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    Guardian Radio Episode 190

    6 December 2016 , by Mark

    The Dawning has been revealed and MesaSean is back from PSX to fill us in on all the details. This week we breakdown all the new info on the seasonal event and give our thoughts on how the new content will freshen up the game. Is Ice Breaker’s return a positive for the game? Is the new Ornament kiosk the...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 189

    22 November 2016 , by Mark

    Skill Based Match Making is once again on the minds of the community. Bungie however took some time out of this week’s update to help clarify their matchmaking philosophy and tools. We breakdown what they said and discuss the good and the bad of it. We also dive into some great speak pipes and emails to help round out the...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 188

    15 November 2016 , by Mark

    The Iron Lords are pleased again as we honored them this past week through our battles in the Iron Banner. This time Control returned. How did it play out and is the monthly combat ritual finally everything it should be? Aksis also decided to challenge us this week with the final Wrath of the Machine Challenge being conquered by Guardians....

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    Guardian Radio Episode 187

    8 November 2016 , by Mark

    This week Bungie surprised everyone and introduced Challenge Mode for Wrath of the Machine. Theories have been running wild about the timeliness midway through Festival of the Lost. We discuss its implementation as well as react to feedback about last weeks episode in regards to the state of micro transactions in the game. We had some great emails ...

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    EBD Episodes 1-6 Deal!

    1 November 2016 , by Mark

    We have had so many requests for access to the previous episodes of EBD (Everything But Destiny), our side podcast that we put out monthly for our $5 and $7 tier patrons on Podbean. So here it is your coupon for a great deal. We are offering you episodes 1-6 of EBD for only $20! Simply click the Buy Now...

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