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    Guardian One Podcast Episode I...

    22 August 2014 , by Mark

    Remy, River, Warlock, and Jez are back with another episode of  the Guardian One Podcast. This episode brings us one hour closer to the launch of Destiny with @DestinyAuthor. We chat about Dragons, the lack of Private Matches, and the Destiny Dispatch project #BecomeLegend. Read more

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    Guardian One Episode VIII

    15 August 2014 , by Mark

    The latest Episode of the Guardian One Podcast is now available. Join Remy, River, Warlock, and Jez as they welcome special guest Tanner to the show. This week the crew chats about how their coping with Beta depravation and about the latest Gamescom competitive multiplayer trailer. They also take questions from the audience. The audio version of th... Read more

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