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    Guardian Radio Episode 181

    26 September 2016 , by Mark

    Rise of Iron is here! This is the episode we’ve been waiting months for. We finally get to chat about our experiences and impressions fighting for Fel Winter’s and battling back the SIVA invasion that is happening on Earth. Did it live up to our expectations? What’s good? What’s bad? We cover it all on this epic episode. WARNING! There...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 180

    18 September 2016 , by Mark

    The time is now Guardians! The Hype Train has arrived at the station and Rise of Iron is here. Join us this week as we get set to embark on our rise as Iron Lords. We break down the Owl Sector infection that has taken over our Guardians. What does it mean in the lore and for the direction of...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 179

    13 September 2016 , by Mark

    One more episode to go and until the Rise of Iron Hype Train reaches its final destination. This past week Byf and Sean both took a trip to Bungie and got the chance to play a ton of the newest expansion coming to Destiny. They share with us all that they can about their hands-on experience. Be warned, there are...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 178

    6 September 2016 , by Mark

    We’re finally back after a two week hiatus. Destiny Community Con has come and gone and joining us this week to recap the event is Gothalion! Goth stopped by to talk about the event, plans for next year, and some Rise of Iron hype. We catch you up on all the latest RoI news and info and discuss Destiny’s upcoming...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 177

    22 August 2016 , by Mark

    PRIVATE MATCHES! Does anything else need to be said?! The feature we have all been waiting for has finally been revealed and is on its way with Rise of Iron. Our own MesaSean went to Bungie last month and can finally chat about everything he experienced while there including the much anticipated feature and everything else he played. We also...

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