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    We have 50 Beta Keys to give a...

    11 July 2014 , by Mark

    Still in need of a Destiny Beta Key? Have a friend on the fence about pre-ordering Destiny and want to help them discover just what this new game is all about? Sure you could give them one of the THREE¬†download codes you’ll get with your key but you’re saving those for your exclusive fireteam, right? Well fear not Guardians! We... Read more

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    DeeJ is stopping by on Bungie ...

    3 July 2014 , by Mark

    Bungie Day is this Monday and it may possibly be the biggest one yet for the Destiny community. It just so happens that we will be recording Episode 68 LIVE on Twitch beginning at 10:30PM EST/7:30PM PST. Joining us on this special Bungie Day Episode will be non-other than the Gunslinger himself, Bungie’s Community Manager DeeJ! DeeJ will be s... Read more

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    Exclusive Destiny Alpha Videos

    10 June 2014 , by Mark

    The embargo has lifted and the time has come to share with everyone what we’ve been up to in the Alpha. Head over to our YouTube channel to see some exclusive videos you can’t find anywhere else. Take a stroll through the Tower with myself and Watts as your guides. Learn the skill tree of your chosen Guardian. Even see... Read more

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    Bungie’s DESTINY To Be P...

    30 May 2013 , by Shadowolf

    With recent rumors which were debunked by Bungie involving the developers upcoming title DESTINY as a playable experience also coming to the PS Vita, now it seems there might have been some truth this with the latest update from Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida who has confirmed that all PS4 titles will be mandatory... Read more

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    “The Law of the Jungle&#...

    23 May 2013 , by Mark

    The first Trailer for Destiny is finally here and it is a Live Action/CG one ready to get you even more excited for Destiny. Directed by acclaimed director Jon Favreau and featuring actor Giancarlo Esposito, the trailer “gives players a taste of Destiny’s action-pacjed adventures” through this “interpretation of the epic gam... Read more

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