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    The Golden Age

    27 August 2014 , by Mark

    Byf’s complete guide to Destiny. A series of informational vids walking you through the world of Destiny from the core basics to tips and tricks. This episode will introduce the premise of the game and touch on The Golden Age, The Traveller and the Darkness that consumed us all. Expect episode 2 very soon. Future episodes will have much less.... Read more

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    Gunslinger – Master at A...

    24 August 2014 , by Mark

    The Destiny: Master at Arms series continues and this time its with the Hunter’s Gunslinger Subclass. This lethal subclass has many uses in the Crucible the most important of which is stoppingĀ another Guardian in their tracks. Prepare to fire the Golden Gun. Read more

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    Launch Trailer Video Analysis

    23 August 2014 , by Mark

    Destiny’s Launch Trailer was finally released! It had Dragons… no seriously… As well as Dragons we got to see all the supers, Some more details concerning the Vex and the Darkness, a selection of Weapons and even some Exotic armour. Get hyped! We’re almost there. Read more

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    Venus Trailer Analysis

    18 August 2014 , by Byf

    A new Destiny trailer set on Venus was premiered yesterday that showed of some exotic armor and vanguard weapons. We get to see the Vex Hydra in action and even may have been given a sneak peak of a high level enemy called a Vex Oracle! This is my full analysis of this new and exciting trailer. Read more

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    Mars Trailer Breakdown

    15 August 2014 , by Byf

    A new Destiny Mars Trailer was released with some insights into the story campaign of Destiny as well as exotic and legendary weapons, armour and gear. We also saw a lot of 2 of Destiny’s enemies namely the Cabal and the Vex. Stay with me as I break down the trailer! Read more

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