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    Guardian Radio Episode 212

    19 June 2017 , by Mark

    E3 2017 is now in the books and with it came a bunch more news and tidbits on things coming in Destiny 2. The crew dives into all the new info including Flashpoints, treasure maps, ranked playlists, and the new Raid death penalty. Emails cap off the show and these week we have some good ones. Remember, we need your...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 211

    14 June 2017 , by Mark

    This week it’s ALL Destiny 2 at E3 chat! We have Beta Dates, new launch dates, confirmed launch dates, PC details, Sentinel Titan details, Ward of Dawn news, Arcstrider news, plus more, OMG it’s Destiny 2 overload! As you can see there’s a lot to talk about and we dive in as always this week to give you our thoughts...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 210

    6 June 2017 , by Mark

    This week Bungie revealed their E3 plans and we now know the ArcStrider will make its first appearance on the battlefields of Destiny 2. Bungie will also be bringing the same content that was shown at the Destiny 2 reveal event. We give our thoughts on this and speculate what additional content may be carried forward to the Destiny 2...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 209

    30 May 2017 , by Mark

    The dust has settled after the BIG Destiny 2 reveal but there is still a tons of things to chat about. This week we’re joined by Fireteam Chat’s very own Fan Mirabella. Fran stops by to chat about the recent reveal of Destiny 2’s server situation and what it could mean for players. He also chats about the possibility of...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 208

    23 May 2017 , by Mark

    We’re back! This week the podcast returns for a HUGE episode! This past week Bungie pulled the curtain back on Destiny 2 with a massive reveal event and we were there. Tune in to hear our thoughts on what was shown and to feel the excitement we have for the upcoming second chapter in the Destiny franchise. Don’t forget to...

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