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    Guardian Radio Episode 149

    9 February 2016 , by Mark

    Crimson Days is upon us! This week we breakdown the latest news and happenings from the Tower as we prepare for Crimson Doubles and the rest of the new LIVE event. The Weekly Update is no more and in its place is “This Week at Bungie.” We discuss all the new details unveiled that ar coming in patch 2.1.1 as...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 148

    2 February 2016 , by Mark

    Crimson Days are coming soon and we have all the details! This week we broke down all the new details on the upcoming February live event. Will the chance at 320 ghosts have us playing Crimson Doubles and eating away on some Crimson Candy? We’re then joined by Twitch Streamer and Lighthouse sherpa RealKraftyy. Kraftyy stops by to talk about.....

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    Guardian Radio Episode 147

    26 January 2016 , by Mark

    The first Bungie Weekly Update of 2016 has been released and the Crimson Days are upon us. This week discuss the newly announced Crimson Days and the Crimson Doubles playlist that will come with it. We also discuss the rumors and speculation coming out of some of those “reputable” gaming outlets. We also have Byf’s latest episode ...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 146

    19 January 2016 , by Mark

    It’s another slow week for news. This week we discuss the recent “glitchiness” of the game with locked doors and floating bodies. We also announce a new giveaway that is sure to help someone make the leap to current-gen. We’re on the brink of some big news so join us as we ride out the wave to next week. Don’t...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 145

    12 January 2016 , by Mark

    It’s a slow news week but that doesn’t stop us from delivering another great episode. This week we discuss what 2016 has in store for Destiny. New modes? New Raid? Anything’s fair game. We also play a bunch of speak pipes and read a few emails to cap the show off. Don’t forget to send in your questions and topics...

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