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    Guardian Radio Ep 112 Postpone...

    26 May 2015 , by Belle

    Mark, Byf, Craig and Belle decided to take Memorial Day off. But have no fear Guardians. We will be coming to you LIVE from the Reef Wednesday 5/27 at 10:30pm EST with the recorded show being dispatched shortly after.  Just think of it this way, this week your trip to work on Thursday will get a special treat. Tuesday was... Read more

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    We Need More Vehicle Sections

    4 October 2014 , by Fenix

    Destiny needs some work. Yes, the combat is sound (though I’d argue the combat encounters are not nearly as rewarding as Halo: Reach – but we aren’t here to compare Bungie’s last game to their current one); and the world is interesting once you dive deep into the lore (which should have been in the game as opposed to Grimoire... Read more

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    Bladedancer Hunter Overview

    7 September 2014 , by Fenix

    When one thinks of the Hunters of Destiny, thus far we have associated them with powerful rifles, attacking from afar with their fabled Golden Gun and Double Jumping away with a smirk on their faces as their enemies lie dead before them. So it could come to some surprise to those who haven’t been watching the Hunters closely that there... Read more

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    Digital Guardian Winners

    6 September 2014 , by Mark

    On Episode 76 we announced that we were giving away 3 Digital Guardian Editions of Destiny to three lucky listeners. After tons of entires THREE lucky Guardians have been chosen. One copy was given out during the LIVE recording of Episode 76 on Twitch to viewer Agriosendendros. He answered correctly the question asking “Which episode of Guard... Read more

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    Last Minute Predictions

    27 August 2014 , by Hunter

      The wait is almost over. We’ve had almost three years (some of us even longer) to get this hype train up to full speed. All through that time the community has had questions, some of which have been answered but there are still many things we just do not know, and we won’t find out till September 9th. And... Read more

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