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    Last Minute Predictions

    27 August 2014 , by Hunter

      The wait is almost over. We’ve had almost three years (some of us even longer) to get this hype train up to full speed. All through that time the community has had questions, some of which have been answered but there are still many things we just do not know, and we won’t find out till September 9th. And...

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    The Golden Age

    27 August 2014 , by Mark

    Byf’s complete guide to Destiny. A series of informational vids walking you through the world of Destiny from the core basics to tips and tricks. This episode will introduce the premise of the game and touch on The Golden Age, The Traveller and the Darkness that consumed us all. Expect episode 2 very soon. Future episodes will have much less....

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    Guardian Radio Episode 75

    26 August 2014 , by Mark

    Two. More. Weeks. The countdown to launch rolls on this week as we deploy Episode 75. This week we dissect the Destiny Launch Trailer, take a trip to Mercury, and even face a few Dragons on the way. We are so close Guardians. The end is near. Don’t forget to send in your questions and topics to us to You......

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    Defender Titan Overview

    25 August 2014 , by Fenix

    While some Titans love to deal out the damage and melee to their heart’s content, there is also the flip side to the Titan lifestyle. This is the Titan who helps out fellow players; the Titan who tosses up shields to protect his friends; or gives a damage boost to the Warlock and Hunter just to make them feel better...

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    Gunslinger – Master at A...

    24 August 2014 , by Mark

    The Destiny: Master at Arms series continues and this time its with the Hunter’s Gunslinger Subclass. This lethal subclass has many uses in the Crucible the most important of which is stopping another Guardian in their tracks. Prepare to fire the Golden Gun.

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