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    Guardian Radio Episode 220

    15 August 2017 , by Mark

    The road to the launch of Destiny 2 continues this week with tons of news and new merchandise announcements. The latest issue of EDGE Magazine has a great write up on Destiny 2 including new changes due to Beta feedback and story information. From the sounds of things Destiny 2 is going to loaded with content. Tune in us as... Read more

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    Guardian Radio Episode 219

    8 August 2017 , by Mark

    Who wants some PopTarts? This week the road to Destiny 2 continues with some news about the PC Beta, Destiny 2 streaming on PC and yes, PopTarts. We give you all our thoughts on the latest news developments for the hotly anticipated sequel. We also get to a back log of emails and have some great discussions sparked by you... Read more

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    Guardian Radio Episode 218

    1 August 2017 , by Mark

    With the Beta now history we look forward to launch! This week Bungie revealed the new Competitive Crucible mode Survival. Will this mode fit well with the other modes announced so far? We also dig through the Bungie AMA that IGN hosted and get some answers to some questions that the community have been clamoring for. Don’t forget to send... Read more

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    Guardian Radio Episode 217

    24 July 2017 , by Mark

    Beta, Beta, Beta! This week’s episode is all about the Destiny 2 Beta. We fill you in on our thoughts and impressions on what we played. Are the new PvP changes warranted? How are the limited supers changing play styles and the pace of the game? All this and more on an extra packed episode of your favorite Destiny podcast!... Read more

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    Guardian Radio Episode 216

    18 July 2017 , by Mark

    ‘Twas the night before the Beta and all through the podcast. Enough with the silliness, this is it! The Destiny 2 Beta is upon and we can’t hold back our excitement. This week we breakdown all the latest news coming from IGN and their month long coverage of Destiny as well as share with you our plans for the Beta.... Read more

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