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Episode 46 of the Aim Cast, brings together TwoLoudtx, Nolxero, Hambone, and N64Josh. This past week Bungie annouced the weapon update 2.0 that will be coming out very soon. With all the changes it sounded like they pulled the “Oprah” mentaility with “And you get a buff, and you get a nerf, and you get a buff” etc. Also with Josh side by side with TwoLoud in Texas for this week’s episode things get a little crazier than normal! Its another great show full of laughter and drinks brought to you by the Guardian Radio Network. For more about this podcast and others visit AimAssistGaming.com and GuardianRadioNetwork.com. Don’t forget to like us and follow us on FaceBook, www.facebook.com/aimassistgaming & YouTube, YouTube.com/AimAssistGaming! You can become an “OFFICIAL” listener and support us at Patreon.com/AimAssistGaming.


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