. First is the co-host of the Guardian One Podcast SDFRiver. Second is co-host of the AimCast and founder of N64Josh. We also have a new lore segment by Byf and take a...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 136

    10 November 2015 , by Mark

    Trials is back in a big way and so are weapon parts! Well….maybe not weapon parts yet but they’ll finally be plentiful soon. This week we’re joined by Zack Bryson. He’s a community member who did something completely legend that you’ll just have to tune in to here. We breakdown this weekend’s 3rd Annually Destiny Community ExtraLife Campaign and al...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 135

    3 November 2015 , by Mark

    Brother Vance is back and so is Byf! This week we discuss the return of Trials of Osiris and the new changes that came along with it. Are the rewards better? Is it more competitive to get to the Lighthouse? Raid Challenge mode was also announced and it may be just what end game PvE’ers need. Plus we fill you...

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    Aim Cast Episode 61

    2 November 2015 , by Mark

    Episode 61 of the Aim Cast, brings together TwoLoud, Hambone, Nolxero, N64 Josh, and special guest, VersusTheStream. VersusTheStream is here to talk all about the first weekend of the new Trials Of Osiris and his personal experience with the release of Kings Fall hard mode raid. N64Josh and Versus also tell us all about their first impressions of H...

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