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    Warlock School Episode 8

    18 September 2014 , by Mark

    *For Mature Audiences only * VENUS BABY…with a hint of lime….Warlock Episode 8 has been released. Dickens, Remy and Watts are your three trusty Warlock hosts. They will cover everything Destiny, Warlocks, tacos, and more. Please remember to not blow milk bubbles in public. Please leave us your feedback at Feel free...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 78

    16 September 2014 , by Mark

    Destiny has been deployed and this week we officially come to you LIVE from the Tower. This week we catch you up on the latest news surrounding the game and then dive in to our first impressions of the game. With one week under our belts we have a lot to say about Bugie’s shared world shooter. We share both...

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    DoD Podcast Episode 2

    15 September 2014 , by Mark

    Episode 2 of the Official Dads Of Destiny Podcast, brings together TwoLoudtx, Nolxero, Migs and special quest, DeepFriedDave, the man behind the Dad-A-Base for Dads of Destiny, as they discuss their first impressions of Destiny Post-launch. The laughter continues with the community’s favorite “Stories with Uncle Migs” segment and includes an ...

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    Warlock School Episode 7

    12 September 2014 , by Mark

    *Mature Audiences Only* It’s launch week and the Warlocks have officially been unleashed upon the Solar System! Join Watts, Remy, and Dickens as they discuss they’re first few days with the full game and what are some inappropriate things to say when leaving your fire team. Come on, you have to discuss the import an things in school. Gr...

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    TTL Party Chat Episode 2

    10 September 2014 , by Mark

    *Mature Audiences Only* Check out the special Destiny launch edition of TTL Party Chat, the Official Podcast of the famed TTL clan. Join Cozmo, Stuicide, and Cute as they dive into Bungie’s new game with their first impressions, what they look forward to in the game, and a look back at some other that influenced the clan. Also get an...

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