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    Ghosts and Echoes Episode 10

    24 November 2013 , by Mark

    Our resident AI #Strauss returns delivering his 10th transmission from an unknown location in the solar system. The mysteries behind his origin and the ongoing saga of Lord Gheritt and new acquaintance Marcus Whitesides continues in another cryptic yet intriguing installment. Are you caught up yet? Tune in! Episode Transcript  Read more

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    Ghosts and Echoes Episode 9

    8 November 2013 , by Mark

    A new transmission brings a few more answers but more questions. #Strauss returns for Episode 9 of Ghosts and Echos. Take from it what you will Guardians. The glimpse into the Golden Age straight from those who “survived” it is a chance to attempt to understand the mysterious past of our civilization. Tune in! Transmission Transcript Read more

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    Ghosts and Echoes Episode 8

    26 October 2013 , by Mark

    #Strauss has returned from the outer reaches to deliver another message directly from SolComm news. Dial in to the mystery and transmissions from an AI of the once Golden Age. This is Ghosts and echoes Episode 8. Links transmitted: Bungie Weekly Update dboTV Read more

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    Ghosts and Echoes Episode 7

    13 October 2013 , by Mark

    #Strauss returns with another dispatch. This episode continues to dive deeper into the mystery which surrounds #Strauss and his creator Lord Gheritt. The mystery deepens yet becomes clearer on this new episode of Ghosts and Echos. Now is the perfect time to jump in to this soon to be audio classic! Transcript Read more

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    Ghosts and Echoes Episode 6

    27 September 2013 , by Mark

    #Strauss returns in Episode 6 of our ‘Ghosts and Echoes’ audio series. The memories trapped in his memory core continue to be revealed as well as some rather “insightful” takes on the news of the week and the Bungie Podcast. Now is as good a time as any to dive in to this mysterious tale of Humanity’s past and the... Read more

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