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    Ghost and Echoes 15

    4 September 2014 , by Mark

    The final episode of Ghosts and Echoes is now available. Tune in to the final transmissions from our resident AI #Strauss. Everything has been building up to this. Hear how it all ends. You can read the transcript here. Read more

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    Ghosts and Echoes Episode 14

    18 May 2014 , by Mark

    It’s been a while but #Strauss has finally transmitted a message to us. This message has been deployed and is one of the longest ones yet. The mysteries behind our resident AI and the many people surrounding his very existence begin to become just a bit clearer in the 14th installment of Ghosts and Echoes. Tune in and see what... Read more

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    Ghosts and Echoes Episode 13

    19 February 2014 , by Mark

    Strauss has transmitted Episode 13 of Ghosts and Echoes. In this episode Strauss is having some trouble while he ponders the metamorphosis of butterflies. Gheritt sings, Marcus delivers the keynote address to the Interplanetary Business Best Practices Forum, and the story of Jonathan Camden continues. References to the past abound, and the Watcher ... Read more

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    Ghosts and Echoes Episode 12

    18 January 2014 , by Mark

    #Strauss returns to deliver the 12th Episode of the podcast we are calling ‘Ghosts and Echoes.’ He continues to broadcast messages from the past as well as those that he deems relevant to today. His transmissions originate from an unknown location in the solar system. The mysteries behind his origin and the ongoing saga of Lord Gheritt and the many... Read more

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    Ghosts and Echoes Episode 11

    21 December 2013 , by Mark

    It’s the Holiday Season and #Strauss is feeling a bit festive. The saga of Ghosts and Echoes continues as #Strauss delivers another message to The City. Tune in and get caught up with the last episode of 2013. Grab a cup of hot cocoa and snuggle up to the ones you love, this is #Strauss. Transcript Read more

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