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Cmmdr Slacker

I’ve never been an amazing PvP player, but my hero in Destiny PvP is none other than your friend and mine, from this side of the pond, James my-name-is-byf Byford! I remember when I first started, and I was completely new to 1st person shooters (with the one exception of Goldeneye on the N64, circa 1996) I SUCKED. Most of the time I’d be very lucky to get 5 kills in a match. Byf’s videos helped me to think about PvP in a different way, and put me on the path to become the player I am today. So thanks Byf! You rock! Plus I, like him, am addicted to the ‘kill sound’ beep in the Crucible!

Love the show, keep it coming.



Great show, excited to see another giveaway. Here’s the story. We all hate no matchmaking. Let’s just admit it, LFG can be a real mess. Never know what you’re getting into. I’ve been matched up with everything from a group of stupid squeakers that would rather count pixels on the wall than shoot the Templar, to the horrid elitist that joined my fire team and insulted everyone’s load out until we all just left. It’s bad out there, and clearly no one at Bungie will fix this, but there is a silver lining here.

The 100.

Someone suggested this to me once, I saw a spotlight about them somewhere months ago. Checked out the site, dug around a little. They seemed organized, it’s not trow up a game in a list of thousands of games, and cross your fingers. I filled out the questionnaire, and was placed in Bravo Company 179. I gotta tell ya, what a great group. I love that i can schedule games for times that works for me, and i’ve been placed in a group with people like me. I don’t get to play often, and The 100 have really cut down on the LFG bullshit.

Bravo Co. 179 are my Destiny Heroes

Here’s to my(hopefullly) XB1


Matthew S.

First off, love the show and hope you carry on putting out what is an insightful and entertaining podcast.

My favourite hero of Destiny is Guardian Radio’s very own My Name Is Byf. The passion he has for this game and its world is something I have not seen in any other content creator and that is something fans of his channel and your podcast can feed off. It’s no secret that Destiny released to a mixed response, as great gameplay wasn’t at all backed up by what should have been a fascinating lore. This, however, is why people like Byf are so important to Destiny’s community. Through his relentless pursuit of answers to the games biggest un-answered questions he has inspired people like myself to take a step back and appreciate the game as more than just a pretty face with loads of shooty things. 

I’m a university student who lives in the UK and my play times and lack of a solid clan or play group make Destiny a difficult game to get the most out of for me. My time in the game during its current state has dwindled recently as I try other titles, but Destiny is the one game that always pulls me back in. I believe this is because there are so many little details in this carefully crafted (and unfortunately hidden) universe that Bungie have created, and enthusiastic exploration of these by my favourite content producer has completely enriched my experiences playing this game.

All in all, just as the fate of the city rests on the shoulders of the guardians, the fate of the Destiny community relies strongly on people like Byf making  such a secretive world accessible to everyone and allowing them to realise that this is an action game as much as it is a carefully crafted story.

Thanks, My Name Is Byf. And thanks Guardians Of Destiny. Keep doing what you’re doing and making people happy.



My Destiny Hero are the individuals out there that are just willing to do whatever to help players out. My friends list is starting to become populated by these guardians that are willing to run a raid or anything really, without getting anything for it. Hours in some cases with only little rewards (Blue Engrams). They are influencing the way I play as well. More and more I find myself doing thing to help people out and making myself a more rounded guardian. These are my heroes. I’m glad to be among them.

My Top Guardians Hero: predator29693, DRU_941, dnaf0x & DGal91

                As a side note. Thank you guys for doing what you do. Because of Guardian Radio and The 100 I have found more people like me. As a direct effect I have been able to play with and help out more guardians. Thank You..



My name is Dean, and My Name is Byf is my Destiny hero.

Byf was already my go to source when it came to Destiny info before his Lore segments began, but after that, he took things to the next level. His in-depth knowledge of the game is so impressive and useful, and he shares it all so humbly (I can only image the hours he’s poured over grimoire to distill it for us) without asking for anything in return outside of a measly YouTube like here or there.

Thanks for everything Byf!



So, to be that guy, my Destiny Hero is my wife.  No, she doesn’t play, at all.  She bought me the game and season pass for my birthday in September 2014, didn’t get mad at me when I didn’t play it until December and didn’t even rub it in when I had a complete 180 and started playing it way too much.  While not a gamer, she completely respects my gaming time, letting me finish off raids, challenges, and even trials runs getting carried to the light house.  She even humors me when I inevitably ramble about what the challenge is or how RNGesus whored me this week. Occasionally, god help her, she laughs when I manage to finish first crucible and get nothing, showing both a slight understanding and that she pay attention to my non-sense tirades about the game.  She doesn’t even blink an eye when I say I’ve got to help a buddy try to get through the Black Spindle quest.  She’s take pics as I’ve sat with my 18 month old son, trying to teach him to shoot the fallen on the moon, or as he excitedly called out “airplane” during load screen.  I’ve managed to finish all 3 raids, HMs, the new challenge modes, consistently hit rank 5 in IB and even play SRL, and none of it would be possible without my wife. 



My name is Defenseman7 on PS4.  I just wanted to shoot a quick email and tell you about my Destiny hero.

His name is Crabpots on PS4.  I was a colleague of mine, and he started playing Destiny at launch.  I joined in January 2015.  I had never played any games online.  Once I finished the story, I talked to him and he helped me learn to use party chat, gave me advice about headsets, introduced me to his clan mates, (then SCHWARTZ HARDER, now known as SUCK IT, CHIP) whom I eventually joined.  He and my clan took me through my first Crota run and my first Vault run.  They introduced me to Iron Banner, and he and a clanmate were with me when the three of us beat Skolas for the first time.  He is truly the nicest guy I know, and our clanmates, who have never met him in person, hold him in the same high esteem.

He has since retired from PS4 and Destiny in a foolhardy effort to be a higher functioning adult.  We wish him the best, but miss him terribly.

Despite his retirement, he remains my Destiny hero.

Keep up the great work, Guardians.  If you read this, Belle, go easy on Byf.  I don’t want to hear him cry on the air.


Joshua A.

Good Morning,

    I have to call out my boy Sweet_cars123, we play constantly on PS4 and he is that type who is max grimoire and isn’t missing very many things that we all want. Every week we make sure to get together for Raid Day and we also started a clan Bringers of the Ragnarok. Being such a kind person Sweet_cars123 never excludes inviting people who have never done the more difficult things. The one things we can’t seem to do is go flawless LOL the carries are real! We have become good friends on Facebook and turns out we were born in the same city. He currently lives their and I moved away. Kind of cool how such a tight community can bring people close together. It is always nice reminiscing about the locations where we both grow up. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Have a great day.


Anders K.

Alright so quite a while ago i had a major depression and suicide was not just an option but an inevitability for me, now in this time Destiny had come out not too long ago and i saw this guy stand out in the community “Byf” so one day i was standing by my window after a very bad day and.. well im not sure you want me to go into detail why i was standing there. Now noone was around to say anything and the only thing keeping me from.. you know. was the window. Now suddenly i got a tiny shock because my iPad came with a notification and i thought to myself i may aswell look since hopefully it would be something positive to.. go out with. So i looked at my iPad and it was a notification from “Byf” on Youtube about a Destiny video and at this moment i don’t exactly know what happened but a moment of doubt occurred for me, i was thinking of my life goal all along: To be friends with a Youtuber. This somehow stopped me and i realized “Byf” was not just a Youtuber for me. He was a hero. A person with the same perspective like me on the community and everything else really. and forwarding from the dark time of the story a few months i took myself together to write a email to “Byf” and ever since. To me anyway. He has been my hero and friend. him letting me join him occasionally makes a bigger difference and impact on my life that anything else, and literally everyone in my family knows to some extend who “Byf” is. A Hero in my eyes.

End of story



Hey Guardian radio! 

My hero in Destiny is another guardian. This guardian happens to be my clan leader, an up and coming streamer and hmm what else… Oh that’s right. Hes ranked 3rd in the world at Trials of Osiris! His streamer name is joey648 and in game name is Familyguyostrich

I met him by total chance. I was running the raid with some randoms and during oryx we started talking about trials and how difficult it was for us mere mortals to go flawless and see the lighthouse. One of the raid members then told me about this insanely good streamer that does double carries all weekend for trials. With my curiosity peaked i proceeded into his channel. I was warmly welcomed and ended up having a blast watching his prowess in trials. That same day he ran me through trials and personally took me to Mercury to open that coveted chest for getting flawless. It was the most fun i’d ever had in destiny. From that day i’ve dedicated my time to improving my PVP game with great results! Because of joey i’ve been inspired and went from a crucible noob to entering into the top 20% (and rapidly climbing) in the community! I’ve now connected with Joey and we’ve become friends though Destiny.

On a side note, if you ever need a good clan spotlight or a guest on the show I think the community (and Byf) would love to hear from someone that is 3rd in the world at Trials. If this interests you at all I’d be more then happy to set that up or you

Thanks for all you do!


Liitle Crow

I absolutely love your show, and I’m happy that it’s finally on youtube again!

So to get down to the point of the giveaway question. Who is my hero:

So since it has to be Destiny related in some way, I sadly can’t say Michael Jordan…

So I guess I’ll have to choose someone else.

To be serious, I will say that my Destiny hero is definitely Briar Rabbit from the Planet Destiny podcast. I’m pretty sure it’s mostly because his and my views are very similar, but for some reason, his videos makes me want to jump into Destiny again and look at some of the different content that I haven’t explored and try new perspectives when going into the crucible.

Mtashed is sitting on a close second, but we had to only pick one, if I’m not mistaken 😉


Henry (9 Years Old)

Hey guys –

My son heard about the Xbox One giveaway, and wanted to enter – we pasted his answer below.



Hi, my name is Henry, I’m 9, and I want to enter the Xbox 1 contest.  If I win, I want to play Destiny with my dad. Right now we share one Xbox, and it would be awesome if we could play together.

My Destiny hero is my dad because he has always helped me on missions.  For example, he has done the Oryx raid on my character several times.  He also has

always encouraged me, and has always given me information.  Once, he got me SUROS regime, then Hawkmoon, and even Black Spindle and the ship!!!  He was also the one who taught me the secret to success in crucible (watch your mini map.)  He also taught me how to deal with mean messages online (do not reply.)  I hope you now know why I think of him as my Destiny hero.


Andrew VDL.

Hi guys –

Thanks for all the work you do on the podcast for the Destiny community. Saw your Xbox One giveaway and wanted to enter. We’ve already got an Xbox One at home; if this isn’t a random giveaway please prioritize someone who is playing on last gen over me. But we could use a second Xbox at home since my son and I can’t play split screen!

So who’s my Destiny hero?

Well, let me give you some background on me before I answer that. I’ve always liked gaming, but I only got back into console gaming six years ago when I moved to a new city and didn’t know anyone. Console gaming let me crack open a beer, log on, and hang out with my buddies just like when we lived down the block. So it’s always been a social activity for me – I like multiplayer games, and I want to play with friends.

So my answer has to be about someone who’s made the Destiny community better, someone who has helped develop that social aspect.

I started thinking about guys like u/aWryShark on reddit, who wrote all those great reviews of Xur’s inventory, or even the mods of r/destinythegame, who spend so much time curating an amazing online community. And I’d be crazy not to mention the members of my 100 clan, Bravo Company 24. Those guys have been so helpful for me it’s ridiculous. JDAggie06 got me into raiding by sherpa’ing Crota’s End every week, mvp0818 has helped me with countless Nightfalls and Crucible matches, and Nthbluemonkey has taught me everything I know about King’s Fall. (And all the stuff I still suck at, like jumping on the dickwall, is definitely not his fault!).

But if I really think about it, I have to nominate muhuhuhaha because of the work he did building the100. He’s my Destiny hero because that site has totally changed my Destiny experience. Before the 100, I was restricted to content that I could 2-man or 3-man with friends. I had never touched a raid, never run Iron Banner … and had way less fun. And I never would have met those clan mates I mentioned above without that site. Some of them have even become IRL friends, and we’ve gotten together for beers when we’re in the same city.

What’s crazy to me especially about muhuhuhaha’s work on the100 is that his Destiny playing has taken a back seat to his work on the site. I was shocked when I found out a couple months after KF launched that he hadn’t even had time to run it yet.

So here’s a guy who’s sacrificing his own Destiny enjoyment to make the community better – how could he not be my Destiny hero??

Thanks for listening, and keep up the good work.



This may come off as a cop out but I honestly feel this way. I’ve been a gamer my whole life. Its one of three sub cultures I subscribe to and it has the 2nd greatest influence in my life. The other is religiously based. I have developed strong affection for developers in the past but never to the degree and loyalty that i have for BUNGIE!!!. My hero is the Bungie as a whole. Including past employees. They have given me and millions of others a wonderful gift. The community that we all have would not exist. The billions of hours playing would not exist without this wonderful team. They have dived into their own dreams and visions and put them into a physical tangible world that we all can live and immerse ourselves into. They have overcome adversity, trials, tribulation, turmoil , hate, hypocrisy, ECT. They have endured much and continue to do so for the sake of this wonderful world they created. I have more to say but if you agreed with what i said then you already know the rest. Thank you Bungie for all you do and thank you guardian radio for being the voice of the culture that we the community created.   



Hello Guardian’s,

I sat for a while thinking about this and it was too hard to pick just one person as my Destiny hero.  I have never had a game that I cared this much about.  I attribute this to all of the people in the forefront of the community.  They make this game what it is for me.  I started watching twitch and started listening to podcasts because of Destiny.  Twitch became my way to stay in touch with the game when I was not able to play.  Goth and Broman were the first people I started watching on a regular basis.  That then grew to watching even more channels.  Teawrex, Triple, SpazzyProf,……….  I could go on with the number of people I watch on a regular basis.  I also stared listening to podcasts during this time to pass the time while I drive to and from work.  Obviously Guardian Radio is at the top of that list but a close second are DTS, Planet Destiny, Destiny Reset, Crucible Radio……..  and again I could go on listing more.  I just can’t believe how these people have impacted my video game life.  Whenever I listen to or watch something about Destiny it makes me want to get on and play even in these times of content drought.  This is an amazing community full of friendly helpful people.  There are so many different personalities there is a person out there that everyone can connect with.  To all the hero’s out there that make this community great I just want to say thank you and keep it up.  You are the backbone of this community and have made it what it is today.  Congrats and I can’t wait to see what the next 8 1/2 years brings!!!!  Guardian out>>>>>>>>>



Greetings Guardians,

My hero in Destiny is Mike LaPeter creator of The 100. When listening to Episode 143 I learned about the 100. I had bought my console and The Taken King at the same time. I had crushed the solo content and was stuck trying to figure out how to meet people. After listening to the show I registered at The 100 and found a clan. 3 weeks later I have cleared normal Kings Fall, done 2 Challenge Modes and have completed half of Hard Mode Kings Fall. Had I not found your podcast and listened I would not be doing things nightly now.



My Destiny hero is my son, Wyrmleaf (PS4). He gives me the info I need to understand parts of the game that can seem perplexing. He also keeps me alive in PvP since he can watch my back at the same time he is topping the kill count. When we need another player for a raid, he will jump right on and help us take down the boss as well. From back in the Halo days when I itched for him to get old enough to play with me, he has been my “fireteam brother”.



My Destiny Hero’s name is Jacob.  I live in the Seattle area and my wife was telling me one day that apparently her co-worker’s husband works at bungie.  I got super excited and months later got introduced to him at a work event.  We hit it off right away and he added me on PSN telling me we should play sometime.  That was at the end of 2015, and I finally got a chance to meet up with him last week and play some Trials with and his friend.  I told him that despite being a day one player and playing a decent amount of Trials, I had never been to the Lighthouse.  We ran 3 Sunsingers and ended up going 9-0 that night, (didn’t even have to use the boon).  He’s a super cool guy and is my Destiny hero for helping me achieve what I thought was unobtainable.



Hey guys, love the show, been listing for 2 years now and I haven’t missed an episode. MY destiny hero is… Real Kraftyy. 

Even though I am on xbox and will probably never get the chance to play with him or against him, I have watched his stream for hundreds of hours and am proud to be a subscriber. When my wife gave birth to our youngest, it was just around the release of The Taken King and she had a lot of health problems that resulted in overnight stays at the hospital. It was there I discovered twitch, and first watched him take on the raid. He got me hooked, I did not realize at the time that he was a PVP focused player, and as the year 2 trials opened, I watch him dominate and carry countless players to the lighthouse. I had never been very PVP focused before, but I met other subscribers in his stream to play trials with, and soon enough we were all going to the lighthouse every week. 

Although he would hate me (because I play a shade steppin’ nightstalker with a shotgun), I love kraftyy as he provided an escape for me during one of the hardest periods of my life, with his sense of humor and insane skills. He’s my destiny hero… no matter how disgusting he is. 



Guardian Radio!  First I want to exclude myself from the giveaway (as I already have an xbox one) but I still wanted to tell you all who my Destiny Hero is regardless, because I feel it paramount that this person know just how awesome his story is and that he has truly become LEGEND.  I would like to start off by telling you my Destiny origin story.  I am a photographer and one of my clients whom I had done some Cosplay photography for is currently working on a Titan cosplay, so I bought the game to do “Research” into what the world is like so I could accurately depict the world in a photo composite.  Fast forward 2 months of me getting totally hooked on the game, and very quickly finding that I wanted to do more in the game that required a Fireteam, so I joined a large clan and felt like I was just swimming in a giant sea of people, no real connections and was still finding it difficult to get a fire team together.  

           Then the call came in from a player who wanted more out of the game, just like me, who couldn’t find a group to save his life, just like me, and was a responsible adult with RL responsibilities, just like me.  He found a clan and was calling in to tell everyone not to give up and keep looking for that right group, and if you wanted to play with someone like him to join his clan.  

          As soon as I was able I requested membership to Wayward Raiders and immediately wanted to become more involved with getting the word out/ building the Clan’s camaraderie via social networking.  I was accepted into the Clan, and was honored when I was then asked to become an Admin and represent the Clan via a Facebook page I offered to create.  The first fire team that I was in within the clan was with the Clan Leader and the Guardian who made the call.  I completed more that 1st night than I had in months of playing and knew that this was going to be the perfect fit for me.  

         Within the short few months since that famous call, Wayward Raiders has grown to just over 100 members, and we have an incredibly active group with several Hard Mode runs, and Normal runs at almost every part of the day.  We have members from all across the US playing at different timezones and even a few from New Zealand.  We have a wide variety of players from Father son duo’s, a husband and wife fire team, and everyone plays with the same attitude that this is a game and we are here to have fun.  I have encountered NO elitists and everyone truly represents the Willing to help a Guardian idea.  Our Clan leader posts an activity sign up in the Destiny App chat and updates it whenever someone requests to fill a spot.  

        Obxboy107 or Ed as we all know him has inspired an unfathomable amount of people to strike out and achieve their Destiny dreams but speaking up about his plight.  I know that I would have never found the amazing group of players, made new real friendships, completed any raid (let alone hard mode/ challenge modes), or forged a brother hood of AWESOME that is Wayward Raiders, with out his Call.  

     For that, and so many more reasons; Obxboy107/ Ed is my Destiny Hero and I want the world to know it.  Thanks for saving my Destiny experience, giving me my gaming passion back, inspiring me to help others feel welcome and to have a place to call home in Destiny.  We are Wayward no longer because of him.  



Hey this is DrakeBG757 (Drake ‘Bomb-Guardian’ 757). I have been a long time but casual listener of your guy’s podcast and wanted to finally say hi. Just as a small introduction I main an Awoken Warlock Male, I have been playing Destiny since it’s Beta and followed Bungie during their development for the game before I even knew what they heck they were working on. I found you guys some time before the Beta and listened to you and MoreConsole theorize about the game for what was probably moths before we all got our first looks at actual gameplay for this amazing beast of a game we have all been playing.

Anyway getting to the point- I wanted to submit my entry for your Xbox One giveaway for my friend whom is one of the two heroes I wanted to shout out for today.

The first Hero on my list is my-right hand Titan BlitzEG421, an old friend from highschool whom I got to play Halo with me, helped me start up my small tight-knit clan of close friends and has been rolling with me ever since.

My other Hero is a little different but this is all for him so I feel it appropriate to mention him. Also a good friend from highschool, I got to start playing Halo with me and Blitz (we called him our ‘Fire Spartan’ due to his habit of setting himself on fire IRL, don’t abuse Sol kids). He was a boss with a BR/DMR, he was arguably the best shooter in our group. Don’t know how he’d do it but he could just go into a room and kill an entire team without dying and be giggling like  a schoolgirl the whole time. He’s since moved away and been off the Xbox scene for several years, and since then he’s been fighting to keep a job and battling against drug use from the people who have since become close to him. The real reason he is my hero is because in the last year he’s finally started to really pull through and get away from that life and though work has still been an issue for him, he’s finally gotten himself a more stable and reliable income situation. He’s been trying to get an xbox and play Destiny with us for some time, but life and money has been getting in the way. I know if I can win him this Xbox that he’ll be back on board with us and his time in this shared world of ours should help him keep out of trouble. I wanna see my old friend the Fire Spartan ascend along our ranks as a mighty wielder of the Hammer of Sol yanno?

Also wanted to do a shout-out of a Hunter I saw in the tower once that I’ll never forget. His Name was ‘The Sack of Crota’. I damn near busted up when I saw him lol.


Ryan K (Entry for MattBUXC)

I would like to put PSN player MattBUXC’s name into the hat. As a new player Matt carried myself as well as a friend of mine who I got into the game thru not only the story showing us the ins and outs of the game, but also KF raid from normal to hard very quickly carrying us thru. Because of this help we have been able to level up quickly, but also help out new players thru the raid paying it forward. Matt has expressed interest in wanting to start 3 characters on Xbox one but unwilling to do so due to insufficient funds. He currently works in non-for-profit at St. Jude and does not have the disposable income needed to buy an Xbox. 

Give him the gift as I know he will help others excel in the game and pay it forward. 


James D.

My hero in destiny is Kabr the Legionless as he gave his life in the ultimate sacrifice


Charles C.

My Destiny hero is my friend G4M3R74688 who bought me a copy of The Taken King AND a year of PS Plus for Christmas. #Clutch



Hello guardians XxMattusxX here!

I tune in every week and enjoy listening to you guys on my commute to work!

So back in vanilla destiny, I started playing and stopped at about lvl 13, didn’t have anyone to play with and got bored with it. Well then a friend of mine got the game and I picked it back up again, and it was fun for a while, but we capped out around lvl 26 light, and couldn’t go further. We didn’t have a way to run VoG and every time we tried to run it 2 man we never got past the first part (we knew you needed 6, but kept banging our heads against it haha). Well one day we were in the tower and there were these 2 lvl 30 warlocks decked in all the gear, and we were like, holy Jesus mother of Mary where do I get that stuff and get to lvl 30. I invited one of the guys to the party and we chatted for a couple minutes and before we knew it there were 3 more guys in our party and bam! We had a raid group. They walked us threw each step of the raid, we didn’t beat it after playing for 6 ish hours, but we did get some sweet drops and they continued to help until we finally beat Atheon and received that sweet satisfaction of victory. Those 2 guys, though I cannot remember their names, ultimately sparked a whole new interest for me in destiny. To this day I take pride in taking anyone threw anything they haven’t done or need help completing. I love carrying people threw and getting that reaction of completing their first raid or event of any kind.

Thanks again! Love the show! Keep up the good work!



Dear Guardian Radio,

My Destiny Hero and Fireteam partner in life is my wife Emily.  Our story, like the story of Destiny, is one of fighting for light and goodness in an atmosphere where the Darkness is always looking to creep its way in.  The darkness we fight in life is that of loneliness, uncertainty, and self-doubt. While these enemies are not as visually striking as the Fallen, Vex, Hive, Cabal or Taken, they are no less a threat to the light.

Distance from family, complicated work environments, and a big move from Seattle to the Midwest made it difficult to see all the good surrounding us.  I picked up a copy of Destiny but did get a chance to play it.  My wife, who hadn’t played a video game since Halo 2, saw it was made by Bungie and started playing, and playing, and playing. It was so much fun to watch her learn the gaming mechanics and fight through the missions.  This was something I knew I wanted to do with her. I bought my own system and copy of the game when the Taken King came out. We have spent countless hours fighting the darkness together. This has brought us closer as a couple, we have grown in our ability to recognize and rely on one another’s strengths, and have gained confidence to fight the darkness when we face it as a team, both in the game and in life.

She never lets the spark runner get passed her (we call her “the wall”), she is the last one on the fire team to fall, and always has my back when I need a revive (usually because I am doing something reckless). I couldn’t hope for a better guardian to go through this life with.

Needless to say I have my partner for Crimson Days!

Thank you Guardian Radio for all you do to support the Destiny Community.  




Hey guardian radio,

Thanks again for being a voice for the community.

I want to share my destiny hero with you, his gamertag is nthbluemonkey. He is one of the100.io Bravo Company 24 sherpas/clan leaders. Monkey is amazing at destiny, especially in his pve skills and ability to lead teams through content, which was recently shown by winning the 100.io kings fall raid race.

While there are so many great players out there Monkey stands out because of his inclusiveness, and great attitude. Monkey is one of our clan members who is always setting up games, and inviting players in so we all get better and get better loot. Monkey is also the clan mate on your friend list that you know if you need a hand with anything he will jump in  and gladly help out regardless if it helps his guardian or not. This was very obvious during the dark below, monkey was the go to sword guy! He now helps us through challenge modes and trying out the newest oryx strategies.

Bc24 has so many great members that I am lucky to have met, and to now call friends, Shout outs to: Beardedchiver, jdaggie, dudeweiser, Phat, and all the bc24 members. But thank you guardian radio for letting me spotlight nthbluemonkey.



It’s really hard for me to just pick one guardian to stand out above the rest.  Every member in my clan (the late shift on Xbox)  has help me one way  or another. I don’t know how many times they had to help me try to  kill skolas. But if I had to choose one person it would be reznor1989. I believe he helped me the most and always had patients.



Hi there guardian radio, started listening to the podcast last year

and I’ve had a good time listening to all of you guys so far.

My hero of destiny is a guy I’ve known for quite a while. I’ve been

playing bungie games since halo 2, when I was in a clan, the bees

knees. I met a lot of good people in that clan, and we played almost

every game on the Xbox together, gears of war, halo, uno, you name it.

This console generation a lot of the clan moved over to PS4 since it

was gonna be the console of choice for destiny, and I don’t blame them

(but I wish I had entered that PS4 contest) I went to Xbox one to keep

playing halo and other Microsoft stuff. Anyway, I met my buddy Pancake

through my clan, and we had a real big bromance going on. There were a

lot of late nights playing games together, whether it was wrecking

dudes in a warthog or beating coop games. Pancake however wasn’t able

to upgrade to the Xbox one. For all those good times I’ve had with

him, I want to help him get this Xbox so we can kick some ass again.

I’m not opposed to playing with some new people too, I’m always

looking for fun guardians to raid or crucible with! Cheers.


Ryan S.

I am thankful for playing with my friend Chris

He gets nicely drunk when he plays. He becomes hilarious and somehow better at the game

And I am thankful for playing with My buddy Brian. He gets such nerd rage. It’s so thick and sweet I could pour it on pancakes and eat it


Geo S.

Hey there guardians my gamertag is Lord Dark ION I play on the Xbox side. I actually am kind of at odds for this particular question because mine is a 3 way tie. My first destiny hero is my brother is gamertag is kamakazee88 and he’s the one who introduced me to destiny. So I owe my entire destiny experience to him. My second hero is actually an ingame person that we hear about mostly in the lore and that’s the Queen of the Awoken Mara Sov. She’s just awesome in every way and I can’t wait for her to show up again. (she’s not dead, I have faith).

Note my final hero and I’m saying even if I do lose points for it is Byfe. I’m a lorelock as well and I love hearing his perspective and getting info I might have missed during my reading and studying the grimoire. Thanks guardians always glad to be active part of the community and participate in stuff like this.


Sven J.

I would like to recognize someone who I consider my hero in Destiny That person is ImminentDefeat. 

I played destiny as somewhat of a hardcore casual. I played often but, because of my schedule, only in 45min intervals. I started out like most, playing through the story missions and getting my warlock up to the level cap. I then kept to patrol missions and completing a public event each day on my alts. I could sometimes find the time to complete the heroic strike if the modifier wasn’t lightswitch or arc burn on Omnigul; this was before heroics had matchmaking, but most of the time it was a struggle. Even when I could get my IRL friend to run the strike with me, my schedule would get in the way. We would find ourselves running out of time and having to give up with little to show for it. 

The feeling of spending my limited playtime dying on what was barely considered an end-game activity was not encouraging to me for what I knew Destiny had to offer. An attempt at Nightfall was not going to happen let alone a Raid! 

I met ImminentDefeat randomly in the tower as I was handing in bounties he was helping a friend with the Nightfall and needed a third. He assured me we had the time and that I didn’t have to be MLG material to get it done. I grabbed the bounty from Eris Morn and two minutes later I was flying into my first Nightfall, Cerberus Vae with Rainbow Burn. I had no idea what was happening and I was dying, a lot. He was very encouraging and always calm throughout the strike offering me pointers and suddenly I started to get it, I knew where to hide and when to shoot. The Valus was dead in 15 minutes and I had enough time to run it on an alt.

This really opened the door for me and made me realize the end-game content I thought I’d never get to was totally within reach. Two weeks later during a rare occasion I had a good 2 hours of playtime and ImminentDefeat invited me to join him in the Crota’s End raid Hardmode! I immediately wanted to say no but thought back to that Nightfall and decided if he thought I could handle it I’d trust him. Again, he was patient, calm and encouraging. We didn’t finish the raid that night but I got my first raid weapon and primary elementary, Oversoul Edict. 

The next week’s nightfall was Omingul with arc burn. I pulled my IRL friend who remembered the difficulty we had doing basic strikes. Leading the way with Oversoul Edict we plowed our way through legions of thrall and managed to kill the Will or Crota. 

That was one of the best experiences I’ve had in a game and it is thanks to the patience and encouragement of my hero in Destiny ImminentDefeat.

Thank you for Guardian Radio. The quality and fairness of your broadcasts is a mesa(Sean?) in the salt flat this community often becomes when something goes awry.


James M.

Hey there,

I would like to enter into the give away by acknowledging my patient wife, whom may not fully understand my addiction to Destiny, still puts up with it…even when my “button clicking is too loud” late in the evenings.



Captain Kex

My hero in Destiny is Tefy Teft. Of all streamers and everyone engaged in Destiny he never becomes that salty whiny person ALOT of other streamers and youtubers can become. He truly IS a representative of the quiet kind part of the Destiny community that knows to pace your gaming in order to make it last, instead of just constantly whining about lack off content when your basicly benchgaming your way through the game. His comments and clips are always down to earth, his streams are filled with just the joy of sharing a gaming experience and i cant thank him enough.

Thank you guys at Guardian Radio for a great show, and a great addition with Mesa Sean.

With Kind Regards



This is my entry to the xbox1 giveaway. I have a couple of Destiny heroes. The first is Belle Bunny, the reason she is my hero is she brought some much needed femininity to the Ghosts of Destiny Lore Podcast. It was very nice to hear a female voice among the Lore Nerds.

Secondly would be Swain, Bones, and Birds on Crucible Radio. I’ve learned so much about Destiny PVP from them and have really improved my PVP play by listening and applying their advice and suggestions.

Thank you for your Time and consideration for the Xbox One Giveaway,


Kody R.

My hero is realkrafty… the reason he is my hero on destiny is because of his ability’s to carry 2 people at a time to the light house consistently i watch his stream religiously because it helps me get better and improve my game by learning what he does and how he plays … also he recently carried a 7 year old to the light house that is ridiculous    



Hey guys,

First of all love the show, best pod cast out there. My Destiny heros are my clan mates from AC3ES AND EIGHTS. Anytime help is needed for any activity they are there no questions asked. Its great to see members so willing to give there all for you. 

So cool that a listener donated an Xbox, what a great community your show and Destiny has brought together.


Edward M.

Firstly I’d like to thank Ed for the generous gift. He’s a great example of what a great community we have around Destiny, and especially around Guardian Radio. I play on PS4 (matleye), but would love an X1 so that I can play with my nephew in the UK. I got him the game for Christmas last year.

MY, “hero,” in Destiny is a guy that helped me through my first raid and who I’ve gamed with pretty much every week since – suthsc on PS4.

When I first started playing Destiny, I didn’t have a single friend on my PS3 list. I didn’t game a lot, and when I did it was always single player games. I played Destiny for months without ever doing a raid. Once I finally leveled up and subscribed to PS+, I found the LFG sites quite intimidating because I’d never been much of an FPS player, and everyone seemed to be looking for high level players with Ghorn only. 

Then I found the100.io after you’d mentioned it on the show (great to hear Mike the other week). I posted a raid, let everyone know that it was my first time, and sure enough got a bunch of guys together. Completed the Vault, and got a Ghorn from the gorgons chest! We even went straight into Crota’s end after completing it.

Suthsc was a member of that first raid team. Everyone was really helpful that night, but I went on to play with him regularly doing nightfalls and strikes, and he was always very patient. Never complained when I got wasted, and was always keen to share tips and insights into how to get better. Just last night he spent two hours with me farming for calcified fragments when he already has his own Touch of Malice.

I’ve met a lot of awesome guys through the100.io (shout out to all of Charlie Company 622), but I’m most grateful to suthsc. Feel the bromance.

Love your work guys. 150 strong!


Ethan B.

My heroes of destiny are Byf, more console, and Mr fruit. The reasons being are that byf has explained and shown lore to me in this game in a way that I never really thought to look at it. It allowed me to really peer deeply into the game and it’s mysteries. More console because he is very updated on all the news of destiny and displays it in a very comical and fun way. And lastly Mr fruit because he shows just how much fun you can have in this game even though it may be coming to the time where this game is hitting it’s stagnation point. These 3 are me heroes because they show this games true potential and the potential of its community.



My hero of destiny is my buddy xiediar. Him and I have been friends for almost 30 years and have always been gaming buddies since gaming was a thing. His enthusiasm for destiny back before the beta was released was what got me hooked and convinced me to pre-order the game. Him and I would get together weekly to run nightfalls and missions before we joined a clan. He then joined what ended up being our current clan (go Late shift!) and suggested I do the same.

I’m entering this draw for him as I have both Xbox one and 360 already and most of our clan has made the move to the Xbox one. We keep setting up events on the 360 to run raids etc but more often then not we end up playing more on the Xbox one. I hope to win this console for him so he can join us in the pretty shininess of the xbone and not get left behind when destiny support for 360 eventually is dropped.

My name is leshad.  Love the podcast and keep on doing what you do

“There are 10 types of people in this world: Those who understand binary and those who don’t.” – author unknown



Hello everyone at the Guardian Radio team!

The position for my hero in Destiny is actually a tie between my clan leader theBladeofHades, and the Xbox giver himself, obxboy107 aka Ed.

Some background: a week or two before the Taken King came out, you guys actually listened to a speak pipe I had sent talking about how I had spent the entirety of year one solo, and how the story of Oryx being mad at us didn’t technically apply to people like me who had never done the Crota raid. A few short weeks after that I was listening to the show and heard the plight of a Guardian similar to me, the one and only Ed. He plugged his clan, the Wayward raiders, and I thought “Ok, well there’s no harm in trying to join.” I did, and that ended changing my entire Destiny experience, from being able to kill skolas, and running the Crota raid and finally earning my beloved Glowhoo shader. (I still have yet to run Vault of glass and get that shiny Mythoclast though)

So, to wrap things up, I just wanted to thank Ed for shoutin out the Raiders, and Hades for making the clan, and both for just being all around cool guys. You have truly opened my eyes and helped me realize just how amazing this community really is.



Hello Guardians! You want me to pick my hero for destiny, that is an epic quest indeed. At first I have to say my lovely wife is. She’s played with me since beta and makes my experience in the game fantastic. When I really start to think about it more and more people come up though. I’ve always listened to podcast but never even imagined a Destiny podcast. About 2 weeks before HoW I searched iTunes for ” Destiny” and you guys came up. I’ve listened ever since and loved it. Since then I’ve found Crucible Radio, Destiny Reset Podcast, Planet Destiny, Destiny the Game, and my work days have been great. It might be playing with my wife that I look forward to at home, but it you guys and the other podcast that I look forward to at work. No clear answer for my hero. Sorry. Thanks for the podcast guys!


Charles Schwab

My Destiny hero is Mr.MetaSean. A true underdog story. A huge shout out for my middle of the road 1.0 rough average kd folks. Mesa making it to the top of the destiny community is awesome. He’s got a great personality for YouTube and despite his lack of trials carries, NLB only raids, or solo Crota kills he still manages to make great content on YouTube and keeps the community surrounding his channel positive. Even if he didn’t accept my psn friend request I think he’s the coolest dude in Destiny. So I was pretty stoked to see him make regular host. 

Thanks to all of you for the great content ladies and gentleman. Hope to run into you all out in the wilds of Destiny.

PS.: Shout out to true vanguard for being a good person and great content creater, a role model to us all. Shout out to Belle for running a community of safe gamers. Shout out to M Tashed for being funny as Heck.  


Ascendant Bane

Greetings Guardian Radio,

My Hero in the Destiny community would have to be Byf. When I found his channel on YouTube I had found a gold mine for lore and crucible guides. From there I strived to become better and now sit at the top in Iron Banner. I also found out that we have a lot in common. We both play as human Warlocks, we consider all the details when thinking, and we strive to find more resources to help us get better at theorizing and combat. Because of him I have set course for the Lighthouse and began my search for Tolland, Dredgen, and the weapons of sorrow. I’m looking forward to the next entries in his lore series. After I discovering him, I found Sir Wallen, TerraMantis, Crucible Radio, and Guardian Radio.

Byf, you are the reason that this game means so much to me. You are the reason that I searched out a clan, you are the reason that you may or may not receive many angry letters from my teachers and parents. So thank you…

 Per audacia ad astra, I’ll see you star-side.

Keep up all the good work that you and everybody else does at Guardian Radio. I’ll be back every week to check you guys out. 

**Special thanks to Ed (or Edd or Eddy, whichever you prefer) for making this giveaway possible.**


Steven K.

Hey guys,

I’m a middle aged man and have been playing video games since I got my first atari 2600 in 1978.  Since then, I have started a family and currently work as an electronics engineer.  My son will tell you I am a science nut, especially Earth space science.

When I began playing destiny, I started looking for information about the game.  I kind of got a late start and didn’t start playing until after the dark below expansion.  My search had led me to podcasts about the game, mostly to get tips and ideas how to progress through the game and become a better PVP player, still quite a work in progress that one…  Then I found you guys.

I have been listening to your podcast for over a year now.  While I don’t always agree with your opinions, I have a great respect for you all.  You guys put yourselves out there, and lets just say I understand the good and the bad of dealing with fans sitting behind the keyboard.  

This brings me to my hero.  

Craig Hardgrove is my hero!  

Craig has taken the time to share his knowledge and experience concerning the planets in Destiny and our solar system.  This has brought my son and I closer  together not just because we both play destiny, but also because we are both interested in our universe! 

Then we come to the fact that he is hard at work on his project to Mars!  While I may not have all the details, I am very excited to hear how his project is going and can’t wait to see it come to fruition!

On a serious note, I lost my father to cancer when he was just 50 years old.  Nothing hurts like losing someone you just always expected to be there.  While Craig was working through that trying, emotional time, he still managed to find time to contribute.  This has increased my respect for Craig.

So we have appreciated Craig’s contributions, to the show that we enjoy, about a game we enjoy, but we are also inspired that he is contributing to humanity helping us all learn more about Mars, our solar system, galaxy and Universe!

Thank you Craig!


Woody H.

My destiny hero is  DBMgamer becouse at the beginning of every video he gives a shout out to his fans  from YouTube Facebook and Twitter.

In a time when a lot of content creators claim they don’t owe anything to thier subs he does he makes sure we know  he wouldn’t be here with out us.

His continuing love for his fans is a massive uplift to the Internet



First I want to say that I love you guys and everything that you do for the community. My “Destiny Hero” would be PlanetDestiny.com content creator Patrick Casey. His weapon reviews and comentary on destiny and the community have inspired me to be more that the solitary soldier in the cosmodrome and I have been trying harder to get into the community. I’m on xbox one so I don’t have a clan just yet. (Seems like all the coil kids are on PS4 LOL). I value Patrick’s opinion a lot and I love his weapon reviews. That’s why Mr. Casey is my “Destiny Hero”.



Hello everyone! My “name” is OHbuzzrd (pronounced “Oh, buzzard”).

Apologies in advance for the lengthy message, but I just had to go into detail about how she absolutely morphed my Destiny experience, and became a great friend.

I’d like to start off by saying that I’m extremely grateful for the work you all do. I listen to the podcast every week as soon as it’s available on iTunes – it’s perfect for my commute to and from work. Listening in makes me feel like part of the gang, and brings new perspectives and insights to the game we’re all hooked on.

That being said, I’d like to share my Destiny hero with you all. Her name is Illusionist (gamertag: iiiusionist13 – though she may want to keep her gamertag private, so if this does get chosen or read live at the least, please keep her actual gamertag confidential).

It all began in Y1. New to Destiny and MMO-ish games, I was playing solo. None of my IRL friends played, and so most of what I played was PvE (PvP was a scary place for me at the time). I had no idea what a raid was, or that it even existed. Eventually, after becoming more and more into the game I began searching for others to play with. I stumbled upon reddit’s Fireteams and joined/picked up people from there. I learned what VoG and CE was, and eventually gave it a shot. Though I was completely lost at was going on (the raid had been around for some time now), it blew my mind. I was now addicted. 

As time went on, I would scour r/Fireteams for teammates, I eventually joined a random group with a female Guardian on the team – Illusionist. The rest of the team, 4 other guys, were all kind of childish and rowdy, so I already knew they were going to comment on the fact she was a female. Sure enough, when we finished the raid, they made some stupid comment. I asked them why it mattered and they seemed embarrassed yet still oblivious to their sexist remarks. After we had all left, I began to think about how she might have to deal with this often, so I sent her a message and we chatted briefly. She brushed off their juvenile behavior, and we added each other as friends.

We began playing the game together a few times a week, doing strikes/missions/raids/etc. Eventually she told me about her group on the100.io. I had never heard of it, but the idea of having consistent people to play Destiny with (and potentially make friends) was exciting. I joined her group, Bravo Company 24. While it was tough fitting into a close-knit and established group, I became even more wrapped up in Destiny. I learned so much from her and these guys, and participated in many of their game sessions and in-group raid races. We all chat almost every day through a group messaging app, where we just crack jokes and talk about a variety of topics. Several of us have met up IRL, and have a big meet-up in NYC coming in April!

Anyway, two even more amazing things came from becoming Illusionist’s friend. After seeing how close all these people had become, and the honest friendships that arose, I eventually “adopted” a group on the100 – Alpha Company 0. I nurtured that group and grew it to it’s maximum capacity within a month (100 members). The people who have joined are some of the most helpful Guardians I’ve ever met. We  have sherpa’d so many new and inexperienced players through almost every activity possible. It was I who reached out to you guys about helping Nathan a month ago! He’s become a perfect fit within the group, and is a valued member. Thank you guys for sending him our way, he was so excited to team up with us.

The second amazing thing to come of this was the100 Anniversary Raid Race. Bravo Company 24, the group Illusionist invited me to, worked extremely hard to win that race. They have got to be the most persistent and dedicated Guardians out there. I had run several top-placing runs with them, and we just kept cutting our time down shorter and shorter to maintain first place. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t make it one night and they eventually DESTROYED their record and everyone else’s on the100 that had participated – making them the winners of the event! It was such an amazing feeling and experience, and I’ll never forget it. I’m so proud of them, and Illusionist as well, who was on the winning team.

I even edited a video of their winning run, which can be seen here: 


All of that; all of the experiences, friends, and accomplishments I’ve made over the last year in Destiny have been because of Illusionist. I could not be more thankful, appreciative, and happy that our paths have crossed. Thank you, Illusionist. You really are the best, and a cherished friend.

And thank you, Guardian Radio, for bringing laughter, insight, and even more enjoyment to Destiny. I hope our paths cross yet again in the future.


James L.

I really, really should identify my fiancee as my Destiny Hero. She is so patient and understanding of how much I love Destiny, and how much time I invest in the game. Actually, no, she is my Destiny Hero. There is no one else more deserving than her.

A close second for me is The Legend Himself, sc_Slayerage (real name Cody?). Not only do I love watching his stream, but I love the way he communicates during his play. So many people rage out, get frustrated, and curse. His version of that is either “oh dear” or “oh my.” He has a positive attitude and wants to have fun while he plays Destiny. And that’s the point, isn’t it? To have fun. He is a close second for me as my Destiny Hero.



So basically my hero would be The Rotund One, a fellow clan mate.

My amazing reasoning;

He doesn’t bash anyone. He doesn’t reek of salt even when he has a very deserving right to. He keeps our entire guild light and fun without being PC all the time. He gives his raid spot to new people, and sets aside his own goals to help sherpa new people.

Always ready to shove a shotgun in anyones ass, and with a Scottish wit to add to the general confusion, he’s by far my favourite destiny person, and my destiny hero.


DS Bolt

My Destiny Hero is my clan, The Technodrome. Everyone in my clan is super supportive of each other and is always there to get members, new or old, through whatever they need. I have had some of my most memorable video gaming experiences ove rthe last year with this clan and they have completely changed how I look at video games.

Love the podcast and everything you guys do for the community!



Hey guys! I’m listening to Episode 146 right now and I just heard about the X1 giveaway. My personal destiny hero(Actually heroes.) The Bungie Live Team. I think that they probably do more to keep Destiny fresh and alive than any other individual team. They created Festival of Lost and SRL and they’re working on something new. Fingers crossed we find out something on Jan. 21( I’m writing this on the 20th) I think the Live Team gets a lot of flack for introducing Microtransactions, but for the quality of the content they’re putting out, I’m fine paying for Silver. Thanks,


David D.

My Destiny hero is my 13 year old son. Due to the fact that I have to adult, he obviously gets more time to play and grab some great loot. He’ll throw high level weapons/armor into the vault for me which makes my experience that much better!




Disclaimer:  I am not sucking up with this entry, just telling it like it is.

I got on the Destiny train a couple months after release.  I only had a couple friends who played Destiny but they weren’t really into so they never talked about it, or even played all that often.  I was looking for a new game to play at the time, so I purchased a used copy of Battlefield 4 at Gamestop. If you don’t know Gamestop gives you 7 days to return or exchange a used game, no questions asked.  I try to purchase most games this way so if a game ends up being a disappointment I’m not stuck with a game I don’t like.  This was the case with Battlefield 4 (sorry Hambone) and I took it back within a couple of days.  While looking around for something to exchange it for I happened to see Destiny on the shelf, and remembered seeing some of the ads for it.  I decided to give it a try and the rest is history.  I was hooked.  I needed more Destiny and that’s where my Destiny hero comes in.  

My Destiny hero is the Guardian Radio Network.  Not only the Guardian Radio show but the entire network of shows.  For over a year now, each of your podcasts have been part of my days.  I look forward to each new episode, for all of the shows, every week.  The Guardian Radio Network pulled me into the Destiny community and introduced me to all of prominent people in it, who are also part of the gaming community.  Which has pulled me deeper into the gaming community.  It has been a domino effect ever since I started playing Destiny, fueled by the Guardian Radio Network, and it’s been awesome.  For that I thank all of you.  I have found so many great podcasts, Youtubers, Twitch streamers, and people to follow on Twitter, it would take forever to list them all.  

Thank you again for all the great shows, information, and tons of entertainment.


Mint Shows

Hello Guardians,

My Destiny hero is hands-down RealKraftyy.  I’ve never been one to watch a lot of streams, but do know the names of a few of the top streamers.  RealKraftyy played right into my heart last week when he took a 7 year old to the Lighthouse (http://gamerant.com/destiny-realkraftyy-flawless-trials-7-year-old/).  I’ve got a son who just turned 8 and really loves Destiny. He’s been wanting to join a fireteam and party chat with someone for a long time now, but I haven’t allowed him.  He doesn’t have any friends who play and we all know how most people would react to a rando-kid joining their party.  The way RealKraftyy took that kid under his wing and made sure he got a trip to the Lighthouse says a lot about his character and his love for being a true Guardian.



My Destiny hero will be called “Briar Teftyman Bear”

Briar Rabbit, Teftyteft, Holtzman and Pope Bear from the Planet Destiny are my Destiny heros!

Featuring the giggly wit of Briar Rabbit, the soothing sounds of Teftyteft, the ever cynical yet extremely informative Holtzman and RN Jesus that is Pope Bear, Planet Destiny is full of extremely informative, interesting and entertaining content.  I feel like I always have a leg up after watching one of Holtzman’s weapon reviews or even just his trials streams.



My Destiny Hero truly has to be Ryno2Fifty.  I had given up on Destiny about a month into year 1 due to my lack of time, abundance of children and no one super cool to play with.

Well, about two weeks before year two he brought me out of my pit of DestinyLessNess and made my life whole again.  I simply don’t have time to do all the research on my own to play Destiny effectively and he always makes sure to keep me informed of the goings on in the community.  For this I will be eternally grateful.  



Hey guys,

My Destiny hero (other than Cayde, of course) has to be my best friend from all the way back in elementary school. He’s a father of two and only just got his console and Destiny a few months ago. Due to his limited, and at times random, schedule, he’s had a tough time catching up to myself and our other friends who play. I know it must have been frustrating for him to slog through the levels and grinding the gear when the rest of us already have such powerful items, but he’s stuck with it with a positive attitude.

Finally, just this past weekend, he was able to do the normal mode raid for the first time and I was there to teach him the ropes and help him defeat Oryx. His enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and contribute was an absolute joy to the rest of us, and hearing his excitement once we downed Oryx and he finally broke 300 light was a moment I’ll treasure.

He’s my Destiny hero, not because he’s amazing at the game, but because he’s so determined to not only do his own part, but to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone else as well.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read my entry. Big fan of the show and I look forward to listening every week while I work.

P.S. I really hope to win because right now my fiancee and I have to share a console and we can’t afford a second one to play together. I know this doesn’t affect my chances, but thought you all would like to know just how much we appreciate you doing this contest!


Ray from Michigan

So first off let me say thanks for the huge amount of entertainment you’ve thrown my way. It honestly makes my workday go so much faster. On to my story…

So I bought destiny day one and after playing through the campaign and some pvp (which I dislike and still do) I walked away.

A few months later I came across Ben Broman on YouTube. Watching his videos and his enthusiasm for the game especially during the live stream reveals months later (he received some flack for) but I personally enjoyed. Just his shear joy and the camaraderie I saw made me pick it back up and give it a second chance.

So… Ben Broman is my hero of Destiny. For getting me excited to play a game I had written off. If I win I must say my jaw will drop because I never win anything. Thanks again guys, guardian out!



Hello. i was hoping to enter my name into the xbox one giveaway. My destiny hero is my friend Holmz2001, he got a playstation and destiny a few weeks ago so he could play with me. Prior to this, i had had no one to play with, as my playstation is my brothers, and all the friends are his. To this date, i have never completed a raid, and am currently constructing a raid team, which would not have been possible without my friend. Thank you.



DattoDoesDestiny is the reason I am as into the game as I am now. He looks at the game in a very reasonable, rational, and intellectual way. His videos have helped me become better at the game and enable me to help others with higher-end content. Although, the real reason I am partial to him as my Destiny Hero is because he ran me through the Black Spindle mission on his stream. I died, quite a bit, but he was patient and chill the entire time. He is a genuinely good guy. That’s the first stream I downloaded and I still watch it while I play the game sometimes. Datto is a great Destiny player and a fantastic person.


Muddlin Through


My Destiny hero is Havaclu on Xbox One. He was an admin for the DadsofDestiny X1 Delta clan. I had applied to join the clan the previous day. He was online and was looking for those who had applied. We played a mission together. He was wonderful and forgiving of my mistakes. We finished and a few days later I was in the clan. He was always available to lend a hand to all the clan members and those looking to join. Our clan was always full and has a waiting list, due in a large part to him. He has sinced moved on to found a new DoD X1 chapter, DadsofDestiny X1 Noble. Such a great guy. I still look for him online and smile when I see his GT.



Good Evening Guardian Radio (By far the most entertaining podcast on my list)

This would be my first ever email to you guys (AHH Crazy) 

In this i want to show appreciation to some of the best guys i’ve ever met playing a certain video game for an ample amount of time. these guys are just amazingly helpful and fun and entertaining. always laughs and good times. they may not be the best at the game but they are the ones i trust to get a job done.

the names thus listed were the guys who got me through my very first crota hard mode and were there when my first gjallahorn dropped, through skolas then oryx. these are my friends:



EF Switch


Robhowla 3f

even though everyone but switch is older than me by a large margin (switch is 16 i am 17) they find that my company is uplifting and we get better because of them. i also want to shout out the reason why i try so hard in the crucible and raids, my little brother who competes against me around all corners. he beat me to the light house in year 2 and lost in the race to beat oryx. he is the biggest tryhard and the only one i know who doesn’t warlock very well (Warlock master class). i love you little bro. actually the whole reason i want the XBone is to give to him so we can play together



RealKraftyy is my destiny hero, because trials carries and bowl cuts are awesome.



My Destiny heroes are all of the people  who put in the time to make the game for us to enjoy.

Honorable mention to the authors and artists of D is for Destiny children’s book. It is excellent and allows me to share the game with my kids.

Second honorable mention to my Derp Fireteam!




The person that I would consider my Destiny hero would be an old buddy Sledge. He convinced me to buy Destiny. Sadly enough he doesn’t play anymore, however, he was the one that got me into the community. We formed a clan (Junkie Gaming) which I’m the only original member left playing. 🙁 Thanks to DestinyLFG.net though, I’ve found another group who joined my clan. I’m still going strong and I owe it all to Sledge.



Hi Guardian Radio!

My Destiny hero(es) would have to be the various podcasters of Destiny. I have a few that I listen to but I’ve been really enjoying both Guardian Radio and Crucible Radio. There has been a lot of saltiness in the community lately but you all and the guys from Crucible Radio manage to stay positive and encourage constructive discussion rather than simply pointing out everything Bungie has done “wrong” (and Crucible Radio always manages to get some laughs out of me with their various bits). I’m usually listening to my Destiny podcasts during lunch – it gives me my fix of Destiny when I can’t play. While one might think that would create some sort of Destiny-overload, instead these podcasts offer a fresh perspective and give me more reasons to come back to the game I love to play. They also make me feel more a part of this crazy and amazing community that Destiny has created, which I’m so thankful for 🙂

I just realized that I might actually have to choose one person so I’m going to play it safe and not choose anyone from Guardian Radio lest I get minus points 😛 If I had to choose one, it would be Bones from Crucible Radio mainly because his Destiny raps are so entertaining.

Love listening to your podcast every week and many thanks to Ed for this giveaway!



Hello Guardian Radio!!  I am a long time listener and thought that I would send you an email in response to your X1 giveaway.  I am not doing this because I think I can win an XBox One (I am very unlucky) but because I have a true hero in Destiny.  A little background first, I am a 50 year old gamer who actually had pong as a seven year old growing up in the house when it first came out.  Growing older I went through many game systems through the many years following.  I have never been a great gamer but I enjoy playing.  This brings me to my 2 heros in Destiny.  They happen to be both of my Sons.  Through the years as they were growing up they used to watch me play video games and I tried to teach them what I knew.  They both became awsome first per shooters in which I was horrible at the genre.  When they both were young I went through a bad divorce and I was kept from my kids by an angry x wife.  We used gaming on the xbox to keep in touch and play games together and had many life conversation while playing games.  My oldest Son invited me to play Destiny when it first came out and my younger Son soon joined us.  We made up a clan called “The Travelers Deinesty” (it is new with few clan mates but we try to get father son teams together and have fun) We work as a team and they don’t care that I suck we just have fun like the good old days.  My oldest is now 26 and my youngest is now 21.  We look forward to chatting over the mic and work as a team.  The game of Destiny brought us even closer.  As they both get 30+ kills and have 2.0 K/D they still get a kick out of my 4 kills and .46 K/D.  They are my hero together as they invited me to play and it was their instigation to keep us close as we all become older hour by hour.  I love my son’s and as I tried to inspire them when they were young they are now returning me the favor as we get older.

Thank you for all you do and my oldest Son turned me onto your podcast.  I am so proud of both of them and sometimes I just like to watch them play because they are so good at the game.  As they used to watch me play Raiders of the Lost Arc back in the day.  Thank you for the opportunity to build up my two heros for they deserve the praise that I give to them.



Hello guardians,

For the bounty I was thinking about who I respect in the Destiny community for what they do and how they have inspired the community. My pick is our glorious Deej. He obviously works for Bungie so is fairly limited in what he can say. If you think of the daily and hourly hate she has to deal with it baffles my mind how he stays sane. Not only does he stay sane but he continues to report with positivity and class to the countless childish and baselevel insults he receives daily on Twitter. I know it’s cheesy to nominate  someone from Bungie, but I think that he goes through way more than people realize and gets more blame for things that he doesn’t deserve them people are willing to admit. I picked Deej as my destiny hero.


Eric W.

Hello Guardians!

My personal hero in Destiny is my clan mate XX Paul Bag XX. Not only does he watch my back in the Crucible and while Raiding, he is a full time nurse in real life. Between doing that he has the time to raise two lovely children and take beautiful photos!



My Destiny hero is Cayde 6 because he is hilarious! Even though he may be a puny hunter in a world full of us brilliant warlocks, he’s still a bad ass and actually has a personality unlike pretty much every other character in Destiny. Also, I’m really hoping that Cayde and the stranger are gonna have a romance in Destiny 2.


Ted C.

Hey guys!

Thanks for always putting out a great show. It makes my commute much more bearable.

My destiny hero is my cousin. He is the one that introduced me to the game and the awesome group of friends that I play with. I suppose it is only fair as I am the one who introduced him to WoW so many years back. Even now when we don’t live close we can still keep in touch and have a chance to hang out.



Hi Guardians! (this will likely get long – so, apologies!)

For perspective, I am a newer guardian, just starting up a couple of weeks prior to The Taken King coming out.  I will admit to being a 35+ year old female.  Probably more like 35++, but we won’t get into that.  🙂  I haven’t seriously played video games in years.  The last game I played all by myself and loved was Donkey Kong Country on the old Nintendo. After that, I bought a PS2 because they came out with a Buffy the Vampire Slayer (huge fan) game, but alas, life got in the way and I never finished it.  (Truthfully, it is still sitting in our living room with the game still in it because I hope one day to play it through.)

My fiance is big on console gaming and has always had one and played a wide variety of games.  We have had to spend a lot of time apart over the last 8 years while life and careers work themselves out, but when we are together, we will play series games like Uncharted and God of War together. Tagging each other in to play certain bits and generally having a blast. (I CANNOT drive to save my life… big laughs – for him.) What amazed me the most was the depth of the stories and the cinematics on the games versus what I grew up with. Considering we had the original pong, Atari and Nintendo thanks to my mom, I have seen my fair share of pixels…   Even with all the fun we had, I never thought of buying a console and playing something by myself – I guess I thought I wouldn’t really be good enough to go it alone.

I know this is supposed to be an email about my heroes in Destiny, so I would like to spread the love a bit – and as Belle says, this may get a bit mushy…

Firstly, my girlie friend [redacted] is my hero for telling me about this game called Destiny and encouraging me to buy my very own PS4. Girl gamers were not a thing for me growing up – in fact, the culture that I so strongly embrace as an adult is not one that was even remotely available to me growing up. So, I am happy to know her and so happy to have Belle Bunny’s voice on Guardian Radio!  So, the first hero is really the women of Destiny. 🙂

Secondly, Bunjie – yep, Bunjie is my hero… I don’t know the history, the politics or any of the other crap that makes most people crazy. (#holdthesalt)  All I know is that they made a game that I love to play… every day.  And this game keeps me sane while my fiance and I are living in separate states.  And while I am deathly afraid of PVP and may not have been able do any raid content because I have a hard time with the whole clan thing and the fear of not being good enough/not wanting to hold other people up (thanks for your spotlights though – I will get up the nerve at some point and jump in), I still find it fun to “shoot the mans” just about every day.

Lastly, the community and more specifically Guardian Radio is my hero… I am a bit OCD, so while I am listening to the new episodes of the podcast, I am going back and listening from the very beginning.  I am hoping one day that the absence of some of the earlier “characters” like Watts (aka the beard) and Derrick (aka the bench brawler) will be explained, but don’t spoil it for me – I am only on episode 45 🙂 I love that this community and podcast were created over a year before this game even came out.  I love the intelligent, creative, mostly positive and generally constructive conversations that take place about it. And the AMAZING work that people like Byf (Byf4Lyf) put into lore. (Dude – seriously! you amaze me… after I get through the podcasts, that is where I am heading next!) There is a seemingly endless supply of content out there related to the game that I am immensely grateful for.

Thank you ALL for all that you do! And now, let me go back to listening to the podcast that I put on pause to write this…  🙂

Take care Guardians!



Hello Guardian Radio,

This is VersitileFlea8 on Xbox One and my Destiny hero is my son, GRIZZLYGATOR 27.

I’m an older Guardian (mid-40s) and been gaming since the 70s. I’ve always been a pretty good gamer, not because of natural ability but more to do with tenaciousness and alway striving to reach that chalice/princess/waypoint/shout, and now even engram. As I get older, though, there is less gaming time available, my fingers get slower, and technology gets more complicated.

I have to be honest and acknowledge that my most recent achievements wouldn’t be possible without the exuberance of GRIZZLY. He just jumped into all the facets of Destiny and didn’t look back, blazing through the Year 1 story, holding his own in crucible, and making friends via the raids. He ate up the content and we bonded over our otherworldly avatars in this fantastic universe.

I was quite the opposite, though: I trailed him by about 10 light levels (Phogoth terrified me), wouldn’t go near crucible (0.03 K/D, booyah!), and not only didn’t have friends for a raid but didn’t even know how to create a party, send an invite, or search on lfg.

Quickly, the student began teaching the master! Case in point…

First PoE trying to get that armor core: GRIZZLY set that up for me via lfg and coached me along from the other side of the couch.

Thorn quest: GRIZZLY did the void kills in crucible for me on my Hunter—before Nightstalker.

Basically any mission, strike, or raid: GRIZZLY did it first as I watched with excitement from beside him, mentally taking notes and watching for the boss weak spot and encounter mechanics.

Oh yeah, did I mention that GRIZZLY is only 10 years old?

Awesome kid.

Fast-forward to now. I’ve got a 317 Warlock and working on my 301 Hunter. I owe that to GRIZZLY for showing me the way. Unfortunately due to a bad King’s Fall raid group experience, Destiny has soured for him and he stopped playing when his main Guardian had a light level in the 290s. He has moved on to other games, but once in awhile he’ll run Trials or Iron Banner on my profile with his friends for fun. It saddens me that he doesn’t play anymore, but another xbox in our home would help make it possible to run that raid together and hopefully win him back over to the side of the light, to continue finding his, and our, Destiny.

PS—Thank you so much for making Guardian Radio happen. I’m a brand new listener and happy to find people who are discussing my favorite game and so passionate about it. The lore makes my head spin—in a good way!

PSS—Much love to Bungie, too, for creating this world. Been a fan since Durandal. In my eyes, the content is perfect and coming out at a good pace for an older player that only plays once or twice a week at most.


Ian M.

If I was forced to name a hero, it would infidelity have to be King Gathalion. As a content creator, and a child of the 80’s there is no one I identify with more. My only hope is that one day I can achieve a fraction of his success.



Dear Guardian Radio,

         My Destiny hero is one of my fire team and clan members.  We know him as Sleepy.  He is an amazing sherpa when it comes to all things PvE.  He has got me through all the raids and just recently he helped my get my Black Spindle.  He explained the whole thing before we even got in step by step. I wish I knew the game as well as he does.  I don’t recall how we came to meet but I am glad we did.  I may not be as far in the game if it wasn’t for Sleepy.


Chris R.

My hero in Destiny is/are the founders of the Dads of Destiny. Without this amazing community I would have stopped playing a long time ago. I had nobody to raid with and was stuck in pug groups that changed every week, it was very rare to play with the same group twice. Now since The Dark Below i have had a group whenever I want to raid and I have teammates and friends to play with or just jump into a party with and chat while playing something else or going on patrol or just wandering aimlessly around the tower. The DoD has made my gaming experience 10x better by allowing me to connect to people I would have never known.




My Destiny hero is MoreConsole. It was because of him that I found out about Destiny. The amount of hype he can inject into a game is incredible, he puts out content daily and can be brutally honest with Bungie!



Hey Guardian Radio, This is MinuteMan34 from the Xbox One side of the community.

My Hero in destiny is a fireteam member by the name of Bad 2 Teh bon3 (Bad to the Bone). I have known him since way before Destiny was even a thing. Once we started playing destiny in the beta we were hooked. We were addicted to destiny and the friendly competition of who could get X or Y exotic first, or who could kill the most enemy’s and so on. 

He’s one of the most awesome and hilarious people you’ll ever meet! we would play destiny nonstop up until recently when myself and our other friends made the move to the X1. Due to financial reasons Bone wasn’t able to make the jump with us. So I’m entering for the chance to bring a Fireteam Brother back home. 

Thanks for everything you guys do for the Destiny community, keep up all the great work! 


Andrew L.

When I started playing Destiny I did not have a lot of people to play with. I would often run missions by myself and waste time wandering around the cosmodrome. One faithful day a Guardian named Adam found me in the Tower by self and invited me to him fireteam. After running a few strikes I was soon taken into his Clan and made part of the family. We would run the raids as a team every week and help each other grind when necessary. Before the Dark Below dropped my headset broke and I couldn’t afford to buy a new one. To my surprise Adam sent me a pair of Turtle Beach Xbox 1 headphones from Amazon. I couldn’t tell you how happy I was to be able to Raid with my friends once again. Recently Adam’s cat Osiris knocked over a glass of milk onto his Xbox 1 frying it. It would be great to win this Xbox 1 so I can help a Guardian who has already done so much for me.


Doctor NitC

My hero of Destiny is the Bungie employee that found the extra 1MB hidden in the code and changed it to give all of us the expanded vault space.


Tr1p2Th3sIxXx (for Charles)

One thing I have learned is not all Heroes are Guardians, but every last Guardian is a Hero. My personal Destiny Hero is my buddy Charles. I grew up with this guy, and he has seen me in my best and worst days.

I used to be a heroin addict, and I remember specifically my first overdose, and if this guy hadn’t had the foresight to call the ambulance, whether he was scared or not; I wouldnt be here.

This guy is my “Little Light”.

Literally reviving me to a better life, eventually to be led in the light.

I would give this guy the world if I could. He currently moved to New Hampshire and is trying to save up for a place of his own. He got me into Destiny two and a half weeks ago(was trying to since launch, but I just recently got WiFi)

I just bought him TTK DLC this weekend so we can run those doubles together<3

But if I win this, I would like to give you guys his address to send the care package to, I’ll be getting the X1 when my tax refund comes, so if fate lines up, and my name is pulled. Just know this will be going to someone who needs, deserves, and would appreciate it.

Thank you all for all the work and time you put into your podcast

We all appreciate it as a community




So this is supposed to be an eloquent speech about who I admire in the destiny community.

Well here goes nothing.

There is a person I admire and have a lot of respect for in this community.  This person is Belle. 

I have been watching game streams for a while now and, unfortunately, I have seen how female gamers are treated.  It makes me angry to see this kind of behavior.  When you try to speak on behalf of the gamer in these streams, your voice is drown on the sea of bad comments.  In Destiny, Belle took the initiative to create a safe space for female gamers with the Dames and for everyone else on Safegamers.

After receiving verbal attacks and threats, most people would back up or react with anger and sink to the level of the attacker.  However when this kind of thing publically happened, on the destiny bounty, to the Dames, Belle took the higher route, dealing with the situation with dignity.

She has been a positive voice for the community in the Guardian Radio podcast; she is able to put forth a point of view on the different topics that is balanced for both the hardcore and casual players.

I know nothing of her personal life, except what she has mentioned through twitter and in the podcast.  In one of these she mentioned how she was supporting her husband, Joe, in perusing his artistic career.  If you are not an artist on the job or a partner to one, you may not be able to realize how difficult this can be.  How this can affect your personal and financial life.  And for giving him her support, Belle, you have my respect as well.

So, yeah . There it is. Insert fancy words of conclusion here.



Hi Guardian Radio,

I’ve been a Bungie fan since Halo CE and was super excited to find out what non-Halo game Bungie would create after they announced they would re-established their independence from Microsoft – way back in 2007.  I started listening to Guardian Radio early on, was super hyped like all of you, and – of course – pre-ordered the game as soon as I could. 

Then, I met the love of my life; a sweet and fiery girl, living two states away.  Destiny released a few months later, and when finally holding that pristine new game case containing access to bungie’s new creation in my hands after seven years of building anticipation! – I knew what I had to do… I left it in the cellophane wrapping and set it down next to my Xbox.

I had begun planning a marriage proposal, and I knew that I could not allow this new Bungie ‘hobby’ called Destiny to consume too much of my time. With an engagement, marriage, honeymoon, and a new life with my wife, ahead of me; Would I ever play Destiny?  I decided I would not be a husband who would ignore my wife by playing a video game all the time; I decided that this new disc may never enter my Xbox.

My new bride, is my Destiny Hero.

After settling into our new life together, we began to take up activities we both would enjoy. She was a bit of a retro gamer, being a 90s girl, and soon we found ourselves playing through LEGO Indiana Jones together, followed by LEGO Lord of the Rings, and some Minecraft. Then one day I took a risk and fired up Halo Reach. She was a little hesitant at first, but stuck with it, and enjoyed the entire co-op campaign. So, over the next few weeks we breezed through all the Halo campaigns in chronological order!

She had already become the ‘better half’ of my Fireteam.

We unwrapped the destiny case and gave it a try – taking turns.  It didn’t take long for me to order a used Xbox 360 for her, two editions of TTK, and a new XBL account. This winter we’ve played all of the Destiny PvE content – except the raids – and now, we even have alts leveled up to 40.

My wife is my Destiny Hero;  Because of her, I was able to skip the growing pains of year one Destiny, and dive in just after the beginning of year two, with her always by my side.

Hoping to upgrade to Xbox One for Destiny Year Three


Jeff Jolly (for his Nephew Trevor)

Hello all. I’m Havaclu on both Xbox and PS4. My teammates call me Clu. Like Ed, I’m an older gamer. My granddaughters are 16 and 14. I had heard that Destiny was going to be amazing before the Beta was released. Like most, I played by myself to the point I needed to raid.  My first experience in VoG was with 5 stoner teens. “dude! Gnarly!”  Needless to say, it wasn’t a very good experience for Pepaw. My hero became the Dads of Destiny clan. DoD was EXACTLY what I needed to fill the void in my game.  I know from countless discussions with other DoD members that I’m not alone.  

Being I already own both consoles, if I’m lucky enough to have my name drawn, this unit will go to my nephew Trevor and his two boys who have my old 360. They would be very excited to have it.



Hey Guardians!

First a little housekeeping… Long time listener, first time caller, nightly player since beta, forever 319, superfan of Mesa Sean!   and Byf…
Anyways, my Destiny hero would definitely have to be the one and only Craig Hardgrove! Reasons? You betcha! He’s a genius first of all! And he’s literally doing the thing he loves! Something that is actually worthy of being someones real life hero. He’s going to the moon! Well…you know. His creation will be going to the moon!

How awesome is that? Well for me, that would be the equivalent of becoming a Danny Carey level drummer. It’s a huge deal.
Craig is sorely missed from the podcast. Not saying that everybody else isn’t great, cause you all are. But every time Craig would go into detail about science, man I just loved it. He made rocks interesting! How hard of a thing is that? What do rocks do? Nothing!  NOTHIIIING! But listening to him talk about them and how they relate to the game… man I loved it. Also, Ghosts and Echo’s. Need I say more? 
In closing, he’s a pimp.

Thanks again for giving me something to listen to at work. You guys are seriously awesome. I’ve never listened to a podcast before, but I will never stop listening to this one. 

Oh, my main is a Human Warlock cause  WARLOCKS MASTER RACE SON!



Mojobi here, from the Goon Dock Saints Alliance.

Sooo… trying to figure out someone that has inspired me related to Destiny… Hmmm… that is a tough one.  I am an old-school gamer that stopped playing sometime around college in the 90’s.  Right before Destiny dropped, my wife surprised me with a console and said she would buy me whatever game I wanted.  I chose Destiny as it was about to come out and was definitely being hyped.  Fast forward to today.  I use at as my social platform, as I have two kids and a busy life and don’t always have time to get together with my friends for a guys night out.  I started a clan, met some great people, and the rest, as they say is history.  So I guess my inspiration would have to be my wife, who encouraged me to start gaming again and understood the importance of it to me.



Numerous Guardians have helped me with Destiny, but my hero has to be my son  Eric (gt BigLoad).   He put up with my problems learning how to time jumps, wrecking my sparrow, blowing myself up with a rocket launcher, trying to melee bosses, etc. etc..  He got tired of the grind in Destiny but stuck with me.  I now try to pass it on by helping new players.  

My gt is IneptOldFart because my game play is less than stellar (inept), I’m 69 years old (old fart).   My real name is Don.

I would also like to give a shout out to Optimoe210, a Old Gs Original Gamers clan mate.

Omar from FL

Hello my fellow Guardians, Omar here from Miami, FL.

I would like to say that my very own Destiny hero is actually my clanmates. Ever since Destiny came out, I had no choice but to play the game on a whim with no proper endgame schedule besides crucible let alone even raid whenever I wanted. I tried LFG groups but they were never stable enough to get me motivated. So when I was introduced to this clan called “The Goldust Struffees” they took me in and it was the best thing ever. Love those dude, they always help me out whenever I need to and I do the same whenever I can. So they are my heroes!

Thanks GR guys love your shows.



Hi guys,

I love the show!   There’s been a ton of negativity in the community, of late, and I appreciate that though you guys don’t spare the criticism, you remain generally up-beat about Destiny and its future.

Anyhow, I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring for the XB1 giveaway.

So, without further ado:

My Destiny Hero is my son.

My son and I started playing Xbox together with the Halo series on the 360.   Some of my greatest gaming memories are of playing through the Halo 3 campaign with him, split-screen, demolishing wave after wave of Covenant and Flood.   I never much cared for Halo as a FPS, but participating in the game world with him completely brought the game to life.

When rumours of this “Destiny” game started floating around, he was all over it.   It really didn’t show up on my radar at all, but he was incredibly excited for it and stockpiled some allowance to put down on a pre-order.

When it arrived, I found vanilla destiny to be pretty lack-luster, and we were both disappointed by the lack of split-screen co-op.

I pretty much wrote the game off, entirely.   But he continued to play – mastering the content the way that only an unemployed 13 year old with a summer vacation can.  🙂

By the time the House of Wolves rolled around, his constant excitement about it and continual attempts to persuade me finally convinced me to pick it back up.

We couldn’t play split screen, but it was important to him to help me develop my character.   He’d guide me through story missions, pointing out snippets of lore and enjoying seeing things for the first time through my eyes.   

If I got stuck on a particularly hard fight, he’d be there to offer advice and encouragement, and occasionally lend a hand.  

I’d kill a pack of wolves and then hand the controls to him to hunt down the chest.   

He pushed me towards my Laurea Prima emblem, insisting that I could complete the Moments of Triumph (despite the fact that I really didn’t start playing in earnest until there was only about a month left in year one.)  He was right, and I still wear the emblem as a badge of honour.

He was beside me offering guidance when I first ran through the Vault of Glass and Crota’s End, helping to make this noob less of a liability to my fireteam.

His excitement for the game was contagious.   It switched from being “his” game to “our” game.   

Neither of us could stand the wait for the Taken King.  I picked up TTK Game Informer issue and we poured over it, speculating and discussing how light was supposed to work.  Salivating over tidbits of information about “The Sleeper Simulant.”

We devoured the Taken King when it dropped, playing side by side, swapping stories, comparing stats and strategies, showing off the new exotics we acquired.  

He was at the controls when we spawned into the Dreadnaught for the first time.  The shared sense of wonder and excitement is one of my fondest memories of hanging out with my boy.

Without his immediate and enduring love for the game, I would have never picked it up and stuck with Destiny long enough to develop my own appreciation for it.

My only regret is that we can’t play in-game together the same way that we did with Halo.   We keep talking about picking up a second XB1 so that we can play in the same fireteam – instead of just one at a time from the same couch – but we can’t justify the cost.

I hope this is a way that I can get back to playing with my hero, and maybe show him a thing or two that I’ve learned from him, as well.

Thank you for the opportunity, and thank you for giving so much to the community.



Hello all,

Ever since this heroes of Destiny subject got brought up I’ve been trying to think of who my hero is. With my own personal friends that play, streamers, podcasters that I listen and youtubers I had a hard time narrowing it down. I was thinking of Destin from IGN for a while, Sir Wallen and even Profressor Broman at one point until I realized something this morning. Since the release of Halo 5, many other games came out which I purchased and played, thereby taking my time away from Destiny. Since then I rarely played the game but still kept up with the podcasts. In those months, I occasionally played a crucible match or ran some patrols to get my mind off of dying in Black Ops 3 so much but I never truly played the game again.

Well that changed when I listened to Byf’s last lore segment about the Fallen. Holy crap! Masterful presentation and immersive storytelling. Between the Fallen and the Saint 14 videos, it reignited my love for Destiny! For this reason, Byf is my Destiny hero.

There is such an amazing story hidden within this game. It’s a pity that the story is “hidden” but I’m glad there is something. Byf has found that story and is presenting to those of us in an exciting manner. I’ve ready some grimoire and it is interesting but not to this same level. Admittedly I originally purchased Destiny as a fun shooter to play until AC Unity and DragonAge came out. I figured I could enjoy a good story driven shooter for a couple months until those two games released. Ironic that I came to Destiny for story, got none and still stuck around. Because I am such a fan of story, Byf has reignited my Destiny obsession.

Thank you for reading. Keep up the great work on the podcast. Yours is my favorite podcast of the four Destiny podcasts that I listen to.



Hey everyone,

My Destiny Hero is True Vanguard. If you haven’t heard of him, a few months ago he posted to reddit a guide on how to be better with PvP and made a youtube video to show tips and tricks.

We all encouraged him to keep going and he has taken off.

Now I look forward to his Trials tricks every week.

He is my hero because of how quickly he has gained a following and how much he has helped improve my skill in PvP.



I began playing Destiny since Christmas 2014. For the first few months, I was a solo player. I did the daily story every day, and my main activity was the Vanguard strikes. I grinded so hard and eventually managed to get a full set of lever 31 gear without even touching the raid.

All of this changed when I met my friend Sinister. We were both in JROTC at the time when he overheard me talking to someone about Destiny. He joined in on the conversation and eventually we added each other. Not only did meeting Sinister allow me to make a new friend, it exposed me to a whole network of Destiny players. Sinister even helped me through my first Crota raid! For this, Sinister is my Destiny hero, and while he no longer plays Destiny (he dislikes what it’s become), we’re still friends and I probably wouldn’t have met a lot of my amazing Destiny friends or even be playing Destiny today if we had never met! 😮



Hello Guardian Radio crew!

So I’ve been thinking about who my Destiny Hero is, and I honestly can’t nail it down. So I want to give my thanks to all of the community as a whole. The content creators, who have helped me find all my fragments, given me tons of tips for the crucible, and for keeping a salt free diet of new Destiny related content rolling for all to enjoy. The players, those who jump in from LFG to help get a tough quest done, or to hammer out a run through the raid. Thanks to you the Guardian Radio crew, I’ve started doing ToO every week, no lighthouse yet but I’ll get there!

As you can see it’s impossible for me to pick just one individual, I’ve met new friends through Destiny and just love the community as a whole.



My Hero is… The hosts of Guardian Radio. I drive 4 hours  to work every day, and I always look forward to your awesome podcast.

Just by listening to you makes me feel like part of a special family. After every episode I always feel so inspired to play Destiny when I get home from work.

The foundation you have created on this podcast always takes my gaming experience to a new level each week. I especially admire Belle for never being

afraid to challenge the norms and speak out on topics that to some might be uncomfortable. At the end of every episode in my car I always join in with the

death jump AWWWHHHH!!!! I wonder what people think when driving next to me and seeing the expression on my face when I do that.

Thanks you and keep up the amazing work.


Yo Guardians,

My Destiny hero has to be KDub.

Mainly (I’m sorry) because he fired out the clan focus for Devine Legend on the PSN.

Before, I was a guardian battling out my quiet corner in the solar system but now I feel part of a community, whether it be raiding, crucible or router advice the group help with everything. There is always someone getting a group together for an activity, which is great at a time when all the mainstream destiny talk sounds (to me) a bit depressing.

So a big thanks for introducing me to the team,  now I get to experience the other half of the game that I’m sure a lot of people never get to experience – and on that, I emplore any who haven’t to seek out a group, it is well worth it.

What would I do with an Xbox1? 

Easy I’d give it to my patient Wife to install in our living room and I’d take my ps4 with me everywhere I work go. Then at the weekends get to play destiny with all my buddies that stuck with xbox.

Your show is awesome, you really fly the flag for teamwork and I enjoy tuning in every week. Well done and please keep it coming. I look forward to the big 150, congrats in advance.



Hello Guardian Radio!

my hero… hm thats a toughy.. I don’t really have a hero but i have made a lot of new friends with destiny. Joined DOD (dads of destiny 360 usa) and have met a lot of great people. I also met a guy that lives in my hometown and plan to do a meet up. and that was in a random match we were in and since have played together all the time. we are both hard workers and to be honest I already plan on buying an xbox 1… so if I win this one I plan to give it to him so that we can continue our campaign of destruction in the cruicible. I love all you guys i listen to every weeks pod cast (im not a big twitch watcher, would rather play then watch someone play haha) and love the advice you guys give. 

thinking about it, my hero is all those significant others out there that let us gamer geeks play their games 🙂 mine loves watching me play!

Keep it real Guardians!!!



My hero would be my friend that passed away. He played destiny with me all the time and he actually killed himself. Every time I play i always think about him. Even though it was hard to keep playing. I’m going to try and get on your show the big 150 to explain more and maybe prevent it from happening to someone else? I play with him on my mind everyday!




This is Trydeth from the XBONER side of Destiny, and even if it’s pronounced that doesn’t mean I’m telling you to jump off the Tower. With all the many different options of who to pick for who I think is my Destiny Hero, I have to choose the uncanny one; Ryan Haywood of Achievement Hunter.

The reasoning behind this choice is simple when put into perspective; he and the other Achievement Hunters were the first way I ever got to experience the Vault of Glass. Watching their witty commentary and progression and struggle was my way of reminder that this is what makes Destiny amazing. But why not pick Achievement Hunter entirely? Out of all the members, why Ryan? He is the most judgmental, most critical and most demanding for how this game is. Why pick one who seems the most bothered by the game? Because he is also the one who has put the most into Destiny out of all of them. Enough so that it was his most played game of 2015. For that very reason he acts as an example of how many of the Destiny community is. 

If you have ever watched any of their gameplay or their The Patch podcasts, you will constantly hear a constant “this game can be better” from him. He’s aware of the flaws and wants them fixed. He knew of these problems and made to comment publicly about them in a way as to point that despite how addictive of a game it was, it still needed it’s work. But despite how poor Destiny can seem, he still poured many hours into it. He wasn’t quick to defend the game. He wasn’t gonna fan over it or act as if it was perfect. He chose to voice his opinion of the game and play it for its high notes. Many of the community is not voiced in the forums or in YouTube videos or on Twitch. Many are very casual with the game and never see passed it to see how vast and helping the community is. And that’s partial at fault of the game. So for someone so majorly in the public view of much of the Internet gaming community as a member of one the most successful Lets Play gaming channels, his voice reaches out to a lot more than some of those deep in the Destiny community. For that very reason, Ryan Haywood is my choice. 



Hey guys, 

First off – thank you for all that you do for this community. It truly is amazing to see how awesome the treatment of each individual is within the Destiny community, and you guys are a large part of what drives people to be better to each other. 

For the entry into the Xbox One giveaway, I would like to say that, personally, my heroes in this community are Belle and Byf. I’ve had the distinct honor of working with both of them as part of the Focused Fire Chat team and I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with anyone more amazing than either of them. Not only are they astonishingly gifted at what they do, but they also have the ability to truly foster within the people that they work alongside and interact with a sense of ease at merely being themselves. I would present them as the examples of what it means to put the community above themselves in regards to make sure that everyone feels at home and comfortable with being themselves.

And to be blunt, that’s freaking amazing in a world such as ours, where the norm is negativity and pessimism. I know that they get dealt some pretty hard knocks from the general community for their expressing of their thoughts – but I also watch these two, every freaking time, pick themselves up and return to the work that they set before themselves with a gentleness and kindness that most are unable to muster up, even in the best of situations. That’s something to be noted and cherished. And it should be something that most, even if you disagree with their personal opinions, take note and strive to bring to their own communities in turn. 

Long story short, they’re my heroes because they not only push others to be better, but they embody that drive in their own lives and in the way that they interact with the community.

Keep your eyes up


Scott S.

Hey everyone,

One of the things that keep me coming back to Destiny is looking at its beautiful animation. I myself am a game animator and i’m constantly blown away by the work done in destiny. So My hero in Destiny is Richard Lico lead animator at bungie. Just look at his taken king reel it’s freaking awesome. https://vimeo.com/143834936. There is so much life in every clip. Heroes make you strive to be better and Richard Licos work does that.



My Destiny Hero is not just one person, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

I started playing first person shooters online in the late 90’s with Quake 2 on a 56k modem.  When the Xbox came out in jumped from pc to that and continued to play online up until Gears of War 2.  The people playing that game online gave me such a negative experience that I gave up playing online and less then a year later I stopped playing video games.

This Christmas my wife bought me destiny for the 360 and I am loving it.  I can’t tell you how many random people have helped me in the game.  Not knowing what I was really doing I jumped into a raid with two random people and I was not ready for it.  I kept getting killed and they resurrecting me.  At the end of the game I got a message from one of the other players.  “GG” it said, “Keep playing and get that light level up.”  I honestly expected to see “YOU SUCK!” when the message popped up.

So to all of the players that have helped me, you are my heroes, the Destiny community. Thanks you so much for making a great game and awesome experience.



Guardian Radio,

YOU”RE my Destiny Hero.  Ever since I saw your on the year 1 video and tuned in you’ve been one of the most anticipated things in my week.  I can always count on you for (mostly) unbiased and personable commentary on the state of the game and I learn so much.

Hosts offer tons of advice on the Meta and weapons and strategies to various elements of the game.  I’ve learned from Byf how to approach crucible and perks desired on the best weapons.  I am really grateful to have found you guys (and gal) and I can’t wait to see where we all end up in the 10 year journey.


Riley F.

Hey guardians,

My name is Riley, I’m 13 and have been playing destiny since the dark below. My guardian hero is my clan leader, JekkiGQ. I have known Jekki for about 3/4 of the time that I have been playing destiny and have been in his clan (NASA Approved) for a while now. The reason that I look up to Jekki is because he has always been their to guide me in the game and sometimes in real life. Jekki is a loyal, skilled, calm and friendly guardian that I plan on knowing for a while. The reason that I am trying to win this is actually to help out one of my friends who is less fortunate than I am, and does not know the joys of playing destiny with a group of friends. 

I thank you for your time and consideration



I started playing Destiny about a month after its initial release, as a solo player. I had reached the highest I could on my own doing PvE content and was ready to attempt a Nightfall. I had no idea where or how to find a group. So there I stood, in the tower, messaging every higher level guardian I could. Finally, one guardian responded that he had a couple of friends who were almost done finishing it. They waited for me to join up and spawn in before giving Valus Ta’aruc his final blow.  My first hero would have to be, Drifter86_Trueno, the guardian that responded to me. After the nightfall rewards were given I was invited to try the raid with them. He along with his friends joined up in orbit and the set off for the  VoG. I had no clue what a raid was so I just listened as they explained what was happening, tried not to die and tried to keep up. Needless to say I got lost twice in the winding descents and spent a good part of the raid as a floating blue ghost. They didn’t seem to mind and showed me a ton of patience. They completed the raid along with me and he said if I ever needed anything to feel free to ask. When Crota’s End dropped, all I had to do was send a message and Drifter, who was already max level again, would come in as the sword-bearer, explain to everyone in the fireteam what needed to happen and we’d kill Crota with ease. He helped with both mine and my husbands character on more than one occasion. I am grateful for his patience, and willingness to help.

Since then, I have had the time to  submerge myself into the Destiny world by listening to multiple podcasts, playing various PvP content, (still no lighthouse)  and getting better all around. I complete the Kingsfall Raid multiple times each week using the LFG forum and always try to help fellow guardians complete the raid as well as other tasks when they take the initiative to message me, because they, like I once was, might not know how big and friendly this community really is, and where else to look for help. Special thanks to my husband, Double_u_Deuce for pushing me to learn all aspects of the raid and giving me advice in the crucible. Thank you to all those guardians who help others out when called on, you never know when you might be a hero to someone else.



My destiny hero is my girlfriend Miss1137.

We both love gaming and when I met her she owned a xbox 360, while i had a ps3. After being together for 1 month, instead of upgrading to X1, she chose to buy a ps4 for a big part because I mentioned I had some friends that wanted to play Destiny with me on ps4. We had great fun levelling our characters and going through the missions together. She is all about the social part of gaming and loves to play with friends at our house or online. Recently her brother got an X1 and I would love for us to be able to play with him and go through the game again!

Having a girl that is supportive of your gaming needs and actually goes out to buy the latest games really is the best 🙂


Chicken Leg

My hero in the Destiny community is the the100.io

I started playing Destiny shortly after launch and played with a friend that I work with. In the beginning I felt the game was ok but once The Dark Below came out, I really started getting hooked. Along with my friends I have a couple nephews who also play Destiny so I was able to fill out a strike team for the nightfalls and weekly heroic strikes but not raids. There was a couple times my nephew and his friends needed one more for VoG but I was typically told to “stand here and shoot stuff” and never had a chance to understand what was going on (which is not much fun). Not to mention all the shenanigans that go on when teenagers while waiting for one kid to come back because they had to do chores (always funny hearing the moms scream at them because they didn’t do what they were asked). 

My friend that played told me about the100.io but I didn’t want to sign up but then I heard you guys mention it one episode and thought I would give it a try. This was right before House of Wolves came out. I was assigned to Alpha Company 76. Since I am an old gamer (45 at the time) it was nice to see it put me in a group of people that was older. 

Nervously I signed up for VoG raid. I was nervous because I didn’t know anything about the mechanics but shortly after joining I found that all the players where very patient and helpful (even when it took us 5+ hours to get through it). I signed up to play more raids and strikes and got to know people.  Everyone I played with was super helpful. 

I had tried Iron Banner and PvP in the past and never enjoyed it because it just seemed like I was always on the losing team. When the next Iron Banner came, I joined games with my AC76 pals and what a difference it was! Working as a team and coordinating our play was a huge difference and it seemed like we would win 4 our of 5 matches. 

As with most clans there are a few regulars that you get to know and that is how it is why my AC76 clan. So often I don’t need to sign up for games. I just jump online and head to the tower and my friends will start sending me invites to join their games. 

I recently joined Delta Company 436 and I am starting to play with new friends there too.

Highlights since joining the AC76

  • Completing my first VoG and Crota raid. 
  • Being asked to run the relic in VoG and finding out that I wasn’t bad at it. 
  • Spending hours and hours AND HOURS trying to defeat Skolas (did an 8 hour try once) and finally beating it with the help of our stud sherpa teams (who got me through it in just over 2 hours). 
  • Hearing that a teammate (who I spent many hours trying to beat Skolas) was able to complete it on his 70th birthday!
  • Every Iron Banner week since joining my clan (my wife now calls IB week my “man-period” because I don’t want to be bothered about playing too much that week). 
  • Taking the day off of work for the launch of TTK and having plenty of clan mates to run it with. 
  • Time in between matches, or sitting in orbit chatting. 

If I win I would like to throw a shout out to some of my friends:

Duke of Nachos – late night gamer crew

RnbowUnicrnGrl aka RUGs – who always makes me laugh 


Drususnero aka Drusus

xNickxDangerx who is Mr Sniper extraordinaire in PvP


Not to be too corny but, I would also say that Guardian Radio is also another hero of mine in the Destiny universe. I listen to you guys every week. I appreciate the information that you put out on Destiny. I am not much a reader and find all the information you give helpful. I appreciate the positive vibes that you all promote and plan on being a listener as long as you are online doing your thing.  I don’t think my kids like you too much because I often annoy them by singing the Guardian Radio song. “Guardian Radio…..is my favorite show…..when I need to know………..everything Destiny”. 

Lastly, I am really hoping to win this Xbox One so I can get my wife back into gaming. When we first met we gamed a lot. We played mostly PC games (back in the 90’s) and had fun. We went to LAN parties and hosted LAN parties at our house. Once we had children, that became her primary focus (and is a 24/7 job). As our girls got older, they didn’t need her as much but whenever she would start gaming they would interrupt her so she just never tried to get back into it. My girls are older now (12 and 15) and not needing her as much. She and I have more time for each other so I want her to play Destiny with me. I have helped her set up a character and she has played a little but doesn’t like it because she and I can’t play together. She says she only liked playing games because we did it together.  Winning this would allow us to both play at the same time.  P.S. My Guardian Radio ghost t-shirt is my favorite Friday shirt!



Hey Guardians of Destiny,

I think that it is amazing what you guys do for the community and that this giveaway is being directly fueled by someone you helped.

My hero in the Destiny community is Teftyteft of Planet Destiny. I listen to PD’s podcast every week (same as yours) and I can relate with Tefty the most out of anyone else on that podcast. He just is not as salty as some other people in the community can get, and just loves the game. Even when he complains its not as egregious, its constructive. I admire the way he plays almost as much as I admire his beard. It’s badass. My early morning commutes are made better with listening to Tefty’s humor and he truly is a hero of Destiny.



Hey there GR Team!

My Destiny hero is none other than Mr. Fruuuuuiiiit! I’ve been following his antics on YouTube for more than a year now; he never fails to make me laugh with his various Destiny challenges or team videos. What’s more, though, is that he’s a perfect example of someone who can enjoy the game but doesn’t feel tied to it or forced to play it all the time. He makes a variety of videos for a variety of different games and has equal fun with each of them. I think that we can all learn from him that there are more games out there to be enjoyed aside from Destiny, and Destiny will always be there to call us home.



A hero to me is someone who does the everyday things that really only go unnoticed when they stop happening. It wasn’t long after my dad left my life that I realized how much I took for granted the little things. Like not having to carry my own hockey bag to the car, or fixing a flat tire on my bike. Years went by, I grew up, graduated college, quit playing hockey and bought a car, as I never was going to get around to fixing the flat on my bike. I met a girl and picked up destiny on my xbox 360. The two of us really bonded while playing destiny and all the little things she did for me really reminded me that the true heroes in our lives are the people who are willing; to log into your account to pick up the Gjhallarhorn when xur finally sells it, or stay up 2 maybe 3 extra hours to help kill Crota, even when you work at 6am!

The heroes in my life never wore bonds, cloaks or marks, but they did change my life for the better in all the little ways. My fiancé is my destiny hero, and my true inspiration. May she too rest in piece.



Hello fellow Guardians,

My PSN is Ladiedye, and my Destiny Hero is lilbub18. 

I have been playing video games on and off for most of my life. Recently I did take a long break from gaming because that is just what happens when you’re a mom with 2 young kids that no longer nap. So Destiny was the first game I played in years. I had never played online like that and group chat was new to me. The idea of talking to complete strangers was a little out of my comfort zone. I loved the game but as everyone knows you can only go so far by yourself. I was listening to your podcast and you have always said what an awesome group of people we have in this community, but that wasn’t what I was finding when I tried to make friends with the people I met and it made me almost just give up and move on to a different game. Everything changed when lilbub friend me. I found that I just hadn’t met the right people yet. We were on the same team in crucible and her Guardian was a female so I was hopeful that maybe she was actually a girl. I hadn’t met any other girl gamers so maybe that was problem. I accepted her request. Not only was she a she, but she had a lot of friends who were awesome and used to playing with girls. She then invited me on my very first raid though Vault of Glass. The people on her raid team were so kind and patient. I had finally found the amazing people you had been talking about on the shows. Her friendship opened the door to the Community I had been searching for. I now had many friends (male and female) that I love playing with and I believe that this really is a fun, positive community. I would love to win this giveaway because it would give me chance to play with my brother who has always been an xbox guy, but I love him anyway lol. 



Hey guys …  wanted to send you all an entry regardless of winning the X1 or not. This is by no means to butter you guys up or increase my chances (seeing that its a random and has nothing to do with entry content 🙂 but Guardian Radio and its community are my “Heros” when it comes to destiny. I’m a 27 “new” husband who works a full time job while also working extensively within my local church. I also work part time as a music engineer so needless to say my time is very limited … I do have a group of guys I play with yet there have been times when they have kinda moved on without me due to my lack of being able to get on consistently or they have moved to other games while I was still trying to feed my addiction to this game. in year 1 I ended up getting all three characters to max level and finally getting my gear like fatebringer and gjallerhorn pretty much by myself. And to be honest if it wasent for tuning in to guardian radio every week and through that safegamers and other like communities like that, I would not be playing this game. You guys would have me itching to get back on even when i knew being (at the time) a solo player … i would have to go through the LFG hassle. I love the game but sometimes without a community a game like this can’t sustain a long life span especially to a busy guy like me. But im thankful for you guys and others like you who create a community that promotes conversation, ideas, and involvement for its members. Thanks for taking the time every week to do what you do. And as some song i heard one time says “Guardian Radio, My favorite show” 🙂 thanks for being my “destiny Hero” 



I discovered my destiny hero during my third raid through Crota’s End. I’m a new father and work a full time job so I’m never online consistently enough to group up with friends and as a result I always play with random people from the 100.io. I met up with a group and we started the raid. Everything was going great and we got to Crota. At that time the organizer asked the group “Okay, who knows how to run the sword?” Silence was the only response he received. No one in the group had ever run the sword. I was running my hunter with Don’t Touch me’s and the raid boots. I had seen it done before and thought, what the hell. Why not me? I volunteered and in three attempts had Crota down. The team was ecstatic with our win and the organizer got his G-horn and lost his ish. That day I became my own destiny hero. I hope this doesn’t sound egoistical but in that moment I was so proud to have stepped up and done the team right that in my own mind…. I became legend. Isn’t that what playing this game is all about?



Hello Belle, Kdub, Marc, Byf, Mesa, Deej, Ed or whoever is reading this. I’ve had Destiny since christmas of 2014 and it has probably been my most played game of all time. But, throughout Year 1 I was a mostly solo player, always going to LFG sites for groups to do weekly nightfalls or raids. But near the end of year one I heard Ed on guardian radio talking about his clan I thought “Hmm… I’ve never been in a clan before so why not try it out.” And I joined my clan, Wayward Raiders. So I don’t just have one Hero, I have heroes, and those are my clan mates! Also, to add I’m in Ed’s clan, and have played with him many times. My gamertag on xbox is kewlio666.

Titan master race. On a final note, I’m decent at pvp so if anyone wants to play just message me, i’m always keen.



My heroes – beside everyone that has even been on Guardian Radio – are my fire team buddies!

(In order of appearance)






   They are the catalyst that has made Destiny an unforgettable life time experience. We call our little group BFFE and it stands for Best Fireteam For Ever (yes we know forever is one word) I can always count on these guys and no matter how hard my day was, it always gets brighter when I join the team and get pushed of the edge of something. Or completing giants feats like Oryx HM Challenge and then pushing someone off the edge as they gaze upon his dead body. I hope all the other Guardians out there get to have a team that operates the way we do.

BFFE – Become Legends


SarKasTik CteN

Good Morning Guardians,

My name is Joe (AKA SarKasTiK CteN) and let me start by saying thank you for all that you do at Guardian Radio. I tune into the show every week and look forward to the Destiny news and comedy you bring to my car radio on my long drive to work.

Now onto my hero of destiny…

I would have to say I don’t have one particular person or hero in the game of destiny. Although I tend to listen to Guardian Radio mostly and watch Mesa Sean or Byf on YouTube, THE COMMUNITY OF DESTINY IS MY HERO.

Without a doubt I can log into twitch, YouTube or even search google and I will get copious amounts of Destiny news to keep me busy for days on end. It’s because of the Destiny community that I stay engaged in the game day in and day out.

Now don’t get me wrong I love playing Destiny. I’ve been here since the beginning and look forward to what the future holds for this great game. Having this community keeps my hopes high and keeps me logging in to meet new guardians on the daily.

Once again, thank you for everything you do at Guardian Radio.

Guardian out….



Hi Guardians,

I think my Greatest Hero of Destiny has to be the Clan I was invited to early on, Iron Spanner GB

I played the Alpha and Beta of Destiny so I am a true day 1 guardian. I played Destiny on my own for a few weeks and struggled with Nightfalls and such on my own.

While out on Patrol one day I got a random invite to a fire team. I accepted and was greeted by another Englishman. We clicked right away and played a few days in a row when they invited me to join Iron Spanner. I wasn’t sure I was going to join until I read up on Destiny Reddit and realised that End-game, I really would need a Clan to actually be able to play. So I joined and never regret a second of it.

The clan itself is open to anyone wanting to join as long as they stick to the GMT timezone when organising runs and such.

We have come a long way having nearly 30 members that are on every day and complete all Destiny activities from raids to nightfalls and pvp and is such a great fit for me.

In recent months a lot of the guys have gone on to play other games but always come back to Destiny. We run our Raids every week. Nightfalls now are only occasionally done and with the content drought a lot have taken some time away but know they will be back when new content arrives.

Without my clan, I don’t think I would still be playing Destiny and do not know how people continue to play without one.

I’ve always been a PS fan and would love to see what it’s like on the other side of the fence and would be thrilled if I won an XboxOne.


Bryce F.

My Destiny hero is Melissa Wilfong, and if everyone knew who she was she would be their hero as well. She is a mother of two who works all day just passing the time until she can go home and logon to play with her son, her nephew, or even her twin sister. This is how her family gets to spend time playing together and working together even when they live in different cities. When she gets on and teams up with her twin sister they, even at age 43, will take on almost any team they come against but maintain positive sportsmanship because they truly care about the game and do not want anyone playing to have less than an amazing time because some kid online wont stop talking trash to them. This is why she is my Destiny hero.



Who is my hero in Destiny? All of the Guardian Radio hosts? Deej?

Cayde-6? It’s almost impossible for me to pick one person in this

community. So because of that I pick the community as my hero. I have

never been as actively involved in a gaming community as I have been

with Destiny, so I don’t know how other communities are, but we are so

passionate about this game and so many people contribute to the

betterment of it. I have never seen so much charity come out of a

game! Yes, there is a lot of salt in it, a handful of bad apples, but

a wealth of guardians who love this game and love and respect each

other. I wish I had more elegant words to define what the community

means to me and why it’s my hero, but I think this will suffice. You

guys rock, keep on keeping on!




I want to explain why my son is my Destiny hero.  He got me started on Destiny after I got him the game for Christmas.  I’ve always been a gamer but never played on line with others because I was always too afraid that I was a girl and on top of that I was not very good.  He encouraged me to give it a try, coached me with the perks and all the intricacies of how to make your character the best it can be and found the Dames of Destiny for me.  He’s 17 years old and is actually proud of me, go figure!   

I was also then able to pay him back the favor after a few bad experiences. Thanks to your podcast I pointed him to the direction of safe games.  

JereDawg819 is my destiny hero.


Austin S.

Greetings, Guardian Radio.

As I was thinking about who my hero was, I went through quite a process.  My first instinct was to pick one of you, despite Belle’s insistence that doing so would be an immediate disqualification.  I’ve been listening to you every week for so long that whenever I fall (jump) off of the map, I hear your death groans in my head! 

But while you are all heroes in many ways, that isn’t quite enough. There is one person who keeps calling me back, offering all the lovely things which I crave so very very much.


It’s Rahool.

It may not be glamorous, but my connection to that blue-faced (two-faced?) engram gigolo is a deep and abiding one.  Who is the first person I run to every time I hit the Tower?  Whose faction is the highest ranked one in my list? Who did I stand next to whilst wearing his mask for hours during the Festival of the Lost (ok, yesterday) just to see if random guardians would face me instead of him? Offering my hard-earned engrams, I come to him every day like a digital Oliver Twist, mouthing my silent plea for ‘some more’. And no matter how many times he chortles with glee as he hands out yet another lackluster blue, sometimes he gives me the goods, and my heart races for just an instant. It’s enough.

So that’s it. Rahool. He might not be the hero I want, he probably isn’t the hero I need, but he’s the hero I’ve got. So I’ll make the best of it, and keep shoveling engrams his way, hoping for that purple to turn yellow just one more time.

Thank you for the hard work you do, and here’s to another 3 years!



Hey Guardian Radio

I’ve been playing destiny ever since the beta and the very first time I my laid eyes on the cosmodrome in the opening mission in the game i knew i would fall in love with this game and play my heart out of it.

One of the greatest things about destiny is the great community surrounding the game and the millions of players helping each other out with end game content either through LFG groups or hooking up on the countless forums supporting the comment or even on live podcasts.

The people who play this game are amazing and genuinely helpful to each other, one such individual I want to highlight within the community who i think is definitely my hero is RealKraffty.

By this point i know almost the entire destiny community is aware of how generous and helpful person he is from spending entire weekends running viewers, subs and virgins to the lighthouse to having a really laid-back, casual and positive stream on twitch, in a community filled to the brim with people pretending to be something they are not he is a genuine breath of fresh air.

I’ve seen him help people of all ages and skill levels with playing through the trials content and 99% of the time he is single-handedly winning entire matches without even breaking a sweat and in a positive attitude. For someone at his skill level playing against other competitive people in trials he is as cool as a cucumber when in game and permeates that coolness and positivity amongst his viewers and his stream.

He is definitely the most engaging and positive streamer within the destiny community and I dearly hope bungie recognises him in a community focus and spotlight him to more of the community because he deserves all the goodwill and success for helping so many people through trials.

RealKraffty is my hero and he should be yours too.



Hi Guardian Radio – 

Kokopeli here (PSN K0k0p3L1), current member of Guardian One and loving it! I have a few heroes that came to mind when I heard y’all talking about this giveaway.

The first are a pair from IGN, Destin and Alfredo. They used to co-host the original fireteam chat over on IGN. They drew me more and more into destiny. They have me tips and stats for VOG, turned me onto the LFG sites (which I’ve used to complete just about everything destiny has to offer), and because of them I ended up finding Guardian Radio on iTunes and have been hooked since.

The next hero is a gamer by the name of EdgiestAlex (on PS4 and Twitch). He spends his weekend running people to the lighthouse (to much less fan fair then some other steamers). I’m no scrub in the crucible, but couldn’t ever seem to get over the 8-1 hump, until he ran with me. I still hang on to my adept hand cannon and covet the y1 emblem.

Thank for listening and keep up the good work!


Zachary H.

My Destiny Hero?  More like Destiny Hero-ES!

All the streamers!  Twitch!  Youtube!  For spending so much time and energy sharing every scrap, tidbit, and rumor of information about Destiny day and night.  Thanks for all the information, hints, and clues you provided over the last 2 years.


Patrick V.

My Destiny hero is my friend Steve.

I got the game for Christmas this year (yes, like 2 months ago) and he’s helped me all along the way from fresh level 1 Guardian to one character at 311 light and a second at 295. Having a friend help you through those early missions and all the way up to the strike playlists and King’s Fall is great. Now we’re paired up for Crimson days (he carries) and it’s a grand time. Thanks Steve!


Langdon C.

My Destiny hero is My Name is Byf.

I first learned about Byf from this podcast about a month ago when I started listening to Guardian Radio. I heard talks about his lore videos, and decided to check out his channel. I have since binge-watched most of his Legends of Destiny and other lore videos. His amazing content has given me a new appreciation for Destiny and it’s story, making me love this game even more.

He also represents everything I strive to be as a member of a gaming community: laid-back, patient, kind, passionate, open-minded, and British! (Though I’m still working on the accent). As I’m typing this email, he is recruiting 5 people via Twitter to Sherpa through the normal mode raid, in his own free time. He also made a great video offering CONSTRUCTIVE discussion on the issues he sees in Destiny and the community, and I couldn’t have agreed more with everything he said.

Byf represents the best of the Destiny community, and for that, he is my Destiny hero.



My hero in the Destiny Community would have to be the cast of the Guardian Radio show.  I couldn’t choose just one of you because you all bring a different aspect to the the show.  I have been playing Destiny since Day 1, but my friends that played the game all stopped playing before Taken King.  I was super excited for Taken King but had no one to share my excitement with.  I have a decent commute every day, so I decided to look for a destiny podcast and found your show.  Since then I’ve been listening every week.  I really appreciate you guys taking the time to do the show and share your opinions.  I feel like I’m able to geek out over the game with you guys even though I’m only listening.  

P.S. I’m hoping to win, so that I can have an excuse to get my wife to play destiny with me.  She’s not so keen on having to buy two Xbox Ones.  



Hey guys I’m a big fan and listen to you guys every week, thanks for all you do it is greatly appreciated. My destiny hero is deej. He has to put up with a lot of crap from the community, he take it very well. He dose his best to to give us as much info as he is aloud. You guys are also my heroes of destiny cause you guys represent the destiny community and do a great job of it. Keep it up.



Hey Guardians!

My name is Armando (PSN: Roadzter), and my Destiny hero is most definitely my girlfriend, Steph. She doesn’t play Destiny and she’s really not much into gaming, but she appreciates how important Destiny is to me. For the past six years, she has supported me through countless hours of gaming. Destiny is no exception. She stood in line with me while I anxiously waited to receive my copy of Destiny at launch. She has supported me through hours-long raids and Friday night Trials runs. She has seen me suffer, and she has seen me celebrate. For all purposes, she has played the game alongside me. Because of her support, I am allowed to enjoy Destiny to its fullest. Consequently, she has allowed our relationship to adapt to my role in the Destiny community and for that I am incredibly grateful. I am blessed to have her and the rest of this awesome community. We make up this great community, but only because we have others who support us.


Trace M.

My ps4 gamer tag is God4givesIDont16, and my guardian hero is awesometownUSA. He is another member in my clan, the eye of truth(TEOT), and even though he’s way way way better than me he’ll jump in almost daily and help with whatever I need. Whether it’s raiding, help with a quest or just trying to level up secondary characters. He’s always down for whatever, even though I know it hurts his feelings a little how bad I am at trials… I’m uncarryable, lol


Gentleman Jedi

Hi Guardian Radio,

Firstly I’d love to say how much I appreciate your show, I enjoy tuning in every week as a podcast as I live in the UK and can rarely join LIVE.

I’d like to say that apart from all of you (obvs), Gothalion and Professor Broman are my Destiny Heroes. Their positivity, fun game play, community on Twitch and genuine love of the game really and truly makes me enjoy this game even more. Thanks to them, I’m part of this ever growing community of awesome Guardians.

A massive shout out to you all as well, your podcasts keep me running while I exercise and keep the game much more enjoyable when I have tortured myself.

One last thing; this community has helped me massively over the last 8 months. My fiancée currently lives in CA and due to visa reasons we cannot be together as often as we should, and the Destiny community keeps me going.

Thanks again, Guardian Radio, you are all awesome and hope that everyone is well.



Good morning!

I have many that I admire in the streaming community. Some of the things you guys do are just….wow.

I must say however that if I had to pick one as my hero…it would be your own Mesa Sean.

I don’t mean to butter him up some more…haha…but I just find him relatable. He’s an everyman type of gamer. He’s not a guy that’s getting 50 kills a pvp match…he’s a normal guy out the just like me who is trying hard to improve his game….a step at a time. A lot of the concerns he has are the same concerns us 99%ers have, and I kind of look at him as our voice.

Anyways enough gushing haha. I love all you guys and what you do. I truly look forward to seeing your podcast pop up on my phone every Tuesday. Thank you for all that you do!



My Destiny hero or heroes would be all the amazing people I’ve met through the game. I had a couple of friends that picked up Destiny but they eventually went away from the game. I then had to use LFG to get raids done. I found a really cool group of guys who I now am really good friends with and clan mates with. We talk on the daily through a Google Hangout chat and we play Destiny almost every night. So they are my heroes because of the friendship we’ve built over the past year and a half. Its crazy how you can meet people online through a video game. I’ve never had that before with a game. Until Destiny came along.


That 1 Pers0n

Hey guardians! Without a doubt my destiny hero would have to by my buddy “JOE SO ROUGH.” I had decided to get back into destiny around March of 2015 after having a lot more time to kill. I was tired of never having anyone to play with. I didn’t know about Destiny LFG at the time, so I posted on the Xbox forums. He decided to message me and invited me to play with him and his friend. From there, they taught me all the small things I needed to know and introduced me to other hardcore players. He showed me just how great this community is and I’ll always be thankful that I had someone who cared enough to show a noob like me how to truly play destiny. I now always have friends on, am the founder of a clan, and raid weekly with new friends because of him. Thanks for giving me my destiny fix at work.



My Destiny Hero is the Community.  I just made the jump to next gen console gaming in November and picked up The Taken King in December.  That being said, I had a lot to learn.  From looking up what class I should play to multiple searches on YouTube and Google for just about everything imaginable, I was able to find answers from other guardians who had gone before me.  I’ve been guided by multiple websites including destinycalcifiedfragments.com on my journey which otherwise would have left me wandering aimlessly and frustrated.  Guardian Radio has been awesome in helping me learn the lingo of Destiny, entertain me on my work commute, and push me to join the Clan community. Recently I’ve joined up with the Dad’s of Destiny Sundowners which was featured on Guardian Radio.  I was weary to join up with others in a clan but Clan spotlight and the hosts constant promotion of the importance of teaming up with others helped me to apply to the clan. I’ve been playing alongside the Sundowners for less than a week but I’ve already been taken to get my Black Spindel, have had plenty of clan mates to team up with in Crimson Doubles, and have started my way into the Kings Fall Raid.  I’ve truly enjoyed the game and daily I’m enjoying it more because of my hero, the Community. 



Wanted to put a spotlight on one of the Destiny heroes from my clan Thorium Brotherhood.   Nosbid is his psn, after HoW this hero helped 50+ people kill Skolas which was one of the hardest parts at that time.  Its time consuming and a difficult activity for a lot of players.   But he was there weekly helping anyone that needed it get that moment of triumph.  

People helping others through difficult content even though they are not getting an ingame reward is one of the best parts of this community.  Nosbid is a perfect example of this.  

Thank you to him and all the other guardians who do the same.


Steven T.

It’s the hosts of guardian radio.

      I started playing destiny during the beta and played all of vanilla content before I stopped playing due to other games being out. I only ever played solo and never completed a single strike or even played crucible as I was never good at other PvP games on the past. Just before the taken king came out I found the guardian radio podcast and started playing destiny again. After the first 2 episodes i listened too I was totally hooked. For the first time I was listening to a group of people that were experiencing a game I love in a totally different way then I ever had, with friends. Since then I’ve joined a clan and started doing raids with some of the best people I’ve ever met in the game. My clan and I recently became sherpas and that just add so much more enjoyment then I ever thought possible from this game.

 Special shoutout to Byf for making me want to be as good at crucible as he is (as if that were possible). Also to Bell bunny for making me have faith in the other guardians out there that really gave me the courage to reach out to other players without the fear of being harassed. And to Mike for always supporting the Exo Titans!!

     Thanks everyone!

except Mesa Sean cause snipers are the worst.



While there are many great guardians out there, my current hero of destiny is Jeebs_11.  He is the founder of the Dads of Destiny Sundowners clan, which was featured on your podcast a few weeks ago, and accepted me into their clan.  Destiny is now fun again for me.  I was getting burned out on finding random groups to struggle through the events with.  All of the leaders and members are extremely helpful with everything from Trials, Nightfall, Raids, etc.  They don’t care if you are a skilled veteran or newb.  I feel lucky to be a part of this great clan.


Matt H.

Hey Guardians of Destiny,

My name is Matt, and my hero in Destiny is Oryx. As we all know, he rose up from humble beginnings and overcame every obstacle until he became the Hive god we know today. Even when his son, Crota, was killed mercilessly, he didn’t give up but instead let it fuel his rage. Throughout my own journey through the Dreadnaught, he has always challenged to keep on fighting even when I fail over and over again. And no matter how many times he falls to the volleys of bullets, he always gets back up again and shits out thousands of mouldering shards for ungrateful guardians week after week after week. His persistence and passion is an inspiration to us all, and without his towering presence in our solar system, who knows where we would be.

Tonight, raise a glass of reclaimed light to the His Majesty the Taken King, Oryx.



My destiny hero is xur 😀 some weeks are bad, some others great! Xur kinda reminds of life, which is why he’s my Destiny hero 😀


Damien L.

My Destiny hero is my day 1 guardian in crime mark (aka mark29ric on ps4). We have logged many hours together and our text message conversations are now simply “Destiny” (I literally mean for over 6 months nothing but that word!) … He has helped me brave Atheon, guided me through the whole Crota raid and was with me when we bested Skolas. Not to mention the hours upon hours of patrols, nightfalls and iron banana events we still do together… Just this morning we were going crazy talking about the update, which gives us more of a reason to play together.

My Destiny hero isn’t a great PvP player and can gaff many parts of PvE action but we can have our awesome godlike moments together and share in our “are you even holding the pad?” moments too. Destiny is just so much better with my hero.

P.s. my favourite moment together was when I got gjallerhorn from the gorgon chest… Followed by a swift “party leader has kicked you from the game” hahaha



Hey Guys,

It was hard to choose a hero in Destiny. But everytime I thought about it, the one person who’s done the most for me and my Destiny experience is Byf. Mostly because of his lore segments, it brought life and a story to a game that at first glance didn’t have a lot of it. So thank you Byf. Thank you for bringing all the lore to us Byf and keep it coming!



I was a hardcore gamer as a kid (CS 1, Warcraft, Starcraft) and never got into consoles. When Destiny came out I was intrigued and bought my first game for my PS3. I upgraded to PS4 in July and found out I could watch streams from it and that’s when I fell down the Twitch rabbit hole. The first stream I watched was RealKraftyy and ever since then I’ve been hooked. Kraftyy’s sense of humor, sweaty but not angry attitude, and food discussions have been a good laugh. But, my abilities to know maps have increased immensely as well. His stream has not only added friends, but I’ve learned how to move my guardian around maps with safety and aggression. So, I guess that dirty virgin is my “hero”.



Hey guys and belle 😀

I’ve been a very long time listener, I started listening since the 2013 E3 when we caught our first glimpse of Destiny. First off you guys are all my destiny hero’s you guys always give me something to look forward to on my drives to work and back (pssss I listen to each episode like 4 times a week lol) and I bug Sean on a daily basis on Twitter lol sorry buddy!!

I also apologize this is going to be soo long I hate to do it to you guys but I don’t want to leave anything out.

Thanks in advance!!

But besides my Top 10 favorite people in Destiny, there is one that isn’t on this list because he is my absolute favorite hero not just a Destiny hero. It’s my buddy Nick Crandall also known on XB360 as Survivor97. I’ve been best friends with Nick for a very long time, I knew him through school just a fist bump here and there, and one day he was crying (I had a couple classes with him) and I pulled him aside going to our next class and asked what happened he had just gotten the news his dad was killed in Iraq by and IED. At that point all I could do was give him a hug. From that point on we were pretty much best friends. He did close to the same for me when my Fiancé left me.  I knew he was a kidney transplant patient before any of this as well and takes steroids to keep his only kidney running. But since his dad passed him and his mother have had some of the hardest times keeping up with bills. His mom works a regular job and has a large garden she sells vegetables from at a farmers market to make it by. With the steroids being crazy expensive and insurance only covering small amounts makes it much more difficult for them. Destiny seems to be the only thing I think he doesn’t feel restricted at in life. And as I make plunge into my 4th year of sobriety I guess you could say the same thing for me.

When the next gen consoles came out I bought mine with my tax return I had saved and asked him if he was going to get one. He has always made excuses why he can’t and I know the real reason he feels like he puts a strain on his mom in more ways than financially. Any way I had told him about Destiny back at E3 and showed him some YouTube vids we both thought it was awesome because I was always the sweaty cod nerd and he just slated at RPG games so it was something we could both play and enjoy. Sadly he still hasn’t gotten and XB1, I play on both systems now. He has gotten his Gaurdians past 315 on the 360 now and does raids often. He always sends me pics when he gets sweet loot and always asks when he gets an XB1 I have to take him to the lighthouse because he hasn’t been yet. A lot of my friends know who I am and what I try to do for those around me. One of my favorite things to do is lighthouse virgin runs. I try to do at least 2 every weekend just because their reaction is better than playing the game lol

I know this was a super long winded speech I just wanted you guys to know how much Nick really means to me as a true friend and as my destiny hero. The dude has LFG’d for literally everything from nightfalls to challenge modes I’m sure he has made some sweet friends along the way as have I but I have accomplished everything in Destiny I set out to do a 50 DTR and 2000ELO with a 2.0KD but there is still one thing I haven’t gotten to complete yet and that’s taking my best friend to the light house. I know I probably won’t win this and if you guys are still reading this is why I love you and your show, but if Gaurdian Radio hooks it up I would be forever in your debt.


Brendan B.

Hey guys, My name is Brendan (NADNERB 64) and this is my entry into the xbox one giveaway

In regards to my hero in destiny, I am going to cheat and call my hero my clan. With out these guys, I would not be playing the game nearly as much as I do. These guys have become some of my greatest friends after meeting drunk on LFG. The Whiskey 6ix boys are all my personal heros and I cant wait to bro fist with them in real life.



What’s up Guardians!

My son wanted to get destiny for the PS3 with his Christmas money last year (year 1). He didn’t have enough so I covered the rest and he made sure to tell me it was part my game. He played it pretty regularly and still does. 

I didn’t start playing really too much until after I had open heart surgery last april. Was home from work for a over a month and there wasn’t much I could do other than sit on the couch. So between Hulu and Netflix I started playing a LOT of destiny. 

Funnest game I have played in a long time. Can’t say I’m a beast at either PvP or PvE but I love doing both. Hope to get TTK raid under my belt soon and would love to go to the lighthouse at some point.  Appreciate that it’s rated T so that I can really enjoy it with my son. Upgraded to a ps4 and have had a lot more opportunities to play. 

But anyway, my biggest hero would have to be my wife.  She knows how much my son and I enjoy the game and is always a good sport about us playing. Not to mention she does a great Lord Shaxx impression “Heavy ammo available”. It’s priceless. She’s awesome!  That pretty much sums it up. 

Enjoy the show, keep up the good work!



Destiny Hero…..?  My Destiny Hero…..?  Well my destiny hero may be different from most,  my destiny hero is the game itself.  As a new father of twins born in May of 2014 my life was quite hectic, dealing with these new two boys, while my two year old was running around wondering what the deal with babies?  I barely had time to myself let alone time to play a game, I was stressed to the max and on top of that I was promoted at my work place.  I know I know boo hoo, a new title, a little more money, but the responsibility was extremely stressful.   I had heard of destiny coming out.. wanted to get it in sept of 14 but didn’t, sadly I am not a day oneer. (spelling?  Is that even a word?)  around my 33rd birthday in November I received the ok from my Swmbo and purchased destiny.  Within days a few friends purchased the game,  right away I had a fire team to play with!!!  When I would put my kids to bed and have some time to myself, I would melt away in the shadow of the traveler and be the most relaxed I had been in a while.  I used the skill from raiding with LFG groups within my workplace to help manage difficult situations.  Even to this day I am able to sneak away from my now older twins and a 4 year old and play with my clan ( my original friends have all stopped playing) and forget about the stresses of life and just have a great time!  


Alex C.

Hey Guardian Radio,

My Destiny hero would have to be Byf for creating all the amazing lore videos and allowing people easier access to some of the amazing stories that the world of Destiny has to offer.


Monkey Man

I have to with Bungie here, it took guts, vision and a whole lot of hard work to create this thing called Destiny that we love. So my hats off to all at Bungie esp those oompa loompas of science that dont get any face time with the community.



This is a tough one for me. To select one hero is quite the challenge. Is it you all as hosts for keeping me awake during my hour long trips to and from work? Is it Sir James Byford for feeding me the destiny lore I crave in such an amazing way? Is it The 100 for finally helping me find that raid team I needed to beat Oryx? Is it my raid team???? So many people and groups have made my destiny experience awesome, but I think I can narrow it down to two.

The first is my wife. We have two little girls with a third baby on the way, and she still let’s me have my weekly gaming session every Tuesday night. She sacrifices her time and takes care of the little ones so I can get my Destiny fix. If it wasn’t for her selflessness I’d never get to play.

The second is my gaming career lifetime fireteam friend h4wkd (aka Nate). We’ve been gaming together at least once a week for the last decade or so since college. He’s always been there alongside me in the digital world fighting whatever baddies, monsters, aliens, or fellow gamers that dare to come at us. He logs in when I can’t to clutch that exotic engram from xur before he disappears. He turns in my Iron Banner bounties on Monday when I’m out of town on business so I can hit rank 5. He sticks it out until 3 am with me trying to beat down skolas before year one expires. He commiserates with and encourages me when we fail to beat down skolas before year one expires. He is my digital battle buddy, and destiny simply wouldn’t be the experience it has been without him.

Thanks agian for all you guys do at Guardian Radio. Keep up the awesome work!!


Andrew N.

Hi My Name is Andrew and my hero for Destiny is my daughter Taylor. She has sat on me her entire life when I have played Destiny she laughed when we beat the Vault of Glass, Roared when Crota fell, and now she says pew pew when we take on Oryx it’s our daily routine since she was born.


Shawn Ivans0n

Dear Guardians

My name is Shawn lvlans0n (Manson) on psn. My destiny hero is a guardian that goes by Dysterium. I started off with destiny when it first came out on 360. I played a while then gave it up and gaming in general. I didn’t play any games for about a year.  In October I decided to get a ps4 after friends telling me to get destiny. I got the taken King edition ps4. The guy I was going to play with ended up not working out because of scheduling and he introduced me to Dysterium. He is amazing, he has shown and helped me so much in the game and has made destiny what it is today for me. I play everyday, raid every week even with nothing to do I love this game and thanks to Dysterium for showing me the ropes. 


Sarge (Thomas)

My hero in Destiny is Bellebunny, here’s why:  in the gaming community it has been way too easy for one game to bully another gamer from the anonymity of a keyboard and screen.  Belle makes it a priority to let the gaming world know that bullying is not ok, that we must call it out when we see it, and must all strive to create safe space for people, even in the pixelated virtual world.  She is not the only person who does this, but she is one of the bright champions for safe gaming in the Destiny world.



Hey Guys

Love the show, I listen to it every week. My destiny Hero is im_yami_33 or Yami as we like to call her, the reason that Yami is my hero is because she was part of the raid group that help me get all the way through King’s Fall. She is just one of those people that make destiny enjoyable to play even if you don’t get that piece of armor or weapon, and have been grinding for hours just to get squawk from iron banner. Though we haven’t met in person and we live in different countries, I always look forward to the chance to have some fun and shoot the breeze.

Thanks for reading and thanks for doing what you do at Guardian Radio and in the community.



Dear guardian radio,

My hero would have to be my clan leader animedude007 on xbox one,

We raid every week (or try to) on all 3 characters then help our other friends that need to get through,

But he’s my hero as no matter how stressed everyone will get he managers to keep us calm and focused, he has one swore once since the start of destiny, but every clan/fireteam needs on of these guys,

Great job on the show, I listen every week and you help. Me get through my delivery round as a postman in the UK,

Fyi If I did win this xbox one I would be giving it to my step brother who has been longing to play destiny with me, thanks alot guardian radio



My name is cajoma01 I am on the xbox 360. My hero in destiny is my friend I MLegend13. He has been there for all of my firsts in destiny. My first raid, my first nightfall, my first story play through. We have two manned a lot of endgame and normal content in destiny and is the reason I found out about the game. I would like to win the xbox one so that I can play with him again.


David C.

I feel like I’m in elementary school again as I (a 33 year old man) say to you that my destiny hero would have to be my father. After I bought a PS4 and began playing the destiny demo, my dad realized that I had started playing and went out and bought me the full game so that he would have someone to play with.  About 4 months ago he lent my wife and I his ps4 so that we could play together for a while and just recently asked for it back. Because of this and the100 I was able to complete my first raid ever (Kings Fall) along with my wife and the help of some new friends. I used to game on an Xbox 360 and feel that I made the right choice moving to the ps4, but none of my friends took my advice and purchased Xbones. I would love to be able to play games with them and it would be awesome if this was the way to do so.



Hey G1 crew! My Destiny hero is anyone who can stop playing Destiny! I kid, I kid; we all know that’s simply not possible. I’d have to give it to my fellow clan member Deeznutzs27 who came to Destiny with a whole COD crew, and stayed after most of them had left to go back to COD for BLOPS 3. He’s my hero because he’s been fighting and winning a particularly nasty bout with cancer, and through it all has maintained a positive attitude while regularly thanking our clan and Destiny community on the whole for being both a pillar of support and a cathartic distraction from his difficult situation. People like him are the reason why the Traveler would share it’s light with humanity; perhaps a Golden Age really is ahead for us all.



Hi guys, 

I just want to say that I am loving the podcast, you guys have really helped me progress in the game. Especially by introducing me to The100. I did my first raid (VOG) last week with some guys I met in my The100 group. 

Anyway, just a quick heads up to let you know that my Destiny hero is Caddie-Venom. He is a real life buddy of mine that got me into Destiny. I bought my PS4 just before Christmas and he gave me a copy of Destiny as a Christmas present. I am about seven weeks in, last night I hit 300 LL and next week I’ll be attempting the Kings Fall raid for the first time. All down to Caddie-Venom! So thanks dude! 🙂

Cheers guys (and girl), keep up the great podcasts! 


Jacob R.


                My hero is my younger brother. My favorite memories with him have always been us playing video games together: Mario brothers, Smash brothers, Legend of Zelda, Goldeneye, and Call of Duty. He moved far away to go to school and is a poor college student and can’t afford an Xbox right now. I miss spending time with him and believe that playing together will be like old times. If anyone deserves a free Xbox, it’s him. He’s always willing to help others, he’s patient, he likes to have fun and never gives up. He would be the ideal newest member of the amazing Destiny community. Thank you and keep up the great work.



My hero in destiny doesn’t play very often but she is very good. her name is texasgirl and she is the love and the little light of my life. I have been dating her for roughly 2 years and on thanksgiving 2015, I asked her to be my wife, to be my “crimson double”.Texasgirl I love you with all my heart and I can’t wait to be your husband



A couple of my heroes fall into the same role, both Byf for his lore and deep reading there and Datto for his analysis and statistics he does into for the game. Both have been great content creators and inspired me to make me my own channel and take up the challenge of being part of this community more.  All of what you guys do with the podcast really hits home to show the love of this game.  Your podcast was nearly the first one i started listening too and has caused me to listen to so many podcasts now.  Thanks for being a great couple hours every week, keep up the great content, i enjoy the diversity of the roles everyone has on the show and just the quality of the content, community interaction and just great time each week.  



Hello guardians, I’m frank from the ps4 psn: gtsml. Hunter master race!

Love the podcast. Been listening since just before episode 100.

My hero of destiny has got to be Deej and everybody else from bungie that communicates and interacts with us the fan base. This is the first game in a long time that I have been sucked into and can’t stop playing. As a fan every time I scroll through the forums I can’t help but getting angry at every other post that is attacking this game and the people making this game. But listening to people at bungie, like Deej, talk about this game and the positive attitude they carry on when dealing with the fans is incredible. I love the passion that they have when talking about this game, even with all the negativity the vocal people in the community have. I wish I could express my appreciation for bungie and the job they are doing better than just throwing money at the screen, for making a game that I can’t stop play. A big thanks to Deej, and everybody from bungie, for communicating with us, for putting something out each week(especially this weeks update 2/11 can’t wait for 2017!!!!!).

Thanks for putting out an amazing show each week.





Check this out if you like triple downs my buddy in trials, goes by Xtri. One of the best pvp players I’ve ever seen, also my entry for #destinyheroes, countless times he has helped with all game types. I met him during a VOG raid and have been running in fire teams with him ever since. We play on the PS4 and  this guy deserves something special for his generosity.



Brandon G.

Hello Fellow Guardians,

My name is Brandon Gutierrez and my Destiny Hero is True Vanguard.  However, he is my hero for reasons besides his snipes and fantastic montages.  I love his individuality: He often plays with combinations that he truly enjoys, even if they clash with the active Meta.  Sometimes the average player needs to see an active member of the Destiny community have fun and not be in constant “Sweaty” mode.  If the people we watch on a daily basis aren’t having fun, then how can we have fun ourselves?

I admire True Vanguard for the way he balances real world responsibilities with being an active member of the Destiny Community.  He is a father and a husband, and one can immediately notice that he puts those two titles above that of elite Crucible champion.  I myself am a father, and I often have to balance my duties to my daughter and partner with my love for this game.  Many a time have I been responsible for my fire team having to wipe during a raid because my daughter yanked my controller from my hand because she wanted to play just like her “Papa”.  Seeing other prominent Destiny players deal with similar problems allows me to bring it all into perspective. While some people might scoff at the sound of True Vanguard’s son running and screaming in the background of his YouTube clips and videos, I actually admire his decision to leave them in because it shows the type of father he is and actually makes me enjoy his content that much more.  It helps just to see that other people out there are in similar situations, and that this community is really made up of some of the most genuine and wonderful people on this planet.



Hey guys PFIB Zero here. My destiny hero is my hunter guardian! Of course she is the one I’ve played since the beginning when queens wrath first showed up in the tower. I still have the helmet from that event and it is very sentimental.

But to be real, james byf, the people at planet destiny, and you guys on guardian radio, you are my heroes in the community. Despite the hate, slow pace of content recently, and numerous problems I can rely on you guys to give me the heads up and keep destiny something to think about.



My hero within the community would be King Gothalion. It’s pretty simple. It has nothing to do with gameplay, strategies, or anything of that matter. Instead, it’s his passion. His passion about his job, his content, his friends, and most importantly, his family. I love watching him do his thing. Some of his best moments are when his wife is sitting next to him and they are laughing hysterically and joking with each other, all while he’s playing with other people and following chat. He just simply seems like great person.

Thanks for all of the work you do. Keep it up!



My hero is the community.  I’ve met more people playing Destiny than any other game.  I know this is short, but the community has kept me playing despite content draught.


Emilio L.

Hello everyone,

I’ll keep my story short, my destiny adventure starting on the 360 side. I was pretty blind to the whole

rpg element walking into the game so once I saw progression in it I really started to like it. My heroes are my original 360 friends, I’ve now moved on to ps4 but I can never forget all the great moments i shared with them all Nd it sucks we can’t play.

This giveaway can reunite me with my heroes (:



My Destiny hero is the community as a whole.  Community sites like the100.io, and destinylfg are just a few to mention.  It’s so easy for the negative handful of people on reddit and twitter to cloud the internet with hate and negativity, but there are so many others out there that love the game and just want to help and share their experience with others.  The community is what makes a good game great, and that is what we have here.  Destiny is not a perfect game, but the perfect game does not exist.  Heck…look at the last major launch WoW had…10 years into development, and they still had issues during the launch.

Let’s continue to focus on the positive, and help others out!



Hello Guardian Radio,

My Destiny Hero starts with a story starting back in 2001, when I met my buddy Shawn.  We worked together but it was Halo CE that brought us together.  Soon after we had a pack of Halo’ers that would meet at least once a week to do link ups.  Halo 2 came out then Halo 3 and so on.  By this point we have all moved away in pursuit of or carriers and started families you know how the story goes.  Being able to play in XBL did help a bit but life got busy.

Years down the track I learned that Bungie was working on a new project a new game so I decided to check the beta out and was able to convince my buddy Shawn by handing him a code.  So he jumped on we played for the weekend and we were hooked.  By the time Destiny had come out we had already planned game nights, and for months we would team up eat up as much of the content possible in one sitting.

A couple of months before the TTK came out we were both making plans to switch to XBone.  The hype was real, I had just taken the plunge and picked up my XBone.  I checked in with Shawn if he was still in route to grab his and he replied back with excitement that he should have it in about a week!

But unfortunately his kids started to get really sick and they later found out that the house they just recently moved to was infested with mold.  Plans changed he had to put the money towards moving to a new house.  That is when “The Great Console Divide of 2015” was in full effect.  From that point on we have not been able to game.  Then I heard about the XBone give away and thought that this would be the perfect chance to gift an XBone to Shawn.

I have been through some major life altering stuff the past few years and he has always “had my 6”.  If it is in the virtual gaming world or in real life he has been there for me watching my back making sure I keep focus.  This is why I cannot wait to surprise him with an Xbox One, not just to get him back gaming again but to show him how thankful I am for having a bro like him in my life!


Paul S.

My Hero is my Wife.

She allows me time out to log-in when time permits

You guys do an awesome job, It wasn’t for Guardian Radio and Byf on YouTube I would be out of date with what’s happening as my game time is very space – (long working days, new baby, it’s all great)


Marcus F.

Hi there! My hero in Destiny is a very important to me.

My friend Isaac, has been playing Destiny with me since beta on the 360. We’ve been following the game ever since it’s announcement way back in 2012. Ever photo, every scrap of info we could find we’d share with each other. The hype train was real and we were on board all the way. We ran strikes and patrols together, following every trend from the loot cave to glitching raids. However, sometime after Dark Below I upgraded to the One and played Destiny only on it because I couldn’t handle the loading time and graphics of the game on the 360 and left my good friend behind. He’s not very well off, providing not only for himself but his family at times while paying off loans so he hasn’t been able to upgrade with me. I had considered getting him the console this past Christmas, but settled on a copy of the game I got with my work discount, for whenever he could get himself a current system. So I’m submitting this entry for him, so we can hang out together on not only Destiny, but the many other games we and our friends enjoy. I miss getting online with him and running around having fun while talking about our week, he’s got some of the greatest work related and random stories I’ve ever heard. I feel so bad for leaving him back on last gen, this is the least I could do for him to make up for it.

So this one’s for you Isaac, you magnificent bastard. Let’s enjoy year 2 and onward together again!


Shane B.

you guys are all awesome and I appreciate each and every week the time you spend giving back to the community and creating an awesome podcast right now I would have to say my biggest hero in destiny is James Byford his lore segments are feeling a need in destiny that I desperately needed to continue to be passionate about this game it has brought depth and meaning to the time spent playing other then trying to shoot the man’s

thank you so much for your passion project and I’m sure I as well as thousands of other Guardians will cherish the much needed backstory in the game. in any event phenomenal job and keep up the fantastic work. See you star side



I would like to enter to win the Xbox One by telling you my heroes of Destiny. My heroes are my fireteam. We have 7 members. 6 full time and 1 sub. We call ourselves the Fireborn Travelers. That name is derived from two previous clans that has pieced our group together. Those were DoD Travelers and then Travelers Dead Ghost. Our fireteam has played together since Crota’s End. We meet online every Tuesday and Friday night to play all of the various game types with a major focus on Raids. We are at the point now that our group focuses on guiding our chat members through King’s Fall hard and challenge modes. I am baconmonky, and I send a shout out to KyzerSose, Pshooterd, NotTheVacuum, B A M A ROLLTD, Recoil Hk, and Big Daddy Tetz. They are my heroes!


Brian M.

My fireteam/raid/pvp/strait  best hero ever, my brother Steven. I can’t even tell you all the things we’ve done in video games. On 360, we killed aliens/ gangstars / and all sorts of evil. When destiny came out we were determined to find our own destiny, and we did, we killed vex and cabal by the heap loads. Running night falls religiously and running in vault when we were by no means ready or qualified, and we loved it.

I was already on next gen but would alway find myself on my 360, never being able to pop a heavy synth or change weapons on the fly, and still would rather play with him, and often still do, I need him on next gen. But his heart is to big, to spend that kind of money in himself.

I bartend, and all my coins go into a jar as of the 1st of the year to get him to next gen.  As of now I am at $65.74 (February 10 yay!) he lives with his fiancé, who is just as amazing as he is,  and this last year she suffered the loss of her mom. I did not know the woman she was but do know the daughter she had, and it’s amazing what great people can do. All the debt was gone, all the house paid, the funeral was taken care of through friends and family. But everything else, was left, to be on their own.

At an age then when your building a life of your own, they lost they’re foundation. She would love to buy him one, but it’s not in the cards. So please guardian radio. Help my brother Steven!!!!! (And me selfishly)

Beg list:

Mesasean- hang in there, you convinced me sniping is possible

Mark: I have a Titan, it’s bubbles, it’s great, “punch, shotty, punch” it’s tried and true

Belle- Easter is totally giving you bunny ears…

Byf: my warlock is my favorite (sorry mark)

After me and my friends watch your videos in the background on the pc when we’re playing. Your Native American name is “brave like bear, hung like blue whale” you go hammy and know exactly when to push. It’s awesome.

Tl;dr bother Steven, needs xbone

        Love Xbox and the podcast



My hero is my Fireteam friend, fellow clan member of Admiral Ackbar’s Elite, and good, good friend in real life, Craig Griffin (Gamertag: imsparky4u).  He started Destiny with little confidence in himself in FPSs, but has become a more-than-competent pillar of our clan.  Here he is taking down Driviks for our first ever Black Spindles, with 10 seconds left (I die, but I get a front row seat to watch).  I only wish I had been streaming at the time to record our voices … I hadn’t screamed so triumphantly at a video game in a long time.

He’s my hero!



What’s up guys, AcE_57 saying hello! My hero has to be the Forgotten Union founder, GOCHAAGAIN. He’s been my Sherpa/babysitter through multiple raids, and challenge modes. He’s been the main reason probably I’m still deep into destiny. However most of this clan is on xbone so this is a good shot to get MORE time with my guys and gals! Thanks guardian radio, I owe you guys big time!! I’d love to be on again sometime if you’re looking for callers, my topic would probably be how my destiny experience has changed since the new year, remember you guys had me on your last podcast of 2015, I was struggling to find friends due to my struggles with mental health,( which I never talked about with y’all last time, I wanted to) and now it’s impossible to play solo!! Love you guys all. Kdub we need to run another challenge mode sometime. Dbolg from guardian one helped us finish oryx last week, that guys a good shit! Take care guardians.


Fred E.

My vote for the Destiny hero is John Siracusa (@siracusa).

I am not a gamer but got into Destiny after listening to John’s discussion about Destiny on the podcast Reconcilable Differences (episode 8: Devouring Essence https://www.relay.fm/rd/8) which he does together with Merlin Mann (@hotdogsladies).

I believe he is the hero as I am sure a lot of “non gamers” got into the game after listening to him introduce it on the show.



My Destiny Hero? I’m going with Jon Weisnewski and his team at Bungie. Being an avid gun aficionado in real life, that love of firearms just blends right into Destiny. The subtile differences they’re able to translate into different guns in the same class is amazing. The handling, recoil, reload etc. I’m always amazed at how I can tell the differences from weapon to weapon. Whatever voodoo magic they use is beyond me, but it’s impressive. We chase the gear, guns and loot in Destiny. But when it comes down to it, it’s the weapons that “shoot the mans” (or the aliens). And that is what I chase most, the guns. I wasn’t much of a collector in year one, but in year two I have found that I can’t let go of certain guns. Even if I don’t use them, I just like looking at them in the vault. That’s my pick, so a tip of the hat to Jon and his crew. Keep up the good work.

Warlock out

  1. Should I be lucky enough win this contest, I’ll be paying the XB1 forward to my son’s best friend who is currently still on the 360. 🙂




My hero in Destiny is my ten-year-old son OscgrrJr. I was watching him play Crucible a long time ago and he was running all over the place having a blast getting killed and killing his share of guardians too. Toward the end of his match, his character was hiding in a safe place and when I asked him why he was hiding he told me that since the match was nearly over and his team was winning,  he didn’t want to make his team lose by getting killed. That was then. Today he’s a force to be reckoned with. He’s a team player that always puts his fireteam first. I’m very proud of his unselfish nature.

We occasionally play together on our PS3s (they’re cheap enough to have two in the house, so take that you next gen folks!) so keep an eye out for Oscgrr (Titan) and OscgrrJr (Hunter).


Stan P.


My hero in Destiny is my brother. We are best friends but we live far apart, but we still get to connect a couple times a week by playing Destiny together. We play on the XBox 360 and he just recently got an XBox One, so I am taking a stab at this contest in the hopes of being able to continue to play with him once Destiny moves to current gen consoles.

Love the show. Keep up the good work!



Hello Guardian Radio,

The person that is my biggest infulence in the Destiny Community is a split decision Between Ramblinnn and SC_Slayerage they are both great players and great streamers on twitch.

I currently play Exclusively on PS4 and have wanted to move over to XBone for a while but as a college student that is not going to happen.

thank you for the chance to win. have a great week and i will see you guys on twitch.


Cameron F.

Hey guys, my destiny hero is the entire Guardian Radio crew! I love you guys, I love the podcast so much, my week wouldn’t be the same without you guys. Keep doing what you do!



Good Evening Guardians,

Thank you for the great podcast and the opportunity to win a Xbox One, Live, and The Taken King. When I first heard about this contest I knew immediately who my Hero in Destiny was going be. First and foremost I want to thank everyone that has worked behind this great game because this game would not be here with all of their hard work. With that said, my hero in Destiny, is… The Warlock!

The Warlock has a special place in my heart. I share bond with this character, due to a special moment I’ll never forget. For all the Titan and Hunter guardians out there, much respect, I enjoy those characters too, but the Warlock, to me, is my favorite, my hero. 

The Warlock to me is much more then Nova bombs, Fireborn, and Stormtrance. It’s a character I feel the most enjoyment with while playing solo through PvE and the most fun I have while getting destroyed in PvP ( I get a few kills here and there 🙂 ). But Destiny is my game, my escape, what I turn to after long days of work, as I’m sure it is for many other guardians. But that special moment, that bond I share with my Warlock came from a phone call one Saturday afternoon. Not to go into too much detail, but after many up and downs, doctor visits, my wife and I have gone through trying to bring a little guardian into this world ourselves, we were awaiting a call from the doctor that Saturday afternoon, praying for positive news after so many tough conversations we’ve gone through leading up to this point. It’s a Saturday afternoon, I’m patrolling on Mars with my Warlock (exotic sword grind), my wife is nervous wreck on the couch awaiting the call… and the phone rings… right as I used Fireborn, maybe this is a sign I thought to myself… My wife was to nervous to pick up, I grab the phone, keeping my composure, ready to be the strong one for my wife in case the news didn’t go well, but to our pleasant surprise, we get the positive news that my wife is pregnant! A few months have passed and all is well. We are expecting a baby boy in June! It may not seem like much to anyone else, but for those that have been there, or had a similar life altering experience, you remember every little detail when a life changing event occurs like this, a moment that my wife and I shared. A moment I experienced while playing Destiny with my Warlock! Did the the luck of my Warlock bring on the great news, probably not, but my Warlock was there, Destiny was there, and I’ll never forget this. I’ll always share a special bond with my Warlock. He’s my Destiny Hero. 

Thanks for listening guys! Keep up the great work. 



Hello Guardians

No one is born a hero, we are defined by what we have done and all the little things into how we have done them.  A hero is defined on behavior:  charisma, determination, honesty, integrity and selflessness.  The person that I find myself with these traits is MSK Dragon.

He has put others ahead of his own needs, he consistently conducts himself with a positive behavior to all players in the game, and he plays at a high level.  I see others asking him for help and he always tries to lend a helping hand.  He always plays with the highest standards, both play and interaction.

I found him when I was playing Mass Effect 3 but with the dawn of Destiny, he went from being a mere friend on Xbox Live, to becoming a person I have life interactions with and whom I call my friend.

If this message is lucky enough to be chosen I would like it to go to my hero in destiny MSK Dragon.

Thanks to all Guardians



My hero of destiny is my old roommate.  When he started playing I had zero interest in the game at all, but he kept telling me to check it out.  After he got next gen system he gave me the old gen game.  Within an hour I was hooked.  It’s been over a year now and we are still playing strong.  So bigsherm big shout out.  



Hello guardian radio hosts.

I just wanted to recognize my hero for destiny he plays on the Xbox side and I have not had the please of playing with him because I do not have Xbox 1 his gamer tag is N64Josh I call him my hero because of the work he does not just for the community but for gamers. He recienty put out a book to talk about streaming and how to build your presence but he also does YouTube videos that help you learn and develop.

I would pick a female like Tinkkz for her help back when she used to teach how to do the raids and her continual support  with community charity streams but you didn’t ask for a heroine.  

Keep up the great work I love listening to the podcasts each week making my commute to and from work that much better.


Andrew W.

My hero is the smooth soothing voice of Mark Tercotte and my good friend VolumedPython. He is an amazing silent community member who Sherpas like crazy but rarely posts on any social media other than Reddit and only then does he make help guides. I will also be giving my xbox to a friend who is unable to afford one him self. Keep

It up guys. Love the show!



My destiny hero(s) – there’s actually two.  Judson and Bobby.  Early on in Destiny, I joined a clan made up of a few people I knew and a bunch more that I didn’t.  Being a new dad of 1 (now 3), sometimes my schedule didn’t always line up with the other guys in the clan.  I found myself slipping to the end of the list of people to call when it was time to raid.  Basically on like Sunday night, if someone was still trying to squeeze in their third vault of glass run, I might get a shot at doing at least part of the raid.  This left me a little disappointed, although I can only imagine those out there who haven’t gotten to run any of the raids yet.  The Dark Below comes and goes – same thing.  In comes House of Wolves, with its disappointing lack of a raid.  The one thing that turned out to be good for me though was that you only needed a fireteam of 3 for PoE.  Judson had already left the clan and started another.  Bobby and I ended up following not long after that.  So here’s what Judson and Bobby did for me:

Beating Skolas with them was probably the most rewarding experience I’ve had in the game.  I love VoG and King’s Fall, but in every Raid, I’ve been so late to the game that it’s almost impossible to avoid feeling like I’m being carried by the other 4 or 5 players who play it every week.  I felt like in order to beat Skolas, all three of us had to hold our own and we did!  We tried and failed 4 or 5 times, getting all the way to Skolas and giving up because it was like 3 in the morning.  When we finally did it, I got exactly what I wanted – a void scout rifle.  Bobby, Judson and I ended up helping other guys from the clan through Skolas to get their year one achievements completed.  Now, I feel like we had a pretty solid group of guys running the raid every week, always willing to let someone else swap in and get a shot at it.  Judson and Bobby helped me find the kind of community I was looking for.  

On a side note, one of the main reasons I want an X1 is to play with another group of friends that I haven’t had a chance to play with since MW2 on the 360.  As an early adopter, I jumped ship for PS4 and many of my friends who made the transition later stuck with Xbox.


Chris R.

Greetings Fellow Guardians….No wait greetings family, That’s what you all feel like. Since just before the launch of Destiny I have caught the show every week. Over the years it’s become a fantastic way for me to get the news I need and on most occasions the cheering up I need. But enough of the appreciation fest, Who is my Destiny Hero?

Well I could name each of you on the show, Belle, Mark, Byf, and especially Craig, but this has to go to my wife.

We both play on my XBOX1, I go by the gamer tag of Pappy Wan Kenobi and She is Jedi Gert.

Way back when game informer showed the article for Destiny we were hooked. From Day 1 she watched as I became legend and this year beat all the challenge modes on Oryx, beating him on normal and easy mode. She poked fun at me while jumping the ships the first time and my Clan mates laughed at her jokes.

All the while I tried to get her to play and she would smile and say No you need to run the raids or hangout with your friends. By choice she gave up her career as a documentation specialist in aeronautical engineering to be a stay at home mom and to pursue her dream of making cosplay costumes and kids toys. Right now she is getting a good rep but has to juggle two wild little male guardians and her business.  When I get home I take the time to give her a break and get chores done, and the boys down to bed. But it never fails, reset Tuesday as soon as I hit the door she hands me the controller and says “Reset time get hunting guardian.” She gives me time to run my game and never fusses at me when it goes over my allotted time.

Just a few months ago she signed in and created her first character….Yes Belle you have another Dame with a hunter 🙂 and played the first few missions with a huge smile on her face. I was so happy to see her take a break and experience what has been such a passion for me. But ever since then she defers to me in her words “so I can keep pushing for 320 (319 right now) and maybe some day get another XBOX so we can play together.

So as you can guess 1 income and 2 little boys doesn’t leave allot of extra cash around to do this, so here is my entry, for my awesome wife…. she deserves this and more.

And even if we don’t win, I am going to make her sit down and play her character more….at least until we get the DLC then she will force me to play because she enjoys watching as much as playing.

Guardian out…..

Oh Yah I main a hunter, and have a Titan and Warlock, but recently have been Bubble Broing it and wrecking in crucible 🙂



Honestly it’s hard to choose one person as my hero because of destiny’s community and the length the ges been out.

Having said that I’d have to say the gardian radio crew as a while have always been there for me. Whether it’s discussing bugs issues or all the awesomeness that’s in the game the crews always been there for me. And the cherry on top has always been the lore!!!

You guys are always positive and always there and I love you for it.


Jesse J.

Hi there fellow guardians my gt on xb1 is Charlie waxxx and Im writing to you because you were asking for stories about whom our Hero’s are in the destiny community. A quick summary about me I grew up in a bad part of town gangs drugs and violence. I was a product of my environment and I did fall into the same things. Once my son was born I changed. Fast forward to now and my son is 16. He is falling into the same world I was once a part of. Now I’ve been a gamer of destiny since day one of its official release and I’ve logged many hours Into this game I love this game and it’s community. Last summer my son broke his leg jumping over a fence. So he ended up staying inside most of his summer. One day looked so bored I told him hey why don’t you play my game destiny on my Xbox one. He was hesitant at first since he was always running the streets. He eventually picked up the game and started playing. He instantly fell in love with it so I ended up getting him a used 360 with destiny for him to play.  Since then he’s been a changed kid he’s met many players that helped him through raids nightfall and crucible.  He looks forward to xur ib trials hes been off the streets he even been going to school more since he met a few players that go to his school. I would love to win this xb1 for him so he and I could play together. To wrap it up the game destiny and it’s community are my heros since it helped save my son from a path that could have been horrible. Thank you guys I love the podcast I listen every Tuesday morning while I’m at Work. Before I go my primary is a male exo titan. I run a hunter and warlock but hardly run warlock only because who wears a trenchcoat to a gun fight?  Anyway thank you destiny and thank you fellow guardians for being so great.




My psn is GRIZZ… I have been playing destiny since the beta and have been listening to guardian radio around that same time… I think it is awesome that you all are giving away new generation system to help people play this game…

You asked us to tell you who our heroes are in the destiny community… I have two… The first would have to be the guys from crucible radio podcast… They are a fun group of guys to listen talk about pvp… They give you hints and techniques on how to better yourself in the crucible and they always have geest guests o  their show that directly pertain to pvp such as bungie devs and other tier 1 pvp players… These guys have a positive outlook on the game and have created a slack community to put together scrimmages and other pvp events that are all about teaching newer players how to get better…

My second hero would be the Guardian radio podcast… I have listened to many many hours of this podcast and what I have noticed is that you guys stay positive all the time and always have great topics to talk about… Whether it’s lore or pvp to the raids and Belle and byf arguing about the dumbest things it is entertaining… I appreciate what you do and I am glad you stick through thick and thin with this game…




Dear guardian radio.

My name is DeathMyth

I thought the give away was over. i messaged byf letting him know he was my hero on the destiny app.

I am new to Destiny. My wife Bought me a ps3 last christmas. I knew nothing about destiny i was a little confused about the world and story. I use to play games like world of warcraft. I was one of those guys who sat at computer with a Goblet that i got from burger king a long time ago during the first lord of the rings movie. I would dig deep in the lore and create my characters based on the lore.

Byf is my hero because he has helped me find my groove in destiny. I binged on his videos all the time. I was a solo player because i never played online games on a console because i never could afford one. So listening to byf and his lore videos and his help videos helped me stay in destiny and find fun.

He helped me find the perfect character. I am now a proud  human nightstalker aligned with Dead orbit.

Because of Byf I was able to create a personality to my character and the world around me. He helped me with all the confusion and hardships of destiny. Even in the real world being freshly married at the age of 22 and having work problems i use destiny as a way of lessening my stress. He made Destiny less stressful for me where i could enjoy my time grinding and playing while remembering this game has a story. A deep hidden lore that may be hard to find.Because of Byf i created a origin story for my character. So i just want to say thank you to byf . I have grown in the game and in the community because of him. So i just want byf know that i appreciate his videos and he helps people. i have put in 129 hours and 14mins into destiny and because of byf i have enjoyed every min of it thank you byf and thank you guardian radio



Destiny is the first game that forced me to give up my lone wolf ways and interact with a bunch of strangers.  Initially I found this to be uncomfortable but I joined a clan during the beta called Order of the Dragon.  I remember my first interaction with the clan was from Cat the amicher who was very friendly and through whom I was introduced to a bunch of his Minnesota friends.  Since then I have had many memorable experiences with Cat, Lord Odinn, and M99 Casper.  These guys are really friendly and patient especially with my comically horrible jumping skills.   To me these friendships are what makes Destiny shine.



My hero in the Destiny community is myself. Now I don’t mean that in a vain way but rather in the sense that everyone should consider themselves their hero. The wonderful thing about this game is that we all have unique experiences from when we ran out first raid, played our first crucible match, completed our first strike or got our first exotic. We all have suffered uniquely as this game has progressed whether we be Bungie developers, streamers, YouTubers or just someone who enjoys the game when we have some free time. We have all suffered together as well through the droughts of content, glitches in raids or lag in the crucible. Sure, there are some exemplary stories out there that people share about what Destiny has done for them and this isn’t meant to downplay those stories, but every guardian has a unique story and struggle with this game whether they’ve put 1000 hours in or 20. So again, my hero is myself but only as cheeky way of saying the community as a whole. Thank you for reading this and I especially thank Ed for his amazing contribution to the show just as I thank all of the hosts for doing the show every week. Thanks for all you do!


Hey guardians, my hero is going to be boring but it is definitely my wife.  I’m an over 30 married gamer with two children under 2.  Off the bat with just life in general I don’t have anywhere near as much time as I did when I was a single 20 something to play games with a career and adult life stuff going on; when you factor marriage and kids into the equation, that number takes an extreme nose dive.  My wife has made it no secret that she cannot stand Destiny because of the nature of what it is: a never ending, continuous, time sync that removes her husband from time and reality (side note, did the Vex secretly create Destiny??)

However, through communication, grace, and a family friendly clan (Yaay Dads of Destiny) she has become very understanding and accepting of 3-4 hour raids a few times a month.  As long as there is proper communication ahead of time, my wife ushers the young ones out of the room and keeps them alive while dad saves the universe and gets all the good loots.  Seriously though, I would not be able to enjoy Destiny in any form or fashion without an awesome, superwoman wife that put’s her personal feelings about one of her husband’s passions aside and takes on the mammoth responsibility of caring for two infants solo late into the evening. For those reasons she is and will always be, my hero.

Thanks for the podcast and all you guys do, you all rock…although my favorite has to be the Bunny 😉  Keep pumping out the content!!

p.s. I am aware of the irony of nominating my wife who is already wary of my video game habits as my hero, for a contest that would net me another gaming console J


Craig S.

Hey GR,

My Destiny Hero is my wife Amanda. Vanilla Destiny came out just a few days after my son was born. During the sleepless nights, I would take a break and focus on upgrading my Awoken Titan, while my little guardian slept. My wife, also a shooter fan, understood my need to unwind as becoming a parent is a new exciting, frightening, and stressful event in anyone’s life. As our little guy grew and became slightly more independent, there was more time for my wife to join me in fighting back the darkness.

As a full time mother, wife, and accomplished architectural designer, she barely has time to take a breath let alone time to dedicate to her character. Even still, she shared her enthusiasm for GR and for Destiny each week while listening to Guardian Radio. A few weeks ago she proudly reached Lvl40 on her Awoken Hunter.  A few community friends ran the Vault of Glass with her for the first time. Everyone was willing to keep their comments to themselves and let her try to go blind in each of the encounters. Having the support of a great community is like no other game I’ve experienced. But having the support of such an amazing woman, who tirelessly aims to share her husbands interests can’t be beat.

Thanks for the podcast. You guys rock and make our 2 hour commute manageable.



Wes Rose


My destiny hero is Realkraftyy, he double carries people to the light house and always has a positive attitude. I have seen countless times where both members of his fireteam get taken out and not once has he been upset or unkind. He is always upbeat and positive when it is so easy to rage some times in Destiny. Just a great guy no matter how nasty he is.


Let me start by saying that the only heroes in my life are my parents. Without their guidance who knows where I’d be today.

With that being said, I will tell you to whom I have respect and admiration in no particular order.

  1. Guardian radio.

You all have a positive attitude and come across as caring about the community and the game.

Really I should say all of the destiny podcasts. Whether they explain lore, review weapons, or even try to help me get better in the crucible, the service you all provide is invaluable to me and many out there.

  1. Bungie

Because of Destiny I have gotten back into gaming after taking an extended break from it. Is this game perfect? By no means. Is it entertaining? Hell yes. I come from an era when you bought a game whether it was broken, good, or even great, you got what you got. There were no patches, updates, etc. So the fact that Bungie is even listening to our concerns amazes me. I know that they’re in it to make money but, I also feel that they take a sense of pride in it. They want to make the game better for themselves as well. Despite the lack of content right now, I believe you are working diligently to provide us with something we can all be proud of. I have faith in you and will be waiting eagerly waiting.

  1. Community

Pretty much enough said. Yes there are some A$$holes out there but that’s not exclusive to just this community.

So there you have it.

On a tangent I would like to make a prediction. If it is true that Destiny 2 is delayed, I’m willing to bet that it is because they’ve decided to move resources to give us one or more of the following: a huge raid, private matches, forge and theater mode,  or something along those lines that we’ve been asking for.

I also wonder if they’re maybe working towards the infrastructure of giving us dedicated servers. With Activison buying MLG, I really believe we will have Destiny in the competitive arena. First we’ll get the private matches and forge then the tournaments will start popping up. After that Destiny will become a major player on the competitive scene. What do you all think?

That’s all for now. Keep up the great work.




Hi All!

My hero in Destiny is Deej for all of the feedback that he sifts through from the community related to things that are out of his direct control yet still remaining civil 🙂


Christian D.

I love that he not only uses his skills to help someone through trials but two people at once!!! It’s insane to me. But I love the show keep up the good work!



I have been playing Destiny since launch and I am involved in the YouTube and streaming communities. Picking a hero is tough so I’m going to hedge my bet. For PvP, KJHovey is an absolute monster. Some of the snipes that I’ve seen him putt off are amazing. He is like an aim bot! On top of that he makes it look effortless. On the PvE side of things, I’d have to go with Datto. His videos are some of the most informative online and the way that he finds a way to always challenge himself in this down time of destiny is admirable. Ok guys, now put my name into the hat and make sure to pick me as the winner! LOL, keep up the good work fellas.



Guardian Radio – Long time listener!

So who is “My Hero in Destiny? – This was a question I have been pondering over the past few weeks since your contest started. Mainly, because I don’t have one inside or outside of Destiny, which is sort of sad I guess.  My life is family, work and Destiny in that particular order. I watch a lot of streams, YouTube, and follow pretty much everyone associated with Bungie/Destiny for the latest and greatest information.

So I went through a lot of methods to figure that out. Mainly, who do I enjoy watching? One streamer(s) I go back to every time there on is LaB (Luckky and Buttwipe). Every weekend, they run countless people through Trials of Osiris and taking a lot of them to the Lighthouse. These two guys just don’t take subs only or the highest donators (which most streamers do), but take anyone that sign up for a raffle and win it.  These guys are all around good players and good guys, there stream shows it. I’ve never actually had the pleasure of playing with them, but I wish one of these days I will win the raffle and the opportunity to play alongside them and finally go to the lighthouse (which I’ve never been). 

I hope you guys can get them on the show on of these days.

Enjoy what you do!



Awesome show, I haven’t been tuned in long, but I really enjoy catching the live show when I can, or catching the replay on my way to college in the evenings.

Back story on me, I’m a prior service Army vet, that is now full time college, trying to start a business one day. Now I help everyone I can with anything on destiny, I’ve been blasting away since beta. My destiny Hero has always been my fiance. She doesn’t always notice, but I greatly appreciate her support. She’s probably the only significant other out there that beyond fully supports their counterpart in gaming. From planning our evenings to helping me run my twitch stream (stitch6719, that never has any followers lol) she is always there along the way. I think she got more excited when I got my black spindle then I was. Most times that I play at night or on the weekends, you can bet that she’s sitting behind me on the couch or bringing me dinner so I don’t have to back out of a raid. She’s by far my background hero guardian and I wouldn’t have three characters over 310 without her support. Even my favorite fire team members from “Old Guys Raiding” often boast to their wives or girlfriends about how gaming supportive my fiance is



Hello Guardian Radio,

   Just to get it out of the way, My name is J-E-R-K-Y, I play on the PS4, and my main is an Exo Hunter. I will tell you about my Destiny hero, but first I must tell how we met.

   Very early on into the Vault days I had a tight group of about 4 guys to roll with and we did a lot together, but the raid was a problem, of course we need 6. After repeated attempts with a couple of tower “rando’s”, we were able to get 5 so we went for the Vault. Of course being lower leveled and 1 man short we struggled for 35 minutes or so trying to just get the door open. We were just discussing giving up and a Blueberry comes rolling in on a Pike and starts lighting up the Vex and helping us to hold the plates and open the door. The private chat lit up and everyone was so stoked and now they’re all yelling “Get him in here, hurry up’’. So I spammed a couple of invites for game and party and we made it into the Vault of Glass for the first time. Over a 1000 hours later he is one of my truest Heros in the world of Destiny.

   In the past year and a half, erikfortymike, has shown me what a real Destiny hero is. He is always the first guy to quit what he’s doing to sherpa anyone he can, especially clan members, through any project they need help with. There were so many sprints through the dark at the beginning of Crota, and He has killed Crota with a sword at least 150 times. He is great player but also a great guy. Beyond just sherpa after sherpa, on more than one occasion he has handed out psn codes to people to get them content, myself included. On top of that he has also passed out probably 100 red bull codes, thanks to the proper connections. We’ve merged a couple clans and are known as “Infinite Revives”. We have even helped a couple of DoD members thru raids and they comment on how we just play and b.s. all the while about life, games, liquor, and everything else imaginable. to me so many of us would have dropped Destiny along time ago if Shay (he won’t care if i say his name) hadn’t remained completely devoted to Destiny and keeping us all involved. Thanks Shay and thanks Guardian Radio.

   One more quick thing, if on the off chance i do win the Xbox one, i have no intention of keeping it, its his. I know his son would enjoy it more than me.



Who is my Destiny hero? That is a pretty tough choice, but I’m gonna go with Gothalion, because he was the first exposure I had to the online Destiny community. A friend was going to try and run me through Vault Of Glass during the Crota’s End era of the game, and refered me to Goth’s raid tutorials. Sure, I don’t learn well from tutorials, but instead from actually doing the activity, but I had some idea of what I was getting into. Not just that, but until that point I was kinda nervous about playing with random people, especially on voice, because I had this notion that a lot of the community was just ignorant and would just criticise me for every little thing I got wrong. Watching his videos, and soon after raiding with my friend, I realised that a lot of the Destiny community actually cares. Sure, we didn’t finish the raid, but at least I had some exposure to the community. So my hero is Gothalion, for showing me that the community, or at least most of it, actually cares about each other.

Thanks guys, love what you’ve created.


F03 H4MM3R

Hello Guardians,

Before I can tell you who my community hero is, I have to tell you this story. I’ve been playing Destiny since day one. I’m a 10yr vet of World of Warcraft, and a huge Halo fan. So imagine how excited I was to see Destiny. I played the hell out of it, whenever I could I was playing. I maxed out my Warlock, then made a Titan. Maxed that character out, and made Hunter. With each expansion I would level each character to max. My 9 year old fell in love with my Titan and made one of his own. I helped him through VoG and other raids. It was a blast.

Fast forward to The Taken King. I leveled up my Warlock and played every bit of the expansion I could. I beat Oryx, and then suddenly, I lost my drive. My Titan and Hunter were still sitting at 34 with max House of Wolves gear. But I couldn’t find the drive to go through The Taken King all over again with another character. My son had taken a break back in December to play Minecraft with his friends. I walked away from Destiny and went back to my two original loves, World of Warcraft and Halo.

Then it happened. My 9yr old dusted off his Titan, and geared up for Crucible. He was only Lvl34 when he started. Within a couple hours he had hit 40 by playing PvP only. He was accumulating gear and weapons, leveling his light, and just crushing people. I watched him top the boards game after game, very rarely getting less than 20+ kills. I saw the fire in his eyes as he pounded players into the ground with his flaming hammers. It sparked a flame.

For the first time in weeks I got excited about Destiny. I followed my son’s lead. I grabbed my Titan, jumped into the Crucible, and leveled my way to 40, having a blast the whole way. I got my Sunbreaker subclass just in time for Iron Banner. By the end of the Iron banner week i had a Lvl40 Titan, 304 light level. with a almost full set if Iron banner gear (I got the helm as my rank 5 drop, I’m just missing the gloves). I have to say, he looks GOOD!

So when you ask me who my destiny hero is. My answer is, my 9yr old son. He’s not know by the community, but he is a part of it. He helped me find fun in a game I’d grown tired of, and inspired me to keep going when I couldn’t find a cause. I think that in the end, it’s the community itself, all of us, as a whole, and as individuals, that are the heroes. Because without us, there is no Destiny.

Be a positive influence on each other.



My Destiny hero is my son. I have watched him become more and more skilled at the game and dive into Fireteams despite being booted for being a squeaker multiple times. He is always willing to help others complete raids and is pushing me on light level now. Having another xbox to play together would be great.



My Destiny hero is hard to narrow down to one person, I would say ALL of the Destiny content creators would be my Hero’s.

I do sales calls for a living and I spend most of my day traveling, to keep my sanity I consume destiny content as much as possible. It makes for an enjoyable day and gives me something to look forward to at the end of the day.

So I would like to thank all the content creators for being my Destiny hero’s.



I think my hero has to be Deej. He gets a lot of crap for everything that goes wrong with Destiny and Bungie. People do not realize that he is just the spokesman for the company. I really enjoy the thought he puts into live streams, Bungie bounties and especially the weekly update. He does his best in very adverse conditions. We should all appreciate that we have him as a community manager.



My personal Destiny heroes…..

are all of the kinderguardians and first time raiders out there!

I was a mod of /r/destinysherpa for a while (recently stepped back into my role after a brief hiatus) and I have to say that nothing is cooler in-game, than hearing 5 newbie guardians freak out over their first ever raid drop! It really is an incredible moment to experience, especially when you think about the days/weeks/months prior to them reaching out and asking for help, where potentially they didn’t even know that some of this endgame gear existed, or they just never had been able to find other people to play with.

These are people of all walks of life. I have sherpa-ed couples, old folks (72 was the oldest!), squeakers (If we don’t take them who will?), people with hearing/vision impairments who are unable to find anyone who will be patient with them, parent/kid teams, and every single time it really puts me in check of what this game is about for me. Sure the lighthouse is nice. So are Oryx HM challenge rewards, or rank 5 Iron Banner packages. But not everyone gets to experience those things. Some people just want a chance to see everything the game has to offer without being told that they suck or that they can’t join unless they have 300 melee only/solo Oryx clears.

I have a lot of love for the other sherpas out there as well who are willing to spend their time helping others progress through endgame content, but ultimately it is the new/inexperienced (low sodium) players who make everything we do worthwhile.

Shout out to you guys, your show is awesome! I just recently discovered it and I just want to say what you guys give to the community is really cool!

If any of you ever want to get down on some Crucible or just go scour the Cosmodrome hunting Randall, drop me a line on PS4.



Dear Guardian Radio, 

Let me start by saying that I love the show and thank you for all you guys do for the community. All you time and hard work dedicated to making this community great is appreciated. 

I have to people in the destiny community that I look up to. The first is Mesa Sean and the other it Tinkkz. I found Mesa when I first started getting into Destiny. I would check his Youtube channel daily for my destiny news and it was his “Follow me on zTwitter” that got me to create a Twitter account and follow him there as well. Twitter turned out to be this amazing destiny community that I fell in love with. 

It was on Twitter that I met Tinkkz. She became one of the coolest people to me during the Breast cancer awareness stream last year when I posted a picture of my mom who is in the fight for her life with Stage 4 breast cancer. I posted a photo of her to Tinkkz showing her the face of who they are raising money for and the picture blew up!. The love that I receive for her was amazing and she even gave her a shout out in the 24 Twitch stream. I brought me to tears. Its her kindness that makes me respect her. 

Anyways thanks again for all you do and I look forward for the next episode! 


Nick P.

Hey Guardians,

If I had to pick someone to be a Destiny hero it would probably be the community managers, DeeJ and Cozmo. They have to face the internet/community in good times and bad and I admire them for that. I understand the nature of their jobs and do not fault them for it. They take most of the blame when something goes wrong and get little praise when something goes well. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. With all the Bungie controversy lately, we should remember that they are just doing their jobs. Don’t shoot the messengers. 



First, please let me thank the amazing gamer that donated this XBox package. So cool, thank you for supporting this amazing community!

Speaking of, my shout out/thank you goes MojoBi, the founder of my entire clan, The Goon Dock Saints. My story is not a unique one, but I think that is the fact that makes the Destiny community SO unique. I was getting so tired of the stereotypical gamer, only caring about their K/D ratio and immature squat exercises over my dead body. Before online gaming, I LOVED sitting around the TV and laughing with friends and family while we jumped on little mushrooms enemies in the original Mario, peaking at each others screens to figure out locations in Golden Eye, or throwing banana peals at them in Mario cart. As technology improved, so did the graphics and strategies of games, but the comradery began to disappear.

As I was ready to hang up my controller and headset, a cousin of mine began talking about this game called Destiny and this community or “clan” he was a part of. The way he described it reminded me of the social elements I was missing. Here is a little excerpt from MojoBi’s mission statement: “I want to play raids and strikes with folks that are patient, will let everyone learn, will talk about things and not get mad or kick anyone. I expect to hear kids or other distractions in the background noise. I have fun just playing and interacting with others. I am shy and am not naturally good at initiating social groups, so the social aspect of Destiny often intimidates me. If you feel like I do, please join this group, and don’t be shy about posting what you’re looking for. You will see, as I did, you will quickly find a group of folks that you feel comfortable playing with, and you will get the full experience of Destiny.”

The clan is now 521 members strong, and some of the best people I have had the opportunity to communicate and play with. Thanks Mojo.


Houston M.

I am a new Playstation 4 player (PSN: Manhoney12). I found yalls show a couple weeks ago and am now a regular listener. I have never had an online community and am excited to find one! 

My destiny Hero? Obviously it has to be Lord Shax… Who else would have given us fur coats on space suits?


Spencer L.

Picking one person as my “hero” from Destiny is a really hard one. I could say everyone one Guardian Radio because started listening to this podcast the day I preordered the game and I am sure a lot of my love of the game comes directly from you all.

I also could say Datto. As his dedication to the game is amazing. From his informative videos on how to things work, or videos honestly telling the community how things are, or his crazy challenges he subjects his clan mates to all bring me hours of enjoyment.

But really when I think about it the most important person is the all knowing rockhound Craig Hardgrove. While Guardian Radio fed me news and hype, Ghost and Echoes fed me the desire to delve into all things Destiny. That story gives me chills every time I listen to them. Add the audio grimoire to the achievements I cannot think of another person that has impacted me more. Bringing science to the masses is another strength that he brought to the show. Craig did a great service for your listeners to show science is not scary but fun and interesting, as a person that is a scientist as well and works to educate my local community I greatly appreciate what he did.

Lastly he spoke to a lot of my struggles as a player that did not have or really want a large friends group to play with. He spoke about the struggles to access all of the diverse content when you do not have a massive friends list to build fire teams from. He was a very good counter point to the rest of the hosts that did have strong groups that were always available to party up and dive into the larger content of Destiny.


Blade (Gerrit)





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