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    Guardian Radio Episode 76

    2 September 2014 , by Mark

    This is it. The final episode before the launch of Destiny. We have been at this podcast for more than a year and half and we are now less then one week away from its release. With the game so close we can’t help but let the hype machine take over and share our launch day plans. We also dive...

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    Auto Rifle Guide

    30 August 2014 , by Mark

    A look into Destiny’s weapons. In this weapon guide video I will be covering Auto rifles including Rare, Legendary and Exotic weapons in this category. I’ll also investigate all the upgrades that can be made to auto rifles as well as what builds to use this weapon in with all the classes (Hunter Titan and Warlock). Whilst there is no...

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    Guardian One Episode X

    29 August 2014 , by Mark

    The Guardian One Podcast welcomes control subject Preston in an attempt to understand the ‘haven’t yet played Destiny’ mind. Discussions include Beards, the CoD shader, and the release window. Tune in and get your Friday fix.

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    Ghosts and Guardians

    28 August 2014 , by Mark

    Byf’s complete guide to Destiny. A series of informational vids walking you through the world of Destiny from the core basics to tips and tricks. This episode will introduce the Ghosts as well as the three classes of Guardians that you’ll work with. The Hunter, the Titan and the Warlock.

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    Warlock School Episode 5

    28 August 2014 , by Mark

    *For Mature Audiences only * What if toothpaste was pizza flavored?  Warlock Episode 5 has been released. Remy and Watts are your two trusty Warlock hosts. They will cover everything Destiny, Warlocks, tacos, and more. Please remember to “let it mellow when it is yellow and if brown flush it down” while listening. Please leave us your feedback and ...

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