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On Episode 76 we announced that we were giving away 3 Digital Guardian Editions of Destiny to three lucky listeners. After tons of entires THREE lucky Guardians have been chosen. One copy was given out during the LIVE recording of Episode 76 on Twitch to viewer Agriosendendros. He answered correctly the question asking “Which episode of Guardian Radio did Byf appear on?” He was the first to answer Episode 22 in the chat.

We offered another chance to win a copy by allowing listeners to submit any form of original Destiny themed content. We received tons of entires under this method. From pieces of Fan-art including some sweet photoshops and Destiny themed Forza cars, to Cosplay pictures and even Guardian Radio themed poems everyone had something that they wanted to offer. The winning piece however was the first few chapters of what will no doubt be an epic piece of fan-fiction from author Ryan Bogart called “Shadows.” When Ryan releases his final version to the community we’ll make sure we get it posted up here.

The third and final way to win came in the easiest form imaginable. We asked listeners to tweet out the hashtag #pulsating. Simple enough right? Out of tons, and we mean tons of entries one lucky Guardian was picked at random. The lucky winner was our listener @Leeisnopro.

Congrats to all the winners for taking one step closer to becoming legend. We want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who entered through any of the ways we offered and thank you for your continued support of everything we do here at the Guardian Radio Network. We’ll see you all starside!

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  • alt_example

    patrick September 6, 2014 at 6:01 PM - Reply

    Congrats cant wait to start raiding on 9\16

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