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Hello Guardian Radio,

Love the show, been listening for a couple of months. Keep up the great work.

I doubt this story will have any bearing on the result of your drawing, but here it is. 

Things have been hard for my family lately, had a turn of bad luck in June. Something happened that had caused my income to be not enough to provide for my family, and we nearly became homeless. Luckily we had family that would take us in. I had to leave my job, and relocate to the other side of the state. I provide the only income for my family, so the move was really hard. That being said I am still on PS3…. Yes, one of the players that is holding destiny back. 🙁 

Anyway, this move meant no more hanging out with friends. No more anything. Couldn’t afford to do anything, especially not afford a PS4, it’s not in the cards for me, probably not till 2017 if we are going to be honest about all of this. 

Me and my wife both play Destiny together, and our daughter loves watching the action. (Strange i know) Destiny is the new bar i go to to hang out with my friends, with all of the madness going on, i can always count on Armsday bringing me a new goodie, and Xur pissing everyone off every Friday. This is how me and my friends keep up, and one of the few things that keeps me sane day by day. With all of the failure around me at the moment, I can still find victories in bitch slapping Taniks, Warpriest, Golgoroth, and so on. (Still haven’t beaten Oryx yet) I’ve even been so enthusiastic about this game that my brother is buying a bigger harddrive and paying me to upgrage his PS3 storage. He wants to join in on the fun. Everyone i know was roped into this game by me. It’s great, it keeps me going, and talking with friends is always a good way to keep on keeping on. This would be more difficult to deal with if i didn’t have somewhere to go shoot stuff with friends and family. With a gift like this, i could even include the Guardian Radio crew in my daily ritual. (Maybe, I’m sure everyone wants you guys to join them)

On the bright side. I’ve been able to find new work recently, and will hopefully be back on my feet in the spring. Hoping winning this PS4 will keep the good luck rolling in. 

Thanks for reading,



Damn Near Dead

Bravo co. 179 (the 100) 

(Because i know you like this info)



303 light.




Hey Guardian Radio friends! 

I am OnmiGhoul and have been playing destiny since the Beta i actually never had a current gen console until i heard Destiny was being released and would be on the Playstation, that night of the beta release i went out and purchased it so i could play for the few days it would be available.

Destiny has and will continue to be my gaming “comfort food”, I always know there is always something for me to do in the Destiny universe. During year 1 it was very hard at times because a lot of the people i originally started playing with only lasted a few months before giving up on Destiny. 

Because my friends stopped playing early on it was hard for end game content, the first raid that i ever completed was hard mode Crota when i was level 33 and ran through it with one of my friends and his raid team who would run me through it.  

Because of having a challenging year 1 a lot of people would say that Destiny failed their community, on the opposite effect i feel that anyone who endured year one may have a similar mind set to me where this game is now a part of who we are. My hunter is more then just a 3D figure, It is hours of hard work and dedication that has eventually given me the Title of Oryx Slayer, since the release of TTK i have been able to really discover the Destiny community and how each guardian interacts with each other. I have joined local destiny communities and fought through the Kings Fall raid in the first few weeks of its release. You honestly feel a sense of accomplishment and even proud at times when you accomplish these awesome feats.  

I know this is not part of the parameters of the request considering its a random draw but i wanted to also include how i will use the ps4. I am actually getting married on the 18th of November, My wife is not the biggest gamer in the world but she has watched me play destiny quite often and has shown interest in the game, she actually created her own guardian on one of my alt profiles. It would be a great experience to not only share that time together but also give her the opportunity to be part of this community that has brought me a lot of happiness (and sadness sometimes). 

Thanks for the Show, I love coming to work on Tuesday morning and listening to the audio segment you host the website and i am so excited that you are updating it! You are really inspiring for Guardians to branch out of their comfort zones and experience all of Destiny!

Keep up the amazing work!




First of all I want to say I think it’s amazing what Zack has done here.  Just goes to show, once again, how great this community is.

My story:

    Purchased the game last Christmas, during the famous PSN outage of 2014.  Lovely!

   When I finally was able to play I was thoroughly confused as to how to level up and what to do.  But I knew this game was special and that I loved it, and I pushed through.  I made a friend in-game who convinced me to get The Dark Below.

    I then made a Reddit account specifically for the Destiny sub, which I visit every single day.

     I then learned that a co-worker also played!  Nice!  To this day we geek out during coffee break, much to the bewilderment of our fellow staff. 

    With only 1 friend, I used the100.io and /fireteams a lot.  Did Crota’s End.  Did VoG.  Met a lot of great people (and 1 dick).

    It was during my the100 days that I met my 2 current Fireteam mates, which have since turned into true friends.  I still remember the very first thing we did together… the Ghorn/Skolas burn.  Even though I was the only one with the GH, we still managed to melt that bastard.  Good times.

    After that we religiously played PoE and Nightfalls every week, then once TTK launched, continued to do the quests and any and all other activities together.  Some of our other accomplishments include:  Skolas post-patch, 3-man Crota’s End, Black Spindle mission, NTTE quest, Sleeper Simulant quest, Exotic sword quests, ToM quest, Oryx NM and HM.

    These 2 guys are amazing and I’m proud to call them my real-life friends.

    Recently we joined up with another group of friends and now have a very solid raid team with a similar sense of humour, which is VERY important during the sexual-innuendo-charged King’s Fall.

    It was during a recent KF run that I had a bit of a moment: raiding with my 2 best mates, our new buddies, and my real-life office friend… all joking around yet working towards the same goal… I realized just how amazing this experience is.  That raid was the best gaming experience of my life.

    So in summary… what does Destiny mean to me?  Personally, Destiny came at a hard time for me.  I was recently divorced, lost nearly all of my “friends”, and was living a pretty lonely life.  Meeting my team mates meant more to me than they could ever know.  Destiny means getting together with friends, talking about life, talking about the game, joking around and kicking butt all within the amazing world Bungie has provided us.

Guardian out.


Seth N.

My name is Seth and here is my story of why destiny is so special to me. So I met 2 great people on the PlayStation 3 and we were instantly the best of friends. We played all sorts of video games every day and it was great. Sadly, one day we all got in a fight. It ended with strongly worded Psn messages and I didn’t talk to either of them for a really, really, long time. But one day one them messages me. He says: Hey, ace why did we even get In a fight? I wasn’t sure. After a little bit of talking to him we eventually became friends again. At this time, destiny was releasing really soon and he told me about it. I ended up going to gamestop and getting it the next day. All 3 of us ended up playing destiny for the whole day and I had a fantastic time. We still play other games, and destiny on and off. When new dlcs drop though, we gather up on destiny. We don’t even message each other we just go. This is why destiny means so much to me. It brought me and two other great friends together. -Seth N.




Evening everyone,

Wanted to throw my name in the hat for this thing (don’t usually do this, so going to take a stab at it). 

I’m a dad who enjoys gaming as much as I possibly can when I’m not busy chasing my son around during the day – something that was a huge drain on my gaming time up until I found the Dads of Destiny (of which I am now an Community Manager on the Xbox One side) back when Destiny first launched. Unlike most of the guys/gals that I play with, I actually wasn’t a huge Destiny fan – I only got the game as the free title that came with the console when I upgraded in preparation for the Master Chief Collection and Halo 5. But I remember logging to the Bungie site after hearing about the DoD and searching for them there in the forums. It was so nerve-wracking, such an odd experience for me, a guy who really had only played single player RPG’s or Halo with friends to reach out and join a clan.  

It was shortly after joining up with the DoD that I met Belle and annoyed her until she finally just let me hang out with her. And she introduced me to the Dames and the Safe Gamers – two other amazing communities here in the Destiny ecosystem that I now can say I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have them. Not long after that, she started up with the Guardian Radio podcast – which of course meant that I was going to support her and listen to it every week…and I was made aware of just how wide-spread this awesome community was. 

This community has completely revolutionized my appreciation for something that I always used to assume was a mere hobby – with the events such as the Extra Life, Operation Supply Drop, and even small events like the wearing a pink shader for the entire month of October and no shader for November; you have all made me aware of such a positive community in the world. The Destiny community as a whole, to me, stands in the face of the overwhelming stereotype that many have towards gamers of a negative and self-centered group of individuals who refuse to let go of their childhood.

This community challenges that stereotype face on. You have here an amazing and massive group of people who regularly come together in ways that many would find impossible to even fathom in order to support people they they have never met. The DoD has, just off the top of my head, given thousands of dollars to members to help them through times that they wouldn’t have been able to make it through without their fellow Guardians. They are doing it now again, for a dear friend of mine – who isn’t even in the DoD. For no other reason than it is the right thing to do.  

You all have taken on the title of Guardian and completely embodied that title. Everyone in this community is a Guardian – from those who helped with the Extra Life campaign (amazing job, btw) to those who support you behind-the-scenes with questions as simple as “How do you set your clan tag on Bungie.net?”. And it’s a title that we use so flippantly – so carelessly throwing it around. But it is who and what we have all become.  

That is the community here. That is what it means to me when I meet people in my daily life, outside of the game, and they say that they play Destiny – we have a connection that goes deeper than just our love for the game. We are a community. We are all Guardians. 

Hope it wasn’t too long winded – like I said…never really got to put that down before, but felt like it deserved to be said.




Hey guys,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to share with you guys how destiny has been more than just a videogame for me.

I’m in my early twenties and I have a little brother who is 15. We get along pretty well (in general) despite our 7 year age difference.

Because of this age disparity, we don’t have as many things in common as we oterwise would, simply because I don’t relate to a high schooler as much; you know?

To add to the problem, I live in a different city and I’m only able to spend some time at my parents house every couple of weeks which sucks big time (especially because that’s where our only ps4 is,haha).

Ever since he bought destiny a while back, we’ve both really jumped into it and got both the expansions.

Many PVP matches, story missions, strikes, material grind, and raids later, we both have 3 characters over 300. 

Destiny has provided us with huge amounts of conversation topics where we can discuss our opinions about certain things, brag about sweet loot that we get, etc. etc. We even watch destiny videos together and listen to your podcasts in the car.

I can honestly say that it’s brought us a lot closer together; and other than the crack cocaine nature of destiny, he’s a big part of the reason why I just can’t stop playing. 

This is why Destiny is more than just a game. It provides a platform to connect with people, to discuss topics, to support each other.

I want to thank you guys for ever thing you’ve done to support the community. You rock.


Jason Lavigne


Just started listening to the podcast and I’ve enjoyed it very much! What does Destiny mean to me? The game seems secondary at this point, it’s the community around it that has made the game better. We’ve all heard stories of how toxic some of the gaming culture can be, with Destiny, I haven’t come across that at all. It’s been a community that has welcomed everyone with arms wide open. Everyone seems happy to help each other out. We’ve all been there,not knowing what to do during a raid, what should I grind towards during Iron Banana (I know it’s Banner, but dammit, banana’s rule!), there always seems to be someone out there willing to help.

Huge newbie fan of the podcast. Really enjoy the positive nature of the podcast. The tips for PVP play have been helping me out a lot!

Thanks for everything, 

Jason Lavigne

A flashlight is a case for holding dead batteries.


Kyle Crenshaw

Hey Guardian Radio! 

Destiny, the community, and GR have been way more than a game to me in this last year. Yes, I’ve found myself struggling to break the urge to play Destiny whenever I have free time to play! I can’t seem to get enough of it! 

This last year has been extremely tough. Last May, I was unexpectedly laid off from a job that I love, and in order to provide for my family I found myself mowing the grass of the school that laid me off just to make extra cash. I’ve listened to your show for about a year, but it was during this time that I really got invested into your show. Those frustrating days of mowing the lawn at that school were made much easier listening to old and new episodes of GR. I ended up finding a job at a factory that requires a 1 hr commute (1-way). It’s not easy getting up at 5 am everyday to drive to work and then work a monotonous job that doesn’t seem to make a difference in the world. But getting in the car and listening to different podcasts like GR and getting encouragement from my clan mates (The Roaring Aces) made it a little bit easier. Thanks for doing what you guys do and providing us with great entertainment every week. Love you guys!




Hey Guardians!

I think we all know why this game is unlike any others. Most of the time, in other games people run around belittling and in some cases defacing other players (*cough* tea bagging).

In Destiny whether I’m running a raid, getting in the weekly, in a team match in the crucible, or even just on patrol I know that other players have my back.  Randoms will come a revive players when they see that they are down.  People that are revived even give a wave back of thanks!

Then there are all the crazy random dance parties that happen everywhere. Players enjoy the game so much that they stop and dance! You just don’t see that anywhere else.

It’s the game that keeps bringing me back day after day just to see what exciting changes/additions Bungie has made. They always seem to come up with new ways to get the community to work together towards a common goal.

Amazing game! Great podcast everyone! Keep it up!



Destiny is more than a game to me because it’s the only game I’ve played since the original Phantasy Star Online on SEGA Dreamcast that has regularly connected me with gamers from all parts of the globe, all walks of life, on a regular basis. I would play with guys in the UK and Europe when I could during the day and then throughout the night to the silly hours of the morning, playing raids with my US friends. I love the sense of community, hooking up with strangers at first via the app who can soon develop into regular gaming buddies. I ploughed hundreds upon hundreds of hours into the game and it’s first two DLCs and would love that to continue with The Taken King which I haven’t been able to purchase yet due to lack of funds.




I love Destiny, because it is the first shooter that has made me want to get online specifically to play with my friends. Something about PvE and how it and the gear work into PvP make it such a nice mix for just hanging out. Guardian Radio has been an amazing look into the community of Destiny players and a great place to find new friends.

Thanks for all you do!



 Dear guardian raido cast,

  I am a bad destiny player. Basically I played the beta and absolutely loved it but I never pre ordered it so I got my copy late. I played through the story and then stopped playing for the longest time ( by longest time I mean until the dark below came out). When I finally actually got into destiny I met two amazing people. Andwoo77 and Spitzer. These two amazing people make destiny all the more better. In my opinion, when I was playing it turned a 6.8 game into a 10 instantly. And every day we would always come back because we just wanted to hang out with each other. We would talk about what is happening in our lives and just talk about random crap for HOURS. Every day I would have new story’s about the adventures we would have( people found it frekin dull but that didn’t stop me). When the taken king came out we waited for hours so that we could play because of the massive update and we ran through the entire story. These people are now my best friends and we plan to meet in the future. Destiny is not a game, it is a vent for anger, it’s a adventure and it is the best 6.5 I have ever bought played and loved in my entire life.

If I get the playstation than I will be mailing money to both andwoo and spitzer so they can get theirs.

Much love,



So confronted with this question, I guess I have to start with how my life has changed since picking up the controller and playing Destiny. September 2014, I was convinced by my friend (my one and only on Xbox at the time) to get the game… I figured with having plenty of spare time I would join him in the game to experience a new type of game, as I usually played racing games. I was blown away. The gameplay, the graphics… it was all amazing. After two weeks or so, I planned on raiding for my first time as I had hit level 26. We managed to find a group through LFG and we entered the Vault of Glass on normal, and to this day I am yet to experience something so much fun and challenging in gaming. This of course, became a weekly activity as we gradually levelled up and progressed onto hard mode. Over time I saw just how supportive and kind the community as a whole was…from people just doing raids for help with no possible loot rewards, to people taking time to explain encounters… A truly amazing community. There was always somebody who wanted to play with you! I couldn’t stop playing the game, and I made many friends whilst doing so. Even thinking about things in year 1 which were as tedious as material farming to try and get to level 30 are all still precious memories to me. 

However, recently I chose to go to college. it was a great decision for me and my personal development as I think it has made me grow up a lot faster…the only problem being, I had to sell my Xbox in order to afford it. Probably one of the hardest decisions I have had to make was to put down a game I had invested so much time into and to continue with education. I certainly felt a little unsure about my decision after a few weeks or so. I was leaving behind a great community and many friends who I spoke to daily. Unfortunately, some of the people I regularly played with text me and told me they had moved to PlayStation about 2 months into College which definitely made me a little sad knowing I probably wouldn’t play with them again. This is one of the reasons I have decided to tell my story. I want people to know that even if you can’t play the game right now, there is always a way of staying within this amazing community like we have built. 

So whilst I was alone in the evening I wanted to see if there was a destiny related show I could listen to, to bring back some of the memories of the grind, the rage at loot drops and the sheer happiness when something finally dropped you had been waiting for. I found Guardian Radio. This radio show has helped me bring back the memories of the good times. Even the days when it certainly wasn’t a great game, but we all loved to hate it and we played it to death. The talk about how the game has progressed has certainly got me excited and the new raid simply sounds INSANE. In fact, it has made me feel involved in the community again, which genuinely means the world to me. 

I don’t expect everyone to understand how I feel about the community and the effects it has had on me, but I just want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who has typed a single word on any destiny related forum. Thank you to those who spend countless hours helping others have a great experience. And thank you to Guardian Radio for once again making me feel involved in such a loving, caring community which we are all lucky to be a part of.

Who knows, maybe one day I will see you in the tower!




My name is Jordan and my experience in Destiny has been full of ups and downs. I preordered the game late after playing a few hours of the Beta. I waited up until 3am to play the digital version and I was presented with the Caterpillar error. I lived on campus and my university at the time and I could not play Destiny for the first 3 months because of this network issue the game had. I came into the game a week and a half before the launch of TDB. I went head long into the game at this point. I was active in the community before playing because of the Caterpillar error and its resolution, so when I was able to jump in I went in deep. I’m at just over a thousand hours into the game since then and my ps4 friends list went from 8 to over 70 because of this game. I have made a handful of awesome friends and found a few awesome podcasts through this game. To me, this game is now a hobby rather than just a video game. I down Oryx as much as possible with my clan and I go to the Lighthouse every weekend with my trusty pvp buds. This game and this community has been awesome to me and you guys are doing an awesome job. 




Dear GR,

Until recently my Destiny experience has been pretty lonely.  I came out as bisexual on the bisexual reddit and by some chance I met a fellow bi guardian.  We began playing together and my entire Destiny experience was turned upside down.  I now have something to look forward to every day and people to talk to about things IRL.

Thanks for your great and positive podcast



Hey, heard the contest and wanted to enter.  so to explain a little about myself, I am a 37 year old dad of 2, husband, and massage therapist.  I only got into destiny about a month ago when I found the copy of the game my mother in law gave me for Christmas last year.  I played it and was instantly hooked.  I ended up buying the Taken King expansion about a week later.

It was shortly afterwards when I was playing that I came into contact with the Destiny community.  On a raid I noticed that there was very friendly behavior, or even in The crucible, players tend to be much nicer and I don’t hear a 12 year old cussing me or teabaging me after they have slaughtered me the 10th time.  

I am reading more and more from the forums, listening to podcasts and beginning to learn more and more of the close knit nature of community.  I just joined a group for dads playing the game.  overall, this game is such a fantasticaly written experience and im amazed at the nature of its players.




   Hello fellow Guardians.  I write this today in the hopes that it will reach the ears of some very special people out there who truly deserve acknowledgement.  When my ghost brought me back I felt so lost.  Memories from my previous life came in flashes.  I was alone in what to me felt like a dead world.  

Then I managed to find a ship that was flight capable.  With the help of my ghost I found my way to the city under the traveler.  That is where I met some of you. I wish to say thank you to all of the guardians who stopped to help this newcomer acclimate to his new surroundings.  With your help I was able to accomplish so many things and together we have saved our world many times.  When Eris returned to the tower it was you and I who took up the quest to stop Crota from returning and killing a great many of us. Together we marched on the vault of glass and stopped the vex from further damaging the time stream.  We stopped skolas from becoming the kell of Kells and brought him to meet justice and the hands of queen Mara.  And Oryx dear light Oryx.  If it wasn’t for the aid of my brothers and sisters in the light I would not have survived such a dangerous and deadly foe. So to all of you guardians out there big and small I wish to say thank you for joining me in my travels and for helping to keep our light blazing.   

See you all very soon.

Truly yours,


Stormcaller Warlock





Destiny is more then a game to me because its an escape from reality to enter into this new world to see strange and wonderful things. The community is much more then a community its like a family we all help each other out no matter the light level or experience. Another thing i love about this community is there not afraid to speak there minds to the actual creators and what good about that is that they actually listen and fix what they can when they can. Thats what destiny means to me



First Name Dan

I love Destiny and the community for many reasons but there is one reason I love this game te most. I’m from California and when I went to college in Texas to play baseball and that is where my best friend lives. So now that I am back in California Destiny is the only way that we can hang out on a consistent basis.



What destiny means to me. 

Destiny to me mean’s connection its a way for me to connect daily with my brothers one at the other end of England my big brother in the armed forces in Hawaii. I love my brothers and being so far from them it’s difficult to connect, what Destiny has give me is more than I could have hoped for when I got the game last year for my birthday September release.


Shane T.

Hey Guardians. 

My name is Shane Taniser, and Destiny definitely is more then just a simple video game to me. Throughout my time spent in the destiny universe, I have made a whole mess of new friends from all across the globe. Normally I wouldn’t consider people who I have interacted online in a game a friend, however the people I have come across and keep close definitely fall into that friend category. No other game have I spent countless amounts of hours not only running missions for gameplay purposes, but also talking to my select group thats in my clan about anything and everything. We have become even closer friends across this year. It all started with running raids with PUG’s, and from there blossomed into friendships that I could see continuing on even if we move past destiny. Just popping in to say hows it going or ask how ones day goes, or even as far as offering assistance when they need is not something normally one sees from people he meets gaming, outside of their real life friends. Also the fact aside of my friends I have made from playing this game, the things that I see the community do to help the ones around them is on a whole other level. ExtraLife and the other charity streams just blows me away that so many passionate people are out there not only playing a game they enjoy but to help others who are in need.  

Those are a few reasons why I feel that Destiny on the whole is more then just a video game



Destiny started out as a game that I got to play with a few friends that I knew. 

But then soon after I started playing it I realized that it was more than a game to me, it’s was going to become a hobby.

I played a lot and found out what most have come to know about Destiny, it’s better with friends! I began searching and found a few groups and realized just how great the community really was and knew that I wanted more. 

I am happy to call the Destiny community my Gaming Family. 

PS4 GT: Lepercan 

~ Matt



Hi Guys,

  Thank you for putting this together, and thanks to Zack for being MEGA cool!

  I’m a 36 year old married father of 3 boys. As a teenager and young adult, I spent most of my time playing video games. I started my family at the age of 21 and basically stopped gaming. Later  down the road I would find myself retreating from the chaos of learning to be a “productive member of society”. During this time I would find comfort in gaming.

    Flash forward to present day. I have an 18 year old who just started college, a 14 year old who just started high school and a 6 year old who just started elementary school (we all play Destiny). Last Christmas I bought my 18 y/o son a PS4 and Destiny. Around this time last year him and I were not getting along much at all (Trying to prepare someone for college is not always fun). One day I walked into his room and sat on his bed and started watching him play Destiny. I found myself so enveloped in the game that it turned into a daily occurrence. I did not realize at the time that through this game, we were creating a bond that only a young adult and an old school gamer would appreciate (we both needed this). My 14 y/o has a PS3 and we play destiny and bond as well. So this game has helped me relate to and bond with my sons.

    Unfortunately as I said before, the 18 y/o went to college and we are no longer able to bond through playing Destiny. I listen to your podcast because you guys are very professional yet keep it light hearted, out of the love of the game and to keep up on current Destiny news so when I talk to my 18 y/o, I can break the seriousness of college advice and talk about the game.

    Destiny and it’s community are much more than just a game and a group of zombies. Destiny is an avenue through which my family can not only bond but also learn from all of the super positive folks that we meet! 

    Thanks again for being a part of such a cool & encouraging movement!



I started on Xbox 360 playing random games, my best friend from high school gave me his xbox one and bought me a copy of destiny just so he would have someone to play with. We both bought all the dlc and played them. I convinced a friend at work to get an xb1 and destiny then we were 3. Then we found The Forged Brotherhood(FB), and even though they had all the gear from pretty much all the content, they took us through all the raids, through the PoE, my little brother is now a member of the clan, and we run King’s Fall,etc weekly. The fact that random who do not know each other at all can become brothers on the battlefield who you can trust to have your back in any situation. I have had people in my clan genuinely concerned over hardships I’ve been through in my life. I thank the destiny community for being accepting of me and mine.

P.s. I don’t want in on the contest, just wanted to share my thoughts on this amazing community.

Signed, Chuck, SolomnXGrundy.



What Destiny means to me. Destiny isn’t just a game it is a way of life. The community within Destiny is like no other. I honestly don’t know where I would be right now without destiny. About a year and a half ago I lost one of the most important people in my life. I was in a bad place. Unhappy. I moved out on my own and felt as if I had nothing. I picked up destiny and instantly felt something special with the game. I then started listening to different podcast and came across Guardian Radio. I have been listening to you guys ever since. I feel great full to be apart of the same community as you guys and wish I could game with you. I have been playing destiny on Xbox since day one but would love to make the move to ps4 just to have the opportunity to join you guys. #destinylove



Hey guys love the pod cast, keep up the great work, 

My Destiny story is a short one, I stood in line for the midnight release of Destiny on day one, I played the story and strikes for about 3 weeks but what I really wanted to do was raid, but im am an older gamer and did not have many friends that had gone over to Xbox one, and it seemed hopeless that this unexperienced guardian was ever going to get 5 other players together to raid. 

I decided that the next weekend I would go to game stop and trade the game in, but before that happened I was invited by some guardians in the tower to raid with them, I did and I was hooked… 

1200 hours later and many friends made on Destiny and LFG I play almost every day, I love this community and wont ever forget the Guardians that gave this noob a chance to experience VOG. 

I have played a lot of co-op and PvP games threw out the years and most are cut throat name calling frustrations, but the Destiny crowd is mostly different and always willing to help out and share advice and tips to help others players out., 

Because of the experience I have enjoyed with the Destiny community, if im ever on LFG and I hear a fellow Guardian cry out for help im always willing to rush in and give a hand.. 

Thanks a bunch



Hey guys! 

My name’s Dan and I’ve been a day say…14 guardian on the PS3 side of things. Destiny intrigued me with it’s unique mix of MMO and FPS, but what drew me in were the people who populated this world. Sure, the story has gotten better, but it’s the community (from kind kinderguardians to scintillating streamers)  built around it that has been the most enjoyable to watch and participate with. I’ve lol’d with the glitches, scratched my head at the altar of RNGesus and busted Hive faces into ash with my clan, DOD High Command. 

I’ve guffawed at many of the antics you guys have been getting into on Guardian Radio, even when I took a four week break during the DLC gap. I’m hooked and you guys helped me through that. Thank you so much! 

But here’s the problem.I’ve been living a lie. 

Yes, I’ve been using my roomate’s PSN and PS3 in our living room to playDestiny. Guys, I know. “It’s no big deal.” I’ve just been a surrogate player. When Destiny 2 comes out and isn’t available for PS3, I’ll be left in the dust. Meanwhile my roomate will carry on the legacy to another household, possibly never to see the legacy in Destiny that I’ve built for him. He’s a damn lucky guy. I’m jealous, really. If only I didn’t know the pleasure of the touch of the siren called Destiny. 

 But, alas, it is my duty to continue. 

Hopefully, I’ll win the PS4. That’d be great! Probability states I probably won’t, in which case I’ll buy a PS4 to keep the good times rolling. Either way, I’m in. You’ll still be my #1 source of Destiny news and views on the weekly, and I’m okay with that. I’m okay with you.  

Actually, I may love you guys. I DO love you guys!!  

Thanks so much, again, for all you do and I hope this message transmits to you while you’re well.



I’ve had a bit of a winding journey through this Destiny universe.  I started off completely enthralled with the game, but I became a bit frustrated around when the Dark Below dropped.  I tried to power through, but over the course of about a month, my friends and I all sort of just stopped playing.  It was never a conscious decision, but we all felt a bit annoyed and were ready to move on to other things.  At this point I figured that I was done with the Destiny universe.

My friends and I are pretty well scattered across the U.S.  My raid team has representatives from Indiana, Kansas, Texas, and Georgia, and one member who seems to be playing from a different hotel room every time we form a fireteam.  We see each other very little, and games are our way of socializing. 

I eventually traded in my copy for a new shared world game.  My friends and I agreed to all join this new universe at the sametime.  What we didn’t realize is that we were all missing something, the same thing in fact, and now we were trying to replace it.  We were missing the camaraderie, the group-think puzzling and the unknown challenges.  We all wanted to experience that again, andwe thought this new game would provide it.  It only took a few weeks, and we realized it just wasn’t the same.  We found ourselves playing alone in a chat all too often.  After a month, we all started playing less and less, and we found ourselves saying things like, “This is cool, but wouldn’t it be cooler if (enter Destiny reference)”.

Eventually we all stopped playing that as well.  Finally, one of my pals mentioned missing Destiny.  At first I just said, “Why?”  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I did too.  I didn’t miss the frustrating progression system, the inconsistencies of Bungie, the hateful RNG, or any of those oft-mentioned flaws.  What I missed was my friends, playing with them and battling through challenges with them. 

In September we all got back into Destiny.  I bought another copy, and got myself prepared for The Taken King.  I figured I would give it one more chance.  Man, I am glad that I did.  In many ways it is the same as vanilla, some of the issues still persist, and RNG still taunts me incessantly.  But what had changed were my expectations, and my motivation to play.  I no longer was playing for my own progression but for the “progression” of my group.  I’ve realized that Destiny isn’t about the lore, the loot, or the light.  It’s about the community, it’s about the relationships you foster, old or new.  It’s about the people you can touch, even if all you do is help them run that antiquated rune for 3 minutes.  That is something that very few games can provide, and that is something very special. 




Hello Guardian Radio, this is GRAPE_ FANTASTICO  from the PS4 community. I am such a huge fan of the show and all of my clan buddies are all avid listeners here in the fine state of Utah(YOU WOULD BE AMAZED HOW MANY FANS OF THE SHOW ARE HERE IN UTAH ITS LIKE A REVIVAL!) We get together and talk not only destiny (of course) but all things guardian radio as well. We thank you so much for the prospective that you give the community on all aspects of destiny and future expansions to come. I write this to you obviously for the Ps4 give away. Our clan Airlock Guardians which I created  was forged by the community for the community. We have endeavored to help all those struggling guardians get the loot and gear that they have always wanted. We understand the day to day hustle and bustle of work families and so on.  We provide our help to those that just don’t have friends to play with or the time to grind. we are available to help them carry out there daily and weekly bounties and quests and all end game activities. We have clan mates that specialize in pvp and pve so anything you are looking to do we are looking to help. One such case we recently did was helping a fellow guardian clan mate get through his first raid. We noticed when he was playing strikes with with us that he was light level 280 and we wanted to invite him to do a raid with us. He told us that he is struggling to get his light level up  and has never done a raid due to the fact that he is hearing impaired and can’t communicate  throughout the raid .He has been unable to find a clan willing to take the time to help him. As you all know communication is key to completing not only the raid but many end game activities.  We took this as a challenge to figure a way to get this guardian through a raid. He paid for the game and he deserves the awesome experience of completing a raid and all the amazing loot that comes with it. not to mention the camaraderie that exists between clan mates when you complete such hard end game activities. since we had clan mates trying to get the no time to explain exotic weapon we decided to take him through the vault of glass. (the best raid ever) to start him out. Through instant messenger and pointing emotes we were able to successfully help him kill Atheon and complete his first raid. Crota followed and now we are helping him get to the comfortable light level to get him through Kingsfall. We love doing things like this. We are a bunch of selfless guardians trying to help our clan buddies accomplish what they think may be to hard to do by themselves or without a clan. I would love to receive this playstation 4 so that we can continue to provide our clan mates with the best possible experience so no one wants to leave to play other games when the other huge titles come out. Unfortunately my ps4 is starting to act up and sometimes doesn’t read discs. I worry that I wont be able to play for awhile if it goes down due to the holidays coming and money being tight due to Christmas.  The community and guardian radio is what keeps me going (besides my family of course)  and even though other (huge) games are coming out no one supports there game like our community and Guardian radio. You guys are the selfless ones, providing such great content with no real financial benefit. Instead your love for this game and our great community are the true rewards for your great efforts. I have never been so addicted to a game and community like this one and you guys make this so fun cheers. P.S. ALL GUARDIANS (IF YOU CAN) PLEASE DONATE TO THE GUARDIAN RADIO NETWORK TO HELP SUPPORT THEM SO WE CAN CONTINUE TUNE IN TO THE GREATEST PODCAST ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH,MARS,VENUS, THE REEF,THE MOON AND THE ALMIGHTY DREADNAUGHT! THANK YOU!


Dylan B

 Destiny players have a certain mindset, we like patterns. We like solving problems. It’s more like a philosophy actually. It’s more than a game because it is strategy, and it is also visual recognition, battle consciousness, and a sort of egotism. 

 The grind and constant need to adapt as a player and community have kept me around. The want or drive to be better at PvP but the need for PvE gear demand a game plan/strategy every time I log on be it for 20 min or 4 hours. It’s more than a game because it demands more from me.

 It also helps me keep in touch with my old coworkers/friends. The company we worked for moved its headquarters and we are now all in different places. They have all moved on to PS4 but we still talk strategy and play together over Skype. The fact that a any game that has been out this long and never left my console is just astounding. 

 Thank you Bungie for the game and thank you Guardian Radio for being a positive beacon in the community.  



Howdy Guardians, 

How do you play a community driven game by yourself? It’s clearly a big reason as to why people shy away from the game and I have to say that the excuse almost got me as well. When Destiny launched I bought my copy for Xbox due to the hype train that all of my friends hopped on. Quite frankly I had never heard of the game (even though I LOVE halo) but I fell in love. Sadly, as the weeks passed my friends started picking up the controller less and less and my friends list became smaller and smaller so I considered doing the same. It was not until I discovered Destiny podcasts that I got to nerd out every single week at work and finally join a larger community than just my friends. I work as a sales rep for Hershey’s and as a result I drive 600 miles every week. Tuesday’s are BY FAR my favorite day of the week because it’s when Guardian Radio drops another episode! Your podcast is the lifeline to my love for the game because if it were not for the weekly dose of Destiny, I would quickly lose interest. My only request is that you make the show 2 hours every week, none of this hour and fifteen nonsense! 🙂 I want as much as possible! Thank you for being the spark that keeps my love for the game alive and continue pushing out great content!


Russell H

I have been playing destiny since launch and really enjoy this game and the community!! 

My son watches me play and loves the game!! He is always asking to “take turns” lol !! 

It would be amazing to win this ps4 so that my son and I could play together and enjoy this amazing game without “taking turns” 😀 

Love your show – you guys are awesome!!  

Guardian Out


Patrick D.

To the hosts of Guardian Radio, 

My name is Patrick D., gamer tag DEGABAH5 on XBOX live(360). Ive been a

player of Destiny since day one and this game has helped me thru a hard

time in my life. I am a recovering Alcoholic, now with nearly 10 months of

sobriety and becoming a guardian and playing Destiny has helped me through

that. As a part of recovery, finding new hobbies and activities to occupy

me is part of the curriculum, Destiny has definitely filled that spot. Me

having that addictive personality and Destiny being that type of game that

I can’t stop going back to day after day , mission after mission, strike

after strike but unfortunately not raid after raid , this incredible game

has helped me to take my mind off of the things that would have eventually

ruined my life.

 I have been listening to your show via Podcast for almost three months

now, I love learning the whats up in Destiny as well as each of the hosts

opinions and thoughts on everything..This community seems that it

continually wants to help others, the breast cancer stream and the extra

life stream just shows how unselfish the community is, although i wasn’t

able to watch any of the streams , I’m happy to be part of the community

even if its only on the 360 lol. You guys are fun and entertaining and i

will always be a listener. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this


Noah M.

So what the destiny community means to me? Here’s my story, I started playing destiny right after Christmas, and I was a solo player up to the house of wolves. One day I was looking through Instagram for some destiny meme people and one that plays xbox 360, and I found someone that was funny and played 360 like me. So I followed him and I asked to play with him and he said sure so we played for a couple hours and we played more and more together and we became really good friends. Later we found another guy and the three of us played together every day throughout the summer. One night we were texting back and fourth and one of them said he went flawless in trials, and at that moment we all said, ok we need to try to do this all together. So we did and we went 5-3. The next day we all wanted to do skolas because we all wanted to get the moments of triumph done ad it took us about 5 hours of trying until we finally killed skolas. And we were so happy. Now that it’s the school year we can’t play every day together we still talk to each other every day and we play as much as possible together. So what the destiny community means to me is, most of the community is extremely nice an it doesn’t take that much time to find some one or a group and really get to know each other. I use to go on to an LFG site and say I want to raid, or I want to do crucible and within a few minutes there was a full group ready to go. So for anyone reading this go find people and make friends it’s made me look at this community and think I am very happy to be apart of this and it’s helped me be a better player with friends telling me what I’m doing right or what I’m doing wrong. So go out there and find friends, find out why this gaming community is so amazing, go have fun.

Thank you guardian radio ad the destiny community for being so awesome,

Noah (ermjrm) (yea my GT is pretty bad)



Destiny is a game that I was initially skeptical of, yet I gave it a try. A friend of mine had rented it for the 360, and convinced myself and a mutual friend to play.  And man it was awesome! The co-op play actually made you feel like each person on the fire team is necessary.   

The story has progressed from “meh” to “yay”, and now is finally epic (to meet the promises of the launch day blurbs and trailers.) Bungie has developed a Halo-level universe that they can build on for years to come.

The progressive development of story, co-op gameplay, pvp game types, and loot gives every player a reason to come back every day and week.

And your podcast rocks! The news, the chemistry between you guys, the lore: wow! It makes me want to listen to every episode (even when I might be trying another game that’s recently launched.) 

Keep up the great work on the podcast, and perhaps we’ll cross paths in the solar system.


Michael B

The destiny game means more then a K/d spread or a raid completion. I am not someone who plays with a regular group of people. I use the LFG almost exclusively. Of course you run across some kinderguadians and some people who you would rather not play with again but knowing I can always get on and find a group from 1 minute to 10 that I will be doing my raid activity/ iron banana/ or trials is awesome. I suffer from bi-polar disorder and need a mentally engaging and an emotional release in a game and that is what destiny is. The first time I beat skolas with the burns felt amazing. I was part of the group of people who didn’t complain it was to hard and I used black hammer. I have played over 2200 hours and one year of my life on this game. I don’t have long term friends from the game but I have gotten over angry augments and depressed days playing my way to sense of accomplishment, a victory after a lose of a day or RNG giving you everything you’ve need for a month in a day or RNG being the worse thing in the game ever. ups and downs triumphs and fails. that is what destiny is too me


Joshua S

Dear Guardian Radio Crew,

In an effort to not give a long-winded reponse, I will tell you all what the game and universe of Destiny means to me, or rather why I am always coming back to it. Grimoire, flavor text, and mythology. I am a “lore whore” like Byf, Craig, and many others in the Destiny community. Whereas most of my friends have moved along from Destiny to enjoy other game franchises, I find myself coming back constantly because of the entire history and stories that are embedded into this universe. What is better than learning about the Kell of Stone in a flavor text, then running to your grimoire to try and excavate all you can on this figure? The gameplay is fun, I mean Hunters are amazing right? The visuals are great, I can almost picture myself in this futuristic Earth setting! And the story . . . it is the starting point of my adventure into the mythos of Destiny. I hear dialogue, read some texts, see occurances, and then research all I can so that I am knowledgable. 

I have recently become a listener of Destiny Ghost Stories (and Belle was fun to listen to on the Hunter episode), I watch all the Planet Destiny lore videos, and most recently watched Byf’s Books of Sorrow video. As a person who in real life loves mythology, hence my pursuing of a B.A. in Classical Studies, the mythos and identity of Destiny is what drives me back. I eagerly await a physical tome of the grimoire in coming years so that I can casually read about the town of Palamon or the weapons of sorrow.



Good evening guardians Nostroan here with what the Destiny community means to me.

When I first started playing my PlayStation years ago I played solo and without any friends to speak of, it was my escape from the cruelty of the real world where I didn’t have many friends, as I kept playing I saw the transformation of gaming from solo to online and multiplayer platforms which never appealed to me until I purchased Destiny on a whim, very shortly I was hooked… Sorta. I still played lone wolf as much as I can because I was shy still not many friends to speak of, even being shunned by real world friends who didn’t play or understand video games, then I found the community and was embraced and treated warmly, never a bad experience within the community and I formed a bond with a few people I met and created a clan on PS3, unfortunately they have upgraded and I no longer have that warm hello or that interesting conversation, I no longer use my mic just wander aimlessly through the patrols and strikes sinking back into my solo shell, I want so desperately to jump back in with my friends but I just can’t make the funds available, thank you for taking the time to read this fellow guardians, Guardian out.



Hey GR! 

So I’ve been playing games since my dad slid a control in front of me and we learned Mario Bros. on the NES together. As I grew up I went to the “dark side” of PC shooters; and thought I’d never look back to consoles till fast forward 25 years when my wife got me PS4 and Destiny (prolly a choice she regrets now but that’s a whole nother story lol)… 

While on the PC side of things, I did learn how to cope with bad communities along with the good through more than a few MMO’s. But Destiny, aside from a very few “bad apples”, has the bar none one of the best, most helpful group of people to play with!

You guys are a testament to that, for sure. Also cool people like the gentleman that sent you that unit for the drawing is. By the way send him all my thanks for that! 

Since joining the Destiny community, in all its forms from /r/DTG, to my clan that still can’t pronounce my PSN; have been all just awesome. Can’t wait to see everyone in year 10, and cheers all around for the winner of this prize! 

Aloha from Hawaii


Chad H.

First off guys, love the show. Would love if the Byf would jump into some more lore.  

One word that sums up what Destiny does for me: Solidarity.  

My buddy wanted me to get into Destiny so bad that he bought me a system and mailed it to me for my birthday.  Every since He moved to the other side of the country we haven’t been able to spend too much time together.  His wife actually flew me out there for his birthday so we could spend a whole week playing together. It was an amazing surprise and I could hardly keep the secret as we ran strike after strike after strike.  

Thousands of hours and later I’m still enjoying the game (wife despises it). But this is what Destiny has done for me. It has brought me and my friend of 20+ years together again and playing every week helping each other out. Solidarity bro. Solidarity.  

Thanks for listening guys and keep putting out a great show


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Hello Guardian Radio,  

I originally bought Destiny when it was released.  I love Bungie games, I love the lore they create, and I love shooters.  I bought the digital collectors edition because I knew this was a game I was not going to trade back in.  I  played this game like every other game I’ve played.  On my own, and I didn’t need anyone else to play it with me.  Although I loved the shooter portion of the game I quickly lost interest in the game and stopped playing for 6 months. 

Then I was bored at work one day and found Guardian Radio!  I started listening at episode 82, and listened to them as quickly as possible to get caught up.  Now I have to wait once a week for you shows!  Byf made that lore of the game come to life!  Listening to you guys speculate about the game, listening to you agree and disagree about things about the game is really what this game is all about!  Community!  Listening to your show made me fall back in love with Destiny the game, but also made me realize it is so much more fun to play with others.  In all other games I have played it has been all about coming out on top, but alone.    

I have a co-worker that plays Destiny and we always meet up and talk about where we are at!  Unfortunately he owns an Xbox One…this is the first game that has made me want to buy the other console to simply play Destiny with someone else!  Thank you Guardian Radio for bringing me back to Destiny, letting me dive into the world of Destiny, and actually putting myself out there to get involved with a community of gamers.  I have never had an experience like this before!  I truly believe you can play Destiny alone, I did, but you are missing out on so much of the game! 

Becoming Legend


Ben G.

Greetings Guardian Radio, 

I wouldn’t call myself a huge gamer in the past, I got into Halo in high school and played various Cod iterations over the years but usually it was only ever with people I knew ‘in real life’. When I first got Destiny on Day 1 not much changed. I’d manage to scrape together a fire team of friends to complete end game content, but they gradually left the game. Left to my own devices I set out to find a clan. I had heard of this great place called Dads of Destiny, I guess technically I wasn’t quite a father, my wife being 5 months pregnant, but after poking around I found DoD Uprising and they welcomed me despite my ‘pending’ father status. That clan has changed the way I looked at Destiny. They are a great group of guys, and they have definitely kept me playing destiny through all the content gaps. They have encouraged me to get better, patiently wiped again and again as I play through content with my underleveled alts, watched footage of my games to help refine my play style, prayed for my family, given me parenting advice and I’ve even met a clan mate and his family who happened to be attending a wedding in my town. I’ve always thought of clans as ‘elitists’ who steamrolled ‘filthy casuals’ like me. DoD Uprising has shown me that a clan can be a place where a bunch of casuals and hardcore gamers can come together to share life experiences in game and in real life and just have fun playing the game we all love. 

I also wanted to thank you guys at Guardian Radio for everything you do for the community, I listen to most of the Destiny podcasts out there now, for fun and as an attempt to get better; but Guardian Radio was the first I listened to back around episode 90 and you still have a special place in my guardians heart. You have expanded my knowledge of the Destiny the game, Destiny the Community, and made my life as a guardian a better one. 


Ben AKA il capo crimini 

I am a Titan to rage against Darkness

I am a Hunter to roam the Dark seeking Light

I am a Warlock to seek the power to overcome the Darkness, within or without.

Guardians are the Master Race



First thing is just a shout out to you guys. I stumbled upon your podcast about a month ago now and love it and everything you all do. You all are a great example of how awesome the destiny community really is.  

Second, what destiny means to me: 

I’ve been with the game for quite awhile now. I remember getting an email way back saying I’d been invited to the alpha, and still to this day i’m not sure how. Regardless, I was ecstatic. This game looked great and was one of the big reasons I was made the switch to PS4. Getting into the alpha I had a blast and got addicted; it was all I wanted to do and that hasn’t stopped since. 

Destiny really has become more than a game to me. I started off with just me and my best friend playing together all the time but never being able to raid or do some of the higher level end game things but as time moved on and we started to add more friends to our little group and start to do Vault of Glass and finishing nightfalls. As, our group has grown we made a clan and talk with each other everyday online and are great friends in the game and in real life. It real amazes me how this game has brought people together. Not only that but it has opened my eyes to so many new things that I never realized how much I would like. 

In other games I was a mediocre PVP player at best and here in destiny I am to the point where i’m going 9-0 almost every weekend in trials. I’ve also been introduced to streaming and never realized how much I would like watching it and doing it. Destiny really has just putting gaming in an entirely new light for me and if I could be a streamer for a living I would. Destiny has also turned me on to competitive gaming and I’ll competing in the Red Bull Clash Course tournament this Friday, 11/13, for a trip to LA and I could not be more excited! 

Destiny fell into my life and has become a huge part of it unlike any other game every has and probably ever will and I will cherish the memories I’ve made with my fellow guardians in it for a life time.



I knew from the very beginning, at the initial teasing of Destiny by Bungie, that this game would be impactful and very, very social.  I keep in touch with friends all over the county via Destiny.  Friends who share my passion for the game and whom I might not be able to talk to for years at a time, otherwise. The new friends I have made mean the world to me as they are folks that I can count on not just in the game, but to get emotional support from as well. 

While I cannot play as often as I would like, I have found Guardian Radio to be a God-send as it keeps the passion alive by letting the listeners live vicariously through the host’s, guest’s, and contributor’s stories. 

Thanks GR for all that you do for the Destiny community! 



So here it goes. First thank you guys for hundreds of hours of entertainment. I work in a shop and listen to podcasts and music most of the time. Your podcast has been the one I look forward to the most each week! 

So I’m a 31 year old gamer that has been playing since I was about 6 years old, started on a commodore 64. Unfortunately none of my real life friends share my love of games, I do have two friends that play but they rarely play and would never look at a gaming website. The only time we all were deep into a game before Destiny was Halo, surprise! So the only reason they bought the game was they knew it was from the makers of halo. I showed them the game and they both bought a copy shortly after. 

From the beginning they were lost as casual gamers. I tried my best to help them with the gameplay elements but there’s only so much time to play together as adults with full time jobs and lots of responsibilities. 

Enter Guardian Radio. After I found you guys and told them about your show they both started listening and wow, what a difference it made. Honestly it is such a great feeling to have my two best friends back on board with me, tearing through destiny, and have them know everything that is happening without having to have 5-10 min tutorials everytime I wanted to do something besides patrols or missions. 

They both check reddit now too and update me about things happening, and send me destiny videos. Honestly if you guys didn’t exist I don’t think destiny would have lasted for my best friends and it’d be stuck playing yet another game I love without the people I want to play it with most. 

Seriously guys and gals thank you so much!



Destiny is way more then a game, a game is something that mindlessly entertains you as your to lazy to do anything productive. But Destiny, the game is constantly changing. its one of the only games that focuses so much on community. you have that group of 6 that you run with all the time and get those raid bosses dead!  

The Community is a pivotal role for destiny. this is the first game i have played where i wanted to join a clan. once in the clan Dads of Destiny. i found the community to be overwhelming. it is the best experience i have ever had. i feel like im playing with family and friends. rather then like other games where im just playing, for playing sake. the community off the LFGs too are great! i love how much of this game is based around teamwork, and not just me our on my own. 

GR is fantastic, to listen for upcoming updates, to lore. its funny captivating and really a fantastic way to emerge yourself into the game and community more.



Oh Destiny why am I so addicted to you?  What is it about this game that keeps me coming back?  The story?  Meh it’s gotten better but no.  The variety of game play options?  PvE & PvP have a lot to offer but no.  The graphics?  They are good but no.  The desire to get better gear?  Maybe a little but nope!!  There are so many things that I enjoy about Destiny but what keeps me coming back everyday is this community.  I have never played a game like this where I have felt the constant draw to play everyday even when none of my friends are on.  It is so great that we have such a positive and helpful community to lean on when needed!  As I write this I am watching Goth and Broman doing a Vets raid stream to support Operation Supply Drop.  These big events that the community does regularly to show their support for charities is just a piece of what makes this community amazing.  The thing that still amazes me about this community is that someone that doesn’t have anyone to play with can get online and within a few minutes find a group of people to play with.  I have used these LFG sites many times and I have yet to get into a bad group of people.  With the amount of negative we deal with on a daily basis in the real world it is so great to know there is a place that we can go to interact with great people that have similar interests.  Guardian Radio has been at the forefront of building this community.  Being around since before the game even launched they have been a pivotal part of grooming it into what it is today.  I look forward to the podcast every week and I am excited to see it grow and change.  You all should be extremely proud of what you have accomplished it is amazing.  I am super proud to be a part of this community and intend on being an active part for the duration of this game.  To every guardian out there that has helped make this community what it is I want to say thank you to all of you!!  You are all amazing.  Keep it up.



Hello Guardians, 

I wanted to tell you guys and gals a little bit about why Destiny is important to me and how it’s changed my gaming life.  

I have a large family, (4 brothers and 1 sister). We’re all really close and have always been best friends. My brothers and I all have a particular bond in that we love video games. About 7 years ago we all finally got Xbox 360 consoles and started a weekly “Game Night”. Two of our friends who have practically become brothers (they introduce themselves as adopted brothers) and 4 of the family got together and played Call of Duty World at War. Every year the new game would come out and we would play multiplayer and talk about life and stay in touch this way. This was nice because I lived 3 to 4 hours away from all of my brothers except for 1, and being a college student then young married man with full time employment meant we didn’t see each other outside of the holidays very often. We were able to talk about life and still feel close even from far away because we got to bond every week over gaming and have that community. Our group went through new girlfriends, ex girlfriends, marriages, the birth of children, the loss of loved ones, struggles with work and the reality of providing for a family after losing a job. For 7 years we have lived life together over Xbox Live. The problem was for the past few years Call of Duty (our go to game) had become increasingly frustrating to play. Poor map design, lack of innovation, and repetitive game play that rewarded camping or running through spawns like Leroy Jenkins made gaming an experience that left us feeling jaded and let down. Game night started to end earlier and earlier, and when we left everyone was feeling depressed at how bad the experience had become. We tried cycling through Minecraft, the Battlefield franchises, Mass Effect 3, and so many free to download Xbox titles and nothing stuck. We starting getting on for only a couple of hours at a time, not saying much and then leaving early one by one.  

When the Destiny beta came out I was the only one from the group to download it and play. The game was so mysterious and different from anything that I had played on a console before that I was instantly hooked. I felt like the group would like it and told them “you guys I think this is absolutely going to replace COD for us”. When the game came out I was able to talk everyone into buying the game and we started the journey of Destiny together. We were all drawn into the experience in such a major way, and every Thursday got on to raid, and then later every Monday night got on to run trials; we set our calendars by it. After playing Destiny together game night turned into the incredible experience it had started out as again. There was no more PVP frustration because we were playing cooperatively against a raid boss that provided the accomplishment and difficulty of PVP but without all the tea bagging and angry messages sent to our inbox after the game. When we did want to play PVP and get into the competitive arena it was so enjoyable because we weren’t so concerned with K/D ratios and doing well personally. We were working together and having fun. I’m of the opinion that Destiny saved my gaming group from slowly drifting apart and I’m so grateful for that. This past month my wife and I had our first child, a little girl. I told my brothers and friends that we were pregnant while we were all getting online to fight Crota. We were all laughing and getting excited as they threw congratulations my way, I was crying (they didn’t know that) and then we went and played games together. This is what Destiny did for me, and for us. It kept my family close and I think that’s more important than anything else a game can do.  

When you guys had your song bounty I sent in the “Hunter’s Ballad” entry and really tried to create a story in that song about how my experience with Destiny has been. About how our fireteam was dying and all my friends came back and now we’re having fun again and experiencing life together for hopefully years to come. I know this sounds cheesy and may seem dumb to someone who doesn’t game or may not have this kind of relationship with friends and family but to me it’s so important, and that’s why Destiny has meant to much to me. 

Thank you all so much for your podcast and for your work in the community. The extra life streaming, the haven you create for gamers and their families, it’s incredible. Also, Byf if you get to read this email: every time I would listen to a week’s episode and you and Craig would give a sweet lore breakdown; I would absolutely butcher the retelling of it to my fireteam and keep them entertained. (They really hated when I started telling them about this stuff and made fun of me for it but I did it anyway). We would be killing Crota and I would tell them “you know all these Thrall are little pieces of Crota. He created them.” They would then say that was gross and we would go on our way.  

Thanks again so much you all and have a great day.



Dear Guardian Radio, 

Greetings from beyond the Tower, my name’s Jim and I’ve been a faithful year 1 player.  After listening to Pod 136 and hearing about the kind gift bestowed upon Belle, I figured I’d try my chances at the PS4 Giveaway.  

Destiny has become so much more than just a game on a multitude of levels. It was the first game I bought in conjunction with my PS4, and watching the community and the game itself grow has been wonderful. Destiny is more than just a game because it would not survive without our flourishing community. When I’m riding a desk at work I can rely on the entire /r/DestinyTheGame subreddit to get me excited about coming home and booting up the game. Whether it’s the discovery of a new exotic quest line or users joking how we need break dancing emotes (really though we do), it’s this communal aspect that means so much to me. 

To you guys at Guardian Radio, thank you so much for putting this Pod together every week. My commutes are brighter, the 9-5 grind is more tolerable, and your insights provide me with renewed love for Destiny every time I listen. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  

Last, I’d like to provide you guys with the real reason I’m entering this giveaway. I do not want this PS4 for myself. I want to continue in the spirit of this game/community/holiday season and gift this PS4 to my roommate. We share time playing Destiny a lot on my account, but we’re always sad that we cannot play together.  Thinking about the look on his face if I were to gift him this bundle is the only reason I entered in the first place.  

So once again, I’d like to thank the entire Destiny family and you guys at Guardian Radio for keeping Destiny locked and loaded in my PS4 (NBA 2K and Metal Gear Solid V hate me right now). 



Year one player here – a friend brought a copy of Destiny over in October last year, and I was hooked.  

It wasn’t until months later when I realized that in order to get into the end game activities, you had to be willing to reach out to real people and put yourself out there. I love the idea of having to collaborate in a game to accomplish the task, but the idea of reaching out to people to connect was something I had to get over. I spent my first year in Destiny getting comfortable with the LFG scene. I had mostly good experiences – the general Destiny community is on the whole a good one. 

But I always craved what it would be like to truly be in a community – as in, actually play with the same people more than once! This idea was fueled even more when I discovered the Guardian Radio and Aim Assist Gaming podcasts. Have been a faithful listener to Guardian Radio since the late 90’s episodes. 

I began to hear about clans on these podcasts. They sounded like cool communities. Then there was this one host – Belle Bunny. 🙂 She always had a great attitude, and valued community and caring for each other and having fun above everything else. She’d periodically mention this clan, SafeGamers. It just sounded like it might be the place for me – a clan that values positivity and community, and generally just enjoying this game we all love.  

And so in July this year, I applied to join SafeGamers. From my first game session “interview”, I was blown away. Sure these people enjoyed the game. But they felt like brothers and sisters in a way, tied together by the common bond of Destiny. It’s been amazing. We’ve run everything together. I even got to realize my dream of actually being able to go into the raid blind for the first time (only made it to Golgorath!).  

Such a great experience. Thank you Belle, and SafeGamers. Because of your investment and passion in sticking with this community, you’ve made my life better. 

PS. If I win the PS4, it’s not for me. I have a good friend on the other coast who loves Destiny. But he’s on PS3 and he can’t afford to join the latest gen. It’s been difficult for us to stay close being so far apart, and he’s gone through some very difficult times this year, losing a baby. It would be amazing to gift him a PS4, not just for the fun aspect, but because that would mean we’d have a regular lifeline to connect with each other. In a strange way, sharing Destiny brings us closer together in his time of need.



Hey GR Crew, 

For me, Destiny is about the friends I am able to keep up with and the friends I am able to meet. I have been able to keep up with some roommates from college through Destiny and have had many late-night talks while farming for Helium Filaments and chasing Gjallerhorn. I recently joined a split-console clan and have enjoyed getting to know the players I have been able to play with, however I can’t help but want to meet and play with the PS4 players too! Already the community has been enjoyable and entertaining, I look forward to 9 more years!



Hello Guardian Radio and anyone else reading,

My name is Metriq,

I tried posting a gist of this on Reddit a few weeks ago, but was deleted because it had nothing to do with the game itself, just what the game and the community means to me. I’d like to share with you and everyone else how this game and community have helped mold and consul me in my deep, dark hours (It’s not going to be a sob story, I swear. Okay, at some parts it MAY seem that way, but I promise it’s not). Anyway, here we go.

Destiny was a wet dream after I saw it announced I saw Bungie was the mastermind behind the whole project and I knew right away it had to be mine. I don’t know where I saw (or thought I saw) that it was only going to be on PlayStation (3), but I knew either way I had to get it. A little background; I’m an Xbox player come first, but I have a Guardian on PlayStation, just no DLC. I’ve spent all 1, 1036 hours playing Destiny and loving every second – on Xbox 360. Yeah, I’m one of the feeble last-gen monstrosities. The whole reason I’ve always favored Xbox was because it’s what really kicked my career off in gaming. I was an absolute Halo advocate and still am (hence why when I saw Bungie, I was like “I need to get this”) and just never got away from the whole scene. I loved playing on the PlayStation 3; I just never had anyone on there to play Destiny with, only CoD. So my time spent on there was the forever 29 days. But now I have a whole group that switched from 360 to PlayStation 4 and I’d love to link up with them.

I’m a Day One Guardian and I’ve loved every second since. Killing Atheon for the first time, getting the infamous Praetorian Foil to drop and not realizing how rare it really was. Setting search for the Gjallarhorn, but finding out it has been in my vault since the 4th week, finally completing Crota’s End with an LFG group that soon became the best friends I had on Xbox, until they switched over. Swordbearing, for the very first time on a Titan. Doing all the cheeses; farming the materials before they were able to be bought… The loot cave. I’m rambling at this point, let’s continue. This game has been something I’ve looked forward to everyday for quite some time. It’s my girlfriends’ worst enemy and the bane of my social life’s existence. Warning, this is when I start getting into the deeper side of things. Not a sob story, just trying to share how this game has helped keep my head up.

I used to live with my Father, but was kicked out and that was a whole scenario in itself, I was depressed and my Mom is on the other side of the country. I lived in what my Aunt and Uncle described the “Cat room.” Yeah, a cat had its own room; wicked, right? Anyway, Destiny is two weeks from being released and I had the money saved up for it. I was able to get it off the Dashboard for the $60 and that was it. At first I was kind of in awe over the fact of all that’s been thrown at me. I wasn’t able to play all the time. Life was happening around me or the Internet wasn’t able to reach the room in the back. Around this time I started talking to this girl (who ended up becoming the love of my life, who would have known?) I was always afraid to say what I do with my day. I was always looking for work and cleaning up around the house, but in my free time I would be playing Destiny. But about a month later things got much better; we moved… down the street to a much better house! After getting all settled in, I was actually able to play. By this time I had already beaten the story and all of that, I just wanted to do Vault of Glass. I found some people at the tower who helped me. I remember like it was yesterday, I was that guy shooting Templar from the very top with a Fusion Rifle. I remember somebody in the party saying “unless that’s a Plan-C, I don’t want to hear it.” I kept using it anyway because I had no idea what the hell a “Plan-C” was. But with that same group we were able to beat Atheon and I got the Vision of Confluence and “Aspect of Glass.” They also introduced me to a thing called Reddit and Destiny’s side of that. Of course I had known what Reddit was, but never have I gone on there. From that day I would lurk, but not until a few months later I would make an account and begin posting. From here I found out about Guardian Radio and what they do.

I’ve been a pretty avid Podcast listener, but just weren’t aware people talking about the game I loved to play. I used to listen to some people talk about Halo-related stuff, you may have heard of them? Podtacular? Heh, of course you have. Listening to them, you guys, every week after finding out about it was just icing on the cake. Listening to Bell and Byf butt heads all. The. Time. Listening to Mark ramble on about something that would later make sense, or made sense all along. Now listening to Kdub explain what his favorite thing in Destiny for the week was. And then there’s Craig. A guy who pops in when you’re least expecting it and just blows your head up with the amount of knowledge he holds. You guys are what have made my morning walks to the gym more enjoyable. My Mom recently went through the death of her boyfriend in which brought me down. She’s getting through it, I’m trying to stay strong, but it’s a lot at times. My girlfriend is my number one supporter, but I know it can get really hard on her at times and that’s when I go listen to some old podcasts from GR or go search around DestinyTheGame. You guys, this community, are a portion of what helped me stay on my feet and walking forward so I could see the light again.

I’d like to say thank you to the entirety of this wonderful Community. Thank you Zach for the HUGE giveaway.  I’d like to thank Bell, thank you for being the sweetheart of the podcast. Byf, thank you for being the hardheaded one that I find myself saying “I really wish I could step-in on one of the many debates that spark and give my $.02.” Kdub, thank you for sharing what makes this game special, for you. Craig, I’d like to thank you for bringing the facts that you do. You’re the reason I’m now really reading into space-type things now. And Mark, thank you for being the comedic relief that this podcast sometimes really needs. Lastly, thank you Bungie for making this game and sparking this community I like to call my very dysfunctional family.

I’m Metriq, I main Titan class, but don’t mind Hunters. Warlocks can go die, self-rez and then die again.

Thank you.



Destiny has given me the opportunity to spend time with people who were just acquaintances before, or distant friends, and become closer to them to the point of banter and inside jokes.  When you don’t go to school or work or share other hobbies with people as an adult, it’s hard to find common ground.  The game has given me the chance to work together and share experiences with new friends… greasing the wheels of interaction outside of the game.  Also… it’s really fun and the gameplay is great.  

Destiny is Life.

Destiny is Love.

Destiny is never having to say you’re sorry (unless you think you’re a sunbreaker and drop a bubble on the pool of light at Golgoroth).



Hey guys, 

Here is my entry for the PS4 Giveaway! 

“What Destiny means to petetheduck” 

The social aspect of Destiny is where the space magic happens. It is like a giant trust exercise with a bunch of friends, both real and online. 

It is when Atheon teleports you and you pick up that relic, knowing all you need to say is “Venus”. Knowing the Guardians flanking you will each toss a grenade and aim up, ignoring the present danger. And that as the grenades detonates below, you’ll already be there, slamming the relic into the Vex as they climb the stairs, cutting them down before they reach the pair who are now already shooting at the Oracles that are trying to wipe out your light. Meanwhile, three Guardians are on the other side of time itself, opening the door to bring your temporarily divided Fireteam back to present day because Guardians make their own fate. 

It is when you enter Golgoroth’s chamber, 6 Guardians immediately aim up and shoot that orb, because everyone knows which role they play. Everyone knows who is taking left gaze, right gaze, and who is keeping the cursed thrall at bay while the chorus of Black Spindles plays. 

Playing with randoms is great, and planning a strategy is great, but nothing is as Destiny to me as when your clan runs that Raid again, and it is like clockwork.


Tore B.

It all started during the Destiny Alpha, after years of having the Fate of All Fools and some serious Bad Juju going through five early miscarriages we finally got rid of the Bad Seed Down and the Unwilling Soul-09. Maybe it was just The Chance or maybe we paid some kind of Shadow Price. But the Truth is, someone heard The Calling and The Swarm finally did it’s job, my wife was pregnant. 

During the following months we tried having Patience and Time but every Hawkmoon bringing us a Vision of Confluence made the wait feel like Perun’s Fire.

 Suddenly my wife felt a Murmur and even though I tried The Calming she was having The Last Word and since i’m a Do Gooder V we fetched a cab to the hospital. 

The hospital was run by Suros Regime and the Final Boss was working For The People but living like the 4th Horseman in Monte Carlo. Anyway, when we arrived we met the Lord High Fixer who was also known as the Grim Citizen III. He showed us to our room, produced an Invective and went on bringing Two to the Morgue. 

The pain was feeling like a Thorn. Should I go fetch Doctor Nope I asked, no you’re staying right here, better The Devil You Know than The Devil You Don’t. That guy is kind of a Strange Suspect, smells like Dragon’s Breath and he only provides anesthetics like Timur’s Lash and Jolder’s Hammer, not even close to The Cure I need. 

She screamed like a Thunderlord so I tried to give her some Super Good Advice, don’t try and be The Comedian she said, just use the Universal Remote and call the midwife 

After The Crash I felt like a Fatebringer that was Up For Anything but forgot the Secret Handshake and now moving towards Radagast’s Fury to perform The Culling. 

I sounded the Gjallarhorn and the midwife brought out the MIDA Multi-Tool and the Pocket Infinity assessing the situation as a B-Line Trauma and mumbling about missing the Time On Target could have us facing The Trolley Problem. 

Time for Plan-C, I handed out some Corrective Measure to the staff and Against All Odds my wife produced a beautiful baby boy in the Hard Light. I thought of using an Icebreaker but in the end all that came out was Three Little Words. 

True story – 8 months ago my second son arrived!



First off, I’d like to thank you for the great podcast! Destiny is one of the few games that keeps me coming back, its one of the most fun I’ve had in a videogame in a long time! The community is great and I’ve made several friends through the game, some that I still play with since the release of destiny! The only other game ive played with a community like this is WoW but there’s more toxcicity in WoW than destiny. I really want to win the ps4 so I can play with you guys and also because my grandpa has a ps4 so I’d LOVE to be able to play with him! Keep up the great work! Aaaaaahrhhghrgrhgh!!!!!!!!! (Falling off the tower!) 😀



Hello everyone 

I would Like to share my story with you, tell you that destiny is a game like no other when it come to the community. Never have I been so welcomed and accepted in this game then any other game. When I first started playing in year one I mostly kept to myself scared even of reaching out to someone.

I did not have friends that play destiny, since they all play COD and asking them to join destiny was always met with failure. It even came to a point that I was embarrassed to play it. But I kept on cause for me it was the game that I wanted to play and not a constant re-spawn.

The best part was when I decided to do a raid and before i went in I did all my research on you tube and read about what to do in a raid. Reason being that I did not want to be labeled as noob or call out for not knowing what to do. So I joined a group on LFG, and that changed everything! The other players where awesome, super helpful and a blast to play with. I even made a couple of fiends that I still play with.

This game has showed me that even if you play with random players you’ll come out feeling as friends. That is what this game is about; you do not need to have a ready set group of friends to play. You can go out and find some.

Thank for you time



Greetings Guardian Radio. I’m writing in to enter into the PS4 giveaway. What does Destiny as a community mean to me? Friendship. The people I have met through this game that have changed my life. I want to win because I want one more to be added to that list. I’ve had a friend since before Destiny came out. His name is Ethan and he is just as much a Destiny Diehard as I am. We discuss Destiny everyday. There is only one problem. He is on Xbox One and I’m on PS4. I would like to win the giveaway so I could finally play with my Destiny Brother. Thanks for your consideration, Alex



Hello fellow Guardians,

Destiny has grown into my main game I play .picked it up because I loved the idea of open world shooter. It’s now turned into one of the main ways I stay in touch with my brother and nephew . I still remember joining a group for a random raid and then playing with the same group every weekend since . well now my younger nephew has started playing but…on PS4 so this would be cool to get so I could play with him as well.

Thanks for the chance to win .


JandL1030 on behalf of Chris

I just wanted to put in an entry not for myself but for another guardian who deserves this gift much more then myself. I am sending this info to you so that you can understand the situation but please do not share it.  Both he and his wife fell upon some very hard financial times just before ttk launched and they could not even afford to get the expansion for either one of them because of the situation they found themselves in. Chris has been placed on disability for the foreseeable future due to medical issues and the loss of most of his sight. His wife is working but does not get paid much and some months it is not even enough to keep their internet service so they have to temporarily turn it off till they can pay the bill. Despite all these negative things happening Chris does his best to help out every guardian he meets in the game and does approvals for his clan if he is not online playing then he can be found in the chats helping boost moral and helping guardians from all over connect together and make new friends. He is an amazing example of what the community is all about. I know they will not have the money to move forward with destiny if they discontinued the PS3 usage and I feel that would truly be a loss to this community and safe gamers.

On a side note I would love to say thank you for all the work you all put in and a HUGE thank you Zac I wish I could do more to help. You four make up the primary pillars that support this community and I have been listing to this show since before the beta I usually stay very quite and like to be the silent helper but in this case I felt I needed to be heard.



Hey Guardian Radio and all guardians reading! 

My story started when I had my accident with my left hand on October 6th 2015, my index finger, ring finger and little finger being hurt. My active lifestyle slowly lessened and considering I am a gym bunny the idea of no exercise grieved me more than the accident! Although.. my main gaming fingers were not injured so I suppose it wasn’t all bad. 

To find something fun to do indoors to occupy my mind, my boyfriend purchased Destiny on playstation 3 to cheer me up and introduced it to me. Since I’m a difficult gamer girl to please I watched him play over several weeks but slowly my engagement with the game increased. I began making him aware of enemies, telling him ‘woww!’ at every scary boss (much to his annoyance!) and sharing his excitement when it came to upgrading his character.  

One day I cheekily sent him away, possibly to make dinner as an excuse and when the playstation was unattended I thought I would give it a shot. As I learnt my way around the controls (which were remarkably easy!) I deployed myself into a crazy barren land filled with dregs and craters. I found myself on the moon and within a few hours of gameplay i certainly felt over the moon myself!  

In a short space of time I naviagted, co-oped and leveled up my own exo female character and felt proud but wanted more. So I marched over to GAME eyes wide with excitement and purchased The Taken King: legacy edition to further feed my addiction. Now that I reached level 40 I am glued and following Destiny & Bungie on twitter, Youtube and talking to like minded Destiny lovers for new updates.  

5 weeks after my accident I still it find it difficult to hold down L3 so I am unable to run away from anything leaping towards me. It can be quite terrifying, but not to worry the boyfriend is at hand and totally obliterates anything I cannot. 

Overall I would like to thank the creators of Destiny for creating such an absorbing game and strengthing the bond I have with my partner! We have added 24 friends since and my work colleagues probably know the map better than I do! 🙂




I am new to Destiny. I have been playing for only about a month but have loved it. I love that I can play with other people in the game. I got the game and got my brother to get it. It has been a great way for me and him to get together and hang out. We are both in college and I am married with two kids so it is hard to be able to get together and hang out. Since playing destiny we have had tons of fun and have actually started talking more as we have something in common where my life is in a totally different time then his is. It has been great to get together and work together as a team to accomplish a goal. Love pvp but there is something about fighting along side him is so much fun. I have really enjoyed guardian radio. I love update info, the answering of people’s questions. It’s great. I think it’s awesome a player donated a ps4 and he is from Utah. I am from Utah as well and all I can say is Go Utah Utes!!



Destiny has been a great community experience for me. From the get go and

the beginning playing with friends I already had and from putting my name

out there to help others from the podcast Beyond! Group on facepage. Even

more so I met another random person who is now my good companion in the

game from early one to now. Takezo and I are brothers from another mother.

Even being countries apart our adventures always feel like he’s right there

with me. If it wasn’t for Destiny I wouldn’t have gained such a valuable

friend.  And the love and care for that and the game brought me to you

guys. And looking forward to the next adventures that Destiny will bring me

from beta, to launch evening, to now.  From the ice mines of Pluto. To the

jungles of Venus. Looking forward to more.


Zach P

Hey Crew,

I began playing last November, and have recently really gotten back into Destiny since the release of TTK. I love your podcast, and I think that Destiny has one of the best gaming communities that I have ever encountered. Rarely do you find so many people willing to help one another. 

My best friend, Ross, has always loved gaming, and we’ve played a lot of games together over the past 15 years. He was looking forward to finally upgrading to a PS4, but his baby son was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease and had to be hospitalized for 2 weeks. Baby Jude is going to be just fine, but my buddy got hit with a $47,000 medical bill, and this is after insurance paid their part. Buying a new console is unfortunately no longer in the cards. 

I want to enter this drawing in hopes that I can give this sweet PS4 to my buddy for the holidays, and then Ross can experience what an awesome game Destiny is with such an awesome community. 

Thanks guys, and thanks to Zach (sweet name, btw) for providing the hardware.



Dear Guardian Radio,

I bought Destiny the day it came out along with several of my friends and it is the only game I have played sense (well, except for Minesweeper). I have been a fan of Bungie since the days of Marathon was really excited for Destiny when it was announced. I had a great time playing with my friends on the 360, but after a couple months all of the friends that I had been playing with either moved on or moved up to current generation consoles. I was sad to see them go, but the Destiny community is so friendly that I have found a whole host of new friends with which to play that it amazes me. I’ve never quite had this experience in a game before and it’s awesome. Destiny is an experience that brings people together like few other games and I applaud Bungie for all of the thought and effort they put into making a game that facilitates community building so well. 

Finding Guardian Radio has also been truly wonderful. I started listening when The Dark Below dropped and haven’t missed an episode since. You guys rock and I greatly appreciate all that you do for our community. I can’t wait for Byf’s lore series and would also love to see Bungie release a Destiny novel series that would further expand an already captivating universe. The Book of Sorrows was an absolutely enchanting read and I know that they could put out some seriously awesome expanded universe material. Keep up all the good work and stay strong guardians.


John H

As for your contest entry for the Destiny TTK PS4 bundle. 

I previously had to relocate for work, between infrequent visits back home and online communication I found it difficult to keep in contact. Destiny and the dark below release provided a way to reconnect, I gifted destiny to a few people for Christmas and it managed to bring us back together. The destiny community has been great experience, between console and PC gaming I have never found such an easy community to get along with and be part of.



What does Destiny mean to me?

Destiny is an online community unlike any other on the Internet. Destiny is where anyone who has ever played a first person shooter can collaborate with others and play in one big sandbox together no matter what their background is in gaming. Destiny is where the CEO of a major corporation and a junior high student can work together to solve a problem on the Moon, on the Earth, or anywhere else in the galaxy. Destiny, in a way, is mankind’s ultimate test – to find a way to overcome diversity and work together.

Thank you for everything you do for the community! I love your podcast!


Ear Hair Sniper

Guardian Radio, 

September 9th, 2014 my Wife surprised me by buying me an Xbox One and Destiny due to heavy pressure from my friends. Since that point I’ve gone to the lighthouse, maxed my grimoire score, and played almost 2000 hours. I don’t play Destiny for the amazing gameplay; I play for the interactions with fellow Guardians in the community.  

My Xbox clan consists of only Guardians I didn’t know a year ago, and I now consider true friends. While killing Atheon, Crota, Oryx, Skolas, and playing Iron Banner over the last year I’ve gained these friends. I didn’t think you could be so close to someone you’ve never met, but Destiny proved that theory incorrect. We’ve been there for each other through personal losses, and triumphs, and helped each other throughout the year. This wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for your podcast.  

I discovered your podcast a month after Destiny released.  You showed me there was a community out there, and the importance of helping others. So, I went to LFG to help Guardians through Vault of Glass, teach others how to be a sword bearer in Crota’s End, and help low ranking Guardians through their first nightfalls. My favorite experience was early on in Destiny giving out the Oracle checkpoint in Vault of Glass.  

I would go on LFG for hours every Saturday giving out the checkpoint to countless Guardians to show there were still good people out there in the community. It made me feel good to help others, and brighten their day.  They were EXTREMELY surprised that I wasn’t trolling them, and was really giving the checkpoint out unlike others on LFG. Now I look forward to meeting new future friends using team chat in the crucible, and helping others on LFG. Thanks for all you do, and for showing me what this community can be.  I’ll continue to help others, and encourage all others to do the same.



    Hello Guardian Radio KGsauce here on the Xbox side of Destiny. I just wanted to say how much I love listening to the podcast, I listen to it wile at work and I makes the days I do listen at work a whole lot more enjoyable so thank you for that. Destiny… where do I begin? This game and community is amazing, with all the charity steams and events that take place it’s truly incredible to see how much of an impact gamers make. Before Destiny I typically played video games with real life friends that had the same games as I do and then they all seem to move on to other games that come out and it’s always on and off with them. Destiny has changed that, I have so many more friends now on my friends list it’s crazy! I never knew a gaming community could be so friendly. 

    A wile back in year one of Destiny I made a post on an LFG site looking for 2 guardians to do the nightfall, I had one ghorn and I always wanted one on each character so that I didn’t have to tower up to switch out weapons, so each week I always looked forward to that grind for another one (this was before we could use the app to swap gear) anyway I got an invite from a guy and his son with matching gamer tags. It was a rough nightfall run as they were a little under level plus the burns kept making for quick deaths. Eventually we finished and the guys son had gotten his first ghorn and wow was he excited. Seeing the young guardian receive the all mighty ghorn and his reaction was just awesome, I didn’t even care that all I had gotten was a few strange coins, just the experience alone and his reaction made it worth the grind. That was one of my favorite moments in Destiny and I can not wait to have more experiences like it in the years to come.


David K.

Honestly, I’m new to the community, but Destiny has already changed my life for the better.  

Last year, I started playing Destiny, but quit due to the fact that NONE of my limited friends on XBL played it. Fast forward a year to a new job with a lot closer group of guys at work, and I have come to find out that 5 of them play Destiny on XBox One, and 4 of them play it on the PS4. So I decided to pick it up again, and purchased The Fallen King on XBox One, as that is the console I own. We talk about Destiny at work, and play it together after work!  

Then as I was getting more into the social side of it, I found your Podcast and found that it answered more questions and also opened up a whole new side of Destiny. 

Thank you for all you do!


Matty G

I’ll start things up by saying that I play on the xbox side as an exo hunter (sorry)! 

What does Destiny mean to me? Well, for the past 2 years, Destiny has been my daily fix, my getaway from life, my second love after my fiancé. 

From Strikes to the Iron Banner I’ve never not enjoyed playing any part of this game. Now I have to admit, I dropped off of playing for about three months in year one when things got a bit repetitive. After picking it back up after house of wolves I’ve remained hooked on this massively community based game! I do have a fireteam but they are all gamers who like to play multiple games, don’t get me wrong, I love playing other games from Halo to Fallout 4 but I always find myself falling back to Destiny. I’ve had some rough times (the hunt for the Zhalo being ruined by Xur) but I definitely have had way more good times! 

Even just passing by a random guardian in the middle of nowhere to get a cheeky wave will crack a smile on my face every time. The people playing destiny have always been so accepting, whether you play pvp or pve. 

I hop in to Iron Banner to find the everyone drops out (maybe to a server issue) except me and two other people on the other team. After one minute we all realise and throw a massive dance party until we drop out one by one. Damn you Weasel!!!

I love playing the raid with all of my friends but playing with randoms can also be a blast! Here are a couple of highlights:

  • Being the only “white guy” in a fireteam.
  • My username is FirmJigglypuff so the amount of giggles and chuckles I hear from other Guardians is always a great laugh. Fun Fact: Xbox actually recommended that username for me!
  • Having so much fun with a bunch of people that I am now friends with them and play with them weekly!
  • Playing the raid with what I assumed was a bunch of randoms to find out that two members of the fireteam knew my username as they were targeting me in Crucible once because they loved the name so much!

I honestly can’t get enough of this game and the people I’ve played with have never let me down. I’ve had some troubles in life and I also work 50-60+ hours a week so I don’t get all the time in the world to play but when I do, I never come out disappointed. 

Even when I’m not playing the game I have so much more entertainment to get out of it with youtube channels such as Mynameisbyf and More console and even the Guardian radio! I’ve been listening since episode 15 or so but I never miss a week!

Seeing this community evolve so much and the oh so many topics to discuss about this game is exactly what makes this game so unique! I truly do hope it never ends. 

My only next step now is to get my younger brother playing even if it is on a different platform. He does love his games and he does play Destiny already but he is one that is stuck in last gen playing on xbox 360. To see his face if he got a brand new ps4 would be priceless! 

No matter what though I will continue to play Destiny and listen to the Guardian Radio week after week. It honestly brings me so much enjoyment listening to you guys, it makes work so much easier! Anyway, thanks for reading and peace out!



Hey Guardian Radio! As many gamers will admit I was a bit of a social outcast growing up. And because of this I found my solace in video gaming. Many years of gaming led me to playing World of Warcraft, to my first guild and community, these people were some of the first I could really call my friends. Eventually we all started to feel the void that WoW was giving us and decided to move on to something else. When destiny came around we were all excited and had memories of Halo LAN events, and thought this would be the nest great thing! All of us unfortunately had different gaming consoles… As time went on everyone upgraded consoles and started to play together again on the PS4. Now, I’m a college student, studying commercial music and media composition, living on my own, and I can’t afford a next gen console. I found my joy in listening to your podcast as it gave me the “friend” feeling I felt playing with my friends. And because of that I’m so grateful to you all for doing what you do! I listen every week and am always awaiting the next podcast! It gets me through my day. I’d love to be able to win this PS4 you are giving away so I could become more connected with you guys as well as the friends I’ve lost contact with. Thanks again for all that you do!



I started playing Destiny about a year ago. We had just moved to a new small town kind of in the middle of nowhere. Most of our friends lived over an hour away. I found myself with a lot of time on my hands. My husband got me an Xbox one and Destiny for our anniversary. I don’t think he had any idea what he was getting himself into… 

Since I started playing Destiny I’ve made great friends. I needed that so bad! It’s fantastic to meet people all over the world and kick ass in such a great game.

It’s a different experience for me to hang out with my friends on Friday night online versus in real life. I’m learning how to be a nerd, learning how to get better at crucible, and really really enjoying making new friends. 

Thanks for running this contest, producing a great podcast, and being great community representatives.


Julius K.

Hey there, Guardian radio! Greetings from Finland!

Like for a lot of people, Destiny is a very important game for me and it has literally changed my life.

I’ve been listening to a lot of gaming podcasts for a few years now and I always wanted to start my own with some of my friends. Unfortunately none of my friends weren’t up for it.

Luckily, when destiny came out, I got a lot of new friends.

We spent hundreds of hours grinding and raiding and one day of my fireteam buddies asked if I wanted to start a podcast with him and two others.

Long story short we’ve now been doing our little weekly podcast (called VPTV) on soundcloud and youtube for six months already and I couldn’t be happier. The podcast is growing everyday and I can’t wait for the future! The podcast is in finnish so don’t bother trying to understand us 😀

Even without the podcast, Destiny has become something more than just a game for me. I’ve played it for over a year with some of the people I got to know through the game and I now count them as one of my best friends.


Bz snatch

Hey guys

I’m gonna keep this short I manage a fast food restaurant and deal with a lot of abuse destiny is my outlet and the friends I have made always manage to make my day




Dear guardian radio

    During a time of personal  grief for myself and family i’ve found destiny to be a pleasant get away where I can take my mind off of things and almost live in another beautiful world as such, i’m sure other players and lovers of the game  had a similar experience when first trying out the game. This to me has been the most social game i’ve ever come across and i’ve never met such amazing people, i regularly use a team finder site despite being within a clan and i’ve come to realise how often people have good nature about them within this game and how quickly you can connect whilst playing something such as trials or a hard raid. to sum it up what this game has given me is a release into a beautiful friendly world and i hope to play with you all soon.



Destiny is very important to me because I struggle a lot to me and I used to have but my house got Burglarized and that used to help me get through the day 🙁 and also I met a lot of friends through the destiny community


Jeremy F.

Destiny means a lot more to me that I thought it would when I started playing the beta! I assumed it would be a game I played for 20-30 hrs and then jumped into multiplayer for like most games. Little did i realize that I would still be on it over a year later. I have a wife, son, and a 60hr a week job, so at times it has been tough to keep up, but I have made time. I have made Destiny my game rather than trying to play everything that comes out like I used to witch has saved me a lot of money… I have a clan Raid Freaks who have become a group of people I really enjoy playing with and have always had good luck finding cool people on lfg when they are not online.

Overall Destiny has become part of my weekly ritual. I always tune into guardian radio and fireteam chat each week play a couple nights a week. I have also had the opportunity to give to a charity event that I would not have known about if not for the Destiny community.

That is what Destiny means to me.



Hi there fellow Guardians! My name is binger18 over on the Xbox dark side. I’ve been listening to the show since before Dark Below came out and I’ve been listening ever since. Thank you for making a place for me to listen and geek out about one of my favorite games it means a whole lot! 

The week before Destiny came out I had no idea what this game was. I had heard about it, but wasn’t really all that interested. A friend at work was absolutely obsessed however and convinced me to buy it and stay up with him on release night to play it the moment it came out. We ended up doing just that, however the game just did not grab me. I put the game down until Christmas time when Dark Below came out and I decided to give it another try. I then proceeded to get hooked and have been playing at least 4 days a week ever since then. What has made this game so special to me though is that after I graduated high school, all my friends went off to all corners of the earth to live their lives. I stayed behind in our hometown and have been going to school and working. Sort of keeping to myself and not having as much social time as I used to before graduating. However Destiny has made me feel like I belong to a group again. I’ve made many friends online through Destiny and we get on and just talk sometimes without playing. 

Thanks for hearing my story and thank you so much for the show every week. Will keep listening till the day the Darkness takes over the Tower in 8 years time.



Hey guys, 

First off, I absolutely love listening to your show. I found out it existed maybe 5 months ago, and have maybe missed one episode since. I love that this game is more than just a game, and you guys are a big part of it, so thank you. 

Here is my story:
I moved over 2000 miles away for college, so needless to say, I didn’t have much in the way of friends or family. Over the past 8 years, I met a group of people, and we got to be really close friends, essentially family. The three biggest gamers of the group (myself and two others) picked up Destiny casually on launch day, not realizing how our lives were about to change. Anyways, we beat the story and would run bounties together every couple of days, and it was a lot of fun. I had never really been into playing games with other people until this game. 

Once I hit 28 with my Titan, I pretty much fell off as there were only 3 of us and we couldn’t raid, so I kind of lost touch. Months later one of the guys from our original fireteam of 3 passed away. He was one of my best friends. I was really lost when that happened. I had just started hanging out with him again and everything. It devastated me, and I’m sure I’m still not fully over it. Everyone was leaving me, and he was my last local friend. It was really a rough time for me. However, me and the other guy from our original fireteam got together with some other friends from the group and helped throw him a massive last party, it went really well. I was convinced to pick Destiny back up at that point, and when I did, I was amazed what those two had done in my absence. They started a clan, and had a huge network of people who helped with raids and nightfalls and everything. So ever since then, I have played Destiny almost daily, helping others, keeping in touch with friends. I bought Destiny for one of our other buddies, and now I have a blast helping him through all the content. I have met an incredible group of people that really helped me get through one of the hardest periods in my life. For that, Destiny will never be just a game. I will also fully support a 10 year endeavor.  

My best memory of playing with my late fireteam member is the first week Xur sold the suros regime. We both jumped on Saturday around 7pm and freaked out when we saw. Unfortunately we were both 3 coins or so away from being able to afford it. We grinded anything we could, strikes, daily’s, nightfalls, bounties. I got the last coin I needed from a blue engram, but he was one short. It was getting close to reset time (5 am EST), and when Xur would leave. He told me congratulations and, “no worries, I’ll get it next time he’s around.” I said, let’s just do one more strike. We did, and he got the last coin he needed and we got our suros’s and paraded around the tower like we owned it. I will never dismantle my year one suros, and even though we bought it, I know we worked our asses off to get it, and had a blast doing it. 

In conclusion, Destiny allows me to stay connected and “hang out” with all of my friends who have now moved away. It really helped me cope through one of the toughest times in my life. It introduced me to an incredible support group and a bunch of new friends. Its also a legacy of one of my best friends, and something physical and accessible that I can remember him by.



I play on the PS3, and listened to last weeks show where you were talking about Bungievision ending support on last gen, and I don’t have the money to get a ps4, so I thought I would send this is in. 

I started playing soon after The dark below dropped, played through the story and thought it was ok, but then I met some awesome people and did my first raid, VoG, and it was easily the most fun I’ve had playing a game in years! Another one of my favorite experiences was when I was doing a patrol on Venus and this level 13 guy revived me after I died doing a HoW Patrol. We have been best friends since. Shout out to BEDAWG, My morning fireteam brother!

I Love this game.

May R.N.Gesus Bless you all,



Hi Guys, 

I’m 59 and for the past year (since the beta) I’ve played Destiny.  It’s the first video game I’ve ever played and I’m completely in love with the game and the community. I’ve read science fiction since I was little (yes, back in the stone age) and when I saw the first live action trailer it was as if all the stories I read had come to life!  I ordered as soon as I could and I was off.  I had friends that have warned me about trolls or kids, but honestly the people that play this game have all been wonderful to me. I found Guardian Radio first and started chatting, then joined Dames of Destiny (Hi Belle) and found an amazing group of women, then found Guardian One and started participating there. 

I started a Meetup group in Phoenix where I live and have meet some great people who have become friends and we talk to each other in game quite often.  I mean I may never be a great player, or smoke people in PvP, I’m pretty casual, but I’m learning and having great fun while I’m doing it. The lore has gotten so much better since the Taken King and the fact that Bungie LISTENS!  The Festival of the Lost was great fun – I even printed the papercraft Engram mask and wore it in the PBSnerdwalk for ASU’s homecoming parade.  I’ve been invited as a community member guest to GuardianOne and had a blast, and NONE of this would have happened without Destiny. It’s opened up a whole new world for me and I am so grateful. 

I can hardly wait for the next release.



Hi there Guardian Radio,  

Unfortunately last summer I lost my dad after coming back from holiday. I won’t go into too much detail but all I will say is that is wasn’t of natural causes. 

I was really downbeaten and upset as you would expect and after some time needed something to focus on. 

My friend at work suggested this new MMO FPS hybrid which was coming out and had Peter Dinklage in it which I took an interest in. I didn’t know how immersive the game was going to be and if find myself on it every night til the early morning.  

The raid came out which requires you to put a mic in which was the first time I had ever done so in order to communicate with your LFG fire team. I immediately enjoyed it and found that people wanted to help others achieve raid completion especially if they hadn’t of done it before.  

I found it strange that these strangers I never met could be so selfless. I eventually formed a regular fire team which became a clan who I still play with today. With all the stuff which happened with my dad I was always conscious of people feeling sorry for me, whereas these people across the world I could speak to and have a great time without them knowing my past which was a amazing feeling. Our clan will buy the same multiplayer games (one which aren’t Destiny) because we have created that bond and there’s not a day I don’t come home and hop on the headset. 

Destiny has helped me heal which I will be eternally grateful. It is a game which I will remember not just because of all the cheeses but because it was a remedy for me in a significant part of my life. Your podcast I listen to constantly cos’ I love all things destiny, so also thank you for that. 

Even if I don’t win this competition I have always meant to say thanks for having such a great community destiny and (unintentionally) helping me through a tough time. 

Thanks for taking the time to read.


Miki D.


I’m a long time listener love the show and thought I’d share my story of what destiny means to me.

I am a mum to a wonderful 6 year old boy and up until a year ago everything was going smoothly until I started feeling unwell. After tests and surgeries I was diagnosed with endometriosis.  I won’t go into the boring details but it causes me pain, sickness fatigue and will require more surgeries and a chemical menopause in my late twenties.

Because of this I’m unable to do a lot of the fun things mums do with their sons.  The park can often be too much for me to handle as well as other physical activities, but through all this my little light has been great. He asks if there is anything I need, he understands when I can’t do much and through out this we can share our love of gaming.  Myself and my partner play destiny and it is destiny and this community that through all the tests and operations have kept me sane. My son shares my PlayStation with me but I would love for all of us to be able to play the game we live together.  I lost my job due to the condition so money is tight but my son never complains he just sits and plays games with his mum. So yeah to sum it up destiny has been my release during a pretty rough time for me, my partner and my son and I would love to actually be able to play destiny with my son and give him the thank you he deserves.

Thanks for the podcast guys you make the school run much easier to cope with 🙂



Hey guys, aBeardedHaxor here! First of all I want to say thanks for the show. I’ve been listening weekly for over a year now, and it’s totally a highlight of my week! I was excited to hear you guys were doing such an awesome giveaway. Here’s what Destiny means to me: 

I’ve been gaming since the original xbox came out, loving all things Halo or Bungie-related (I may or may not still have Halo 1 LAN parties). These past few years I’ve fallen out of the gaming loop, not having any awesome games to play, or time to play them. When I heard Bungie was developing a new game I knew I had to get back into this world. Since my time back, I have done the following: 

– Made countless new friends

– Enjoyed THE MOST FUN OF MY GAMING LIFE (the raids, period.)

– Found a game I could stick with for more than 6 months

– Made more friends?

– Excelled at PvP and trials when I originally fully doubted myself

– Played an MMO for the first time? 

The list goes on forever. This game has opened so many doors for me, helped me through hard times in my life, and overall just been something truly fun that I can enjoy. The community is the icing on the cake, and makes it all that much better. 

Thank you guys for all that you do! Guardian out.



Hello Guardians, 

It started Black Friday last year. There was a PS4 bundle on sale which included GTA V, COD Advance Warfare, The Last of Us and Destiny. The only game I had heard of was GTA and COD. Flashback nine months prior my friends all traded in their Xbox One’s in for PS4’s. I had never played Playstation before and decided that I was just going to sell mine and not get a PS4. Now flash forward to Black Friday and the PS4 sale with tons of games. I was thinking this is a great deal since I had played GTA and COD in the past on the Xbox. Well I ended up getting the bundle and started playing games right away with my friends. After a few weeks of playing COD with my buddies I asked them if they had played Destiny before. Most of them said yes, but hadn’t played it much. I convinced them to help me through the story since they were higher light level. Needless to say I was hooked after playing for one day. After a few weeks of playing I had two guardians playing almost daily and then one of my friends introduced me to Twitch. I began watching Goth, Broman, Triple Wreck, etc daily while at work and then hopping online when I got home. I then decided to search for more Destiny info and found your podcast! I haven’t missed an episode since. I now have to share PS4 time with my son who has become obsessed like I have. He would be the one getting the PS4 if my name gets picked from the drawing. I would love to be able to play at the same time as him and be in the same fireteam. Nothing would be better in my mind. Thank you guys for all you do!!  



Dear Guardian Radio, 

Video games have been a passion in my life and the Destiny Community and Guardian Radio have increased the scope of my gaming interests and my sense of comradery with my fellow nerds. 

Despite my enthusiasm I always avoided online content with great caution. As a gay kid I rarely felt included in the gaming community I followed so closely. Any attempt at multiplayer ended in rage since I couldn’t bare the bigotry, sexism, and all around juvenile behavior of random players. My connection to other gamers was limited to the dying world of local multiplayer. I had many friends but precious few shared my passion, and so I continued as the ultimate solo gamer unaware of what I was missing. 

After leaving a job in the arts for the stability of the business world, my free time diminished and meeting up with my buddies became a treat instead of the norm.  With less time for friends I became starved for social interactions. THIS is when I finally gave in and gave Destiny a try.

Quickly I found a clan of gay gamers (or gaymers) with whom I could play with without worrying about timing or bigotry. My PSN friends list jumped from 2 to 50+. I started listening to your podcast and began sharing every detail with my clan (who now also listen to your show)! A few weeks later and I was asked to become an Admin for the clan I love. 

Not only have I found the community I wanted for 30 years but I’m also empowered to create a safe gaming space for other like-minded gaymers and allies. I’m continually amazed at the effect and power this game has had over my life, allowing me to set aside my cynical perspective.

Thank you for providing an awesome show each week! My new friends and I eagerly await each new podcast. Shout out to my clan the G.O.D.s (Gaymers of Destiny)! Guardian out…



Before destiny I never participated in online gaming. I have been a gamer since I was a kid in the ’80s but never got into any online gaming or communities. Not that I didn’t try, but nothing seemed inviting. When I got destiny I expected that I would play with others, mic muted, keeping to myself. What I found was different. 

I found a couple people I knew from my “real life” and added them as friends so we could raid. They were more familiar with online gaming so they brought in others. Before destiny my friends list was only 5 people long, now it is over 30. I play with all of them regularly and I have a few that play almost nightly. 

Gaming to me was always a solo activity, a get away, now it is still all that but also much more. It is a community.  

Thanks Destiny.



Hey everyone, 

My story with Destiny began on day one.  I rushed to Best Buy on my lunch break and purchased the game and started playing it as soon as I got home that evening.  I got to Level 7 or so and stopped playing completely.  For one reason or another it just didn’t hook me.  It wasn’t until months later after the House of Wolves came out that one of my friends told me I was missing out and couldn’t believe I wasn’t playing.  I bought the House of Wolves expansion and was hooked!  

The community is what drew me in.  Being able to play in such a cooperative way with my friends  was something that no one has been able to deliver so far.  I have been playing 5-6 days a week since and quickly learned that I needed to connect with more people to be able to play.  I started looking for a group of other adults that enjoyed a more relaxed play style.  I stumbled across the Dads of Destiny X1 Ghost clan and have been a part of this group since.  The game has introduced me to a group of like minded individuals who share a common goal in what is otherwise a typically toxic solo environment (online FPS gaming). 

This game has done what it set out to do at it’s very core.  Build a massive online community that constantly draws its followers back in and together.  I’ll spend some time over the holiday playing some Assassin’s Creed or Battlefront, but I can almost guarantee that neither will have nearly as strong of a pull to keep me there.  No game is perfect, and Destiny has it’s flaws, but I can’t wait to see what the future holds! 

Keep up the good work.  GR is my favorite podcast every week.


Ramin G.

I moved to Brazil about 4 years ago to work for a non-profit organization that supports the struggling public school system hear in the northeastern state if Rio Grande do Norte.  At the release of destiny the Idea of being able to have a shared experience with best friend who happens to be my little brother and one of our best friends brought and instant spark if joy to my heart( i immediately bought a ps4 with destiny for our third friend and had it sent to his house). A way to hang out with my loved ones, collect awesome loot, and engage in some serious PvP competition, doesn’t leave anything else to be desired.  Ive literally spent hours in the Hunters lounge at the tower with my two best friends just sitting around and talking about real life.   

Thanks Bungie, thank you guys at Guardian Radio keep up the good work.



Hey Guardian Radio, 

While I’m amazed and overjoyed at the stories of companionship and assistance that Destiny has provided for so many listeners to your (amazing) podcast, my story is much simpler. Halo 2 came out during my freshman year of college. I was a late Xbox adopter, but was a rabid Halo fan from day one. I spent so many hours online and I *loved* the fact that Bungie meticulously tracked your stats on their website and I could pull it up and look at my record when I wasn’t playing. 

Fast-forward through the years and I was a late adopter for 360 and while I played a good amount of Halo 3, I kind of fell off the FPS wagon. I didn’t feel like chipping in on the now-current-gen systems, but the concept of Destiny was really attractive too me. My time for gaming has dropped off significantly, but when I had the time, I tried willing myself back into a PC gamer and spitefully laughed throughout Destiny Year One at the shenanigans I heard about the game’s systems and story (or lack thereof). 

Fast-forward a bit further and I get *completely* swept up in Taken King hype and I’m a three-for-three Xbox late adopter now; I bought my Xbone the day Taken King came out and have been putting in time ever since. Holding the Xbox controller has been, without sounding too cheesy, wonderful. It both takes me back to all the hours I’ve played in the past and feels *so* much better than mouse and keyboard… just like I knew it would, deep down inside. So imagine my excitement to find my old Halo stats linked to my newly-resuscitated Bungie account! And the persistence that I’ve longed for in my Halo games (and the reason I kept the same colors throughout all the Halos I’ve played and turned the player name from Halo 1 into my XBL name) has driven me to have a level 40 titan, warlock and soon-to-be hunter. 

Playing Destiny is like revisiting my gaming history while also potentially representing my gaming future. It is, in a word, incredible, and I love it.




Excited to submit my story.  I’ve been mostly a PC gamer shunning consoles until several years ago. Mostly a FPS guy I cut my teeth on Halo, Call of Duty and Gears until I settled into my 360 habit.  I heard of Destiny and thought I would never play it because it sounded misguided.  Was I wrong!  I played the beta on 2 accounts to max then eagerly purchased it and the season pass at launch.  I realized to get the most out of it I needed a group and as a 50+ year old gamer with job and responsibilities I stumbled on a post for a clan looking for members.  

What a great bunch of guys.  We were only 5 members then and I joined Uprising Heroes and ultimately became one of the admins and a recruiter. It’s been a fun ride from my first VOG to beating Skolas after literally an 8 hour run (curse you Bungie for not having CP in that!)  Now I have helped many conquer VOG, Crota Skolas and while I have not yet conquered Oryx on hard mode (all but) I know that is coming because I am not going away. 

It IS the community.  It is the fun of hooking up with my clan mates (many, mind you, are younger then the age of my college girls-who are also gamers).  I found Guardian Radio after viewing the year one video in the Bungie site and eagerly await Monday to download the episode so I cna play it on the way to work.  I’m so looking forward to the next 10 years and playing into my 60’s. 

I’ve always wanted a PS4 and it would make my day to win a Destiny Themed one for this Christmas. Good luck to all and congrats to whoever you award with this amazing gift!



Whats up Guardian Radio? 

Destiny has become more than just a game for me. Games seem to come and go through time as most games do. For me though, Destiny has become more than just a game. It has become a means of staying connected with the rest of the world and meeting and connecting with others from different backgrounds. 

I moved to Tokyo Japan 3 years ago to be with my wife (who to this day despises everything Destiny). For some time i felt homesick, miserable, alone. I didn’t know what to do or how to handle it. I made some friends in Japan and soon found myself standing in line at the Tokyo Game Show, the same day as the release of Destiny. After standing in line for nearly 3 hours just to play the Demo they had on the floor, I was able to finally get my hands on Bungies next big thing. Instantly, I was hooked. 

I no longer felt alone. I no longer was miserable or homesick. My friends from New York were playing Destiny. I began connecting with people out in the wild. I was invited to join a clan with a great group of guys where I became one of the most active players in the group. We would come together every night (reset is at 6pm Japan time) and run PVP. On Tuesdays we would run all of our nightfalls, heroic strikes, VOG`s and Crotas, just so we could concentrate the rest of our week on PVP. We were a family. I use the word WERE in the past tense because things slowly began falling apart. 

Our clan leader and I would do all things together as time went on. We would get all of our flawless runs done in Trials of Osiris as soon as possible. A few of us would stay up all night just talking about Destiny even though we weren’t even playing at the time. Things were great. We started recruiting really good players, people who could hold their own in crucible and knew the game inside and out as we did. We built great relationships, and soon they were all torn away. 

Our clan began to fall, our leader didn’t agree with a lot of the things happening in our internal community. People were complaining causing the clan leader to leave and join a new clan. When he left he brought a few of us over with him, me being one of them. We were close. 

Instantly I knew this clan was not what I wanted. I missed the close relationships I had with some of the guys who were left behind. I missed the fun we would have even if we were losing games, but still joking around. 

 One night I messaged my former clan leader, whom I had been running everything with over the last 9 months, asking if he would like to do our first scheduled run of Trials of Osiris for the week. I was shocked by the response I received. It read something along the lines of “We found better players in this clan and will no longer be playing with you. You need to get better.” Five minutes after receiving that message I noticed my clan tag was no longer under my gamertag, I was no blocked on Xbox Live by my “Friends” and I was once again alone in the world of Destiny with no one to play with. 

I had built a relationship with a group whom I would say I learned a lot about over the first year of Destiny. I didn’t see a reason as to why I had been booted from the clan for “not being good enough” considering at the time I was ranked in the top 10% DTR in Trials (I`m currently top 8%). I was thrown away and it felt horrible to be tossed in the garbage like a piece of trash. 

I knew I had to move on. I decided to just start playing through LFG on the Facebook group Xbox One Destiny Fireteam. It turned out that it was a great idea. I found a great group of guys to play with. They all have the same sense of humor and we all feel the same passion for the game we play. We may not be the biggest or best clan in Destiny, but we get stuff done and we have fun doing it. No stress, no complaining. 

The Destiny Community means a lot to me and helped me to become a better guardian both in PVP and PVE. I`ve built new relationships with people from all over the UK, Japan, Korea, America, Ireland, Australia, and many other countries. The community is great when we work as one. We have a voice. Through forums and reddit, our voices are heard. Bungie does listen to us (even though it takes some time). We share secrets with each other. We help each other complete tasks and quests. It truly is a giving community with many great people, and some not so great.

Guardian Radio, I specifically would like to thank you guys for your knowledge and wisdom that you share week in and week out through your podcasts. Not only are they entertaining listening to Byf and Belle go back and forth, but it is a great way for me to just sit back and relax and take in the one thing I truly understand, Destiny. 

I wish everyone the best of luck with their entries in the PS4 giveaway as I feel that everyone deserves it.



Hello Guardian Radio!  

Thanks for taking the time to read all our e-mails. I can confidently say that all of your listeners greatly appreciate the hard work you put into the show.  

Before I started Destiny I was a WoW-aholic. I loved my time with that game and I spent about 4 years of my life playing it. I eventually grew older, got engaged and started my Bachelors of Education this year. All of these things mix with WoW like oil and water.  

I picked up Destiny because it had a lot of similar elements to the MMO that I grew up to love. Upon playing it (in beta) It was love at first sight after I experienced the awesomeness of Hulk Smashing with my titan. I remember that first day vividly. I was patrolling the Cosmodrome and I got a random friend request. I was confused to who it was because I never get requests from people I play with. I cautiously accepted the request from a warlock named Bones. He added me because he went into the subway system and found some knights with a ?? level indicator. He was so excited to find them and wanted to show me. We speculated what those powerful beings were guarding. Speeding to today, when sign into destiny the first thing I do is see if Bones is on. We still play Destiny daily and we’ve become great friends. Since then we have created a clan and expanded our circle. This friendship has created many hours of laughter and entertainment, and it happened so organically within the beta of Destiny. In no other game have I encountered the awesome people that play destiny. I truly feel Destiny as a whole has one of the greatest player bases and i’m much happier having this game in my life. I could say so much more but If you’ll excuse me I have to meet with bones and another friend to run some Trials. Stay Vigilant Guardians!



DESTINY o my good friend destiny.releasing was a massive saviour for me. 

before it had released i didnt really have a solid friend group or friends that also love video games. 

iv spent my whole life playing, loving video games i live in a small country town where not much goes on, so video games is a perfect activity. 

i liked destiny when it released, i beat the main story ( or lack of story) and would msg people in the tower to do nightfalls with.

i didnt know at the time that peopel used lfg tools.

one week i messaged someone in the tower and they asked if i wanted to join them in the raid. i had never done one before i didnt know what to expect, they showed me how to run it and i really loved it. best gaming experience in my life. 

i stared goggling alot . found the lfg tools found this pod-cast and just really loved the whole community and destiny =)

i found who is now my best friends through destiny and it turns out they only live a 3 hour drive away so i visit them and they visit me.

listening to guardian radio ever week inspired me to start a you tube channel

 and tonight im going to run vog with 2 people that have yet to play it, they only have the base game with no expansions. 

teach them how to play it hopefully they will love it so much that they will buy the expansions.

. love the podcast , love destiny ,love life =) thanks everyone 


Joan F.E.

Good morning Guardians, 

I am Joan Fernandez and I day-one destiny player in PS4. For me destiny has been the game that has opened my eyes to the multiplayer world. I never liked playing any PVP game as I am not that great and people would complain over the chat whenever I did. However, I decided to give it a go in destiny and try a game, I looked for a group in LFG and jumped in. To my surprise, that group of people were twich streamers so they were amazing and even though I was getting K/D of 0.2-0.3 while they were getting 1.5-3 they were really nice to the point that every death I did the guardian next to me would wave. I felt really supported and have been playing more PVP since then ( my K/D has gone from 0.2 to 0.7 and there are even games where I am top player of my team). In regards to the podcast, I have been listening since the dark below and I really enjoy the talks and the discussion. It’s one of my sources of destiny news (I listen to 3 more podcast) and I am really happy when I wake up on tuesday morning and I have a new podcast waiting for my commute to work. 

Keep up the good work



Dear Guardian Radio, 

I have been listening to the podcast since around episode 75 or so.  The podcast has been an almost daily Destiny fix for me.  I have enjoyed every segment so far.  Without extending this email more than necessary I’ll jump into what Destiny has given me. 

Destiny gave me a very important thing in life.  Faith.  The community that surrounds Destiny has simply given me faith.  Faith in humanity.  As a police officer my everyday life is filled with sadness and hate.  Whether it’s a fatality traffic accident or child abuse the people that I deal with on a regular basis can make a person very cynical.  After listening to multiple Destiny podcasts and hearing about the many different charity streams it has really shown me that there are good people still in the world.  

Some of the charities have really hit close to home.  As a veteran of the United States Army, Operation Supply Drop showed me that people still care about service members even though a major incident wasn’t in the news at the time.  More importantly the Extra Life charity that was just held means the world to me.  I had in my life a very special little boy his name was Jeremiah.  He was born with a genetic bone disorder called osteogenesis imperfecta otherwise known as brittle bone disease.  When he was born he had over 50 fractured bones some fresh some in the process of healing.  When he was six months old he had a major stroke.  After being hospitalized for over two months the hospital bills were staggering to say the least.  Charities like Extra Life give families hope that they can continue to survive.  Raising money to help children like Jeremiah is one of the most important things in the world to me. 

All of the stuff that this community has done for people they don’t know has literally restored my faith in humanity.  I am so proud to be a part of the world Bungie has created.  I constantly show my wife things that are being done to help others by the community.  

Thank you for everything that you do putting your lives on hold to bring us this amazing show every week. 

p.s. If I happen to win I have a friend that I would love to bring into the playstation side of Destiny and would give it to him.


Ed E.

So, I’ve lost a lot of friends over the last few years, mostly life related and some moved. We all grow up of course, meet new people and move on here and there so it’s expected. Destiny has filled that void for me though. I have people on that have me favorited so that when I log on, I get party invites instantly. I have people that I play with every day and know more about me then my own family. Getting this PS4 would help me suck my girlfriend in and add one more to the growing fire team.



Hi everyone, 

First I want to say thank you to you all that have worked to make an entertaining, informative, objective, subjective, open and beautiful community outlet for all things Destiny. You are an inspiration to Guardians like myself and my friends who try to make the gaming world more welcoming and warming environment to new players and old alike. 

My story starts with my wife and myself connecting over video games. We have a lot in common but the one thing we love the most (other than our son and daughter), is gaming. When we game together it reminds me that my wife is truly my best friend and mentor in life, and it’s in these moments that I look at her with a whole new light and adoration. She is my spark, my light, my tower, my love. (Love you Meekz) 

I started playing destiny before she even new what it was. My wife got me a PS4 for fathers day and that’s when I fell down the hole to the Dark Below. I met new friends and made new memories with people from all around North America/U.K. alike and from these experiences I had expressed, my wife’s interest peeked towards Destiny. She picked up a controller and joined the good fight. 

Fast forward to a month ago, she had reached level 40 and started exploring on her own and asked for my insight less and less. I than realized that we would not be able to experience this game the same way we had experienced things in the past. We only have the one PS4. 

I wanted to get her a PS4 for Christmas, her birthday, or mothers day, but based on our budget I didn’t think I could get away with picking one up. I heard about this giveaway you guys were doing and thought to myself wouldn’t that just be beautiful. My wife and I being able to play again together like in the past, powering through the silent cartographer on legendary (Halo C.E.), taking down Wesker after dying 32 times (Resident Evil 5), walking through the sewers of a drug torn city being frightened by tweekers (Condemned), speed running through levels collecting hundreds of Lums (Rayman Origins), so on and so forth. Especially with this being one of her new favorite games, Destiny. The idea that we could sit down and take out Oryx side by side, or bashing the Shield Brother’s skulls in while covering her with my pulse rifle. On top of that, its a special edition Destiny PS4, and that would rock her world. 

We also love to stream, and she has been working with a group on Facebook who created an outlet for young mothers and sufferers of abuse to find other ways to meet up and communicate how hard it is to find support for abuse, verbal and physical alike, and create a safe area for them to get together and talk, express and vent. We want to use gaming for new parents who feel like they lost their friends, or feel isolated after having children, and give them an area to meet new like minded people and have fun again. Maybe even save some ones life or mental state.   

Well, that’s the dream we have and if I get picked I will find a way to pay it back to you and yours. 

Thanks again for all you do, and keep up the good work. If any of you are ever looking for an extra Guardian, my PSN: ChosnLegacy666, add me up. Also Xbone: Chosenlegacy666 (both spelt as seen)



Destiny is not only a community but a way of life. You make new friends and learn new things about this game and gaming in general. You don’t just play this game, you get involved in the story, you listen to other people talk about it and theorize on your own about the various things happening in the game. You also defend the class that is your favorite and let no other talk trash about yours. Before this game I would play solo with my brother or another friend when we had the time to play. Before that it was LAN parties to game with friends. Now i have friends in my clan who have the same gaming time as I do. I never have to wait for certain days and times to play with someone else. (I do love to game with my brothers don’t get me wrong) and thanks to destiny I know have Twitter FML….



Greetings fellow Guardians,

My name is Doug, but you can find me on the PSN under the alias of thydougy.

I will try to not get long winded, but over the last few months I have really started getting into the Destiny community and it has driven my fascination of the game to new levels. 

I actually did not join the Destiny train until Christmas of 2014. I unfortunately did not get to take part in the hype and launch of the game as my wife and I did not have the funds for a PS4 at the time. My friends in the meantime had been gaming since launch and finally I was able to join them. (funny side story is the day I tried to start Destiny was that couple of days around xmas where their servers were down. :P)

I cruise through the game with my childhood friends for a while until they started to lose interest in the game. About that time, Bungie came out with the Year One (tribute video) that they put out for the community. I must have watched that 31 min video over a hundred times as I did not get to partake in some it and it really caught me. 

Since I was so interested in the content of the Year One vid, I searched for the bits of content that they put in there. One of the first things I came across was YOU! Guardian Radio! 

After that I started listening to some of your older podcasts and to say the least found my weekly Destiny fix/community news. Since my friends had started to drop from Destiny, your podcast really let me dive into the game on a new level. 

At this point I would like to thank you members of Guardian Radio for the hours of work and dedication you have put into this community. Since this summer/TTK release, I have been listening to you guys every week while I am at work on Tuesdays. The rest of my work week I spend listening to your older episodes. I started at episode 1 and am now at episode 49. (can’t wait to get to the episodes around launch).

To summarize, you guys and the rest of the community keeps me sane during my daunting work week while i am away from the universe we call Destiny. As I have had 2 kids in the last 2.5 years, to say the least, I get very minimal Destiny time compared to others. I try to at least get one 2-3 times a week to keep up with new quests and missions, although it can be hard at times as my friends that I used to play Destiny with have moved on to other games and I don’t have the funds to keep up. 

Therefore, I am in the hunt for a new Destiny gaming group. You can add me on the PSN under thydougy.

I rock a lvl 40 Awoken Titan (go team Mark) at Light lvl 296 (current, no raid yet, sad face).

Again, I want to just thank each and every one of you for your dedication to this community, as you have been the gaming friends I have been looking for. I will be around for the ride as Destiny will be my game for the next 8 years at least. 

Happy holidays to your all



Destiny is the reason me and my brother have the awesome relationship we do.  As people we are ki d of polar opposites.  He’s more of an introvert who enjoys the outdoors, cars, hunting, fishing, etc where as im more of an extrovert who loves gaming and tech and tends to stay indoors more.  Even as kids we were vastly different and as we grew up the divide became more and more and we fought more and more to the point of his wife and our mother always commenting on how we never get along.  Even our tastes in games were totally different.  I enjoyed more rpg games and mmos where as he enjoys shooters and competative multiplayer.  Destiny was something we both got into and got hooked on on our own only to realize the other person played it.  Ever since then we’ve never been closer and we even raid every weekend.  Every week im constantly getting msgs asking if I want to do the nightfall with him.  Now if only he could get his light level higher so we can do the hard mode raid together.  🙂



Destiny is a family affair for me and mine. My son(14) and I are day one guardians and we raid together every week. He is terrific at crucible and helped me get my Invective, Chaperone et al. My daughter(9) showed interest in

Destiny by watching us play together and wanted in. We created her a psn profile and got her the PS3 version of Destiny to goof around. She could only ever play with one of us because we only have two ps4s. Any true guardians knows how hard it is to give up your dualshock 4 for an extended period so her playtime was limited on current gen. It would be awesome to add another ps4 to the household so we can finally have a true in-game fireteam. 

Thanks for the podcast and we’ll see you starside!



Hi guys im fear47 xbox one relapsed destiny addict. 

Destiny to me more than anything is a lifestyle, so many times i have tryed to kick the habbit with remedys such as halo 5 fallout 4 forza 6 and nothing comes close to giving the rush of that exotic drop ive been a listener of guardian radio since epp 127 i think that was when byf an bell had a small disagreement haha hooked ever since. Since that day i realized how much more i could get from this amazing game with the help of the community and i would like to thank you guys for that. Oh an i need a ps4 so my girl has something to play while im cross eyed on trials



Greetings community! Kiez (keys) Da Smith MicCheck777 on playstation network.  Destiny is one video game I always wish for. I have a light level 302 warlock, 264 hunter, and a 275 titan and a slim PS2… Whooa Playstation II! Yes that’s no typo. I have grinded my but off on other people systems and I’m the type of person that listen to podcasts about destiny and video games in general at work , I’m also about to go to the Art Institute of Charlotte to make video games. But sadly I can’t play destiny like I want. I started playing games at a young age but I was always behind a generation… I was playing Gameboy the big grey one not Sega Genesis, Sega Genesis and not Sega Saturn, the Saturn and not ps1, and so on. I never was a Xbox fan but I loved halo 1 and 2 and always said “I wished it was on playstation.” then they announced destiny and the rest is history. I want to stream and help others with Destiny.


Jace W.

Hi, my name is Jace.

My whole highschool career I haven’thad much friends. I’ve tried to get a job and I have much success, I have been trying to save up to get a ps4 but don’t have any way to make money. The Destiny had made a huge impact on my life, I enjoy watching people play games and have always wanted to play games my self. I would really like this ps4. Some of my friends have one and are having fun times without me, and I have been waiting for the day where I can play with them. 

I would love to be the winner of the ps4 giveaway. Thank you



Hey guys love your podcast I’ve been listening since 60’s-70’s right about when belle came on and destiny to me is so much more than a game, I’ve been playing since week one it’s been a life changing game it’s brought me closer to my brother and all of my IRL friends and brought me to some new one almost all of my great friends are on Xbox and its brought me to you guys one of the best podcasts and community’s I have ever been in and if I won this ps4 I would just use it to find more friend and play with you guys. thanks for reading my story sincerely BIOHAZERD 999 or bio BYYYE 



Destiny allowed me to find people to play online with! I now play Destiny, BLOP3, Madden and SWBF with my new friends. 

Your podcast is the most informative Destiny podcast out there.



The Destiny community for me is a place to escape reality. I really enjoyed destiny when it first came out. But I never raided until a community member gifted me the dark below. Woah!!!!!  6 people working together to get thru this raid was awesome. Working together. Taking different roles etc….  Blew my mind.

Since then. I have joined a could clan. Dads gaming and Il Resto. Both are strong group that have many members that can help do the raids, nightfalls, iron banner, trials etc…. 

I also did a couple giveaways myself. house of wolves and The Taken King. Felt good helping others get these expansions so they could continue gaming with the community.

I have lots of friends on PS4 but I play on XB1. If I win, I will be able to meet more members on the other side of this excellent game.

Thanks for the chance to win.


Papa Reptoridge

Dear mark, bell, byf, and kdub and the guardian radio community

I am on Xbox one. I started out on Xbox 360. I first heard of this game through one of my teachers at school didn’t think much of it until I saw an add on tv where the hunter jumps into the big whole. I was hooked, I watched all the trailers and pre ordered it from Amazon(got it day three). I had 4 friends over to do the campaign with me lets just say once I hit level around 7 I gave up for a little bit than I got a mic for my Xbox. I didn’t have one before because my dog ate it :(. When I got a head set I was finally able to talk to my friends that also played the game it was awesome one friend that was almost already level 16 helped me with story missions. By the time I got to around level 14 I got one of my good friends into the game as well it was the most fun ever getting to Sherpa him through every thing. Once we both hit around 20 we kinda got bored and stopped. But than one of my friends told me to get back on and level my guy up and try the new raid with him. I finally got to 26 it was time to try vog for the first time… IT WAS AMAZING! The most fun I have ever had in destiny was with that. The coolest thing is all the people except me and him were lfg and so now I always use lfg even if I have enough friends on. Any ways I would really enjoy a ps4 because that one friend who got me back into destiny is now on it and so are lots that were on 360 with me. The one is great but I want to expand my Horizons (Jade rabbit). Thank you for reading this. My gt is

Papa reptoridge if anybody wants to play!! 🙂



Hello Guardian Radio, 

Love the show and appreciate what you do for the community. 

My story is interesting and unexpected. I watched trailers for Destiny and thought it looked lame. I had zero intention of purchasing it. In fact, I bad mouthed it whenever anyone else was talking about it.  I reluctantly played the beta at my cousin’s persuasion and was surprised that enjoyed it. To be honest though, I mostly went away thinking it was just an ok game.  Fun to play in small doses only. 

After being bored with whatever games were out at the time, I decided to pre-order Destiny as a filler game before Assassin’s Creed Unity, Halo Master Chief Collection and Dragon Age Inquisition came out last year. My intention was to play it until those other games came out and then put it on the shelf to likely never be played again. Man was I wrong! In the past year, I have poured nearly 1000 hours into Destiny (small amount of time in comparison to others). 

I have taken a break from Destiny when other games come out but never for longer than two weeks at a time. The game has an energy and excitement that no other game can match and the friendships I have made are incredible. Currently, I find myself playing other games such as Halo 5, Black Ops 3, and Battlefront but I know I will keep coming back to Destiny.          


Paul F.

Hey guys,

Destiny has changed my life for better. My brother and I got a PS3 for our birthday and we both got games that we wanted. I forget what game I got but my brother got destiny and I was hooked just watching him play it. Now Destiny is the only game I play and I don’t regret it.  I have met so many people and have had great experiences. My favorite experience of all time was the first time I beat Oyrx. Winning a PS4 would be amazing because I could continue to play the game I love even after taken King. Thanks guardian radio!


Jacob G.

Hi, I just recently started listening to your podcast after trying to find some place that gave a good overview of the many updates and changes that happen to Destiny on a regular basis. I initially picked up the game in August and was immediately hooked. One of my brothers had played for a while and got me to pick it up. It wasn’t long before the Taken King came out and I wasn’t really able to play that much. I was able to save enough and trade in enough stuff to get a ps4 and the Taken King late last month. Since then I’ve been finally able to actually work in a fireteam with my brother and the entire dynamic of the game is so drastically different. My brother and I are able to get on several days a week and really enjoy joking and chatting as we go about different daily and weekly tasks. As we go about levelling up our different characters we’ve had terrific amounts of fun attempting to sabotage each other’s shots by throwing up a carefully placed Ward of Dawn to block his shots so I can finally get my melee bounty finished or his careful hit with a speeder launching me away so the last of a different bounty has to wait for the next group. We have another brother that started playing last month too and we text or talk about the game many times throughout the week. He has been playing on the Xbox 360 though so we’ve never been able to play together. He thought he might be able to get a ps4 by Christmas but he just got dropped from the police academy he was attending and unfortunately his job was contingent on his being in the academy. I really want him to be able to experience the greater part of the Destiny experience that comes along with being in a regular group that you know and get to play with regularly. He hasn’t even had a chance to die way too many times during a nightfall strike. Anyway, I am loving the podcast and am really loving that you are adding the bit of lore at the end of the episodes.



Hey so I don’t necessarily have a very moving story of how Destiny has impacted my life but I feel like it has been deeply implemented into me, not sure if that’s good or bad lol,  but anyway I got into video games when I was like seven or eight when my neighbor introduced me to Halo on the 360. The Halo games took up 95% of my gaming life until my friends told be about another game Bungie was releasing called Destiny. I was intrigued but didn’t want to get it for my 360. So for Christmas of year one I got destiny along with a ps4. I had to move over the summer and due to spinal injury had to stay inside. So logically I played Destiny all day and my love for the game increased tenfold. Now I play a greater variety of games and have been introduced to playing with other people online which has overall been a great experience in destiny. I even changed my school laptop background to a slideshow of destiny concept art, and got in trouble for it. Now I could be considered a veteran of destiny and have far surpassed my friends who got me into the game. Destiny as a whole has been a great thing for me and I love defeating the darkness one step at a time alongside great people and guardians. 

Thanks for making great podcasts and really being involved in the marvel of Destiny


Hurrata Turrata

Hello Guardian radio! 

My destiny story started with my ps3 playing alone, because all my freind had the xbox 360. Then one day one of my friends told me about a game called Destiny, he said the beta is out and it’s probably the best game ever.

I tryed it and it was awsome! 

Then i saved up for a xbox one and started playing dastiny with him. We quickly saw a problem with the game, you needed friends to play with. I’m from Finland so my english isn’t the best and google translate isn’t that fast to use or correct 🙂 I have played destiny since i upgraded to the next gen but alone again. My friend got tired when we couldn’t do the end game stuff and quit. 

When TTK released i played so much but still struggling to get in a group and beat oryx. I started listening at destiny podcasts like crucible radio and ofc Guardian radio my favorite. Now my english is a little bit better and not as shy i was before. 

Keep up the great work you do and i hope to see you in the world of destiny!



I have a big group of friends and we’ve been playing Destiny from the beginning. One day we were one short for VoG. A friend of mine sent out a random message to a guy in the tower asking if he wanted to join. He did and the rest is history. What we didn’t realize at the time he was suffering from PTSD and suffered many injuries in the military. That’s the reason he was discharged. He was in a very dark place. He missed the brotherhood of the military and was spiraling downward into depression and despair. All of that changed when he randomly received an invite to a raid. He’s become a regular in our group. The word family has been thrown around and we’ve even helped each other with real world issues. Is Destiny perfect? No it’s not but that day it was perfect for him. 


Sallie S.

It’s hard for me to get all my thoughts and feelings about this game down.

I’m a 50 year old, mother of two adult children, and I’m a gamer. My husband and I bonded over

a text based RPG named “Zork” on an old (not that old at the time) IBM 8086 PC. We have

since been through many games and many gaming consoles including the Sega Master

System, Dreamcast, PS1 and 2, Xbox, 360 and now currently the Xbone (as my children like to

call it). My daughter (age 26) and soninlaw

gave Destiny to my husband for Christmas last

year. They had already played many hours with the game, and knew it would be the type of

game he would like. Of course, he was hooked almost immediately. Fast forward a few weeks,

and he convinces me to give it a try. I had had very little experience with shooters up to this

point, but was intrigued by the storyline and character development aspects of the game. Sure

enough, shooting learning curve aside, I’m in! Next thing we know, we own two 360s (three if

you include my son’s in his room), and we are playing together. It’s so much fun to participate

actively together to complete quests, fight “baddies”, and compare our progress. But the story

doesn’t end there. As I mentioned, my daughter and soninlaw

were already playing Destiny

together in their own home. My son (age 24), always a gamer (he learned to read because he

wanted to play Saga Frontier on the PS1), also has a 360, and he starts to play, along with one

of his lifelong childhood friends. And we now have the birth of our little clan “The Minions of

Mortimer”! (Mortimer is our beloved cat!)

Even though I have always enjoyed playing video games, I never thought I could have so much

fun playing one game with all my family all at once. I’m not the best player, I still can’t figure out

all the nuances of the complex weapon system, and how to choose weapons and armor based

on certain situations, but I spend a lot of time listening to Guardian Radio, watching Destiny

streams and just playing and having fun. The Vault of Glass was one of the best times in

gaming I can ever remember! I have even started to play PVP a little more, and don’t always

“suck”, although it is clear I have no clue what I’m doing. None of that really matters, though, as

Destiny is just an awesome way for me to spend time with my family and friends (even if we are

hundreds and thousands of miles away from each other). When Taken King arrived, we had

difficulty getting onto Destiny at the same time (a licensing issue on the 360), but the childhood

friend aforementioned loved playing with “the minions” so much, he went out and bought new

Xbox Ones for those of us without, so that we could all play together again!

Guardian Radio is one of our favorite podcasts. We almost always listen to it first thing Tuesday

morning. I love hearing your Destiny stories, and feel like you all have a great take on the game,

giving awesome information, while not taking it too seriously. I love the lore from Byf,

Bellebunny giving a female perspective, Kdub’s sense of humor, and Mark bringing it all

together, while keeping it down to earth (so to speak). I like how you guys explore some

complex topics, but without going so far down the rabbit hole (borrowing Belle’s term), that it

gets lost in translation. You send us where we need to go if we want to learn more about

anyone thing, but keep it lighthearted and fun during the podcast. Thank you guys so much!

Keep up the good work.


Ey Blinkin

My name is Troy (A.K.A. Ey Blinkin on Xbox One) and I have been an avid player since the dark below only taking a break for a week or so to focus on my engineering test. I don’t have a super touching story or anything crazy just a simple one. My brother got me into the game when dark below dropped and since then I play with him pretty much everyday. Since I moved away from home I don’t see him as much as I used to but Destiny has not only given us a chance to talk all the time but also gave us yet another shared interest. When he was on disability leave from work I would spend my lunch hour everyday playing with him since he couldn’t really do much else and if it weren’t for Destiny I think he would have gone stir crazy. On top of all the extra time I “spend” with my brother, I was able to get my girlfriend into the game as well. We live almost an hour away from each other at the moment (currently buying a condo together) and Destiny has allowed us to have “date nights” more often. Destiny is my hobby and I love it.


Male Exo Titan 


Star Wars is not overrated, Belle….


Big Baby Moose

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving, 

This is Big Baby Moose here from the Xbox One side of Destiny, proud member of Dads of Destiny West Legends, and let me apologize in advance because this is probably going to be long.

I played Destiny during the Beta and was immediately intrigued by the game, however, I didn’t actually get the game till January due to none of my friends having an Xbox One, and I knew that it was going to be a must to have people to play with.  One of my good friends had finally made the jump to next-gen at that time and had picked up Destiny as well.  I started playing with him, but he was never as hooked as I was, and upon reaching level 26, I kind of hit a wall.  I needed people to run with so I could raid and get into the higher light gear and also do Nightfalls with.  For me this posed a bit of a problem, as I am notoriously internet shy due to having way to many bad experiences in competitive Halo, COD, and League of Legends.  I am that guy who gets into a match and immediately goes into Party Chat by myself so I don’t have to listen to all of the bigotry and ignorant hate speech.  Needless to say, I was feeling a little stuck between a rock and a hard place.   

That is where you and the community came in.  I had found your show on iTunes as my appetite for more Destiny information had become insatiable at that point (this was around early February of this year) and I heard you guys mention the Dads of Destiny and what they were about during one of your podcasts.  Well I am a married Dad and finding understanding people was just what I needed, so based on your recommendation I took a shot and found the clan that I am in today, DoD West Legends, and it has literally been the best experience I have ever had in my 30+ years of gaming! 

But that is where this story really begins.  My clan is full of awesome, like minded people who are a blast to play with, but I quickly became friends with one member in particular, who I will refer to as R, since I don’t know for sure if he wants his GT floating out for all to know.  R. and I became constant Nightfall and raid companions, as well as crucible and just running patrols and story content and tackling HoW and later The Taken King.  Early this summer, my Day One Xbox started to die.  It wouldn’t read discs without me taking them out and reinserting them over and over, sometimes taking as many as 50+ tries, till it finally stopped altogether.  This was right before HoW dropped, so I was bummed and knew that I was going to need to send my Xbox in for repair and wouldn’t be able to play until I could do so, but I also did not have the $150 to send it in at that time. I talked to R. and a couple of our other buddies and let them know that I wouldn’t be able to play for awhile, but that I would be back on Destiny as soon as I could.  Two days later, a brand new Xbox One shows up at my doorstep; R. had bought me a new one because he didn’t want me to get left behind!!!  I was completely stunned and floored by his generosity!  Needless to say, I did not miss any Destiny content and was able to continue to play with my friend R. and all of my clanmates.   

Even as I write this, I still continue to be amazed and humbled by what R. did for me.  It seems that more often than not, most people have very little time or care for one another nowadays, but R. was the exception to the rule.  We have never met in real life, although we intend to do so, and he decided to help his fellow guardian out of the kindness of his heart and because, as he stated to me, “he has been blessed and wanted to help.”  I am a bit of a jaded person when it comes to my fellow man for a multitude of reasons, but the kindness he showed me then and the friendship we share still gives me hope for my kids and their future; there are still good people in the world.  R. currently is living in Paris and was fortunately not affected directly by the recent attacks there, so now more than ever I am grateful for online gaming, as it keeps us in touch despite the distance.  He continues to be generous and a true blessing in my life on multiple occasions, and I never would have met him if not for Guardian Radio and  Dads of Destiny West, so thank you. He is a great friend and a wonderful representative of the Destiny community, and represents what is good in all of us. I will forever be thankful for having met him. 

If on the off chance I win this giveaway, you can probably guess where that PS4 will be going.  It will be going on a plane to France to my friend R. 

Thanks again for all that you do for the community and for making all the driving I do for work so much more enjoyable, 

Your friend,

Big Baby Moose Exo Titan, #TitanMasterRace (That’s for you Belle!) 



I had only had destiny about two months before the taken king had come out. Before that my PS3 was basically not existent. Mainly used for Netflix and things of that nature. I’m a husband and father of two so I did not game as much anymore like I use to back when I was in high school. My brother and I actually gamed a lot together and had always been our dream to actually get to play with each other. So, once he got me turned on to destiny I finally started making time at night to get on with him and re-connect and make new friends within the community. We haven’t stopped since. The guardian radio is great. I love listening to you guys as well as all the other podcasts out there. Love hearing the different views and opinions on things. If I get lucky enough to win I plan on passing down my current ps4 to my younger brother and get him up to speed. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Stay frosty guardians.



Dear fellow guardians

I apologize in advance for this long email but here is my story with Destiny so far.

My first console was actually a Playstation 2 but when Bungie announced Halo Combat EvoIved for the Xbox way back I was immediately hooked by the Halo universe. I ended up selling my PS2 and got an Xbox just to play Halo. I played all the following Halo games with a friend using the split screen feature and we had an absolute blast. When Bungie sold the Halo franchise to Microsoft/343 Studios I left the Halo universe as I wanted to preserve the awesome memories of the original games.

A couple of years ago I purchased a PS3 to play Gran Turismo with my brother in law and we had so much fun competing against each other. When Destiny was revealed to the general public at E3 back in 2013 I was absolutely stoked and couldn’t wait until release. I followed the game very closely and watched the Destiny vidoc’s over and over again and I eventually preordered the game for the PS4 even though I only had a PS3.

Meanwhile a colleague of mine who is a massive Starwars fan, introduced me to the X-wing Miniatures Game and being a Starwars fan myself I found a new hobby while waiting for Destiny. I spent so much time (and money) with X-wing and I totally forgot all about Destiny until one day in September 2014 when a package arrived with Destiny inside. I didn’t have a PS4 at the time so I put the game in the drawer.

Meanwhile my five year old son who is a kinderguardian, he had a fireteam brother who brought some Skylanders figures to the kindergarden and my son wanted those Skylanders so bad. I looked at my PS3 and told my girlfriend that it didn’t make sense to purchase Skylanders for an obsolete platform. Eventually we agreed to purchase a PS4 with a Skylanders game for Christmas. Little did she know at the time how many hours I eventually would spend playing Destiny.

After playing for a few weeks I started looking for a podcast about the game and came across Guardian Radio. I downloaded an episode which was 90 something and I was shocked that the show had been ongoing since before release of the game. I didn’t want to hear the full episode since you guys were talking about Dark Below and House of Wolves which I didn’t had at the time. So I went back to the first episode after release of the game and started listening from there. I have an hours drive to my work and I’ve downloaded every episode and listened every day to and from work up until now. When I finally cought up with you guys on the episodes it was a strange feeling knowing that it would be a full week until next episode.

Playing Destiny has really opened my eyes how people interact with each other while having fun. I’ve never been a member of a community or a clan in any game but wanting to play the raids I went looking for a group and came across Dads of Destiny. I was immediately accepted and those guys guided me VoG and even killed a Gorgon just so I could get the grimoire card. We completed the raid and by that time I knew I was part of something special. Through Destiny I even played with one who has experienced both world wars which shows how diverse the Destiny community is.

I’m mostly a PvE player but I wanted to try out PvP just to see what it was like so I went in to a game of Rumble. I was obliterated over and over again and eventually gave up on PvP but after a few days I convinced myself to get back in PvP and try another game mode. I went into Control and had an absolute blast playing this game type. Control has since been my favorite Crucible game type and I’ve reached rank 5 in the two latest Iron Banner events.

I’m now a subscriber to Byfs Youtube channel and I want to thank you all for the fantastic show you guys put together every week. I cannot wait to see what Destiny brings over the next 8 years and I hope Guardian Radio will continue to guide me through the Destiny universe.



Hello Guardian Radio, 

I just wanted to throw my light into the ring for the Taken King PS4 giveaway. First off I went to say a big thank you to Zach for showing his love to the community in such a selfless way. And a big thank you to the guardian radio hosts for doing what they do every week. You guys are a big part of why I come back to destiny every week. 

So why is destiny more than just a game to me?

Well as I grow older, like most people, I’ve noticed that some of the old friends that I’ve had for as long as I can remember have started to drift away. We move do different places, become interested in different things, and some of us have even started families. We do our best to come together as often as possible but it’s sometimes not the easiest thing.  

That’s where Destiny comes in. On a weekly basis Destiny has been that one uniting factor for me and my friends. We meet in the tower to challenge the darkness and that feeling of being able to travel this world together is just one of the best things ever. Sure we play other games together, but Destiny has that power to bring your back over and over again. 

We also recently had a friend return home from a 2 year trip across the world and we are very excited to have him home. Of course he has seen our love for Destiny and really wants to be involved in playing with us. Unfortunately it’s not within his power right now to get a PS4. That’s why if I where to win this amazing giveaway, I would be giving a PS4 to my buddy. (Not going to lie, I might keep the gorgeous TK edition one…hehe). But this giveaway might just give us the opportunity to add another guardian to our ranks. 

Here’s wishing upon the starts. Thanks again for everything that you guys do. 

I’ll see you guys star side


Bryant F.

Hey Guardian Radio, 

I live in the Northeastern part of the U.S., but relocated to the Midwest for an internship assignment last year.  During that time, Destiny was released.  Since I am a huge fan of Halo, I decided to purchase the game.  Lucky for me, a couple of my friends back home also bought Destiny, and we have spent countless hours since completing the wide variety of activities that Destiny has to offer.  We’ve raided, grinded out Iron Banner, and visited the lighthouse a few times along the way.  Destiny allowed me to stay connected to my friends while I was 1000 miles away; something I am very thankful for. 


Anthony M.

In order to fully explain why destiny is more than just a game to me, I have to convey what other Bungie games have done for me.

I was always a video gamer but up until 2001 it was more or less casual, but with the advent of Halo CE I was drawn into gaming forever. Luckily, so were most of my close friends.  Between all of us we would scrounge together 8, 10, 16 players, whoever was available to play. We would set up LAN parties in our basements, kitchens, living rooms, where ever we could find the space to play this game together. Although this wasn’t just a game, it was a social experience. CTF games on Bloodgulch would last hours and the time we spent talking about them after is still being tallied. I could go on and on about the numerous other experiences with Halo but that’s not what this is about.

Destiny reinvigorated these feelings of nostalgia, albeit in a different sort of way. I bought Destiny thinking this was the next Killer app from bungie, but to my pleasant surprise it was soooo much more. From the beta forward I was hooked. Crotas end, House of Wolves, I couldn’t get enough and with the Taken King my allegiance to Destiny has been all but cemented. The only thing this PvE’er was yearning for was the social aspect. While I was hooked, a lot of my FPS friends have fallen off the destiny wagon. Luckily for me I found Gaurdian radio a few months back and with it the destiny community. Before guardian radio I hadn’t done any of the raids but via LFG/LFM I found like-minded Guardians who wanted the same thing as me, to take down Oryx.

Destiny isn’t just a game to me it’s a social experience. I hope I won’t get lost in the wake of next gen consoles but I know it’s inevitable. When I heard Belle was giving away the Ps4 that was gifted to her I knew this was my chance to make the leap. Anyway that’s my convoluted story about what destiny and Bungie as whole have meant to me. I know this contest is random but, pick me please.

303 Warlock Awoken because UNLIMITED POWER!

 Guardian out.



Why is Destiny more than a game to me?  It’s simple.  As a shooter, it is smooth and perfect and simple to play.  As stress relief, there’s nothing quite like shooting evil aliens and protecting all of humanity.  And Exonity?  Awokenity?  Anywho.  It’s beautiful, it’s vast, it accommodates a lot of play styles, and even in year one, I don’t think it was half as bad as people made out.

As far as the community goes, I’m kind of a loner player.  I do tend to prefer single-player games.  However, whenever I’ve joined up with anyone, they’ve never been anything but courteous.  I’m sure there are some jerks out there but I haven’t run into them.  As a girl gamer, that’s pretty huge.  You can always find someone who wants to play with you, and more importantly you can always find someone who wants to help when you’re struggling.

And Guardian Radio?  I rarely get the opportunity to catch it live but I love a good podcast, and Guardian Radio is a great podcast.  Keep up the good work, guys.



I joined the world of Destiny shortly before The Dark Below. Before joining Destiny I was on the PS3 and didn’t know anything about Destiny. I hadn’t even heard about all the humdrum. All I knew was that the art style looked cool and that I was starting to like shooters so, maybe I’d like this game. I was waiting though.. I was waiting to get into the game until after I bought a PS4. 

I had saved up enough, I was just waiting for an excuse to join the PS4 community. Then I came home for Christmas break and my younger brother surprised me by showing me his brand new PS4/ Destiny bundle. That was the excuse I was waiting for. I went out and bought my PS4/ Destiny bundle the next day. Well my 2nd youngest brother had also been saving up for quite a while for a computer that he never bought because my parents surprised him with one on his birthday. 

So there it was, three brothers, three new guardians. All facing this beautiful new world together. 

My story doesn’t end there. After my entrance into the world of Destiny I tried finding the community around Destiny. At the time I didn’t have any presence on twitter. Mostly Facebook so that was the first place I looked. The first places I looked I was just flooded with the worst of the worst of the “community.” People who would not only spam Destiny’s facebook with harsh backlash about the game, but would also verbally attack anyone who said anything good about Destiny or anyone who said they enjoyed it. It got to the point where I had a hard time enjoying playing.

I kept looking though. I was enjoying Destiny unlike any other game before. The last time I had enjoyed a shooter was Battlefront 2, and the last time I enjoyed an online game as much was Star Wars Galaxies which also had an amazing community. I wanted that kind of community for Destiny and I knew it was out there, I just needed to look harder. 

This is where you all come in. I discovered the Guardian Radio podcast when you guys were on episode 112. I remember distinctly Kdub was still a “special guest.” Anyway, you all opened my eyes and made me realize where I needed to look for the good side of the Destiny community. 

I wanted to Thank you all. If not for you guys I might not have found the community I was looking for and given up on Destiny altogether. My brothers and now my sister-in-law and cousin are all still looking for a clan to get active in if you have any suggestions. With this PS4 I might give it to one of my buddies still on PS3 because as much as I want Destiny to drop last-gen I don’t want him to get left behind. Thank you guys again I look up to and admire all of you. 

P.S. I’m a Titan main with Hunter coming in second. The class that I never liked until Nightstalker. 

May the Light guide you even in the Darkest of times, 



I’ve heard several other people tell me why destiny is more then just a game to them and i agree with all of them but i try and think about why i love it and how its changed me and i cant put it into words. There is a stigma around attributing games for having a better life but that’s whats happened. Playing, simply makes me happy. Depression is hard to run from but Destiny is an escape and medicine. The connections, the people the heart of the community is real and eternal. Unmeasurable and ever growing. I tell everyone i know about it and have bought several copies for friends and anyone that’s willing to give it a try, hoping it brings happiness into their lives. So thankful for everyone that contributes to my direct happiness and fun but also all the community leaders. Shout Out to Savy Gaming, my clan, and The Dames, My girlfriends clan.  

Thank you, Guardian Radio, Aim Assist, Warlock School, Streamers and of course Bungie, little bit of love to Activision for fronting the check. 



 Destiny players have a certain mindset, we like patterns. We like solving problems. It’s more like a philosophy actually. It’s more than a game because it is strategy, and it is also visual recognition, battle consciousness.

 The grind and constant need to adapt as a player and community have kept me around. The want or drive to be better at PvP but the need for PvE gear demand a game plan/strategy every time I log on be it for 20 min or 4 hours. It’s more than a game because it demands more from me.

 It also helps me keep in touch with my old coworkers andfriends as well as finding new friends from my clan or LFG. The fact that a any game that has been out this long and never left my console is just astounding. It has also made my wife happy since I have not purchased and new games.

 Thank you Bungie for the game and thank you Guardian Radio for being a positive beacon in the community. 


Rameen Z.

Hello, my name is Rameen and I have been a guardian since Destiny’s initial release on PS3.  I spent a lot of time playing solo and felt pretty intimidated to join the multiplayer aspect of the game.  I had not really played any multiplayer games online before this game.  I finally mustered up the courage to join the online community and now I regret not joining it earlier.  I love the community Destiny has created and now I play every day hoping to play together with new friends I’ve made or make some new ones.  About a month ago I started listening to guardian radio because I wanted to find a podcast where I would find a group that shared a love of the game, and I truly think this group is this and much more.  I love how much you guys care about the fans and, of course, your extra life campaign, such an incredible cause that I had no idea even existed before listening.  You definitely have a supporter from me in all that you do.


Travis P.

As part of the Alpha and Beta of Destiny I got hooked early. It started as just another fps by Bungie that I just had to play. A few weeks of playing and I realized it was somewhat therapeutic. Not only did it relieve stress but it also helped me to focus my busy mind on something positive. This helped me become a better father and husband because I wasn’t stressing the little things anymore. Over a year now and I play 2-3 times a week, have made many new friends, and reunited with some long lost childhood buddies and helped my kids level up their guardians. Now I just need to get a raid team together and tackle Kings Fall pen FriggingNutCase, add away guardians.



What does Destiny mean to me?

The last year has been pretty rough. I’ve finally confronted the depression I’ve suffered with for years, an application for my dream job fell through (which had been going on for two years) and there’s been a serious illness in the family. 

Throughout all this there’s been Destiny. Wonderful Destiny. Whenever I’ve needed to escape for a few hours it’s been there. I’ve got a fantastic clan, I’ve lost count of the epic adventures we’ve had, the massive fails, the clutch crucible wins, the tears of laughter. I’ve sherpered new members which I find rewarding and cathartic. Strangers have now become friends.

It’s the best gaming community I’ve ever been a part of and it only continues to get better.

To me, destiny (amongst many other things) has meant friendship and support.



I was a very intense Xbox 360 gamer I had a 96.000 gamer score and was playing games to get points. One day I decided to stop this madness. Spending hundreds of euros on games that I did not even wanted to play out of fun was insane!

So I did not touch a console for more then a year. Then the ps4 came around. And it started itching again. But I bought it and the games that were out first just could not get me back into gaming.

But destiny changed all that, from day one it got me back to my old love…… Videogames. And not only games, the social aspect is great. We have a clan now all people from the area people I never met before in real life. But all the same passion. This wonderful game just gave me back my love for video games!!! 

Thank you destiny and I look forward to many more years



Destiny means escape to me!  My real life work often involves helping to re- assimilate people into society who have made some poor choices, but have also served their time and paid their debt.  As you can imagine, the world I work in has no clear lines between the light and the darkness.  In fact, it is my experience that humans are often full of both.  This ambiguity, can , at times, be mentally stressful.  Destiny allows me to escape to a community where those lines are much more defined, and i am very thankful for it!  For a few hours each night, we are all Guardians of the Light, pushing back against the relentless and insatiable darkness.


Mike Little

Hi Guardian Radio! 

I have other games that I bought on their release date, and find that I don’t want to stop playing destiny.

so my new purchases are no longer new, and sit in the corner collecting dust.

I have never experienced a game like this where it keeps me coming back (every day). 

I’ve never played an online game before, and I found the raids so intriguing that I joined a clan, and met people all over the world.

Now when I log in, I get warm welcomes from clan mates, and not only get to play this amazing game, but have the most interesting conversations! 

Destiny is an experience I am blessed to be a part of. 

Love your show!

And I appreciate all you do!



I work at a hospital in the Midwest as a pharmacy tech and I play Destiny with 4 other people from work.  The rest of our group is family and friends and we all have more fun talking trash and making fun of each other than playing most day.  There is someone I work with that was planning to get a PS4 and Destiny to game with us but life happened and he could purchase the PS4 or Destiny.   He is one of our friends and would enjoy gaming with us so much and we would all get to pick on him for being such a low level at first.  Not that we would do that.  Thanks for the opportunity to get him a PS4.  Keep up the show its great.



Hello fellow Guardians. So what Destiny means to me? Well a lot to be honest. I recently moved to Nevada from California. I know no one, my fiancé and I work opposite schedules so during the week I use Destiny as an escape I can hop on and enjoy some time with my very limited friends. They all have PS4 but jump to their old consoles when I ask. It’s difficult at times. I have to run solo a bit more often than I’d like. More so Destiny also led me to two of my best friends. So this game has brought me such happiness. Thank you for your time.



Hey fellow guardians! 

I think what sets Destiny apart from other games is the sense of community.  Even when I’m running by myself, other guardians jump, shoot, and dance around me.  Through sites like  the100.io, the clan feature, etc. I’ve been able to get guardians together for just about any activity, and I can count the number of assholes I’ve encountered on one hand.  There are just a lot of good people out there playing this game. 

My lifelong love of gaming was touched off when I inherited my cousin’s Atari 2600 all those years ago.  If Bungie follows through on their 10-year plan for Destiny,  I’ll be happy to grow along with them, and perhaps even bring my kids along for the ride!


Maac N Cheese

Destiny.  The game that’s more than just a game.  Over the course of it’s life I’ve made countless new friends, become a better PVP player in general and had over 1000+ hours of fun.  A lot of this I contribute to the amazing community within the game as well as great podcasts and people such as Guardian Radio.  I have an hour and a half commute home each night from work and listening to Guardian Radio helps that so much.  Not only do I get to listen to other passionate people talk about Destiny but I get tips, exclusive interviews, and playful banter.  That means so much to me and makes sitting in my car for hours on end bearable.  I used to work in video games myself and I’m VERY particular about what makes a game enjoyable and fun to play.  Destiny is one of those games and it’s continually evolving which I absolutely love.  The team that created it clearly stands behind their work and I for one appreciate that.  I’ve always loved video games and always will, I look forward to playing Destiny for future years to come and continue the path of my guardian with everyone else in the community.  Considering I ONLY play Destiny and have for the last year, all the new friendships I’ve formed can ONLY be attributed to Destiny.  My success in PVP can only be attributed to Guardian Radio…those two reasons alone are just some of the many reasons why I love Destiny.  I don’t know how exactly to express what Destiny means to me other than to say, I love it.  I simply just love it.  Great game, great people, great friendships.  What else is there…oh yea!  Dance Parties in the tower.  Best way to end a night. 

Thanks for considering me and thanks for creating this great giveaway.  I would be honored to start another Destiny career with the PS nation.  Thanks again to everyone involved.  



Hey how’s it going fellow guardians. 

I picked up Destiny on release day and I thought it would be like any other FPS. Boy was I wrong… I picked up the game as my friend was the one who suggested to me to pick it up and he was going to play along  with me but he ended up abandoning me to fight the darkness alone.  As I progress through the game I wanted it try out the raid (VoG) but seeing that I was alone now I had to try and find a group through Bungie forums.  I ended finding a couple of guys to do raid with and we ended being friends since then, there were only six of us when I joined their clan but we have grown to of twenty five members since.  We have raided every Tuesday night, done trials on the weekends and Iron Banner each month together. There is something special about this game that makes you want to keep playing, even though there are all these great games that have come out this past year. I still alway find myself coming back to play this game.  Even if my friends and I are not online playing Destiny we would still chat through group text throughout the week whether if it’s about Destiny, joking around or just chatting.  Surprisingly most of live in the same state (CA) and we would plan to meet up if one of us are going to be in the vicinity of where the others live. I would have never thought picking up this game would lead me to making friends with a bunch of great guys.  I stumble across you guys as I was watching one of Datto’s video where he mentioned he was going to be on your show. Ever since then I have never missed an episode of your podcasts and I try to drop into the live stream sometimes when I can get away from what I need to do as I get home from work. Anyways, keep up the great work! I love listening in ever week and good luck to everyone who entered.



Hi Fellow Guardians! 

Playing Destiny has been a great experience for me on many different levels. Before Destiny, I primarily played many other 1st person shooters such as COD, Halo, and Battlefield. While I loved hear games (and still do), I found in Destiny a game that I can dig into and feel like I never reach the bottom. I feel as if there is always something to do and I have met many awesome people through LFGs in which I am able to share in this journey.

I recently changed jobs and found that I instantly had a connection to a large number of my team through Destiny. I has been awesome to be able to form an instant bond with every one while talking through the latest raid run or content in the game. 

Thanks for the podcast and keep up the good work!


Brian A.

Good Evening Guardian Radio. 

Long time listener, first time emailer 🙂

My story is probably not one of the most unique or emotional stories, but to me, that is the point of Destiny and this amazing community. I am just your average young professional that works full time and is completing grad school online. I have a beautiful wife (who would probably prefer I play a little less than I do), 2 awesome dogs, and a newly purchased house that has a never-ending list of projects that need to be completed. 

In college I LOVED gaming with my friends. Some of my favorite memories were setting up Halo competitions between rooms throughout the dorm, laughing and developing strategy with your friends in one room, yelling taunts down the hall to the opposing team in the other. After college, we tried to stay in touch and play online…but “real life” tends to get in the way. I tried to stay invested in gaming, but I felt like the social element was gone and all that was left in its place was trash talking and virtual teabagging. It felt like players cared more about their personal KD ratios then collaborating and competing as a team. I decided my gaming days were over. 

At a family gathering about a year ago, the fact that my cousin was a gamer came up in conversation. We discussed my previous love but recent frustrations for video games. He immediately brought up Destiny, but not the game…the community. We talked about his clan of like minded gamers, men and women that were all married, with kids, jobs, houses, school, and/or other responsibilities. He explained how players in the clan not only enjoy playing together, but also enjoy helping fellow clan members. 

Optimistic, I purchased a PS4 and Destiny. After some character gringing, my cousin put together a team of 5 guys from the clan to help me through my first raid. I was hooked, but not because of the raid itself (even though it was awesome), but because of the 5 other guys I was playing with. It brought my back 10+ years to what gaming meant to me with my close friends in college. 

If this gets read online or even on air, I want to dedicate this email not only to my clan, but to the entire Destiny community…specifically those that care more about helping a fellow guardian than their personal KD ratio. Thank you.



Dear guardians currently I’m playing Destiny on the Xbox 360 and as it is there are very few players to play with now that all my friends have converted to the ps4. I love the game being able to meet new people through it including some of my best friends to do raids and play games like the trials of Osiris. I also love the community the fact that even though I play on last gen I can still find people to help me in the Kings fall raid but it’s proving to be more and more difficult. Now with Black ops 3 that just came out and all the Dlc’s coming out for the PlayStation out first almost all of them have bought a ps4 leaving only me and 2 of my fellow guardians and they too are switching so if I were to win it would men a lot. Plus with Bungie’s announcement saying that they are going to make a Destiny 2 leaving last gen behind. So this will be sad knowing I won’t be able to properly play Destiny until I’m able to get a Ps4 or XboxOne so if I were to win it would mean so much to me. Guardian radio I’m glad I’m able to watch your show every week feeling like I’m communicating with other players of Destiny talking about what’s happening in the world of Destiny.

Ps. I’m a warlock. Exo male.



Hello Guardian Radio! 

First off I want to say how wonderful it is that I found this podcast. I’m only a recent listener, but I was so engrossed by you that I’ve gone back and listened to every episode and have fallen in love. 

I’ve been a long term Destiny player all the way in the beta. I wasn’t following the game all that much before then but I fell in love and purchased the game on day one. I did the normal grind through the story and started grinding light levels. Dropped out of  playing the game since I didn’t know anyone to run the raid with so didn’t pick the game up again until the Dark Below. Regained my interest and haven’t taken a long break from the game since! 

Seems like it’s just a game but Destiny now more than ever is really something I see as something that saved my life. Right around the release of the House of Wolves I had the devastating news that the girl I planned on proposing to over the summer had been cheating on me with my best friend. I wasn’t the most social person in college and these were the only two people I could really relate to. I felt as though I lost everything.  

I hit a major brick wall of depression and suicidal thoughts and the only thing keeping me around was in fact Destiny. The game for all it gave was a great place to distract and lose myself in the world that had been created. During this time I took in all the Destiny content that I could find. I started watching streamers on Twitch like Chariona, Professor Broman, King Gothalion, and Teawrex. All of them showed me how inviting the community is and really helped pull me out of the darkness that I had fallen into.  

While I still haven’t met other guardians to play with in game I still find myself coming back to the world that allowed me to get lost in and forget my troubles for awhile. Looking forward to meeting fellow guardians in the Guardian Radio Community and further expanding my love of the world and community found within Destiny! 

Thanks for all you’ve done!

Guardian Out!



Hey, guys, this is Renn187! I’m on PSN if you guys are ever looking for another wolf for hire. 😉

I’m writing in to take part in the PS4 Giveaway, which – by the way, thank you for doing! I’ve been a listener since February 2015, and I haven’t missed a show since! I love the entry for this raffle…thing. It’s a comfy thing to be able to see what we’ve all got in this game and community. I’ll keep mine short:

Now. Don’t get mushy. I suffer from depression. Always have. I always want to be alone and it makes life pretty gloomy. But! (cheeks) I’ve worked very hard over the years to come out on top. Destiny is the first game ever to actually help with that. In my experience, the community has been overwhelmingly positive. I never told anyone about my depression. I always just go with the flow. And you know, I have become a lot of good things in the game that I know I am in real life. I’ve become someone skilled. Someone dependent. Someone who can teach and protect. I’ve become someone who wins and cheers, laughs at and laughs with, and all in the experience of about 9 months.

In the real world, Destiny is not a huge part of my light, but it has been an attunement to it. I’m very thankful for that, so thanks, Bungie. And thanks to you guys, for helping foster the great community that has welcomed me with open arms and helped pick me up from the gaming hiatus. It’s very fulfilling and, though I wish my real life friends would give it a shot, I have no problems making more friends in the online community with whom to have all the same goofy, serious, or random conversations about home renovation and US foreign policies. And to give them a hand in getting things right when they need it.

Destiny and our community has meant that and a whole lot more to me. Here’s to a great game, and great players coming together around it.

Cheers, buds.



I have to be honest I have never had an experience with gaming like what destiny provides. I grew up playing solo games mostly resident evil, metal gear solid and so on. So online gaming I have always shunned, since halo cause I was so dad at pvp. But this community is amazing and I wouldn’t change it for anything I have almost 2,000 hrs into this game and work full time. So I also started a group on the100.io group page (https://www.the100.io/g/1941?r=44276), which has afforded me the opportunity to grow a group and learn html code! Love this game love the podcast and how it all comes together! Thanks



What Destiny is to me? Hmmmmm. For me it was truly my first step into the multiplayer world. And once I got in I never wanted to get out. I’m a middle aged dad with a loving wife, 2 kids, house, job, all that jazz. So my time to play is limited. I started out gaming with just two other buddies one night a week. We’d get owned in the Crucible and joke that we’re probably being hosed by kids our son’s ages. We’d wished for a group of other dads to play with. Then not two weeks after we had this conversation I saw the GameInformer article about Dads of Destiny!! I immediately joined up with a clan and started making friends all over the country to game with. It’s been like joining a second fraternity, except less hazing. 🙂 Still a fair bit of drinking to be had, just not in the same space. Knowing there’s that group out there just waiting to play is so cool. And if for some reason I can’t make a scheduled time, they understand the situation. Like you guys always say, it’s a community, not just a game. I’m proud to play my small part in that community. Helping to keep the galaxy free of the darkness, and spreading light to my fellow Guardians. 

And now my phone is full of Podcasts that I regularly listen to to keep up with all the goings on in the Destiny world. Thanks to you guys and many others for the time you put in to entertain and inform.  



Guardian Radio, 

So… Destiny. Where do I start? A few friends whom I played Battlefield with told me about this new awesome game that was coming out and that I should look into it. I was never a fan of Halo because well… I really sucked at it. I didn’t try Halo until years after it came out which is why I was never good. I would get smashed instantly. So when they told me that this was bungie’s next game, I was a bit hesitant. I figured I would get into this new game on the ground floor which would give me a better chance of not sucking. 14 months into the game, I still suck (at crucible that is). I’ve never put more time into a game and I don’t regret a second of it. I’ve met all kinds of awesome people through Destiny and we actually have a well-oiled machine we call Junkie Gaming. That’s our clan. We play the raid every week and it’s a huge part of my life. I never thought I would get into a game like I have. 

I really enjoy the podcast and listen to it religiously. You guys keep me going (since I already got my Ghorn) J 

Thank you guys so much.



Hello guys and Bell, 

My friends and I have been playing Destiny since the Beta and I have

to say I have been playing ever since.  I have also been listening to

your podcast for almost a year and a half. I attend college during the

days and work until 1 am eastern, so my experience with Destingy

usually involves most of the hard core gamers. Destiny to most of my

friends (roughly 6 still avidly play) and I mean, waiting to run the

nightfalls on Tuesday, running normal mode Oryx on Wed, running 2 of

my 3 hardmode Orxy runs on Thrusday.  Followed up by trials or pvp all 

I say that all to say, Destiny for the main part has consumed me. Its

a big part of my life and Im drawn to it like a magnet.  I haven’t

alterned from Destiny since the begining.  I am loving all the recent

changes with the updates as well as looking forward to the future. I

really hope Destiny continues to keep wowing us.  Thank you for all

that you do for the community, I would like to someday play some

cruciple with all of  you and see how really good you guys and Biffe


Keep up the great work and hope to hear from you soon.


Kevin deK

Hey guys just wanted to say I’ve only recently started listening to your podcasts but I absolutely adore them. Destiny to me has always been an escape, from school, problems with friends or girls and whenever I’m online I just feel like none of that matters. I am completely infatuated with this game and I have honestly found myself buying less games because I know I’ll just always come back to Destiny. I have met so many people that I am proud to call my friends and at most times better friends than the ones that actually live around me. To me Destiny will always be my game and will always be my little piece of heaven on earth. Thank you guardians and I wish you all the best!


Kevin F.

Dear Guardian Radio,

I’ve had destiny since day 1, and in the first month I only had about two people on my friends list who played destiny. Only one of those friends actually stuck with me and played destiny as much as i did. But as the year went on, I became the only one on my friends list to keep playing Destiny. It wasn’t until about two months before The Taken King came out where I came out of my comfort zone of being an introverted player and used LFG to find people to do Vault of Glass and Crotas End. I was nervous that people would get pissed off that they would have to explain mechanics to me, but I was completely wrong. Everyone had no problem explaining them to me, and now those Guardians are people who I play with everyday, and now I’m part of their clan. Destiny has been so much fun this past year, and I can’t wait for what’s in store for this game.



Hello Guardians,

Conakii (Khan-uh-key) on PSN here, or just Con if you prefer. I’ve been thinking for days how to possibly explain what Destiny means to me. I’ve logged over 1000 hours in the game. I have created, fully leveled, then deleted and fully re-leveled characters of all three classes over 8 times now. Why? I’m maybe a little crazy, but the total experience of Destiny, both new and replayed, has just been amazing for me. The impact that this game has had on me is hard to put to words. Never has a game had such an influence on me that I daily think of changing careers just so I can be more involved with this game and its community. I’ve even looked at current job openings with Bungie and considered relocating to Seattle. Crazy right? And my awesome family would support me 100% if I was brave enough to make the leap. These inspiring thoughts come from all you hosts of Guardian Radio Network and Guardian One. You guys are part of my daily and weekly routine, and I can’t get enough of the discussion and thoughts presented on your shows. You constantly put a smile on my face and make me look forward to the drive to and from work, even when the topics get heated. I often find myself talking out loud in response to questions and comments, sharing in the conversation and the passion for the game that you all share. Unfortunately work often prevents me from participating in the live streams, but I greatly enjoy the podcasts and can’t seem to get enough of them. You guys have become my family, even though you don’t know me. 

That’s what this game and its community primarily means to me, family. I’ve had the pleasure of participating in this game with a longtime friend since the Beta, and the game has only strengthened our friendship. I’ve been reconnected to old friends as well as connected to new friends through those strange “OMG I went to high school with your husband/wife” type connections. The game has introduced me to my awesome clan mates, who are now great friends and a part of my life on a daily basis (I love you guys!). Whether it be communicating in game or within the endless PSN messenger chat that has been going on for a year now, those connections are why I look forward to playing the game every day. I miss my friends when they are not there. The laughs, accomplishments and frustrations my clan and I have shared together are moments I would never trade. Personal connections are what make Destiny more than just some game to me.  This game has also strengthened my own relationship with my wife and kids, who now actively play as well. My 5 year old son has learned to play the game, and shows just as much passion if not more than I do for it. It’s so crazy seeing such a little man fly his fingers over the gigantic controller in hands! (Apologies to any guardians who may have had him on a crucible team, your patience is appreciated). Coming home from work every day, I experience his own joy and excitement of what he accomplished within the game. Discussing his new weapon or armor piece is a highlight of a long workday and the first thing we talk about when I get home. Listening to my son and daughter hum the Cabal Stomp as they play together is so amazing! It’s a small thing, but so impactful to me and showcases just how much Destiny has affected my entire family. Teaching him simple game-play has also taught me how to be a better listener and a more patient father. The same goes for my loving wife, who has the pleasure of being coached by both me and my five year old. Destiny has brought all of us closer together as a family. 

Destiny also regularly reminds me of the importance of shared experiences. I recall a moment I shared with my son in one of the more recent daily missions that came up, Cade’s Stash, which is his favorite mission to play repeatedly. Playing on a fire team is my son’s favorite thing, especially with mommy or daddy. With my son in my fire team, I ran ahead skipping the opening fights and ran up the tower to move onto the next task quickly… and I left him behind. In the moment I didn’t think anything about it. I was so focused on finishing the mission and getting our marks. Right about when I was activating the bridge, I could hear his escalating frustration and ultimate breakdown of not being able to make it past the opening fight, his light level just not being high enough for the daily.  You can’t physically see me writing this message, but I’m sitting here shaking my head at myself as I re-live the horror of what I had done… I just made a five year old break down in tears and practically rage quit. He doesn’t care about the stupid marks, he just wants to be there with me. I immediately tried to turn around to go back for him but realized the elevator in that mission won’t go down (dammit Bungie!) and had to press on to force the game to bring my son forward (Thank you Bungie!). Ultimately we finished the daily together, and in his eyes I instantly redeemed myself and was his hero once again, a five year old’s love being unconditional. I know he probably has already forgotten about the experience himself, but that moment taught me that as adults it’s easy to forget that the experience and journey of participating with family and friends in anything, be it in real life or within a video game, is just as important if not more important than the accomplishment of some end goal, level or raid. 

These are just a few of the things that Destiny has done for me in my life. More than just a game, Destiny is family, passion, love, and life lessons for anyone who looks beyond the graphics and game-play. Thank you for allowing me to share. I love all of you guys, even those I have not yet met. Maybe someday!


Nadnerb 64

Hey Guardian Radio Crew, 

Destiny has been a big part of my gaming and social life since the game came out. I bought Destiny as a Bungie fan and, coming from Wow, i saw how the game wAs good ut i could not see past the glooming faults of the base game at launch. All that changed one night, after not playing for a month. I got ver ycomfortable with a bottle of Burboun and decided that the best idea was to run VOG, something I had not done as I did not play with others. I took the dive into Destiny LFG and found a post that would change my spare time forever. The post aptly labeled, “I am drinking beers and wanting to raid, need one.”  In my inebriated state, this was right up my alley. The raid ran…as smoothe as 6 drunk people raiding could go, and after 5 hours, more drinks, and angry glares from the wife from coming to bed hammered at 4 am, the clan known as Whiskey 6ix was born. Now we drink and play games almost every night and I now see thos guys as true friends, even if we all are terrible to each other from time to time. Without this game and a bit of social juice, I would not know my Canadian bretheren and plans to all meet together at some point would not be possible.

Thanks Destiny, for hooking me up with drunk BUDS like myself.



Short answer: It’s made me feel whole again. 

This last year & a half to two years have been rough for me. As I neared 50 years old, working a stressful job, I saw my marriage fall apart. Seemingly overnight I went from returning home at night to a house and family to living in a small apartment, alone, and seeing my beloved son mostly on weekends. It was hard, and for the first time in over a decade I felt very much alone. Not emotionally ready to start dating, I looked for a diversion to fill my new-found free time and found Destiny (right around when Darkness Below dropped). And wow, was I blown away—not just by the awesome game itself but the terrific community that surrounded it. I’ve never encountered a gamer community like the one surrounding this game. 

The change has been dramatic. For the first time in years, I’ve made new friends. I also reconnected with an old, dear friend through the game and we game or chat almost nightly now. I’ve had great experiences with sherpas and selfless players, talked about parenting with other “gamer dads,” and my friend and I even purchased TTK for an out-of-work gamer—whose real name we’ll probably never know—because we all enjoy playing together so much and we wanted to continue our newfound fellowship. Now on my “alone nights” I’m not truly alone, I’m part of a awesome online community, and when I see my young son (who despite his high-functioning autism has learned to play Destiny, and play well) his first question is usually asking me what I’ve done in the game recently. I now often save my exotic engrams for him to click on and last night he literally shrieked in delight when I told him Daddy finally(!) downed Oryx. Thanks Bungie. 

Yes, Destiny may “just be a game” but it has energized me about life, given me a new passion to share with my son and new friends, and started me on the road to healing. That is what Destiny means to me.

PS Thanks for the wonderful Guardian Radio podcasts! I love listening to them—there’s a little of that work stress gone. 🙂


Kevin M.

Hey Crew of Guardian Radio! 

I have been a Destiny player since the Alpha, and have enjoyed every moment. This game to me has become an ever increasingly long montage of moments of triumph (not the emblem). I have completed most challenges in Destiny aside from the Lighthouse, Skolas, and Oryx Hard Mode (yet!), and have gleefully tackled each and every one of them. The experience can be summed up by my third ever completion of VoG. After 25 attempts at VoG, I finally completed it, ironically on Hard before ever going back to complete Normal. I completed it the next week with some friends who I guided. I came to back to it after Dark Below and played through it with a group in which I only knew one person. It was an uphill battle. Each person only knew one other person, and the teams of two met up through an LFG site. Over the course of 3 hours, a team of level 34 guardians learned each other’s strengths, weaknesses and quirks, and fought back the darkness. After wiping on Aetheon 3-4 times, we had 2 people down, had run out of Times Vengeance, and we’re fighting for our lives to get out before our portal holder got killed. We made it out, but the 3 man away team was killed by a Harpy right after exiting the portal. As we prepared for the inevitable fail screen, our last Guardian began firing at Aetheon by himself. As the ammo ticked down, so did Aetheon. As he fired and fired, we began cheering him on. Finally, Aetheon shattered. After a moment of stunned disbelief, our chat exploded with cheers and screams of joy. The one surviving Guardian waited for us to calm down and then revealed to us that he had only had one bullet left when Aetheon had died. Our chat was inaudible for 5 minutes afterwards. That feeling of challenge, of Victory, of fighting to the end and winning by sheer desire to be Victorious. THAT is what Destiny has come to mean to me. 

Keep up the good work, and I’ll see you Starside, Guardians



Hello fellow guardians. Hope all is well in your world. 

    So what is Destiny to me? I started playing Destiny in December. I was buying games for my son for x-mas when I saw it staring at me and thought it would be a fun game to play for myself and bought it. After playing for a while as my favorite Warlock (they are the best class by the way), my son (14) asked if he could join in. I told him he could create a guardian to play and he chose a Hunter. We have had many a good time taking turns in the crucible, one dies and the other takes over. He is sooo much better than me at PVP but I am better at PVE. My wife even commented that my relationship with our son is better since we started playing. Then my daughter (9) asked if she could have a Guardian. She does not play but wanted to build a character so we sat down and she designed our Titan. It has brought our family closer together.

    Now on to the Destiny community. I love jumping into the game helping out the lower level guardians. I have made many friends that I play with daily that I helped level up and others that helped me along the way. The community and the game have helped me de-stress and keep my sanity from all the stressful things that have gone on in my life over the past year. It is a great coping tool.

    I greatly appreciate the opportunity for this giveaway to the dedicated guardians of Destiny. As I write this, I am in the process of reformatting my PS3 as it corrupted and died on me 2 days ago. A new PS4 would be a great x-mas present (hint hint LOL).

    Thanks for all the information and fun you give us with your show and with all you do for the destiny community.


Darrell B.

I am one of those 2014 December guardians that got on the Destiny train after being burned out by every other game on the market. 

A buddy of mine, who had been playing it since beta convinced me to buy it while it was on sale. I did, and I don’t know what hit me but I wanted to know everything about it. I couldn’t get enough information about every little aspect of this game and have been that way since. Hi, I’m Darrell and I’m a Destiny Addict.  

The time before Destiny, I played with a small group of friends, which they all trailed off after Advance Warfare bombed. I couldn’t find a game that I liked and was ready to sell it my Xbox. 

Now my small group of friends have turned into a clan full of Destiny nerds. 

Which now I call family. 

Ok… Got to go back to the game. 


Drew (dtitus352)

Destiny has completely changed my life. I still have no social life so that hasn’t changed. I have met with people I met on LFG that are local and I have made lifelong friends. After sinking a total of 20 days in game (as of now) I have earned how to snipe in the crucible and hate the thorn and shotguns and shotguns and EVEN MORE SHOTGUNS… That’s aside the point though, after slaying Atheon, Crota, Skolas and now Oryx I have grown so much. My knowledge always expands because of this game. Thank you for doing this Bungie, Guardian Radio, and the entire community for giving me an amazing experience.


Muddlin Through


I am in the 5th decade of life. I have been married for over 30 years. My wife is disabled and has had 11 operations in the last 4 years. She had a complication with one of them, and I had to quit my job to take care of her. Destiny has become my outlet for frustration. There is nothing like blasting aliens to work out anger and anxiety. Destiny has also allowed me to meet with and talk with people from all around the world without leaving home (as our travel is extremely limited due to my wife’s condition). 

I cannot adequately describe what Destiny has meant to me, but I hope the above gives a glimpse.



Hey guys, 

Destiny has changed my life over the past year. Many of my friends and I have been playing Destiny for a very long time. Playing Destiny has been a great change and improved the friendship between me and my friends. Destiny is a great way to bond with friends and a great way to make friends!



Hello Guardians 

I’m writing you in response to your giveaway subject; What Destiny means to you. My response it really the story of how Destiny has helped my wife and our marriage in a way. I am a day one player and have played on PS4 until June of this year. I got an Xbox One at that time for my Halo fix and downloaded the Destiny demo to curb my curiosity over graphical differences. My wife had just graduated from college with a degree she did not go after. She had started with Dental Hygiene school and had the worst experience. She changed schools and got a lesser degree. This really crushed her. We are both in our early 40’s and she is somewhat starting over with a new career late in the game. Not easy for anyone and she shut down in a way and we drifted. 

To the point: I was playing one day on the new Xbox and she looked up from her book and said

“What is that? That looks fun.” I told her it was Destiny and I had been playing for some time just on the PS4. “Can I play?” she says. Her eyes lit up like I had not seen in quite a while. I let her create a character on the PS4 not thinking she would play for more than an hour. I went to bed later and the next morning she woke up when I did which was abnormal since she had no reason at the time to get up so early. “I gotta level up.” She said as she sprang out of bed. It was really good to see her excited about something again. Her job hunts were not fruitful but she was persistent in looking for a job. Playing Destiny seemed to motivate her with a passion she had before. Her next question with bright eyes…”Can we play together?” 

The next day I secretly sold one of my guitars and brought home a new Xbox One and a copy of Destiny. Knowing that Taken King was right around the corner I felt we had enough time to level up before it came out. We have had so much fun playing together and it has brought us closer together. I think as she gets better at it she has gotten back some of her passion and confidence that was crushed at school. As I’m writing this she is at her first day at work in a job she is really excited about but can’t wait to come home and play Destiny with her husband. How cool is that? Aside from the contest I hope you share this letter and encourage other couples to “Play Together.”


Corey Jones

Hey Guardians, Corey Jones here. I just wanted to enter for the PS4 Giveaway.   

I have been playing Destiny since the beta and even with all the great games that have released over the last year I still find myself going back to Destiny daily. 

I started listening to the podcast around episode 80, and I look forward to downloading it every Tuesday.

Anyways, I play on the Xbox side (GT: oO Jonesyk Oo) I would love to win the PS4, not only because I am sick of timed exclusives but also because my brother plays on the PS4 side. I would love to be able to actually play Destiny with him, every time we have a family get together all me and my brother do is talk about the raids and trials of osiris. I would love to be able to actually run a raid or trials with him. 

Thanks for hearing my story, goodluck to everyone who entered. 

And as always Guardians Per Audacia Ad Astra.



When Destiny first came out, it was a pretty tough time for me. We had just moved from Utah to Oregon, and all my friends and family still lived in Utah. My wife is a nurse and worked nights, so I was alone all night for three nights a week. I was very lonely, I only had my 6 month old son to keep me company on those nights and the days after my wife worked. Then I heard that Destiny was doing a free beta. I thought, well, I loved halo, so that sounds fun. I decided to try it out. I was immediately hooked. I loved the community and immediately connected with the dads of destiny and safe gamers. I had listened to podcasts in the past, so I searched “Destiny podcasts” and found guardian radio. I have made so many friends all across the world and continue to play as much as I can with a growing family and budding career!


Jed T.

Greetings Guardians! 

I am a Warlock from the Philippines, I play on the PS4 and my PSN tag is PainGod_888 but my friends call me Jed. This is my story… 

My Destiny adventure started almost accidentally, I’ve heard about it from a couple of friends at work but didn’t have a PS4 so, no go right? Well it just so happened that our company was giving away a PS4 bundle with Destiny via raffle during the company’s Christmas party but I didn’t even hope to get it. 

Then it just so happened that during the party, the host pulled out a name from the box and I had a gut feeling that it would be my name but alas it was someone else… BUT, that person was absent at the time!! (Who skips a Christmas party, honestly??) So they had to draw another name from the box and it was mine! I still can’t believe it. So I went home in a rush and tried it and I was just hooked from then on, I’ve met so many nice people that have turned into friends and solidified some existing friendships. The community in Destiny is unique to say the least, it offers so much and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it. ^_^


Sidney P.

Hey guys! First of all, I want to thank you guys for doing this giveaway in the first place and that you all are unbelievably cool. Anyway, I’ve never been really close to my older brother. But since he started playing Destiny he got me into it too, which brought us closer together. Unfortunately we played on different systems so we couldn’t actually play together. But we would always talk about Destiny and nerd out together. We would actually hang out and I would watch him do raids and stuff and he would give my pointers in the crucible. I even remember when he got the Gjallahorn for the first time and we were both screaming haha. Like I said, before Destiny, we would literally NEVER talk like at all. We were not close in the slightest. But because of Destiny, I had a brother again. So to me, Destiny is way to bring people together and remind us of bonds that we once had, or bring in ways to create new ones. Incredibly, If I had another PS4, we could actually get our sister to get into Destiny as well and we would be able grow stronger as a family, which would be pretty awesome.

Seriously. Thank you.



Lee P.

Hi Guardian Radio, 

How has Destiny impacted my life?? 

Well I never bought Destiny Day 1! I wasn’t interested, I like FPS games but it didn’t pull me in, 18th September 2014 I was in a local supermarket and I just instinctively picked it up as it was my birthday 2 days later!

OMG 1500 hours later I CANT STOP PLAYING! 

I’ve also made some awesome friends online 2 of which I actually met up with at EGX in Birmingham England!

But the most awesome thing is its brought me and my lad closer together! We Chat destiny, talk about what drops we’ve had! We have a great relationship but we’ve never really had “that thing” that we do together! DESTINY is that thing! 

This game and community is awesome and I honestly don’t know what my life was like before!

Anyway Great show, you’re all amazing and your podcast is now a regular part of my life!

Guardian out!



Hello Guardian radio, I just want to say, I love the show, and I love what you guys are doing for the community. Destiny has changed my life exponentially for the better. I had a real hard time making friends, and I was going through a really rough patch in my. I had just come back from visiting my dad in Texas for my birthday, and I was browsing the playstation store when I saw Destiny in the spotlight section. I had played Halo, and I figured I would try this game out. So I went to my local GameStop and picked up Destiny and the Expansion pass, and let’s just say It was the greatest decision I have made. I was able to meet a lot of new people and make new friends, and I had started playing so much my family kept on saying I was obsessed with the game, and that internet friends weren’t real friends, and I just want to say, people like you have proved them wrong. I am great friends with quite  a few people, and I found a clan called Benevolent Malice where I truly felt at home. I just want to let you know, my life would not be the same if it wasn’t for Destiny, and the community, so thank you guys for doing this podcast. Keep doing what you are doing, and I will see you guys next time, bye.



Destiny has been my second life for the past year. I played the alpha with an open mind, although a bit unwilling to board the hype train at first. From the alpha experience to the game we have today so much has changed! We have three fantastic team oriented “FPS obstacle courses” through the raids. We have intense and competitive PvP. We have a truly frustrating but addictive loot system that constantly keep us grinding for better gear. But the big draw for me has been the social aspect of the game. The way this game has made me find friends to share laughs and tears with over the last year is something truly amazing, and also what makes  me play the game almost religiously. There’s never a lonely moment in Destiny.



Destiny has been an interesting experience for me. I grew up playing solely RPG’s and to me the only kind of game worth playing was one that a definite end. I hadn’t really ever ventured into the shooter genre apart from playing Halo: Reach at my friends’ house occasionally and Battkefield 3 on the PS3. It wasn’t until I played Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn that I understood my previous bias towards single-player RPG’s was broken but I eventually split from that game and picked up a used copy of Destiny at the local GameStop. While I’m not a “day-one player” I did start playing only a short few days after The Dark Below had dropped. I had a few of my friends that I played with throughout the grind to the level 20 but they all left because they didn’t enjoy the gear = level aspect of the game (not to mention the lack of story). For some reason though, I continued to play the game by myself everyday doing the daily missions and crucible afraid to even touch the Nightfall at this point. I stayed at level 23ish for a good month of playing solo until a guy from the tower invited me along for a strike and eventually Vault of Glass. After experiencing the raid for the first time, I was absolutely astounded with the experience I had and it just got the ball rolling for everything PVE-related. I then felt confident to join LFG groups and I even started looking for a clan to join. I eventually ended up with DoD Phoenix Raven and met some awesome guys and joined their alliance clan Enshadowed. These guys are people I spend my Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s playing with and I love every laugh and struggle we go through while doing the raid and various crucible activities. I feel like I’m in an actual community now and that’s a new experience which I’m glad to be a part of. My story isn’t as touching or awesome as many of the others but it’s a story nonetheless and I felt like I would share. I’m grateful for you guys at Guardian Radio and every other Destiny-related podcast that keeps me entertained at work with constant thoughts on what I’m gonna do in Destiny when I get home. The Taken King has been great and I hope to get some of my old friends back into the game and maybe into my clan. Keep up the good work!


Erik (texas)

Good evening guardians 

I am so thankful for the Destiny community as I have moved from NY to Texas in the past year. There was a period of time when I was alone and had little contact with friends and family. 

I then started accessing lfg sites and getting in fire and raid teams. I found myslef looking forward to searching out other people to play with and getting completely out of my comfort zone and having great experiences. 

I been listening to Guardian Radio religiously ever since October of last year. Thank you all very much for the time you put in to this great community.





My brother and I have been gaming together since we cobbled together apple IIE’s. From Quake to diablo. Doing out best to figure out LAN connections and our weak dial ups. We have player many things together over the years. Now I’m in Lahaina, Maui and he’s in Austin, Texas. No matter what separates us, be it disrance or our fights as brothers, we still come back together over games. We can theory craft or just shoot in the crucible. It’s our touch stone. 



About a year ago now, before I had even heard of destiny, I was very different. I was a quiet, shy little nerd who found it difficult to balance any kind of social interaction with my college work and just general life stuff. I sort of just… Existed. I enjoyed playing videogames, but I had never ventured into the realms of either first person shooters or MMOs. And then I got destiny. I had never seen anything about it, nor had I heard anything about what it was or wasn’t supposed to be. I booted it up on my PS3 (which I still play on in Taken King) and was introduced to this amazing, beautiful world, just waiting to be explored and understood. And as I ran around the Cosmodrome, I noticed other guardians, other people. They were kind. They were friendly. They were my very first fireteam. I didn’t have a mic back then, but they did. They never got frustrated or angry if I messed up. They guided me through my first strike, the first time of many that I killed Sepiks Prime. That experience… Opened me up. I got a mic. I began talking and interacting with my fellow players. And one day, I saw one of them with a really cool looking gun in a gold box. That was when I found out that exotics existed. So I went online and googled “How to get exotics”, and this youtube channel from a guy named “MyNameIsByf” came up. And then from there, I found out about you wonderful people at guardian radio, about these awesome activities called “raids”, and all these places I could go to where there were people who all loved this amazing game. I came out of my shell completely, just enjoyed life more, but I always had time to listen to the podcast, go raiding at the weekend with my mates or do the nightfall as soon as the reset hit.

Then something happened that changed my life. I was cycling along the road on my way home from college, thinking about the amount of time I would need to do crotas end to get all my stuff levelled. And then there was a car. I only saw it for a second, and then I heard a crack and everything just went black. I woke up about an hour later in hospital, unable to feel my legs. As well as minor cuts, bruises and a concussion, I had fractured a vertebra in my spine, I had to have surgery to have a plate put in. Luckily, the damage wasn’t permanent, but for a time I was confined to a wheelchair, and even after that I found it difficult to walk just with my crutches. I felt useless. Pointless. Then one of my online friends, who knew what had happened, messaged me saying “Dude, I know things have been tough lately, but you’re gonna get through this. We need a swordbearer for Crota. You in?”.

That message brought me back.

I had felt useless for quite a while before my recovery, I could barely walk, all my work was sent for me to do at home, I barely saw any of my friends. But to hear that I was needed, even something as small as being swordbearer in the raid, helped me massively. My friends, who I found in this amazing community, helped bring me back.


And now just this weekend gone, some of my medical tests came back. I hadn’t been expecting anything, they were usually just the same thing. But this time they said my spine was finally fully healed. I imagine by the time you read this, I will have had surgery and the plate will have been removed. And I will be completely healed.


And all of it, everything is because this community is so welcoming. So friendly. Its because there are legendary guys like you who help shape the community, because there are youtubers like Byf who can help guide newcomers into the game and introduce them to the amazing lore.

So I want to say thank you. To all of you. To Bungie, the people who have created this incredible game, to the streamers who interact with the community live, to the youtubers who analyse and understand the things that are happening in game and present it to us in an easy to understand way, to the cosplayers, the sherpas, the tweeters, and the ordinary everyday players like myself. 

Thank you.

It is people like you who make this game, who make this community. 

You are legend. 

We are legend.


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To My Fellow Guardians Holding Off the Darkness,  

First of all, I wanted to take this chance to thank you all for the time you take every week to sit down and talk about a video game.  Your discussions are always informative and entertaining especially when there is a disagreement.  It is refreshing to hear a group of people have a spirited debate without talking over each other. Please keep up the good work as you make my drives to work on Tuesday mornings that much better. 

“What Destiny Means to Me” 

I was always a Bungie/Halo fan growing up and I have fond memories of late night LAN parties and power cycling routers over and over again just to get online and experience Bungie’s great games with friends over the internet.  After leaving home for college, these relationships that I had built around these shared experiences took a backseat to school, and friends that I considered dear to me, went on to start their adult lives while attending different institutions. 

Flash-forward to over a decade later 

I had a cursory interest in Destiny during its entire first year but I never felt that strong urge to take the plunge. During this summer, after seeing the E3 trailer, I started listening to a few Destiny podcasts and watching some of the wealth of Youtube and Twitch content out there and Destiny slowly started to sink it’s claws into me.  Needless to say, I made the plunge after The Taken King came out and have not turned back since.   

Now to the true reason for my entry today, as this game not only hooked me with its gameplay and progression system, but it allowed me a chance to reconnect to one of those friends that had drifted away after high school.   

This friend had tried Destiny last year for a few months but never invested in the expansions and fell off as an active user.  On a whim, I contacted him to see if he would be interested in upgrading his copy of the game in order to run some of the story together.  He ended up getting The Taken King and we finally started playing a Bungie game together again.  It is amazing to me how you can go so long without talking to someone, but when you reconnect over a shared interest, it is as though you never parted.  We went from not having caught up for 12 years to playing together 2 to 3 times a week!  We are constantly texting each other now to make sure neither of us misses out on any of the timed content and we are even planning on getting the families together soon as it turns out that we do not live that far apart. 

What does Destiny mean to me?  Destiny is the reason that I can say that I have truly gained back one of my long lost friends. 

Again, thank you to you, Guardian Radio, to the community that keeps this game fun, and to Bungie for making it all work. 

Keep your eyes up Guardians, for you never know what, or more importantly, WHO may be waiting for you out there.


To the good people at Guardian Radio, 

I used to be a Gamer. I played every* game that came out (*minus the duds like Madden and the like). Before I got married, this was perfectly appropriate (I think). My “new game” addiction didn’t come at a cost to anyone but myself.

I got married around the same time I started working for a few different video game retailers, while also going to school to become a teacher. I bought a lot of games and spent a lot of money. When I finally stopped working to focus on school full-time (supported by my wife, who was a first-year teacher, and who had just given birth to our beautiful son), I had developed a very unhealthy addiction to Skylanders. I dug a pretty deep hole for my family, financially, and wasn’t making any money to pay it off.

That was a dark time in my life and it took time to rebuild trust with my wife. I had developed a compulsive buying habit that dovetailed with my lifelong love of video games. 

The answer to this problem, for me, turned out to be Destiny. I bought Destiny with a gift card my wife gave me for graduating college and getting my teaching credential. It was the first game I’d played in a while, as I’d been focusing on student teaching and final projects. I was nervous about jumping back in to gaming because I knew the road that could lead down. 

I love Destiny because it’s been the “last game I bought” for over a year now. It grabbed me and hooked me and I’m so grateful that I haven’t even wanted to buy another game since last November. The “staying power” of Destiny has helped me to control a problem that got out of hand before. I will always need to “game”, but I’ve found the one game to let me do that without wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars.




Guardian Radio, 

       Wanted to start out by saying I love the show and I have been listening since episode 25! I definitely miss Craig’s science facts and awesome audio grimoire, but I still love how everyone on the show has a different opinion and way of thinking, makes it very engaging! Anyway, onto the topic at hand. My name is Kevin aka Boost (xbox live) and I have been playing Destiny since the beta launched and I haven’t looked back. Destiny’s amazing gun-play has spoiled me to say the least. The reason I am writing this is I am a 30 year old father of two girls (soon to be three!) and I have been a “blue collar” worker my entire life with a distant “dream” of someday becoming something more. Destiny has been a life changer for me, not only by meeting amazing people and being apart of this great community we have, but mostly for inspiring me to be better. Because of Destiny I am putting myself through college taking courses to become a professional Game Designer. This has not only made me feel better about myself, but I am proving to my children that anything is possible at any age and you can be whatever you want to be. Never let anyone tell you otherwise! So, to make a long story short, by the year 2017 I hope to find myself in a game studio somewhere making my dreams come true. 

       Winning the PS4 would simply allow me to connect with so many new people on the Sony side of Destiny. Especially being an admin for our group “Destiny Dads”, I have had the luxury of meeting and talking to some really great people, but I always tell them that I am only on the Xbox side of things, It would be great to connect to everyone! So thank you again Guardian Radio, for not only keeping my drives to work a bit more friendly, but allowing everyone to share their opinions on your podcast each and every week. Keep up the great work and I’ll see you star-side! 🙂


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I had been watching the development of destiny from when it was first mentioned years ago. Not to the point where I knew exactly how it would play. It was just THE game that I thought I just had to have. Developed by Bungie, it was almost a no brainer. I also had a friend who played the beta and he was all about it. As if I wasn’t sold already, he closed the sale with the explanation of supers, the intersteller travel, and the fact that we could meet up and wreck shop together! I bought the PS4 destiny bundle and my adventure began. I played/grinded for hours on end. I loved the game! I didn’t even care if the story was great or not. To me, this was one of the greatest games I had ever played. The attention to detail was so on point. Months after my friend started playing, he went on over to another game. I still played either way. The game was more challenging now because I was stubborn about actually finding other people. I had also gotten burned by a group of guys that didn’t want to raid with me because I didn’t know the mechanics. So I went solo dolo for the first six months. Until one day I was doing a Vanguard ROC playlist and the other two invited me to a party. Even though I joined the party I was still so quiet. But I warmed up and they eventually figured out that I had not raided since the game came out. Instead of dissing me or making fun of me they were like “We are taking you through a raid right now!” They couldnt believe that I was still playing this game without even been past the first door in The Vault. They gathered a group of some other really cool people and I did it! My first raid!! I got a Vex Mythoclast at the end and they were all freaking out for me. I was like “is that a good gun?” My friend’s list grew and grew after that day. Now I am no longer quiet and I take people through raids because I am humbled by how I was rejected and accepted. Moral of the story: The Destiny community can be really amazing. But there is a small percentage of people out there who aren’t. Don’t be discouraged and keep searching. You will find a group of people who don’t care how bad you suck or what your kill/death ratio is. The clan im in for example, SooClose on PS4, we accept from all walks of life no requirements just positivity.


Our story started  around 10 years ago. Chris (Chihass) and i met through a game on Facebook  called Kingdoms of Camelot, i was his chancellor in the alliance-like our clan. He liked to lurk and was actually very quiet then. (Hard to believe I know ) and for some unknown reason I told him that he had to talk in our chat or I would kick him out of the alliance. Little did I know what started that night.  We chatted online for a couple of years  before we finally started talking on the phone.

In November it was 5 years since we met in person, I flew out to meet the guy that I had spent hundreds of hours talking to.  I moved to the west coast 3 months ago.   I had never tried a first shooter-I was used to Crash Bandicoot and such. lol It took him over a year to try one, it was MW2 and I enjoyed it  but hated the hacked games. We played together but the split screen was hard for Chris to see very well as he is legally blind. We took turns playing  but it keft the other one doing their own thing, which did cause us some problems with our relationship.  We made the decision to buy a 2nd PS3 and another tv so that we could play together.  It really did help. We played MW3, then I got hooked on the Last of Us, seriously hooked. During this time I was only able to get a part time job,  so money was tight, but we had the game to play together. We didn’t really have any friends, we had become homebodies out of necessity.  Then I  became really sick in the beginning of last year…there were a lot of doctor’s visits with no answers  and i was pretty much in bedrest as any movement made things worse. Things were hard for both of us, financially and more. I almost lost my life…and just as it finally started to get better, Destiny came out. We loved the game, the beta upset me because I didn’t want to quit playing and we were both impatient in waiting.  We played the game for about 5 months before we heard about Safegamers. Chris had seen the Community Focus on Belle/Dames/Safegamers. We applied, but I didn’t know what to expect.  Our experience was lacking. We had tried the raids numerous times and never been able to complete them. Rc_crispy just jumped in with us, he was nice and I figured we could try the clan out.

It was the best decision we could have made. Not only the help, but the patience  and direction to things we didn’t understand.  And it has become our family of friends.  Chris has flourished and continues to step out more than ever, but this community. It has given him a purpose and structure. With all of his health issues,  this community has helped to improve his outlook. We got married on St. Patrick’s Day. The game and community continue to help not only our relationship,  but the friends that we have made have enriched our lives more than I ever dreamed that a game could…because it’s so much more to us. We can’t afford for both of us to get a PS4 but would be so grateful to win. To continue to grow in this community is a wonderful idea, but difficult to grow if we don’t have the right tools. I have finally gotten a full time job but we need to  atch up on bills, so this truly would be a great blessing. Thank you for creating this community Belle.



Hello guardians of d this is gingerXD777 (my ps username) and this is my story of how destiny has impacted my life. I’ve been playing video games since I was 4 years old and my first console was my GameCube. I grew up on a farm in Ohio and all of my friends lived far enough away that I wasn’t able to visit them often so that led to me playing a lot of video games. January of 2013 I heard of this new game coming out in September called destiny and I watched a couple of trailers and was instantaneously hooked to the game. In May I literally started a countdown of the days till the game came out and I pre-ordered it for my PlayStation 3. The week the game came out I received no sleep and I wasn’t able to go to the midnight release so at school the day it came out I’m pretty sure I got f’s all day long. I went straight to game stop after school that day and went home and played it. Holy crap I have never felt more attached to a video game my entire life and instantly knew that this would be my favorite game of all time and to this day it is. Before I got destiny I had 10 friends on my PlayStation friend list. Today I have 120 and almost all of them are friends I’ve made playing destiny. December of 2014 I got my PlayStation 4 for Christmas. If I win the ps4 then I will give mine to my buddy at school and keep the badass taken king one. I love listening to you guys every week and am absolutely in love with destiny. It’s changed my life as a gamer as it the best multiplayer experience I have ever been a part of. I hope I get chosen and I played the honey ear byf game. SO BADASS! Lol I laughed so hard. Thank you for reading and you guys are awesome.


Alden L.

Hi and sorry for the last minute entry/email. I’ve been a long time listener of the show, and I’ve sent in a couple emails before but this was the first time in a while I’ve felt compelled to email again. Not just because of the prize but because I’d love to share my story of how Destiny, and the community specifically, has impacted my life.  

In August of 2014, after much discussion with my fiancee, I decided to make a major change in my life and try getting sober again. I was beginning my senior semester as a biochemistry undergrad, and early on it became apparent just how difficult it was going to be. I had gotten sober for brief periods before, but nothing that ever lasted. One of my biggest challenges was finding things to keep me occupied, especially at night, so that my mind wasn’t constantly going towards drinking. Certainly AA meetings helped, but I still needed something outside of that. I bought a PS4 on a whim, and purchased destiny a week later. I enjoyed the game initially, but it wasn’t until my first VoG raid and meeting some other players that became my now clan that I was hooked. I hadn’t played a FPS in years, and had never ventured into online gaming, so this was all pretty new to me. The friendships I ended up making helped me through those first few months of sobriety, as I always had friends ready to do something (i.e. play destiny) that didn’t involve drinking. These online interactions eventually blossomed into true friendships, with several of us now having met up to go to concerts, been there for one of our clan members having their first child, and supporting each other through the many challenges life throws our way. At times when I was struggling with my sobriety I would just pop in destiny and be able to talk with my clan members, and without them I honestly don’t know if I would’ve been able to make it through.  

Then in April of 2015, as I was getting ready to graduate, I was hit with something I wasn’t prepared for. My fiancee, who I had been dating for 6 years, woke up one morning and told me that she wasn’t ready and called off our engagement and ended our relationship. I was devastated. I immediately closed up to the world, and didn’t know what to do. After several days of agony, and numerous texts from clan members checking in on me, I popped on Destiny and told them what had happened. The support, love, generosity, and understanding I received from them was unbelievable. They were all there for me to lend an ear, offer words of encouragement, play a game or two to help distract me, and do anything else they could to help me through. I had debated withdrawing from school that semester, but with their help and support, they convinced me to stick it out, and as a result I finished up and graduated in May.  

This community has helped me through two of the biggest obstacles I’ve faced in my life, and for that I am forever grateful to them, and to Bungie for providing a platform where I could meet these amazing people.  

One of the other people that was immensely helpful during this time was my older brother. We both actually got engaged around the same time, and his wedding was this past May. He was there for me as much as he could be despite his living in Oregon and me living in Georgia, and after his wedding even invited me out to live with him and his wife for the summer. It was so great to get out there and away from all the memories I had back here in GA, and to spend time with him and interact in person rather than solely through phone calls and texts. I had brought my PS4 with me to Oregon at his request, as he doesn’t have one and isn’t in a position to afford one at this stage in his life. So I am entering this contest in the hopes that I could give him the PS4 as a gift this Christmas, so that we can have one more way to spend time together, that I can introduce him to destiny, my clan, and to add one more person to this awesome community we have all helped build.  

Thank you guys so much for all that you do, and for giving myself and others this opportunity to step up and share all the things that make this community truly special and unique. A huge thanks to the listener Zach as well, whose generosity is making this all possible. I am happy to report that in August I picked up my blue chip for a year sober, and as of this writing am coming up on a year and 5 months sober. I hope this email isn’t too long, I tried to keep it as short as I could while still conveying everything as best I could. Keep up the great work, you guys are amazing and I couldn’t be more thankful for this opportunity. Enjoy the holidays and good luck in your fight against the darkness!



What’s up Guardian Radio my name is Robert Rivera aka @S3R1US_BL4CK founder of Ashtar Galactic Command @ashtarguardians on Twitter. First things first I’d like to say that I’m a huge fan of the show. I listen to the podcast every week and truly feel that it gets better by the week. Now on to more pressing matters. Where do I start? I guess I’ll start off by saying that I was a huge Halo fan which is what drew me to Destiny. I’ll never forget the day that I saw a poster in ODST for Destiny. It read “Destiny Awaits” I thought to myself “I wonder what this is about” never did I think that it was going to be a game completely separate from Halo, let alone a bungie game that would be on not only XBOX but on PlayStation as well. I’ve been playing Destiny since the beta (missed out on the alpha) and I’ve been addicted ever since. Destiny is more than just a game to me. Like my brother always says Destiny is a way of life. Scratch that Destiny is life lol. From the moment that I first played the game I knew that things would never be the same. Less time spent with the wife and kid, less time hanging with the fellas, less time playing sports, less time on other games etc. I like to think of myself as an all around gamer. I’ve purchased Madden, NBA2K and The Show every year since I was like 9. This year I’ve passed on 2K and The Show and I wound up trading in my Madden in less than a month. I barely play anything else at this point. I play Destiny so much that I feel as though I’ve wasted money on awesome games like Arkham Knight, Uncharted, The Order, DB Xenoverse and tons more. They are probably never going to get played smh. Destiny is more than just a game to me guys. It’s allowed me to build friendships with gamers from all over the world. Going down into a raid with your real friends is cool. Going into a raid with complete strangers is amazingly fun and rewarding. On top of being an amazing game Destiny is an amazing community. I’ve never witnessed something like this. Seeing people in chat rooms completely dedicated to helping guardians link up with one another is genius. Some people have had tons of complaints about the game from Vanilla to TTK. I on the other hand have had none. I’m aware that it’s a ten year game. Any game that’s going to last 10 years is going to have its ups and downs. Also it’s most likely not going to have all of the best stuff available in year one. I didn’t get my Gjallahorn until a month before TTK dropped. Not once did I complain. Why you say? Because I had The Hunger of Crota and Truth lol. Fatebringer will forever be my favorite gun or weapon in any game. Destiny means so much to me because there were times that I’ve felt overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I had to do to get strong enough in the game and I overcame the odds. Hey did I mention that I saw a tweet from Byf saying that we can make our own TTK trailers? Yea that happened and I made my own trailer right after. A TRAILER I SAY. How many games can say they’ve done that? Not many I bet. I honestly believe that this game has taught me to work better in a team. Helped me be a better leader, a better teammate and a better listener. DESTINY IS LIFE AND I LOVE IT. Thank you guys for being such an awesome group of individuals. You guys and girl (BelleBunny) are cool as hell and I love the fact that you all respond and interact with your fans on Twitter. Anyways I hope this was a decent explanation of what Destiny means to me and hopefully I get the PS4 because it would be something to show my wife and say “Ha told you Destiny wasn’t a waste of time” lol. Jk she might beat me up for that.



I first started playing video games when I was very young. I started off with the regular Nintendo and so I have worked my way up to where now I play on Xbox. I have always played sports games and really have never played any other kinds of games but my brother doesn’t play sports game and he lives half way across the country and so I don’t get to spend much time with him but he one day started telling me about this game called destiny that was going to be coming out and he said I know you normally don’t play these kinds of games but I think you will really enjoy it. So I tried out the beta and I was like ehh its ok. But then once the game came out and the demo came out I gave it another try and that’s when I fell in love with destiny. I fell in love with the game for so many reasons. It started off because it gave me a chance to hang out with my brother on a regular basis but it became so much more. I have become friends with so many people from the destiny community. I have never been part of a video game community that is so friendly and helpful. Whenever I have a question about the game I know that I can just ask one of my guardian friends and they will be more than happy to help me out with the question or a quest. This game has totally changed my life because of some of the people that I have met. That’s not even including the clan that I am part of I get to raid on a weekly with the coolest people ever. We actually have a weekly raid night set up and a little over a year ago I never would have thought I would have a weekly video game night set up to play with friends. I just think it’s amazing with the time I get to play I can meet people all the way across the world and get to know them for instance I live in Texas but one of my two main people I play with one of them lives in California and another lives all the way in Hong Kong. I talk to those people on a weekly basis and I have never had an experience like the one I have had with destiny. I have referred all my friends to destiny even if they only have a ps4 L because I hope the game can change their lives on a positive note like it has changed my families. 

Thank you for all you guys do at guardian radio. I listen every week. J



Spudkinks the Ps4 player here, fps player since the days of DOOM.

I’m a week one player. Originally I didn’t even want the game. I was a C.O.D. addict. But my wife bought it for me on a friends recommendation (a decision she regrets to this day). Originally I had a no friends to play with, things got boring just before the dark below. I quit. Then a buddy picked up a ps4 and we started playing together. A lot. A couple other friends started playing too and things got really fun, like super fun. Then, things got slow again, my friends started playing less and less. But I was hooked. I tried r/fireteams and the100.io with very limited success. Then one magical day, I found DoD westside. Over the past 6 months or so with DoD I’ve met some wonderful players. Shared some amazing gameing moments. Made several new E-friends. And I owe that to Guardian Radio. If it weren’t for you guys, I may have never heard of DoD. Thank you. Community is what makes Destiny great.

So, this Ps4 giveaway. I don’t want it… For me. I want it for a very close friend, Britvarama on Ps3. A friend who I’ve played countless hours of call of duty and Red Dead Redemption with on the Ps3. He can’t afford a Ps4. I’ve tried to find a way to buy him one, but havn’t had the money either. He lives on disability and helps take care of his mom. He’s a wonderful human being and would be an valuable asset to the Destiny and Ps4 community. But really, I just want to play with my friend again. He deserves this!

I know the winner is picked at random, but I’m crossing my fingers that this contest will create a new Guardian, one that will enjoy all the benefits of THE best gaming community ever to exist. Starting with this gift.

If chosen, you’ll get his address.

Thanks for the podcast, I listen every week.

Shout outs (I hate that term) to DoD westside, Kensuaga, Jammer4200, This_was_Justin, and Thanediablo. Let’s get Britvarama in our fireteam!


Ge Know

Dear Guardian Radio, 

I love listening to your podcast. I can’t get enough of the positive energy from everyone on the show and all you guests. I’ve been playing Destiny since launch. It’s always been a game that me an my brother-in-law have been passionate about and I feel has strengthen our friendship. I love that a group or a small team of guardians can work and grow together within the game. I’ll admit, I’ve always been a solo gamer. In the beginning of Destiny I would play the story solo, rank up my character, play some pvp and I would be done. It wasn’t until my first raid that I discovered the real potential of the game. Having to find five other guardians that wanted to accomplish one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in a video game, take down Atheon. I thought I would just want to finish Vault of Glass and go back to being the solo gamer I was. But when I walked out of that first raid, the sweat, hours, heart that we all left in the vault of glass, my raid group instantly bonded. A piece of my gaming history was shared with these five other guardians forever. That’s when I realized the full potential of the game. No other games has the same kind of community that Destiny does. Before Destiny my friends list was about 15. Now a days, my friends list is well beyond that, I have two regular raid groups that I look forward to meeting with every week. Destiny has been a game that helped me break out of my shell somewhat. And it’s all thanks to the Destiny community. 

Thanks for a great game, but most of all, thank you everyone for making a great community.



Guardian Radio, 

My tag is f-15e_rage and I am still relatively new to the Destiny community. I picked up the game with the Taken King expansion and was so clueless that after getting all the TTK bonus loot from the speaker, I deleted the character to change to a hunter and lost all the loot!  So I had to grind my way from the ground up. I immediately loved the game but never felt comfortable playing with other players. I played all the quests and strikes I could solo and have even tried to look into a way to play the raids solo.  After several months playing the game all by myself I decided to put the Destiny community to the test.  Just today I found a strike team to help me get through the VOG raid.  All I can say is it was amazing FULL STOP (in the immortal words of BYF). The game has not only become more fun to play, but I now have first hand experience of just how awesome and supportive the other guardians of Destiny can be. I literally cannot wait to go through another raid and meet more people. Kudos to Bungie for finding a way to bring a hermit like me out of my shell to experience gaming in a way that is ten times better than it was before. 

You guys are the best. I love the podcast. Keep up the good work.



Hi my name is Paul, 

I go by the PSN: polsiola. feel free to add me. I am by no means a great player of destiny. I am a dedicated player but only manage to play once or twice a week for 2-3 hours on average. I am originally from Papua New Guinea and living now in Brisbane, Australia. 

I began destiny in Year one September 2014 when Vanilla first launched. I played through and was satisfied all the way through the campaign. I like many others forgot about destiny over the year but came back just before the Taken King was released. This was when i really got into the community with all the hype around the Taken King. 

When it comes down to it, I love the game for what it is. I haven’t reached any salty stage or tilt. I guess it is because i am consuming it at a pace that i believe is increasing the longevity of it. I have yet to complete a bunch of quests and exotics are still out of my immediate reach such as the Black spindle and Sleeper Simulant. I love giving it a shot every time Lost To Light comes around.

This is where the Community really comes into play. It is never a drought in the community when it comes to content and walkthroughs. I love it.

being on the PS3 system, i also do find players out there in the bungie forums to join to get content done like raids and Strikes. I always find the feedback there is instant and i can always rely on them. 

My PVP experience was so bad. I thank Players like Byf and KJHovey and other players and also Crucible Radio for helping me increase my gamplay in PVP. I am in no way that great but it has made the experience better since i was terrified in vanilla cos i was soooooo bad. 

At least i dont find myself at the bottom of the list everytime.

The Community is great and it has helped make the game what it is today. I don’t see myself strafing too far from Destiny. Its the only game i play at the moment because of the community. 

I hope i can have the PS4 experience if win. If not, i still will buy one soon. 

Thanks for listening to my entry. 

My love to you all



Destiny the game has two parts. The first is the game itself, a stylish portrayal of Light versus Dark. The second part is it’s community. A very large, very vocal, very receptive one. The community is probably the most important part of this game. If one needs examples, look no further than the Guardians who came together to honor a fellow Guardian who had passed, or the response of those who donate their time and energy for charities. When a natural disaster struck Nepal, Guardians where their to lend aide and support. 

Where else in the gaming world is their such a community as the one that Destiny has? 

But the community isn’t just about the bigger picture, the world at large. It’s also about how it affects just a singular player. A player such as myself. 

I’ve been apart of this game since just after it’s release, putting in many hours to help further the Light. But it’s not who I am. Who I am, is a father who decided that the best thing in this world was to stay home to take care of our youngest child while my wife finished her schooling and start her career. I’ve been doing this for the better part of three years, which at times can be a daunting task given that said child is also multiply disabled. In between doctor trips, transports to school, and regular errands, Destiny was my refuge, my relaxation point. It was a place for me to go to be myself. It was also a place I went where I was by myself. That is, until this past March. 

March is when, after playing a bit with a fellow Guardian regularly (thank you “Play Destiny”), I purchased a mic and started talking to him. Talking. Vocally speaking to someone other than through emotes. We would play together, eventually meeting up with other players, even join clans together. I had found a community of players to play with, to bond with, that covered areas on Earth from West Coast of America, to it’s East Coast, all the way over the Atlantic to the Netherlands, with places in between. I finally felt like I was truly a part of a Community.

This changed everything for me. Up until this point I had literally not spoken to another person besides my wife’s friend and my brother-in-law in a face-to-face conversation, let alone over the telephone. This is just how it’s been. I guess I’m just not a very talkative person. 

The community is still strong in this game. It hopefully will be for years to come, growing ever larger. For me, my community has gotten smaller. As time has passed, friends have either moved on to other games or moved onto the PlayStation 4. It’s getting a bit lonely here on the PS3. Yes, there are still players here, and yes I still see online “friends”, but it’s just not the same. My friends, the members of my community, have moved on while I stayed (or even got left) behind. But that’s just how life is. We move on. We stay the same. Others move on. Others stay the same. In the end, however, we are still a part of this vast collective community that is the World. We are a part of Destiny. Let us embrace our community.



I won’t drag this out so I’ll just answer the questions for the giveaway!

The Destiny community means alot to me. before Destiny, I would ONLY play online games against/with my friends that lived locally. I never reached out to make friends  except when playing an MMO and even then I would mainly just play with my friends and not get attached with many of the new people. Since playing Destiny, my Playstation friends list has grown  ALOT. I have friends in England, Scotland, all across the US. I’ve reconnected with some old high school friends who play and built a solid raid group that is everything I want in a gaming group. We aren’t hardcore and we just joke around no matter how long it takes. We celebrate every victory and we support each other when we have troubles outside of the game. We will stop a raid and take a break if something comes up IRL instead of kicking someone and powering on without them. I have never met an unhelpful person in Destiny. I know they exist but I have never seen them. Every time I’ve had to use LFG the person who joins us has been helpful and usually becomes our rotating 6th. 

As for Guardian Radio? Guardian Radio is part of my weekly schedule. Other than maybe 2 other podcasts I usually listen to Guardian Radio as soon as I can download it. I love the chemistry between the hosts and I love that my Carolina Panthers get some love (I’m from SC).  I look forward to the news and commuity focus that Guardian Radio provides.

Eyes up Guardians!



Kiya C.


Destiny is more than just a game to me because, I’ve met some amazing people from around the world.

I’m in a clan currently (sisterhood of the guardians) and they make the game fun, they’re super welcoming too. I’m currently on a ps3, and have been dreaming of a ps4 forever!

Destiny is a challenge, it’s fun, all be it somewhat irratating at times. I play for fun, to let off some steam. I never imagined I’d make so many new friends with a common interest either.

Thank you for doing this giveaway!


II BadxBrad II

First off, I love your podcast. It helps me through the day at work and is very informative

and make me love this game even more. My story isnt crazy or mushy, its just fun. 

My family moved to Georgia from Pennsylvania when i was 12 years old. I started playing games pretty young my first gaming console was super nintendo playing mortal combat at about 6 or so and then received the first gameboy and really fell in love with it. I have played probably hundreds of hours on pokemon. One year my Grandpa got me the original xbox and this game called Halo. My life was changed! We moved shortly after that and as i grew older i figured out you could play with friends and was totally addicted for the next however many years up until the halo 3 guardians map was burned in my brain. I got into some other games but nothing really stuck. Some newer halos came out and i never really got into them. Most of my friends went to college and stopped playing and i kinda gave up on gaming. My family moved back to PA because my Dad got relocated. I had a job and was settled outside of my family house so i decided to stay. For the next year my life was pretty hard, working a crappy job just to make ends meet and a whole bunch of time binge watching crappy shows because i had nothing better to do with no money. I didnt get to see my family much just because of the expense it took to get there. Completely out of my budget. I fell out of contact with my best friend, my brother who is 4 years younger than me, just because things were changing in his life also. Then one day out of the blue I decided to get on Xbox 360 and fool around on Halo. My brother was playing Destiny online. I immediately sent him a party chat. He this told me how great this brand new game was. I scrounged some money up to buy a 60 dollar game, which at the time my as well have been 1000 dollars but it has payed back 100x that amount. Over the next few months my brother and I rekindled that friendship we had playing games our whole life. We were talking everyday either on Xbox or on the phone about Destiny and it also trickled into other things going on in life. A year later I rented a Uhaul quit my job and moved back to Pittsburgh PA. I had enough of the crappy job and wanted to start over in a new place and with my best friend and family.

Since I moved back I not only have so much appreciation for family and my brother in particular but things have been amazing in my life. I have a great job in the manufacturing business. I found the woman of my dreams and have found life long friends. Without Destiny all of this might not have happened. Because of the late night raids and the fun my brother and I and our friends had on destiny, it made me take a chance to start over in a new place and completely changed my life. Im thankful to Bungie for making such an amazing game that has created an amazing community. Destiny is a part of my life almost everyday. My brother is going to be the best man in my wedding next year. We still talk about Destiny almost everyday. 

Its great what your doing on the show and even though I would love the PS4, that’s not entirely the reason of me sending you this. I hope somehow through this, my thanks will get back to Bungie and Destinys great creators and you guys for being such a part of my life and in my opinion making it so much better! Thank you guys!

Guardian out.



Hey guys!

I’m a new listener to Guardian radio and this is my first time writing in.

Where to start really? I am 25 years old and have been a gamer for just about 15 years. I’ve played just about every genre of game but I’ve always been drawn in most by shooter games. My first online addiction started a long time ago with Socom US Navy Seals. It also got me into competitive gaming. After a long journey called life I found myself forming another addiction, this time to Destiny. Destiny has been a way all my friends and I have been able to stay connected over the years. Recently though it has been playing a larger role as I have just graduated from Grad school and moved by myself from PA to TN for a job. I am not near any of my friends or family. I have friends now that live in PA, CA, and my brother who I also play with is moving out west too. Destiny is where we all meet up and just hangout and have fun with all the content. It’s great because it has PvP for my competitive shooter needs but the PvE is great for the more relaxed fun nights my bro and I get to play. My girlfriend is also still back in PA and until she gets a job too and can move, I’d love to get her into Destiny as well so we can play together. She enjoys watching me play Destiny and I’d like to get her her own console and account set up so she can play too. Gaming has always been and big part of my life and I love playing with people all over the world and Destiny’s amazing community has made me not feel so lonely in this new state and home of mine.

Love the show and it keeps me entertained while at work. Keep up the great work!



Hey, i’m Guillaume and before destiny I was really a casual gamer. I never played Halo, to be honest I actually didn’t like it very much. The only games I ever played were Elder scrolls Skyrim and a few Japanese Role Playing games. Before Destiny launched I already knew I would love it. The trailers promised an online open world RPG Shooter that you can enjoy with your friends.  Soon after the game launched I stumbled upon the Guardians Radio Podcast and I haven’t stopped listening since. The content is rich and unlike RNG y’all give me exactly what I need.I know that there are plenty of different ways to get my destiny news but there’s nothing like Guardian Radio. 




No? need more? ok 

I started playing destiny in the alpha right after it was announced at E3 a couple of years ago. I loved it, took part in the beta and bought the game when it came out. I thought the game was great but there wasnt anything at that time that set it apart from the other games I’d played. I was running solo and wasn’t in a clan. Having played a fair number of MMo’s like star wars galaxies, everquest and city of heroes in the past and had issues with harassment from fellow clan or guild members I’d always given them a wide berth. Then, my friend Tim got a PS4 . Destiny was the only game we both had so we started playing as a fireteam of two. It was then , for me, Destiny came into its own. We started playing every night and soon met other players like JC, Chaddy, and Dec to name a few. soon our group of 2 became a regular group of 6 or more  and we formed our own clan “dontdiedotcom” named after the helpful advice of Chaddy. 

Me: Chaddy how do we do this part of the raid?

Chaddy: Simple, dont die! 

Now, Destiny is not just another game, its a hobby of its own. Its what we do. Friday is Xur day, Tuesday is Guardian Radio day, and now Wednesday is Armsday. Destiny has restored my faith in gaming communities and I know it will go from strength to strength. To have Guardian Radio as the voice of the community and see for ourselves when Bungie listen and make the changes we ask for is truly beyond belief. Long may Destiny and Guardian Radio continue. Stay safe Guardians. 

Now, about that prize….



Hello Guardian Radio, My name is David and I have been a long time listener and guardian. I will start with a little about myself and my good friends. Where to start really is the question I’ve been asking myself; I start playing Bungie titles from a young age and I’ve always love both the games and the communities that pop up around them. I personally started my love of Bungie games with Marathon 2, although I started getting into the community side around the release of Halo: Combat Evolved. Throw out all of the Halos I had meant some of the great friends that I still talk to this day. Destiny is no exception to that as well with many of my friends from Halo making the jump to Bungie’s latest title. I feel a little like the Speaker talking about this,”I could tell you all about this”, comes to mind as I write this email. I thought my buddies wouldn’t go away like so many of my “real life friends” did and thankfully that hasn’t happen. Now of course we are all in need of an upgrade to our old 360s’. Now, on to the story that will hopefully show everyone how nice and helpful everyone in this community is. I work at night which as made getting my group together to raid a little more difficult than I like to admit. So I’ve turn to lfg to get me throw a lot of the year one raids. Well one not after one of my personal worst days ever I came home and saw that my normal group had to get off because they had work in the morning. I took to lfg for the first time and to my surprise I ran into a group of people, some of them I still talk to now, that not only knew what was going on, they also were telling jokes talking about their days and so on. I asked if all of them were friend and they said this the first time they met. They were so welcoming and fun to hang out with we spend most of the time running throw hard VOG almost flawless just BSing and sharing stories. It got to the point were we finished the raid and we did even notice it. Then we ran Crota, where they showed me their way of finishing Crota and I still do that way to this day. The best part of all of this wasn’t that I got the Mythoclast and Necrocasm in one night, is was the fact that was the first time I ran into the Dads, Safe Gamers, and The Dames to switch I am so thankful. If I would have never listened to your podcast, Ms.Bell and a few of your guests I would never went to that site and found all those helpful wonderful people.



Hey there. 

Im rather new to destiny only playing for almost a mounth and lisning to you lot for  two weeks. I got the game ‘caues two of my friends realy liked it. I’m not a fps fan myself but i like playing with my friends so i got it and i do not regret it in the least. 

I have been playing with my frinds weekly and they have been from time to time streaming it and its so fun. But one of my friens is moving away soon but she planes to get destiny once she is in the new town (when two of my frind plays only one had a ps4 since the other lived on a boat with no internet). So all three of us will be keeping in toutch and having our very random fun through destiny. 

so what destiny meens to my is less what it has done for me but what it can be for me and my friends. and i may or may not be entering this to try and get the ps4 for my friend thats leaving.



Hi! I’m David and my gamer tag is Priempst420 on the One. I fell in love with destiny when I had to move to PA from TN. I left all my friends behind. The way we keep in touch now is by playing destiny together. It’s so great to feel like my friends are closer than they are. That’s what destiny does for me. It’s just a plus that it’s an awesome game as well. Thank you guardians of D for your podcast and all your contributions to the community.



Phillip B.

I think i’ve racked up more time playing Destiny than all other games I’ve played combined.   Its been such a great experience.  Started off playing with friends a bit.  They took off for other games but I was sucked in.   

Discovered reddit and that opened up a huge wealth of information including their lfg sub-reddit.  This worked ok for a while but my enjoyment of the game improved immensely when I joined a clan.  There i found regular people to raid with.  I suggest everyone do this. 

I share my account with my son which is great.  We can cheer each other on, but that means we can’t play together.  Winning this PS4 would be great as we could finally play together.  My wife might not appreciate that as much.



To keep this short the poscast is a stress reliever for my work week. as far as destiny it has made online gaming moresocial for me. This is something i never thought possible for myself. I kept it exclusively for close friends in the real world. Oh how that has changed.


Dave Br.

Hello Guardians, 

I just wanted to share what Destiny has meant for me in the first year and a few months.   

I have always been a shy person, and this translated to the game for the first few months i played it.  I had friends to play with, but when it would come to playing the game, i always would just be there and follow directions and not speak up too much on what I thought we should do.   

That all started to change when The Dark Below came out, and we lost half our raid team.  I was put in charge of finding LFG people for Crota.  I had to put myself out there to find people, and started to educate myself on the game by watching youtubers like planet destiny, datto and Byf.  With the increased knowledge i gained from them, I became more confident and started to become the leader in many activities in HoW.  We finally get to the taken king, and I am the one who is leading many of our raids, and it is just a complete 180 from how i was when the game first came out.   

Destiny really helped me come out of my shell, and i have seen the change not only online, but also in real life situations.



I first came across Destiny during the open beta period on the Xbox One. I was instantly hooked. I was in a pretty strange time in my life. I was in between jobs. I had just moved to a new state after living in another for almost my entire life. My adventure into Destiny started out like any other game but I quickly became dependent on the void this game filled for me and the bonds it creates. 

The community is great, besides the super negative forums on b-net, but I prefer to play with my son. Me and my son would grind patrol in the Cosmodrome waiting for public events in the early days. He even helped me shoot endlessly at the loot cave in Skywatch. It was nice to be able to play with him in this manner because he’s very young and doesn’t have the best fps skills so this was a way he felt like he was accomplishing something even though he couldn’t get through a mission on his own. We started out sharing my Guardian but got to the point where he wanted to create his own and started to tackle some of the challenges Destiny has to offer all by himself. FYI he went Exo Defender Titan while I’m a Human Gunslinger Hunter for life ;).  

Eventually I started a new job and could only dedicate so much time to Destiny but the bonding time that it created with my son was and still is priceless. I see others having these same experiences around the Destiny community with people they have never met and great friendships are born. It’s a pretty magical thing really. I’m not saying Destiny is the only place to find these great experiences but it sure does harbor them. For me Destiny has created so many great moments. From those sweaty comebacks in the crucible to that sense of greatness I get solo’ing nightfalls. From joining up with randoms in the wild or playing with my son. The list goes on. What is life but a series of moments right? Destiny’s moments have been wonderful and it has only been 1 year!  

I could write so much more about what Destiny has meant to me but I need to go play Destiny (+there’s no time to explain lolol). Let’s go create some moments Guardians.


James M.

Hello over there, 

I love your show and have been listening to it for quite some time. The new, lore, and banter are all so great. Your show really helps round out my destiny experience, so I must say first and foremost, thank you. 

I have been playing video games since I was a wee little light. My passion for gaming has over the years ebbd and flowed as life happens. Destiny is the only game I have ever played to such an involved level. This is due to many factors, but as for most, I must say the main factor for me is the community. 

My gaming style was originally solo campaign. I thought, “why bother with other players?”, perhaps I did not want to acknowledge the true geek in me, or that I was intimidated by others entering my personal game sanctuary. The ME time was for ME. Well, now that has all changed. 

I didn’t come to truly truly appreciate this until the past week, where multiple instances of selfless guidance and help came from destiny players I just met.

 Two guys from the hard raid I joined realized that on Oryx we were not doing enough DPS, so instead of dropping the fight, and me the lowest light level in the team, they decided that I would have to get the black Spindle that very night. We left the raid, the team was all cool with that by the way, and went into the Daily. It took 3 attempts, I got the exotic and the ship! I was so grateful and blown away about how positive they were and happy to help. Plus they were just fun cool guys. 

Anyhow, yeah, that is just a tid bit of how this game has really taken a hold of me. It is a proud hobby of mine, and I am so thankful that such a deep, mature, fun and welcoming game finally came about with the amazing and caring community it has.  

Thanks again for helping nourish and encourage the Destiny community to be the great force behind this great game.



And this is not just a game, well I mean technically it is a video game but its more than that to me. I want to explain why it means so much to me and why I have invested so much time into this community. First I’ll let you know about whom I am, my name is Leon. I am 30 years old, I have a bubbly 4 year old daughter who after years of battle I finally have full custody of. I spend much of my time making sure she I love is as happy as can be and is happy, which I think I do a great job. I have been out on leave with a back injury for 8 months now, and when I first got hurt I really had the time to dedicate to both raising my daughter and really getting to enjoy the destiny game, community and lore. 

2015 has been one of the worst years in my life, with court, lawyer debt, personal injury, and by far the single hardest thing ive had to deal with. My mother being diagnosed with stage 4 endometrial cancer that is in her liver, kidneys, cervix, and lungs. My mother and father divorced while she was pregnant and my dad ignored my existence until I was about 16, then he passed away from an aneurism in 2006. My mother was a family support worker who taught people how to be parents and properly care for their kids. She gave and gave and gave until she couldn’t walk anymore unassisted. She is a saint in the eyes of anyone who has met her. So when she told the family in January it was like I had a hole ripped out of my heart. And she has progressively gotten worse with the cancer being very aggressive. ***I’m trying not to get tears on the key board as I type this and have to realize that this will probably take my mother before my daughter grows up, or before I get married I’m sorry and I’m going to try to stay on track. Well, after she told us all I was devastated to say the least. So my following days consisted of hospital visits, doctors, being a full time father, and not much else honestly because I was in such a deep depression. Looking for an outlet and desperately trying to claw myself out of the hole that I was in I started to get into gaming again. And my friends suggested I join them in destiny. So they gave me the gist of the game and helped me do some leveling up and stuff. My friends are also fathers and have busy lives so they weren’t able to teach me everything. So I played thru the story and enjoyed it. I got to a high enough level to where I could run strike playlists. And this is where I understood what the game meant for me. While playing one day I got paired with a couple of guys from Canada, the whole ‘eh after each sentence and everything. They sent me party invites after the strike and we ran strikes for something like 4 hours. Next day after I got my daughter to bed I sent them a message and shortly after we were up and running again, they were funny guys and I found myself actually laughing, something I hadn’t done in months. After a few days they asked me if I had run the raid yet, and I was like “whhaat??? Whats a raid??” after some well-intentioned jokes on my behalf we were on our way to setting up the illusive Raid Team. Sitting in orbit, chatting with the people they invited while waiting for everyone to assemble felt awesome, the thrill of having no clue what was to come, I felt myself feeling happy, and excited, which is something I didn’t get from a game since the infamous “WE KNOW” letter I woke up to one day in tamriel. So people started to join, a woman from California, and two guys from Alabama. After introductions, it was time to start. It was time to face CROTA! So hours of me falling to my death in the thrall maze, getting disintegrated by the annihilator totems and then blasted by the death singer only to face the son of oryx himself. I followed all orders as best I could I watched them down crota, slap him with the sword and we completed it. You would not believe what happened afterwards, that yellow square that popped up on my screen, it was a fabled, rare rocket launcher… it was the Gjallarhorn! Of course I had no idea why I was getting screamed at, cursed at, and called all types of names. I got off after and didn’t think anything of it.

But when I logged off I had this strange sensation that I had completed something tough with a bunch of random people and buddies I made. It felt like I belonged, like I was a part of a group of something cool. The next day I got on twitter and other social media outlets and found I was not the only one fascinated by this game, this game that had become my therapist, my escape, the only place I felt normalcy. And I then realized why.

The guardian’s story kind of reminded me of my mother. You become this light bringer, a harbinger of good and light who selflessly throws themselves into pure darkness trying to cleanse it. But not for yourself, your guardian does this all for others, to spread the light and make it safe for others to live again. You cleanse this darkness that has overtaken so much that we love, this darkness in my eyes was a cancer, and is the only way that I could beat it. Guardians and their light are love, kindness and caring. All things that my mother instilled in me and it gave me a reminder of how much the darkness had taken control of my life, my happiness and heart. It made me realize that I needed to be happy again, and it HELPED me to actually accomplish that.

I guess to me, destiny is hope. Not just for ourselves, but for others also. Hope that the hours we spend together brings us time to relax, enjoy ourselves, make someone else happy and in turn make ourselves smile and feel good. It’s about running gaze so that your friends can whale on golgoroth and the thrill you feel when you see those purple orbs next to his body. It’s about being able to see the good in things again, because even if you don’t get anything, your buddy might get something they need and the sheer joy I feel when I hear them scream “FINALLY!! YES! YES!! YES!!!” and I can feel them dancing in their seat. It has taught me that no matter how dark our lives might get, there is someone fighting to keep the light shining. Whether it’s our mother’s courage, our own strength, our just a little help from our friends.

Destiny has taught me to keep fighting, the battle is never over! 

If you’ve made it to the end, thank you. I love all the work you all do. I wish I could give bro hugs to you all, even you bell.



The thing I like about destiny is making new friends

I started on the ps3 alone, with zero friends on my list.

Within two weeks of buying destiny on opening day I had reached the max of 100 by inviting random talented people I met in strike playlists.

Most of the friends on my list today were randoms I met just spamming invites back in the opening weeks.

I just moved to the PS4 when I found a bunch of my coworkers were starting to get into Destiny.

Now we have assigned nights of the week for all activities (RAID THUSDAYS!)

I still keep in touch with my PS3 friends, and a few of them have even upgraded (thank god)

Would use this ps4 to upgrade one of my ps3 friends, or give to a friend who is looking to get into this game.



Greetings Guardian Radio, 

I’ll make this try and make this quick.  I’ve been listening to Guardian Radio since The Taken King dropped, and the show is awesome and I really look forward to every new episode.  Destiny and the Destiny community is like something I’ve never been apart of.  I’ve been playing video games since I was a child in the mid 80’s which means I’ve been around the block once or twice.  To be honest I really wasn’t that hyped about Destiny when I first heard about it (I thought it was just going to be a multi-platform Halo, which didn’t excite me).  That was until I played the beta on my PS4 and was pretty much blown away with how much there is to do in Destiny.  So after playing the beta I went ahead and pre-ordered the game.  I played the game on and off for the first year (due to job and other reasons) enjoying every minute I was playing.  I’m not much of a multi-player kind of guy.  I tend to gravitate more toward games that I can play by myself.  I have a lot of anxiety issues so just the notion of talking to some stranger playing “Call of Duty” gave me the “willies”.  So most of the first year of playing Destiny I did solo which means no raids for me…  which was fine I was still having fun.  But all that anxiety seems to be all but gone since the Taken King came out (there is just so much to do I couldn’t let my anxiety and other problems get in the way of me getting the full Destiny experience)!   Since then I’ve joined a CLAN (MAD PSN) and completed all the raids (not yet on hard mode), beat Skolas, completed a nightfall (it’s impossible to do without any friends that played Destiny).  I’ve even competed in Trials of Osiris (something I really had no intention on ever doing) which turns out I am really bad at.  I feel this game wouldn’t be as good if it wasn’t for the Destiny community.  The game is great on it’s own, it is really the community that makes this game “Legendary”.  Every person that I’ve run across is so helpful to not only me but to every single player in the game.  Guardian Radio has been a big part of my Taken King experience as well.  I’ve learned so much from listing to y’alls podcast…I have a feeling Guardian Radio is probably one of the reasons I even joined a Clan in the first place.  Y’alls stories of teamwork made me feel it was safe to be a newbie in the raids (I didn’t have to worry about being belittled or “crapped on” for not knowing what I was doing).  Long story short this game and community made me “come out of my shell”  a little more, and honestly helped me make some new friends!  So thanx to all the Guardians out there who are willing to go out of there way to help out.  I really appreciate it!!


Eddie Holla

Hello Guardians, 

  Eddie Holla here to share what Destiny means to me.  I don’t have a heartfelt story like some people might, but Destiny has totally changed my life this last year and a half.  Every night myself and several of our clan (Orbs Deep on Xbox1) get together and hang out online while we shoot the mans.  Most of these guys I had played with in other games here or there, but now because of Destiny we are all such close friends.  We’re addicted.  Between the quests, Trials, Iron Banner Bounties, and the raid we have a group running something every night.  It’s just been so fun to be a part of this game from the Beta.  I listen to this podcast as well as a few others and there’s just nothing like this entire community as a whole.  I’m excited for things to come, (apparently sparrow racing as of this email) and I know Bungie will not let me down.  Keep up the awesome podcast and I’ll see you starside.


Ronnie Daniel

My name is Ronnie Daniel I got into destiny while I was having 5-brain surgeries so I was out of work for while and got hook playing destiny, I also Got my Wife hooked on playing destiny, so now we fight over the xbox to play. It looks like I going to have to buy another system so we both can play. PS to Mark T. you have never did give me my Hawken Game Sawg!!! From Ronnie Daniel 

Also I love the show yal do! Keep up the great work! Long time Listener 



My name is John, AKA AgedFuzzball on PSN & XBOX Live, but I play on PS3 hopefully not for long. I’m a father of 3 children and married to an awesome woman who couldn’t be less of a gamer.  I’ve been playing Destiny since day one.  I preordered the game on my PS3 and couldnt wait to get it home to play.  Upon learning of the digital upgrade program I quickly canceled my preorder and downloaded it digitally.  The game was amazing then and has improved so much over the last year.  I love this game, but here’s the hangup I’ve had.  I don”t have friends who play Destiny on PS3 since they all have made the leap to PS4.  This caused me to hit a wall around level 24-26 which meant not only could I not raid, but basicly Destiny was no longer fun.  I follow games daily through online sites and was once again intrigued when I heard about The Taken King.  Bungie dropped the bomb on me when they anounced the chance at getting an exclusive emblem via Moments of Triumph.  I had to have this emblem, but remeber I hadn’t even reached the level to raid yet do to a 6 month break in play.  I booted the game up in late july early august and made it my goal to run Glass before taken king, but I didn’t have anyone to run with me.  My interest in the game casued me to start listening to podcast about Destiny, yours and a few others as well.  Then I learned about LFG and the 100, game  changer.  This game was meant for friends to experience together and I was willing to try it with strangers in order to not be left behind.  Upon trying to reach level 34 so Skollas might be possible I met a guy who I play with at least a couple of times each week with now.  I recieved my last piece of etheric light and was level 34 and all that stood between me and my emlblem was Skollas.   Bungie extended the cut off so there was a small chance I might make it.  My new guardian friend and I set out to take down the Kell of Kells. We thought hard for about 6 hours before we walked away with our heads hung vowing to return the next night and go at him again.  My wife  was then pregnant with our third child and decided that was a good time to go into labor.  On friday, my son Andrew Ryan was born into this world.  I was in joy for having a new child but torn since I was away from my playstation in this critical count down till 5am Tuesday morning.  To make matters worse my friend had beaten Skollas and I had no one to run with.  They did introduce me to my first true sherpa Marvin.  This man was amazing when it came to telling kinderguardians how to take down the beast who was Skolas.  It did take us 6 hours, but we were able to beat him and I recieve my moments of triumph emblem just two days before The Taken King.  Back to the hospital to pick up my wife and kids now that the important things were taken care of.  I’ve since played many hours of Destiny and even mistakenly called my daughter Destiny one night.  I love what you guys are doing with the show and hope you all have an awesome year 2.  May RNGesus bless you all.



Hey guys!

Thanks for all that you do, I’m a big fan. 

I know you’ll be receiving emails from a few guys in my Destiny group concerning your PS4 Giveaway Contest. The contest is probably drawn at random but we wanted to let you guys know about our friend Casey (AKA KungFuCaptain). 

Casey is a close friend of mine who actually got me into Destiny. Last Christmas, his wife bought him a PS4 Destiny bundle and he recruited lots of friends to do the same. This year, his wife is pregnant and Casey is a youth pastor at a local church in Casa Grande, AZ. As you can imagine, he doesn’t make a ton of money and so they had to sell their PS4 and move to a smaller apartment closer to their families in order to prepare for their child. 

He is an integral part of our clan, Trials of Brosiris, and we were all so bummed to hear the news yesterday of him selling his PS4. We asked his wife if it would be okay if we all pooled some money and bought him another PS4 for this Christmas, but we were still about 100 dollars short. Somehow, we WILL be getting him a PS4 this Christmas, but we wanted to ask for your help! Help a Brosiris out, guys. Casey is an excellent dude, he often invites his whole youth group and his volunteer leaders over to play video games with him and his wife and we’d hate for him to lose that opportunity over hard times. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this email and thanks for all that you do!



Hello Guardian Radio! 

Just wanted to start off by saying that I’ve been listening for a couple months now and I really enjoy what you guys do.  It’s a great service to the Destiny community. 

I’m going to give a short answer in the first paragraph.  Feel free to stop reading there, but I’m going to give a longer answer afterward because I enjoy being longwinded in my writing and I kind of want to type out my story and thoughts for my own amusement.  If you read it all thats great.  If not, not worries! 

The short answer to this giveaway question is that Destiny has given me a group of friends from all over the world that I hang out with online nearly every night.  It’s given me something to put my mind into planning for and organizing for through my clan.  The game itself, the loot, etc…..those are secondary.  The petty complaints (and the valid complaints) on the Bungie forums, the flaws the game has, the things we wish it had that are missing….those are inconsequential.  Playing with really awesome, nice, interesting, funny people is what Destiny is all about.  We can be shooting Atheon in his stomach for the thousandth time and walk away with nothing but a Chatterwhite shader and its still a blast.  That’s why this game is important to me.  I am the owner and sole employee of a small screen printing shop so I work alone and it’s not uncommon to not talk to anyone all day until I get home from work and see my wife.  And that’s fine with me, I enjoy solitude, but it’s nice to be able to sit down and log in and know that theres going to be someone on the other end of the mic that I can joke around with and have some fun shooting aliens with.  I have recently made the switch to PS4 as have most of my clan.  A few will hopefully be making the switch this Christmas.  But one clan member in particular is having a hard time and a PS4 isn’t in his future anytime soon.  If I win this drawing I will be mailing it to him.  Hopefully luck is on my side and I can make his Christmas an awesome one.
Now for a longer story.  Where to begin?  Well, I guess at the beginning.  I’m a 33 year old guy who has been playing video games since the Atari/original NES days but was never a huge gamer.  I was always one or two console generations behind and would generally buy a used console well after it was obsolete.  I got a used PS3 about a year and a half ago and picked up a copy of The Last of Us.  That game hooked me.  The story was awesome and the game play was fantastic.  
In August of 2014 I got hit with a weird ailment that landed me in the hospital for a few days and with a diagnosis for an inflamatory condition that they almost never find out the cause of, and whose treatment consists of calming the inflamation with steroids and waiting it out.  It effected my ankles and feet and made it so I could hardly walk for more than a few steps without being in the most pain I’ve felt in my life.  Needless to say I was stuck on the couch for a few weeks playing The Last of Us and dipped my toe into online gaming for the first time with their PvP mode.  It was awesome!  I played that game for a few weeks straight and got really good at playing a support role healing my teammates and crafting bombs and molotovs for them to throw at the other team.  

I am a big fan of cooperative games and had heard about this game called Destiny that was about to be released.  I was bored, lonely, and stuck on my couch (I’m better now by the way!  Symptoms are gone and I’m off the medication. Still don’t know what caused it though)  so I decided to download it the first week it came out to check it out.  Wow!  This game was different than anything I had played before.  I had no idea what I was doing.  I dabbled here and there in between PvP sessions in The Last of Us.  When the Queen’s Wrath event happened I had no idea what it was all about and wasn’t through the main story yet so I didn’t think I could even do any of it yet.  I had never played a game that had timed events that drop in and out before so I thought I could just go and do it later, then one day it was gone!  Weird.  As I said, I had never played a game like this before.  I was intrigued though so I kept plugging away at the story line and got a few Vanguard Mentor Missives.  Super Good Advice was my first exotic.  At this point I was a totally solo player, I didn’t have any friends that played and I didn’t know how to interact with the other guardians I was seeing out in the wild.  It wasn’t until I got the Thorn bounty that I figured out that people were going to websites outside of the game to find people to play with.  I got to the part of the bounty where you have to kill Xyor The Unwed in the Summoning Pits strike and I was way too underleveled to do it alone so I started looking around on the internet for tips and found out about LFG websites.  Within a couple minutes I found someone that was willing to help out.  We went in and fought like crazy and finally got it done.  It’s funny to think how difficult that was at the time.  A couple days later the guardian that helped me out sent me a message asking if I would give him and a friend of his a hand getting his friend a Xyor kill.  Of course I would!  That friend of his ended up becoming a good friend of mine that I still play with regularly over a year later.  He and I along with a few more friends we made ended up starting a clan called The Legion of Unique Guardians.   

The Legion of Unique Guardians is a friendly, relaxed, goofy group of guardians who don’t take things too seriously but still kick some butt!  During a crucible match with some other people we were just goofing off and having fun and one of the other people in the chat said “man…you guys sure are a unique group of guardians, huh?”  And that’s where we got our name.  My clan has become family to me.  We are all close friends that chat outside of the game every day.  We’re from all over the country (and Scotland).  We’re teenagers and near middle aged.  We’re black, we’re white, we’re guys, and we’re girls.  The LUGs (as we call ourselves) have given me a place to belong and a way to give back.  I love finding new people to help out in Destiny…people who were like me when I had no idea what was up with the Queen’s Wrath.  Being a clan admin allows me to be a part of organizing clan raids and keeping everyone engaged and having fun.  I used to be in a touring band throughout my twenties.  We traveled the country playing shows, even toured Europe and the UK for a month.  Those days are behind me, but Destiny and my clan have given me a way to flex the organizational skills and group bonding skills I acquired while booking tours and spending months on the road with a group of friends.  It’s really nice to have that back.

My wife even started playing Destiny!  We ended up getting another used PS3 so we could play together.  She joined the clan and got really good despite having never played an FPS game before.  Her first exotic drop was a Gjallarhorn from the Deathsinger on her first run through Crotas End.  It was awesome.  RNG loves her!  She unfortunately stopped playing after a rather nasty run in with an immature, disgusting, mysogynistic a**hole in a Vault of Glass run with some random people.  It really bummed her out and turned her off on the game.  I joined up with the Safe Gamers after that incident to find more people to play with that I knew weren’t going to be like that guy, and I’ve also been actively trying to recruit new members to the Legion of Unique Guardians who hold the same values we do so she’ll never have to risk playing with random jerks again.  She’s slowly warming back up to Destiny and the community thanks to people like those found in Safe Gamers.  So big thanks to Belle for making the Dames and Safe Gamers!  

Thanks again, Guardian Radio, for doing what you do.  Keep it up and I’ll keep listening!



Hi Guys, 

Love the show! Here is my entry for “what the community and the radio show means to me.”

**I hope this makes sense as I haven’t been in a setting where I’ve had to write** 🙂 

I’ve come from a poor background from a poor country, Philippines. At the age of 4, I came to America with my mother and spent much of my time playing with hand-me-down toys as we didn’t have much money.  

I wasn’t introduced into video games until I visited a friend who had the original Mario w/ Duck Hunt for the NES. I was hooked as I came to a realization that this type of device can help me “have fun” and forget about what I was unable to have. 

I moved from NES to Genesis. Then to Sony PSone all the way to PS3. I’ve always looked at video gaming as a way to escape the troubles of reality and its dark and gloomy side. I find entertainment, encouragement, and even inspiration in games. Games give me control and drives me to numerous directions at the same time. 

FPS and RPG’s are where my heart spent most of its time. Destiny came around and I had to follow the hype that came with it. From day one until today, I’ve been a Guardian in slaying the minions of darkness.

I had fun and really enjoyed myself…but I soon came to a realization that this game/experience was different than any other experiences that I’ve had in Video Games since I was 6 y/o…it had a community. 

I was hesitant at first to open up to anyone besides my close circle of friends (who were not Destiny players), but I bit the bullet recently and offered my help to a couple “Kinder-Guardians.” I wasn’t the only one, but other Veteran Guardians joined in and we connected. The attitude was unlike what I have experienced… 

Over time, I have slowly opened up to the community and have rarely felt vulnerable. The community has proven to me that there are others that are willing to help complete strangers regardless of background, ethnicity and social status. It was more like a “refuge” from the real world and from my past experiences.  

I feel as though humanity at its essence can be found in this community. Where there are uncaring people, I have found those with compassion in Destiny. If this can be found in the Destiny community, there is hope to see it in society. 

I have had my share of racial, minority, and status discrimination in my life…and my wife has had to experience it indirectly as well.  

Not only has the Destiny community been a refuge for me, but it reminds me of the goodness in humanity. It encourages me to not give up on others, but to continually be a help and an encouragement beyond the walls of my home.  

Guardian Radio and its cast has solidified my experience with the community as they are the forefront of the Destiny community. With “updates, news, and everything Destiny,” I am able to be updated as to what is going on. Down to earth and approachable! Personally, I see the cast as celebrity, but there is no doubt in my mind that they would take time to say hi if I ever ran into them in real life. 

The donations, the awareness streams, the fundraising, and everything that is going on to help others is truly amazing. I find myself at awe every time I hear about a cause being held Destiny and its people rallied behind it.   

There is much more I can say, but I will cut this short 🙂

The best way to describe the Community is there are a multitude of Light out there and Guardian Radio allows the Light to shine.

A Light that believes in helping others, caring for others, and just being an encouragement for others.



Hey, Guardian Radio!

 Really like the show, Keep it up! 

Don’t think that I’ll win, but hey, least I tried.  

My story began when I saw a Youtube video about Destiny. I kept hearing about Destiny, and I even saw an ad for it, but I never got enough interest about it. So, I clicked on the video and watched it. It showed the tutorial of Destiny, your Ghost waking you up, you fighting the Fallen, the usual. Just the tutorial made me want to play that game so badly. I didn’t have enough money to buy for my console because my parents were smart and wouldn’t buy it for me. So, In November I went to a Redbox and rent it to see how it went. I rented it, and I loved it. So, at Christmas, all I had was Destiny on my mind. I open one of my presents, and it’s Destiny! I was so happy, but that was also the day of the PSN crash, so I was stuck playing Blops 1 Campaign and Multiplayer Bots. After the crash, I kept playing Destiny, and made some good friends. To this day, I still talk to them, but I have more schoolwork, so that comes first. Thanks for reading this!

I Main  an Exo Titan, 290-295 light. 



Hello GuardianRadio,

I’m ThatBeanieNerd on the Xbone  and I have been playing Destiny since the game came out. I am so grateful I haven’t missed out on the experiences this game has offered me.

I didn’t know anything about this game before or after launch. I barely knew who Bungie was (not  a big Halo player). But a friend told me to get it and I did because who doesn’t love playing a new game? I played this game for months straight with this friend,up until he left and I was left alone doing the same strikes over and over, praying to RNGesus to throw me a bone every now and then. Because of that, I had a haitus from it between The Dark Below and The House of Wolves.

Thankfully, I picked the controller back up and got back in. I got my light level up to a decent level and was doing ok. Then I rekindled a friendship which was only saying hello to each other in the hallways. We did everything in that game, minus the raids, and loved every second of it. But we needed one more fireteam member. And thanks to tumblr, that happened. I found someone who needed people to play with, sent them a message, and we all played till 4 am the first day we met; I even bought them The House of Wolves just so we could do PoE. We have continued playing into The Taken King. The rest is still being written…(Even made a clan, Supreme Cream Team, awesome name huh?)

Story time over…The Destiny community is a home away from home. It is a place to exchange ideas and theories about the lore. It is a place to listen to people like you guys give us the news and the daily chatter about the game, keeping us up to date. It is a place to let one’s mind wonder about all the characters we will never get to meet and who their voice actors would be ( Saint-14 could be Idris Elba, to me). It’s a place to look for comfort or friendship whenever it is needed. It is unlike any other of the gaming communities.

Guardian Radio is my show for nights at work, long study sessions, or something to listen to when I’m kicking the Shield Brother’s butts. Most importantly, it is for when I have your show there on those nights that aren’t as great as others, and I thank you for that.

Thank you guys, and the rest of the Destiny community. From the Extra Life Campaign, to the 5 random dudes that helped me through my first raid, thank you Guardians, you guys really are amazing.

With that long and drawn out email, I say thank you one last time.

Guardian signing off.



Hello Guardian’s. This is jdhane36 (Justin)  destiny has impacted my life in many ways. I used to word 2 jobs to support my wife and step son and had no time at all for video games. My now ex wife ended up cheating on me and we ended up going through with a divorce. This is when I found Destiny. I was able to quit my second job and went through ALOT of depression.  That was until I started playing Destiny. I played here and there and it was great. One day I realized I needed to do VOG to get higher level and I met someone on forms who was willing to help me and teach me the raid. He is now my clan leader and I am one of his admin’s. After that first raid I was completely hooked and made multiple characters. Destiny has helped me through my depression and gave me new friends and something to look forward to every week. Thank you guys too. I feel like I am a part of a family and guardian radio is apart of it aswell.

Keep up the good work



My story..

DestinyTheGame is special to me because I’ve met a lot of amazing people that I’m proud to call my friends. I met these wonderful people on the forums and played Vault of Glass with them.  As we were “raiding” we were able to talk about our life and where we live, as were shooting vex. Time flew by as we were raiding the Vault, and by the time we made it up to Atheon we realized we had 0 deaths. We started to focus and talked about what strategy were going to use, then we killed Atheon in 2 cycles and received the achievement Flawlessraider. This was significant for me because destiny is the type of game where you could be shooting aliens and talk about basically anything with your fireteam and still complete your task. After the raid, we all added each other and we instantly became best friends! I still talk to these people today and every weekend we run through kings fall normal and hard on all 3 characters. I will like to win the PS4 because I currently play on Xbox and I would like to “feel the full destiny experience” on PlayStation, and I will like to meet the rest of wonderful community that’s on PS. Most of my friends at school play on PS4 and I would love to join them and play with them. 

GoodLuck to all who enters!



Hello fellow guardians!  

My name is Simon and I’m a French Canadian from Montreal. I didn’t know it at first but even since the Alpha I was hooked to the magnificent Destiny’s universe. With his raids, strikes and crucibles modes, Destiny pushed me out of my comfort zone, I never was a multiplayer guy but this community is so helpful and respectful that I found lots of new friends that helped me get through all of its content. Saying that Destiny changed my life is an understatement.  

Raids are a great team building experience that made me a better leader in my job, I feel the effects daily. I often scream: BOOMER! CLENSE! REVIVE REVIVE! right in middle of important meetings. They should be part of all company team building program, not sure HR department would agree but, a man can dream, right?  

More seriously, Destiny is part of my life and not only on my console but also on social media, streams, youtube and of course on podcasts like you guys.  

Thanks for being part of our lives! 

On se voit à la tour!



A little more than a year ago, I bought Destiny after seeing a cool commercial and started to play… After 2 weeks of playing, I gave up thinking there wasn’t much to it after beating the campaign missions and getting practically nothing at the now infamous Loot Cave. Fast forward to 2 months later when an old buddy of mine that I used to game with messages me on Xbox One about a game he’d gotten called Destiny and has been playing since beta. After telling him that I gave up on it, he convinces me to pick it up and give it another shot with him… saying that I should run the Vault of Glass. Knowing nothing about the raid, I thought it was going to a be a simple 10-minute encounter that was going to come and go yielding no results. Boy was I wrong! 4 hours later, one Fatebringer and one Vision of Confluence later – I was stoked! But that wasn’t the end…  

He proceeded to tell me about a clan he had joined called the Federation of Fathers as I began to roll my eyes. He went on about never having to game alone and playing with a mature group of guys that didn’t take gaming too seriously – a group of guys that understood that family came first and that  sometimes life happened. Have to back out of a raid suddenly? No problem. Need help at end of a Nightfall? Sure. Long story short, Destiny has opened the doors to a wonderful experience and amazing relationships. 1 year later, I’m a proud member of the FoF and am still absolutely hooked on this game! 



What’s up guys! 

Destiny has been an awesome experience. I love MMO’s and have played games like Star Wars Galaxies, Final Fantasy Online and WoW, but I love consoles more and just kinda giving up on them. I Hadn’t played a MMO for a many years now. Found out about Destiny and I jumped into it at beta. I immediately loved it. Started on Xbox one but moved to the PS4 because I was having a hard time getting a stable raid group. A co worker played and I ran it with him and his friends. Now A bunch of people at the job play (oddly enough we still have issues getting on at the same time. Lol) the biggest thing for me is when I’m out and wearing a destiny t-shirt and some ones face lights up and we have a long conversation about the game. No matter where I go I get stopped. I even exchanged info and played with a few people. Everyone’s been cool. It’s funny how this one thing can bring people from all walks of life together and unify us to kick oryx’s butt!! Lol. Anyways. Love the show keep up the good work. Seen you in game!



Hello Fellow Guardians! 

First let me say that I love the show. I only started listening recently but it has quickly become one of my favorite parts of the week. The show has also been a great benefit to me because of this particular giveaway. I am by nature not very reflective, which this caused me to do. Thank you for that. 

I only really started playing Destiny back in July. I had played a little before but not extensively, always with my little bro on his Xbox One. When I picked up my Xbox One I knew I wanted to play it more. So I borrowed a copy from a friend till the Taken King came out. In the months after borrowing and eventually buying the game a found something odd happening. I began to play with certain people consistently. Thanks to one friend I formed friendships with people who I had never met in real life. This was a breath of fresh air for my soul. 

These people became real friends that I would spend hours with. This was a season in my life where I could not see my local friends regularly. My clan mates became people that I would turn to for support and encouragement. These are people that have prayed for me and I them. Most of them and I share a common faith, yet Destiny was our bonding place. Thanks to this little game I have found friends that share moments of real life triumph with and genuine moments of sorrow as well. 

For that I am eternally grateful.

TL;DR: Destiny became a community and support group in the midst of a time of isolation.



What Destiny means to me… To me Destiny has become a way to connect with new people and spend time talking about a common interest. I have convinced several of my friends to pick up Destiny and give it a try. Most of them still play, however they are ALL on PS4 while I have an Xbox. So I had to look other places for someone to play with, and I found Dads of Destiny. By far the greatest thing I have ever done in Destiny, thanks to DoD I have found many people that enjoy Destiny as much as I do and many of them I have come to call friends. I have also used Destiny to get closer with my wife, I have gotten her playing since the Beta and now is in the Dames of Destiny and has completed her first raids EVER just a couple months ago. In short Destiny to me means Friends, Family and Fun. 

Thank you all for all that you do in the community and thank you to the Destiny community itself for being one that sticks together, for the most part, and helps out those who are in need.



Hey Everyone –  

Just wanted to let you know what the Destiny Community means to me.  This has been the game that has really pulled my wife into gaming.  She had played Uncharted before, but simply because it was so cinematic.  She had never played a 1st person shooter, and always thought that was something beyond her skill level.  When I was playing the Alpha and Beta there was some interest, but nowhere near that after the vanilla game dropped.  Within a month she had created not one, but three guardians, and was on her way to level 30.  Her friends list quickly grew from just me, to over 100 other people from around the world.  For the past year, our conversations have generally focused on Destiny.  We take turns, I will watch her play (and try to keep from giving “advice”), and she will watch me.   

This community has meant a lot to me because it has meant a lot to her.  Thanks to all the guardians out there that have taken the time to help someone new to gaming find her place in the galaxy.



As a kid I’d only ever had Nintendo games like the GameCube, Wii, and various DS systems, and have never really been interested in serious video game consoles like PlayStation or Xbox. Titanfall came out, and I thought it was kinda neat to watch on YouTube but I wasn’t too terribly interested. Then I saw TryHardNinja’s playthrough on Destiny.

You could say I was deeply engrossed with the game, to say the least. I loved the customization of the game and was constantly watching any playthrough I could. My parents got me an Xbox One for Christmas with Destiny and I’ve played 915 total hours in this past year. I’ve met some great people I’m still friends with. My closest friend being a guy who carried a level 29 through his first 32 Nightfall… And he was the one who asked me to join.

Is this late? I wouldn’t know… I listen to the podcast version, so sorry if it is. Love the show! 



Nemes1s En4cer

Hey there Guardian Radio, 

Destiny is a lot of things to me, but mainly it is where i get my social interaction.  Let me explain.  After college I moved across NJ to be closer to my wife (then girlfriend).  At the time it was easy to travel to visit my friends, but as the years went on people moved further away, people got married, and kids came into the picture.  Having 2 young kids of my own (2 years and six months), it makes it tough to do any sort of traveling.  On top of everything else, I work from home which limits my every day social interactions to my wife & kids unless I have a reason to run out to the store. 

Destiny gives me the opportunity to actually have conversations with people that enjoy the same things I do and just BS about life in general.  Being able to vent to others while taking out your frustrations on a Raid boss is cathartic, and can just leave you in a better mind set than when you first picked up your controller that day.  Without Destiny, I’m not sure where my mind would be at the end of the day.



Hello to all of the members of Guardian Radio, 

My Guardian name is Dmajican(said like D magician), part of Wuff Pack on the 360, but my clanmates call me Dman. You asked for some of us who play on the last  generation consoles what become a guardian means to us. I will have to say that you are seeing at this moment what becoming a guardian has done for me by writing this and sending it out for you guys and gals to see publicly or even a chance it might be read on the show. Before I became a guardian, I would never have even tried doing something like this at all. 

Before I became a guardian, I pretty much had not a single ounce of self-confidence left in me. I was fired from my job because I was unable to meet to performance standards. I did my job as an overnight stocker well, but I just a little too slow for their wants. I was unable to finish my degree in history as well do to time and lack of funds. I basically had the whole world come down and crush my dreams. My little brother owned Destiny and I would sometimes get on and play the game, he would catch me a few times when he came home from school. I never though what he would do would affect me. When House of Wolves came out, he gave me his 360 that had a wireless adapter, a copy of the game, and the money to get all of the DLCs. I was very happy to receive it, he was just glad I was not going to be touching his profile anymore. 

I started out with a titan and in time I had reached the end-game point, yet I didn’t know how to find people to do it with. I decided to try using the 100 website that datto recommended and found a group to run the vault of glass with. This first time left me with a special moment. It was during the third stage of the templar encounter that the person who was holding the Aegis was killed by the templar. Be close to him, I instinctively went and picked it up. It was right at that moment my self-doubt hit me. That little voice that told me,” You’re only doing this for the first time and this is the most important item in the raid. There is no way you can do this.” Then in my ear, our raid leader called out and asked me if I knew what the controls were for the Aegis, and I did and what I supposed to do to finish the encounter. I started to controls to him and he then told me that it’s fine for me to use the Aegis and if I feel like I can’t do it let him know so they can pick it up from me. I was able to operate the Aegis effectively and we were able to defeat the templar without a single death after I picked up the Aegis. All I got from that run was an Atheon’s Epilogue, but I treasure it because of that moment. 

Some time latter I had ended up with some more year one equipment, found the clan I called home and the members I call friends, and started to face the taken threat. One of the heads of our clan desired to sign us up for clan wars. A website that chooses a playlist in destiny, like rift, vanguard strikes, Iron Banner, and etc  and adds modifiers to gain bonus percentages on the points you gain. One week it was vanguard strikes and we were in second place with a group that pretty much only had one active member. We lost him the last time it was vanguard strikes and we were not going to let it happen again. On the last day, my clanmate Reesely, me, and our newest member Oscar were still on and we decided to do the finally push being only 18k with an hour left to go. We were able to snatch victory with minutes to the end and added 47k to the point total and win the fight not just for our division, but for the whole vanguard strike competition. Let’s just say their was a weekend-long celebration for the victory.  We were so proud of what we did and because we did it as a team. 

The moment I realized that I should write this was during the last iron banner. On Sunday, person on my friend list called colt wanted me to play trials with him, I’m not great a pvp and was running iron banner more for the artifact and for the rank five item. I was playing with my clan with my hunter and soon enough colt joined up with us and was waiting for the moment to ask us. When he asked for the group to play trials with him, all that was left was myself and a player named clanker. Clanker was a friend from one of my clanmates and I had only played a few games of iron banner with him today. Colt wanted only finish a bounty, and clanker was ok with doing it. I had tried to weasel out, but decided that I was out numbered and grabbed my first trials passage. It was the moment my self-doubt came up, “ this is high-end pvp, what are we doing here? We can’t win.” Then came a small voice in my head, “Don’t worry, we are here to help a friend complete a bounty and that is it. If we win, that is a bonus and will be amazing.” We landed in rusted land near the water tower and I remembered that I had a few skills that with help us> I’m a pretty good shot with my sniper and I have the ability to learn pretty quickly. After some back and forth, we ended up in a 4-4 match. We learned that their warlock loved to flank around through the building the A flag is at. Colt decided to run the trench between A and B to cut him off.  Clanker and I used are sniper rifles to knock back the other two that usually run the C-A route. After taking care of one of the three we realized that he was not getting revived by his teammate. We figured out at the same time that colt was in trouble and as soon as we turned to go through the A building colt confirmed that the missing player had joined the warlock in his flank. As we hit the stairs I saw that colt has taken out the warlock and right afterwords self-revived. I realized why he did it knew it was a mistake be cause he was not the only one who held onto his super. I told them that was going to pop my golden gun when we get into the A flag room and attack. Sure enough there they were at the end of the trench and clanker and I had flanked the flankers. Two golden bullets and we had won. I couldn’t believe it, we had only joined together, no coordination and planning, just three players jumping in and doing one match. That little voice came back and said, “congratulation, you did good.”  It was that moment that I realized what that voice was, it was the thing I thought that was dead. My self-confidence had started to come back. As I had moved forward, my friends and classmates helped me find the strength to believe in myself again through the challenges Destiny put before me. 

Every day, every member of the destiny community is affecting something everyday. most of the time it is one member of the community affecting another. Some learn about other people, other sides of the argument, or helping someone grow as a person like me. We have seen how our actions affect the game, changes that needed to be done to make the game better or a suggested idea being added. Then there are the affects this community has on the outside. The most obvious is the Extra Life stream. The community helped those who may not even know who we are, but in the end we have together made an impact on people who needed help the most. This is way I feel the golden rule of Destiny can be summed up in a line of latin, lupus est fortitudo pack. translated it means, The strength of the wolf, is the pack. Alone we are weak, but together we are able to face the darkness in the game world and the real world. By helping each other we have accomplished amazing things and will continue to as long as we work together. There are members that have shown the dark side of humanity, but the community as a whole has shown that they will not fall into the darkness. If the world was a little more like the Destiny community I think there would be a little less suffering. 

To become a guardian is to become a part of something more, to join a community that ask you to grow and become a better person. For some it is a way to become a better person, some will learn about things they never thought of, and build friendships with people they never expected to meet in the real world. Without Destiny, I probably would not have meet the people that I see as friends and grown to be able to try and do things I believed I would not succeed at. I’m more in need of an Xbox one, but I’m willing to start again if I win the PS4. The main reason I did this to share my experience and also to thank you guys for taking the time to make a great show that makes a lot of people’s day. You guys share your experience in the game to the world and also what is going on with other members of this community. I will say that I miss Creg  being on the show, but what he is doing is even greater than being on the show. Creg is an inspiration for those who wish to chase their dreams and I hope he finds success in his project. Thanks to destiny and those I meet like Creg, I believe I found the strength to try and put the pieces of my shattered dream back together.


Forsaken Mythos

Hey Guardian Radio! 

I’m going to start with a bit of background on myself before I launch into what Destiny means to me. I’ve been gaming since I was 5 years old, and started on an N64 with Mario Kart. Back then, I barely knew what I was doing, and I didn’t know much about a lot of games. As time went on, and I got new systems and new games, I slowly became more conscious of all the different types of experiences games had to offer. I played a lot of Coop games with my younger brother, and got pretty used to always having someone to play with. I never played any games online until we got an Xbox 360, and it opened up a whole new world of possibilities to me. At the time it seemed like the greatest thing to ever happen (Yeah, I know, people were playing online way before this, but it was all new to me. :P), but as games advanced even more, a lot of games stopped offering local coop, and so I wasn’t able to play with my brother as much. I tried to play online more, and join up with other people, but only had a few good experiences with that at first. When Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 came out, I started playing it, and I pretty much just hopped in the lobbies by myself and never really talked with anyone. One of the matches, I met a group of guys that I then started playing with regularly. It was about this time that my life got really busy, and I had to start trying really hard to find times to play with my friends. MW3 was an amazing game to me, but not because of the game. It was those guys I played with that made me love it. As time went on, people stopped playing MW3, and it became harder and harder to get the group together to play. I kind of fell back into my “play alone” mode. This all somehow sounds whiny, but I don’t mean it to be. It just kind of happened. 

A long time passed, then I saw a trailer for Destiny. I watched quietly, and at the end of it, I concluded “Eh, that looks boring.” 

As Destiny got closer to launch, I didn’t even pay attention to it at all. I didn’t see any more trailers, read any articles, or anything. I don’t remember what happened exactly, but somehow I ended up in the Beta, so I figured I’d give it a quick try before getting back to what I was playing. That’s when it happened: I realized this was different than all the shooters or RPGs I was playing. I had a blast during the Beta, and I preordered the game right after. When Destiny launched, I started playing it the same way I always play games – solo and without talking on the headset. It didn’t take me long to figure out that I had to party up and communicate to do well in Destiny. But the point that Destiny really began to mean something to me was the first time I entered the Vault of Glass. The camaraderie that developed as we pushed farther into the depths of the vault was unlike any game I had played. The way everyone clicked into their roles to get through each challenge or down each boss just made me realize that this was what gaming should be. Over the next few months, I raided constantly with any fireteam I could get together. 

To me, Destiny’s community is just amazing, but the thing that keeps me coming back is the relationships I forged with other guardians over the course of the raids. I don’t often raid with the same people twice, but that really says something about the Destiny community that I can raid with randoms all the time and still feel that brotherhood with the other guardians as we work our way through. Just last night, an amazing group of guardians helped me through King’s Fall Hard Mode for my first time, and the whole thing was just a blast. 

While I made a lot of friends in games like MW3 or Gears of War 2, nothing quite compares to the experiences I’ve had with Destiny this last year or so. Going into Iron Banner with a full fireteam, blasting Oryx away, doing the nightfall, or even getting my butt kicked in Trials – It doesn’t even matter. The guardians who have my back are what draws me in over and over again. 

Thank you guys for doing such a great job with this podcast. I love listening to you guys as I’m working, and every episode makes me extremely excited to get home and hop into a fireteam and give Oryx the boot. Sorry this was so long. 😛 Keep up the great work!



Hello Guardian Radio,

I’m a big fan of your show and I look forward to listening to your show each week. What does Destiny meant to me? Community. I started playing Destiny during Beta and I haven’t stop. I have made numerous relationships within the Destiny community, each relationship is unique and precious. Recently, my girlfriend and I have moved from Santa Barbara California to Corona California, to continue our education. The move from a beautiful beach town (Santa Barbara) to a dust bowl of a city (Corona) was difficult. Fortunately, my dad was able to help us out until were ready to move on; were moving to Orange County, where our colleges are. For a few weeks my dad has been watching me play Destiny. At first he was hesitate to play, but as soon as he killed his first Fallen enemy on Cosmodrone he was hooked. Destiny has elevated my relationship with my dad. Each day when we see each other we both gossip about the game and what new exciting loot we discovered. My dad and I have always been close, but Destiny has brought us even closer. When my girlfriend and I move out of my dad’s home ill definitely miss my “Destiny Buddy”.

Thanks for a great show, keep up the great work.



Hey Guys!

Love the podcast, I’ve played a bunch of MMO games before, but not many of them with other people. My brother and I have been playing together as well as some friends from home, and I love that we can bond together! With a new PS4 I could get a new friend on the scene



Sgt Zell

Guardian Radio, 

I’ve been a gamer all my life.  One of my earliest memories is playing Super Mario Bros with my dad when I was 4 years old. In high school I remember my first online gaming experience playing Halo 2 and I loved it. During my college years I didn’t make much time for gaming so I almost missed out on a whole generation of consoles.  Now that I am into my career I’ve gotten back into gaming and I still remember my friends talking about this new game “Destiny”.  I was hesitant about getting it but I wanted to play with my friends.  From here I have the familiar story of ‘my friends quit and I kept playing.’  During the content gap of year 1 (around episode 90) I found Guardian Radio and I was hooked.  You guys kept me interested in Destiny and provided something to listen to on my commutes to work.  Better yet, I learned about Safe Gamers, whom I’ve since joined, and I love PVP/raids now.  Before I had a reliable group of gamers to approach, I was one of the many guardians that avoided parts of the game because I “couldn’t find a group”.

I know my story is a common one but I would definitely appreciate this amazing prize



Dear guardian radio cast,

I just wanted to share my story not really wanting the ps4, but I want to share my story… It kinda began in vanilla destiny I saw my older cousin playing it and it grabbed my attention so I got it the next day. I got the game during a very hard time, I was very sad not depressed, cause I always had to be strong and I never let myself say that I was depressed and I couldn’t ever cry even if I wanted to, the reason why is because my father left when we really needed him and I was left alone with my mother and I had to start working at the age of 16 and I have two brothers and neither of them helped us out… We lost our home (we are currently living in a guest house), I lost my dogs, we couldn’t keep our own pets, destiny kept me afloat while I was dealing with all this. It gave me relief and it brought a smile to my face because I met people and they made me laugh when laughter was so scarce. When I got out of school and work and finished my homework I was so stressed out, and destiny just gave me relief and my friends on destiny are always cheering me up and I can honestly say that destiny helped me so much and I am so grateful for all of the players and them being so nice and funny.

Thank you for reading my story and I love your podcast and I listen to it every Tuesday keep it up.  


(I already have a ps4 I just wanted to share my story and I would really love to share that to one of my friends and help them out as well, and try to lighten them up as well.)



I have been a guardian since the Destiny Beta.  I played the beta on both PS3 and Xbox One to get the most out of the short time the beta was out.  Destiny has meant that my Xbox One has a purpose in my life.  I got my X1 on the day it came out for something new to try to rekindle my interest in gaming as I hadn’t been gaming much on my 360 or PS3.  None of the first year of games really hooked me in so my X1 mainly just sat there on the TV stand idle for much of the first year.  This would all change with the release of Destiny.  As I got into playing Destiny I realized my friends list was lacking as I had about 10 friends that I really had contact with.  So I went to Bungie’s Forums and start looking for fellow Guardians.  There I found the Dads of Destiny and two trusty allies in Doobie311 and DrewisDead37.  Alas I had a full fire team to run with on a regular basis, but that still left us short of a full raid team.  I resumed the scouring of clans trying to find one that would be a good fit for me and my new allies.   Eventually joining the clan that would end up as DoD Legion.  Legion has been a great fit for us and I am proud to call Legion home for the past year.  My friends list has exploded from that initial 10 to nearly 200.  My Xbox doesn’t set idle anymore as in Destiny alone has accounted for 1100 hours of game time.  

Destiny has been a great way for my to meet new friends and reignite my passion for gaming.  Oh and it also helped me find Guardian Radio providing me something to listen to on my way to and from work. 

Thank you Guardian Radio for providing a hub for all Guardians, and thank you Zack for providing the PS4 for this giveaway. 

Guardian Out



Hello, Guardian Radio! I just wanted to start off saying I love your show. Destiny is the first shooter game I have owned since n64 007. Destiny has really made me love shooter games. I never thought I would love them, because I was just terrible at them.  I have played since Destiny was in beta and it is the first game I bought for PS4. I love it, from doing raids, to trials, to running around, finding ghosts and walls to glitch through. I have great, new friends now, that I never could have met, if I had never played Destiny, and I look forward to chatting and playing with them every chance I get. I’ve had to move a lot in the last few years, and Destiny has, not only been one of few constants in my life, but made it very easy to stay in touch with my old and new friends. I’m so passionate about it, even my wife hates Oryx, and she doesn’t even play video games. I really hope Destiny keeps coming out with content for a long, long time. 

And thank you guys for doing this contest, and putting out your show every week!


Astro Boy NZ

Thanks for the awesome show – I am an older gamer (40) from down here in New Zealand, and have been playing Destiny since the beta – and i can honestly say, I have never been so hopelessly and happily addicted to a game ever. Ever. Normally I am a single player, scared-of-playing-online-coz-I-didnt-know-what-I-was-doing guy, and would normally just play through a single player campaign and then move on the next thing.

When Destiny came along, I fond one friend to play with, and we both cautiously dipped our toes into the multi-player content. Wow! What a cool thing this was. Suddenly, I was logging on everyday, and I loved the constant challenge to do new stuff, try new things…and multi-player against other players?!!?? What is this thing?? Amazing.

I ground my way through year 1, and managed to find a few random people in the game world that were able to help get me through the games content including raids and I managed to get the Moments of Triumph – so I had ticked a lot of stuff off, but never really felt that I had managed to connect with a regular group of people I could play with, so felt like a bit of a poor cousin to the proper Destiny experience. 

Near the middle of last year, I was training to go to Nepal trekking after the earthquakes, and decided I needed something to listen to (I was going through a musically-challenged period!). I decided to give podcasts a go seeing as I was going to be out there training for a good few hours at a time. And then I thought hey I love Destiny, there must be some podcasts out there about the game? Sure enough there were, and I downloaded a few, and enjoyed them – but they still felt like they were catering to someone that wasn’t me, someone that goes to the Lighthouse every five minutes, does Crota solo doing a drum kit, has had Vision of Confluence since week 2, and laughs in the face of Skolas. Definitely not me.

But then a great thing happened – I found this podcast called Guardian Radio. Hmm I’ll give it a go. 

And I was hooked. THIS was the kind of thing I needed. Sure, these guys were clearly still very very good…..but they seemed to have the same moral outlook as myself, and had real lives and beliefs etc outside of the game that I could relate to. Abusing women in a stream for example, and being morally appalled enough to call it out and make YouTube videos speaking out against it? Yes, these are my kind of people. The show being a weekly listen for me. 

After about 2 months in, I heard a guy called Ed ring in, and talk about his backstory, and how a group called Wayward Raiders had welcomed him in and made his Destiny experience a million times better. Maybe this was what I needed? For some reason it took me a bit of courage, but I finally got on the keyboard, found Wayward Raiders, and asked if they would have me.  THIS is now the best experience I have had in Destiny. What a great bunch of guys, what an awesome environment to try out content in, and even though time differences mean some strange raiding times etc for me – I’m so glad I did it. This has opened up a whole new world for me. Since this time, I have made myself keep an eye out for kinder-guardians in the world, and offered them help if needed, because I want to give back to this community that has helped me a lot. Recently Ed wrote back in to Guardian Radio and you read out his email – he mentioned in the email that as recently as 3 days ago someone new had joined the clan since his spot on the radio – that new person was me. So I really want to say thank you Guardian Radio for helping to connect me with these guys, and make this experience even better than I could have imagined. 

So Destiny – wow what have you done to me. My wife thinks I’m nuts, my little boy can’t wait til he is old enough to play – and I have found a community of like-minded that I haven’t been able to connect with before in my 40 years of time on this planet.

Guys and girls – keep up the awesome work on Guardian Radio. I will be signing up to help fund it as soon as Xmas passes, because I think what you guys do is awesome, and I would hate to think it’s no longer a part of my week at some point. As I mentioned above, I live don here in New Zealand  – and as much as I would love the opportunity to have a limited edition Destiny PS4 console, I think that’s being greedy and selfish, and these are things we need a lot less of in our world (plus I know it would stretch the finances to send it all the way down here for you guys lol). So if I had the fortune of being the one to win – please can be somehow get this auctioned off on eBay or something, to a cancer children charity or similar, as I work in the cancer field a lot and see the need for so much more monetary help. 

Sorry for the missive – but just want to re-iterate what an awesome 15 months I have had, thanks to Destiny, Guardian Radio, and Wayward Raiders. Guardian out.



Greetings Guardian! 

What does Destiny mean to me? A question that I’ve been thinking on for a couple days now so here it goes. 

First, I thought of all the friends I’ve made throughout the first year of Destiny. My friends list has literally tripled. My real life friends don’t play Destiny so these “online friends” are the people I talk to most on a regular basis and I’ve never met them! We’ve played story missions, ran strikes, cheesed nightfalls and conquered raids. 

Secondly, the money I’ve saved. Now, you’re thinking how did Desinty save you money Trent? Good question! Let me tell you. Before Destiny I would usually buy 4-5 games a year ($240-$300). Since Sept. 2014 I’ve spent a total of $130. That’s $90 for emotes! Just kidding. I haven’t spent any money on emotes. Shocking right? Maybe with some Christmas money… 

Finally, family time. Huh? Yes, family time. During year 1 I was what you called a Destiny addict. With a 1500+ hours logged you can imagine how much family time I’ve missed. My daughter is turning 3 tomorrow (12/5) so she’ll be getting into gymnastics, plays and other activities soon enough and as a father I don’t want to miss those moments of happiness on her face. Recently, I’ve slowed down playing Destiny only playing a few nights a week and cramming in as many raids/trials matches as I can. Other nights I spend them with my beautiful wife watching TV and movies. I’m not in the doghouse anymore! 

So with all this being said why would I like a shiny new PS4? Well, I play on Xbox. It’s obvious that Bungie favors the PlayStation side of things for exclusive content. I totally understand the business side of things and I’m okay with that. The Taken King made Destiny fresh again for me after the lull during the summer and I think switching to PlayStation would make things even fresher!

Facts about my guardians: 

Main: Titan. Make. Human.

Fav class: Defender

Fav exotic armor: Helm of Saint-14

Fav exotic gun: Mida Mutli-Tool 

I’d like to thank Zach for making this giveaway possible. You’re an awesome guy and have truly become LEGEND.


Tyler Van B

Lets see… What does Destiny mean to me. Destiny is deffentaly a life style that I have gotten to be apart of a family that I never thought could exist. Now when I need to get something out of my system I’ll just boot up my PS3 and throw in Destiny and go crazy with my friends that I met in game and also with my awesome clan (Carnage Troopers) they are really helpful and friendly willing to listen to me rant if need be and then we’ll go and kick so Darkness butt. I wouldn’t say that i am the best as PvE cause I’m not but everyone I meet is really supportive and friendly even if I just meet them.



The destiny community means there will always be someone to help in the game. The forums are the most useful things in destiny. People on there help no matter what. It’s been fun knowing there are places to ask for help. Thanks for reading this. 



Hi Guardian Radio, 

First of all, I wanted to start by saying that I’m a big fan of the show. It really helps make my commute more bearable and is a great source of Destiny news. 

I’ve been playing Destiny since soon after The Dark Below came out, and quickly became obsessed. I love this game and have been more engrossed in it than I have been in any other game before. A few friends and I don’t get to see each other much in person, and Destiny has become our way to keep in touch. I’ve also started using LFG quite a bit to find groups, and it’s amazing how many cool people are out there playing this game. 

Overall, I’m just super excited about this game and looking forward to what the future could hold.



Hello Guardians,

I’ve been a FPS player for a long time. I’ve played many of the Medal of Honor games, Call of Duty games and others. My favorite genre of games however is RPG’s. I didn’t follow the Destiny hype. I picked up the game without much research only knowing that it was fps/rpg hybrid of some kind. After weeks of playing I joined up with a clan and started playing many crucible matches and raiding. Some of my greatest gaming moments were playing this game with friends. Destiny is a great game and the community is amazing. I hope I will still be playing this game in 10 years.



First, let me thank you guys so so so much for doing this giveaway! You all are truly the best!! 

    So it’s pretty obvious that Destiny=community right? Well my story is even more proof as to why that is. I suffer from from really bad social anxiety, so when Destiny came out, I could only play by myself (none of my friends played Destiny either so that kinda sucked). Anything that required me to talk to strangers or reach out to them for help I had to skip out on. Because of this, I skipped out of the weekly night falls, trials, and even the raids. But then Taken King dropped. And then I saw the cool raid gear. And then I saw the cool new exotics that you can’t obtain by yourself. At the time, I heard that the community was really wonderful, so after much deliberation, incredible amounts of courage, and then need for that raid gear, I reached out to the forums and joined LFG groups. And my gosh were they so nice! They helped me complete Vault of Glass, Crota, and take on Oryx for the first time! Even with my social anxiety, they made me feel really comfortable! Because of Destiny, I was able to meet incredible people, who I still play with today. Because of Destiny, I was able to actually make new friends and meet super cool people! So yeah, Destiny to me, is 100% community.



Pre-Destiny I was a horrible FPS gamer, and I do mean horrible.  My roommate would come in to laugh whenever I tried to play anything FPS related and I never kept up with those games.  Then along came Destiny and I knew I wanted it.  Got into playing and have actually started improving my skills as a FPSer.  I’m still not good, but at least I can hit the broad side of a barn now.  I’m even debating doing Twitch streaming due to my enjoyment of Destiny.



I have been playing video games pretty much as long as they existed (tennis on the Atari anyone?). As I got older, I had less and less time to play but we had kids so there were always video game systems in the house. 

Our youngest son bought s PS3 several years ago and introduced me to Black Ops and Borderlands 2 and we spent many hours playing them together. Last December, he bought a PS4. He didn’t have much for games, so he would download free games or free demos. 

In February, I downloaded the demo for Destiny. I was hooked immediately and rushed to our local used game store and bought a hard copy of vanilla Destiny. The first couple of months I played, I just played solo. I did not use a headset and had never been in a group chat. I had not done the nightfall or any raids. 

I joined a clan in April and everything changed! I purchased the expansion pass so I could run Crota with my new clan mates. I got to be good friends with a great group of folks across America and Europe. 

By July, I was tired of either waiting for our son to get off the PS4 or tired of him waiting for me to get off! I bought my own PS4. We were finally able to play Destiny together! 

I play for a couple of hours most days. It is rare that I don’t find time to get on for at least a little bit. 

I listen to the podcast every week and always learn something new. Thanks for all you do! 

I would really love to have a TTK PS4.


Arslaan H.

I have been a gamer all my life, but at the same time took a very academic path in my life. I followed my dream to pursue a career in the field of medicine, and as many of you know this can be very time consuming and stressful. This leaves very little time to game, but I have always made time to play. In all of my years of gaming I have never encountered a game quite like Destiny. I have a history of enjoying rpg games such as the diablo franchise, final fantasy, and got into the fps scene during my undergrad when call of duty was all the rage. I love how Destiny incorporates elements of both rpg and fps to create such a wonderful experience. Destiny became more than a game to me because it was the first game where I actively updated myself in the community, made many friends through the game, and have felt the need to help others get through harder content in the game. I also found myself getting to know of some big streamers and checking out their channels from time to time. Ever since Destiny’s release I have never felt so engaged in this wonderful community, and that is one thing I think that is so great about this game despite its flaws. Long story short, Destiny is awesome and I would love to win this prize.



As an East coast truck driver, Destiny means to me, that the nights I can’t make it physically home (which is often ) I still get to spend time with my son. It is a period in my life I will never forget.  I actually went on ebay and bought the launch edition ghost to remind me and someday pass that memory to him. As a father with a young teenager, I found a way to connect like a phone call never will. From a day 1 vanilla/beta player Thank You.


Konvict Gaming

Destiny is more than a game because it is a way for my son and I to bond and share a great gaming experience together. He does not live with me and this is just ” our thing”  since he lives so far away. He’s a senior in high school and will be going away soon. Its nice to know that we have something like this to share and not just use a phone.




Hello fellow guardian, 

I’ve been playing video games since i was a kid, I’m now 26. I’ve played a lot of online games, but never actually used my headset and communicated in any meaningful way before Destiny. I’ve played your Call of Duties and your Battlefields, but usually just by myself. With destiny, I actually play with my friends. We’ll spend hours at night just playing Destiny and shooting the shit. I go to school and work, so just getting to hang out with my friends is rare. Destiny allows me to hang out with them for a few hours at night.  

I’ve actually had a lot of success using DestinyLFG even though i’ve heard a lot of horror stories. Last night i went on LFG and found an awesome group and we ran through the raid in a short amount of time. We even had a guy who had never ran the raid before and everyone was really cool with helping him through it. No one was yelling at each other (too much). 

The reason I want the Destiny PS4 is because i have a younger brother who has not made the jump to current gen yet. No matter how many PS4 deals i send to him, he has yet to buy one. He just doesn’t have the money. If i won this bundle I could give it to him so we can finally play video games together again. I think the last video game we played together regularly was GoldenEye 64.  

Keep on Keeping on



How Destiny is more than just a game to me: 

I am an old school gamer that remembers saving up my allowances to get an original Nintendo, and then scraping up enough cash to feed my gaming habits.  Sometime around college circa 1995, I stopped playing and did not pick it up again until the summer of 2014, when my awesome wife surprised me with a PS4.  I did a little research on what game might be coming out that I could jump into.  You can imagine a lot has change in 20 years, but since Destiny seemed to try and combine all the new genres, it is the game I chose. I pre-ordered, and there was no looking back!  Oh, how my life has changed!  I lost my wife, lost my kids, lost my job, lost my physique, lost my hygiene, and lost my mind during the great Gjallarhorn chase.  Just kidding, I am proud to announce I am still happily married with two wonderful children, and I never really had the physique to loose in the first place. 

Sometime before Christmas 2014, I had done just about everything you could do in Destiny as a solo player, and was very intimidated about using an LFG site.  I decided to make a post on the forums about who I was and what I was looking for, and I included a Group/Clan name.  I then quickly learned how to set up the group and clan, just  in case someone was interested.  To my complete surprise, before I knew it, we had a group of around 500 folks and the clan filled up to 100 and we started encouraging folks to start other clans in our group to be part of our Alliance.  To this day, we are a vibrant group of laid back players, always willing to help out others with just about anything in the game.  On any given raid run, we expect to hear crying babies in the background, teenagers getting grounded, and spouses being yelled at.  We have shared our stories with each other, have supported others as they went through their life changes such as getting jobs, losing jobs, graduating school, and having their first kid.  I would not trade this experience for the world. 

Keep up the good fight, Guardians


Here is the post that started it all for me: 

Who I am: I am a casual player with a wife & kids. I play several times a week, and can’t always commit to 3 hour sessions without interruption. I want to play raids and strikes with folks that are patient, will let everyone learn, will talk about things and not get mad or kick anyone. I expect to hear kids or other distractions in the background noise. Although I would like to complete the raid at some point, I have fun just playing and interacting with others. I am shy and am not naturally good at initiating social groups, so the social aspect of Destiny often intimidates me. If you feel like I do, please join this group, and don’t be shy about posting what you’re looking for.


Zach F.

Hello guardian radio! Long time listener, sending my entry to the giveaway.  

Destiny has been a truly unique experience! After logging over 1,000 hours since day one of the beta, I can honestly say that destiny was the greatest investment I have ever made in gaming. The gameplay is fantastic, but why really makes this game special is the community.  

For the first 4 months of the game I was your typical lone wolf player. Didn’t really experiment with raids, or the crucible for that matter. But I eventually decided I needed to find a clan. After a week of searching I found one and my destiny career took off in a way I never expected! 

I was the first recruit into a brand new clan called “Light of the Traveler”. And I took it upon myself to start recruiting. After a couple weeks of recruiting I had found a great group of guys and girls that loves destiny just as much as I do. Now every time I log in to destiny I know I have friends that will have my back in facing the darkness! 

Now here is one small experience I would like to share.. 

I never was the kind of gamer to grind out achievements in a game or try to do everything possible. But with destiny, one day I realized that some on LFG had a required grimoire score to join them for raids. My grimoire was very low, and this was hindering my ability to play with people when my clanmates weren’t online. So I began the great grimoire grind. Countless hours searching for ghosts and ‘waking up the hive’ if you know what I mean! 

As of last week I finally hit max grimoire! Or so I thought.. While watching a streamer on twitch, he brought to my attention that the ‘Doubles’ crucible playlist had hidden grimoire for 25, 50 and 100 wins! So my buddy from my clan and I dove in and started getting wins. He was able to get to 100 before me and on Monday night before reset, I got to 93 wins. At this point, it was 2:00 AM and my wife was not as interested in the 5 point of grimoire I still had yet to achieve before doubles went away for who knows how long!  

So at this point I had to shut down the Xbox and just accept the fact that I wouldn’t be able to finish the grimoire until the next time doubles came around. But as I shut off my Xbox, my friend from my clan texted me and asked me how many wins I had left to get. So I told him I only needed 7 more, and he offered to get on my account and get me the wins I needed to finish it up. And he got it! Right before reset he was able to get my 100th win, and I couldn’t have been more appreciative! 

The destiny community is very special, and I strongly encourage anyone who has not yet joined a clan, to search one out! I would like to send a huge shout out to Zach for sending in this destiny PS4 to the show as a giveaway. That was very nice of you and I’m sure you are going to make one lucky winner very happy. 

Just as a side note.. The guy who sent in the PS4’s name is Zach, my name is Zach, and the clanmate that helped me get my last few wins name is Zach. Coincidence? I THINK NOT! 

Thank you guardian radio for being a great place to come for destiny community! Keep up the good work! Guardian out!



Thanks for all you do for the Destiny community. As a lifetime gamer, I’ve seen many systems, games, story arcs, universes (universi?) and years of controller mashing and victory celebrations. 

Getting into my early 30s, I found my gaming identity to be constantly changing. Gone are the days of 10 hour sessions grinding out a raid boss in WoW, or pulling all-night sessions of CoD to prestige with your college buddies. 

Destiny, to me, has provided an opportunity to get away from the commitment of race-to-the-top competitive games, and play at a pace and style that fits my life. As you have all commented over the two-plus years of doing the show, we as players can dip in and out of Destiny and still feel connected and motivated. 

The people I’ve met through Destiny are often more interested in my life than in the latest raid loot. Hearing “Hey, how’s your puppy doing? How was that work trip to Ohio last week?” mean more to me than chasing down that last calcified fragment or finishing my three Raids for the week. 

It’s been great to grow up and see the role games have played in my life, and now to have found a game universe and community that support the ever-changing life we live as adults. 

Keep up the great work.



I’ve been playing Destiny since October 2014. One day, someone on my friends list whom I never talked to hopped into one of my missions (The Archive) and said he thought I might need help. Ever since that day we speak nearly every day and I’ve gotten so many new friends, from people down the street to the Netherlands. 

Considering I have one or two real life friends, this is amazing to me. I love just hanging out in the tower or doing a couple of raids. It’s such a fantastic experience and I’m so grateful for how Destiny has pulled people together. Even my mother plays and she’s 51! 

Also, I just wanted to say how fantastic you guys are at Guardian Radio. I’ve been listening since Crota Hard was released and haven’t missed an episode yet. You make my shifts at work almost bearable so thank you! 

Lots of love



First things first, good luck to everyone else participating and may the luckiest guardian wins! 

Destiny means a lot to me, starting together with a friend of mine, who left the games due to the poor story and content, I was quite bored until I started my own clan. I met a lot of guys there and we’re pretty close and are now called GeneiRyodan! 

However, they’ve all moved on to the PS4 whereas I still play on my PS3 and things are getting to be pretty lonely again, I kinda miss playing with them, I’m currently the only active member that isn’t on current-gen consoles. It’ll mean a lot to me to be able to finally play with them again, they have troubles completing the raid 😛 

Thank you, Guardian Radio for what you do and what you represent within our lovely community!


Cubby Rodenhizer

Hello Guardian radio!

I am a big fan of the show. You guys are my getaway in the car when I’m driving to work. Where to begin? I truly love Destiny so much so that I only own one game (Destiny). I also bought a Xbox one simply so I could play Destiny. I had a lot of real life friends playing in the beginning. Currently still have a few friends playing but it has dropped. Luckily the Destiny community is amazing and I have made plenty of friends online. Some who I like even more than my real life friends lol. I’m currently 317 light close to 318 I run hard mode 2 times a week and go flawless every weekend in Trials for the light house. I  am ready for challenge mode and more content to come. There are weeks when I’m bored but that probably means I’ve just played to much.. Now I just Sherpa a lot of people.. Also side note you guys inspired me to get my own podcast started more entertainment related, it will include games and of course some destiny news but a little bit of everything.. Just wanted to say thank you for all you guys  do and the time you take for your loyal listeners. P.S I would love to be a guest on your show that would be a dream come true! I’ve been wanted to talk to you guys for a while instead of talking to my car speakers when I’m listening. Thanks again for all you do! My xbox gamer tag is

EC x Prodigy. If you guys ever want to play!


Adam C

When I played in the beta I had no idea what I was getting into. Turns out I’m married now(to the game) and Luke all marriages it has it’s ups and downs. There were a few times I wanted to just get up and leave but I stayed strong, thought back to all the good times. In all seriousness, Destiny has become a huge part of my life. I’ve met people that I’d consider my best friends not even a year ago but the bond we share through this game is something I never knew was possible th community is unbelievable and I’m proud to say I’m part of it. I play destiny bc I wanna help, Anyone! I love this game



What the destiny and the community has meant to me.

Before I started destiny playing destiny I was pretty much a solo player, I rarely played with other people in multiplayer games and when I did I never talked to them. But because of the way destiny is set up I had to find people to do the raids with and through those I started talking more to people, and have even developed some friendships with people all across the world through destiny. I no longer feel nervous talking to new and random people I meet online like I did when I first started, and I have never had a truly bad experience with people I have met. They have all been great people.


Chad C.

Destiny has been a great game for me I’ve met a lot of great people and done a lot of fun things but some of the things that have the most impact on my life has been the community and the various pod cast that help me get through some of the hardest points in my life.

About a year ago I was going through some rough times at work and home I had just found out my landlord was selling the place me my wife and my son have called home for the past year and had less then 3 months to move. This put me in a hard spot and started to affect my work I work early mornings (3am) and all I could do is think about how I’m going to make everything work and it depressed me then one day I randomly stumbled across Guardian radio and all the podcast there and listen to all the episodes of all the pod cast it was so uplifting to hear others so happy to talk about the game I love and it pulled me out of my slump and i found the great community I am proudly part of.

To all the great guardians out there who helped me over the last year you helped me more then you could ever know



Hey guys love the show! Wanted to throw my name in the hat. 

I’ve played destiny since the start. I simply cannot stop. I play with a few friends back home and and a few friends I play with locally and the rest I find on lfg sites. My story lies with the friends I play with locally. 

I’m a DJ, aspiring DJ. I consider myself pretty good I’ve been doing it long enough. One of my friends that I play destiny with locally plays with another crew who also live in my city. Over the past year or so we have merged and they have become my go to fire team and people I would consider friends now. We hadn’t met for the longest time even though we were in the same city and to my surprise a few of them turned out to be incredible DJ’s and part of a local DJ collective that I have been following for some time. It’s not everyday you find out you’ve been playing with your heroes this whole time. The best news is that they have brought me into their group and we now have a few residencies around town. 

Destiny has a reputation for its community and I’m one of the thousands who are here to preach that unity. Not only can you meet people from across the world but people that you look up to in your own Back yard. 

You guys are awesome. Thanks again for a great show.



Jack (Travellors)

This sounds cliché as hell but Destiny is the game I never knew i wanted. 

Its become my social hub, my go-to where i go to see and make friends. I used to get every big game on release and revel in being up to date in the chatter and never understood how someone could stay tuned into one game exclusively like wow or fifa or cod. 

But now i do 😀



Destiny is the game that game to be so many friends online and made my experience so enjoyable unfortunately my PlayStation for broke so I’m I want to play with my friends currently it would be really really awesome to win the PlayStation four with my put my destiny is the game that gained me so many friends online and made my experience so enjoyable unfortunately my PlayStation for broke so I’m I want to play with my friends currently it would be really really awesome to win the PlayStation four thank you Tina put my friends and keep the online relationships going I wish the best to all the other entries.


Kris G.

Hello Guardians,

      My name is Kris. I originally bought destiny for ps3 about 6 months after it was release. I got a used copy for faily cheap, and since the trailors looked so amazing I had to give it a try. Was a plus that it was so cheap. Well….. how cheap really?? Because after buying and playing it, I was so hooked, and my wife, who isn’t really into gaming, saw it, we went out and bought another ps3 and another destiny game just so she could play with me. We spent months fighting the fallen, hive and cabal. Then I found your show. I’ve listened to every episode starting from episode 8 (earlier wasn’t available) on 2x speed because I had to listen to them all and you guys we’re on episode 98 if I recall correctly. I love your show. Fell in love with Biff when he arrived, the Bell. But I miss our resident Rock Hound Craig. And Chris.  And yes even Watts.

       So as of recently (maybe June) my son of 8 yrs fell in love with destiny. He is a beast. He could possibly show Biff up in crucible. Lol. Now he has my daughter playing it. So the whole family is playing destiny, Lol fighting over the 2 ps3 that we have.

      So just recently, I’ve finally made the jump to Ps4 thanks to my wife. Had to before fallout 4 came out. Lol. But o did not get destiny, figured why if I already have it for ps3. But they may not include ps3 in destiny 2.

So the reason I wish to be the winner of this contest is to have a second Ps4 so that all 4 people in my family can play destiny at the same time. I know it sounds greedy for me, if I win then I have 2 ps3 and 2 Ps4.  But I’m sure I’m not the worst. Lol.

Anyway in closing  thank you for this opportunity and keep up the great show guys (and gal).

One final note: human hunter



Hey guys,

I’m fairly new to your show even though I’ve been watching byf for almost the entirety of year one. You guys are an inspiration and have driven me out of my months of patrols and filling the random slot on some last minute Monday night raids to filling my small clan (ONI Reborn) with friends and family. I now lead them thru all sorts of content like crota and atheon or the weekly night falls and trials. I’ve increased my crucible kd and even set a personal best (28/3) thanks to all the tips and videos you guys shed light on. I want to thank you guys personally and I look forward to hearing you guys on the way to work every Tuesday morning.



How has destiny changed my life…. 

It has wasted my money. Now, I don’t mean that I have wasted money on destiny, per se, only that it has wasted money. 

In past years, I have played A LOT of COD. I even bought the $100 preorder/season pass for Black Ops 3. I have played nearly no COD since Destiny (I began Destiny 2 weeks before TTK). Aside from 1-2 hours of COD, I have played Destiny exclusively. 

  $100 for fall of duty

+        0 hours of COD played


     $100 wasted money 

I blame Destiny for his wasted money. If the game wasn’t as good as it was, I would be playing other games.



Good day guardians the way destiny has helped me is I use to play alot of games by myself and I lost contact with alot of close friends when destiny came out my friends and I all got it and we really started to connect agian we would and still do when we have time spend many hours on it just talking catching up and just straight up goof around I have even made many new friends who have been there for me like when I lost my mother in law who I was really close to she passed away October 26 of this year one day after that I got on played some destiny and a few friends joined me and they said I was too quiet so I told them why and they were all there for me one even sent my wife and I flowers it my wife day and in turn it made my day I want this community to live long and live strong may the light of the traveler always guide you well thanks and this guardian is signing out


Ben Y.

Hello fellow guardians Captain Dekline here just wanting to take a second and share my destiny experience with you all. I’ve always been a solo gamer with no interest in MMO or RPG games and little interest in shooters but being a fan of science fiction and having enjoyed my short time in the beta I picked up a copy day one. I selected a male Hunter Exo to start my quest finding it fitting to my lone wolf gaming style. My first trip to the tower confirmed I had made the right choice for it was Captain Malcolm Reynolds that sent me off in search of adventure (like I said, big sci fi fan). I played for a few days and was so sucked in to the game I would just talk about Destiny to anyone who would listen. As it turned out some of the guys from work were also playing and it wasn’t long before this lone wolf found a pack. I became a social player jumping into games no longer by myself but with people I actually knew. Then came the loot cave and spin metal runs complete strangers I would communicate with by a wave, point or quick double tap and I was hooked. Community (or lack there of) is why I hated social gaming I was so sick of people just trying to put each other down in hateful ways and here was a game full of strangers all teaming up and helping each other out. It got to the point where I’d start teaming up with randoms I’d met in the wild. Some of these complete strangers are now people I know fairly well and enjoy gaming with basically everyday and it’s all thanks to destiny. 

So thank you guardian radio cast and listeners. Thank you clan mates and fire team members. And thanks to anyone I’ve played with or talked to about Destiny you have all made this a wonderful year and opened my mind to an all new style of gaming.


Abraham O

What destiny means to me is simple. Friendship. I made more friends playing destiny then ever. I introduced my friends to it as well and made us even closer. Talking about the game is real fun. Just the game in general is fun. Thanks for reading and being a good podcast



I come from an MMO PC Gaming background. I enjoyed playing MMOS because of the friendships and team spirit they help build between players.   Destiny was away I could show my friends that played consoles how an MMO style game could bring a group of gamers closer together than a regular shooter.  I think the raiding aspect of the game builds a sense of teamwork and helping each other gain loot,  not just working towards their own goals or loot desires.  That is why I think the Destiny community is so great because it creates an environment that encourages plyers to helps each other.  Thank You


Mike E.

I don’t have an amazing story. I am on the Xbox side and wish sometimes that I was on the PS4 side. Destiny has made it so I can make friends from all around the world that I play with and cherish  each moment that I’m with them. I am kind of an introvert and don’t really talk to people and this gives me a chance to come out of my shell. I will forever be a guardian even when destiny is gone.


Paul and Jackelyn

Hi guys! love the show! 

My name is Paul and my wife’s name is Jackelyn. I’ve been playing shooters and RPG since I was able to hold a controller I’ve always loved it! my wife on the other hand had never touched a controller in her life… until.. she saw me play destiny for the first time. She was like “Uh did you just punch that space alien in the face while underground on the moon?” Get me that game now!! lol. since then I’ve learned it is true that couples that play together stay together, we’ve never had a stronger relationship then what we have now! we work awesome as a team in the game and in everyday life now. We have been saving and trying to get PS4’s for months now, but when you’re talking 2 ps4’s…pretty pricey… seems something happens everytime we get close, car trouble, moving, dog gets sick. winning one would give us a huge amount of help. anyways hope this wasn’t too long! I love the show and please never stop being the amazing people you guys are 


BTW. you can call me and my wife by our names. and byf… stop being so… British  



I’m OkamiRyuken from the ps4 and destiny has inpacted my life for the best in my opinion but maybe not my girlfriend. For me destiny has had me branch out social in a time where I haven’t had meany people to talk to outside of my family but what really has been the most important is bonding with my cousin. He is my age 24 and since we where in elementary and middle school we where the best of friends. He lived in Oklahoma during the winter and school year then spend the summers with his father. Where we would hang out everyday and spend that summer at each others houses. Playing video games trying to beet the years before number of games in a summer but once we got in high school we started falling out due to life and other things that happen in those years. Now he has moved to Baltimore and we get to hang out 1 or 2 times a month but we both love destiny and I wish that we could play together sadly he’s on the Xbox. I hope to win this as a Christmas present for him so we can spend some more time together and help show him the end game with a consol he can play as his 2 bother fight over the Xbox. I want to thank u for your consideration and happy holidays to everyone 


Black Communion

My name is Jason. I’m 28 years old, and I live in Portland, Oregon. Destiny has had a profound impact on my life in a couple of ways. First, I’ve been a gamer for almost my entire life. One of my earliest childhood memories was watching my older sister play Legend Of Zelda on NES, and I was infatuated with the idea of video games. Destiny was the first game in many years to give me that same sense of awe in a video game, like I had watching my sister. In addition to being a lifelong gamer, I’ve been a musician for almost all of my life as well. Starting with piano and eventually making my way to guitar, I’ve been an active in many bands for most of my life. My latest project was a metal band, Black Communion. I started BC with a couple of friends, just jamming and writing original songs, but we didn’t have a singer. Long story short, none of the candidates for vocals ended up working out, so I decided to try out singing for the first time in my life. I’ve never really been interested in singing, but I had the idea of writing lyrics about Destiny. I felt like by writing about the lore of Destiny, that I could illustrate my own experiences in the game into songs. It ended up being a blast to write lyrics. Getting to refer to my own experiences and the grimoire made my connection with Destiny more than just a game.   

I’ve written in before, and I’m happy to say that our EP is finally finished. We’re going to release it for free on our bandcamp in the coming weeks. But, I wanted to share with you one of the tracks from the EP. It’s called “Nothing Manacles // The Last Word” and it’s about year one PVP. Here are the lyrics: 

You are diminished.

I am exalted.

You are broken.

I am made strong. 

The book of sorrow and understanding renders you weak. 

Mark of the devourer.

Burned by time.

Hear my last words:

“yours…not mine.” 

Finally. I wanted to say that everybody constantly talks about the community. And while I’ve had some good experiences as a part of Safe Gamers, there is a part of the community I don’t get to be a part of. my close friend upgraded to PS4 and we don’t get to play together anymore, not a big deal, I can go hang out with him whenever. Him and his wife are moving back to Norway, and I gotta find a way to get a PS4 before they leave so that he and I can stay in touch. We both are huge destiny fans, and having a PS4 would help us keep in touch from thousands of miles away. 

PS I’m fine with you listening to the song and sharing it amongst yourselves, but only ask that you refer people back to our social media outlets to download the song. Would be super cool if you wanted to play it on the show. I get it if it’s a little too crazy sounding, but it’s the kind of music I like to play! 





FL ST8 1

Hello fellow guardians! Please enter me into the contest to win the PS4. Thanks. 

Just kidding. First I’d like to say  love the show. I listen to it every Mon while I’m at work. I like it because it has a positive vibe  as well as being informative. Thank you all so much and I look forward to the next 8 years of this game and the show. 

I’ve been a gamer since the Atari days. I play a wide variety of genres but, FPS and RPG are among my favorites. So when Destiny was coming out I had to preorder. Despite the negative reviews that came out at launch, I have to say I enjoyed the game. Yes it has issues but, what game doesn’t ?  I remember a time when you bought a game and got no patches or updates. What’s great about Bungie is that they care about their product and are listening to the community to try and make it better. I don’t understand the saltiness that has popped up over the recent weeks.  Gamers nowadays have gotten spoiled and expect there to be fresh content practically every month. We all need to take a deep breath and relax. Content will come. For a $40 DLC you can’t beat the value that TTK has given us.  I, for one, am happy to have a game that you can’t blow through content in a week. Thanks Bungie!

On the topic of saltiness, the refer a friend program has raised quite a bit. I do agree with your recent guest. I think his name is Jake.

I really believe that in a month or so after the holidays and all the new kinderguardians have caught up, the emotes and stuff will be available to us all. We shall see.

As I said earlier, I am an older gamer. I thought I was in the extreme minority. After listening to your show and hearing some other stories, I realize there are some much older than I. To me, that’s incredible and speaks to quality of the game and greatness of the community that supports it.

I could go on and on about Destiny and the community but, I know that I needed to keep this relatively short and sweet. Thanks to Bungie for an awesome game and thanks to all of you for putting on a entertaining show. Keep up the good work and good luck to all entered. A special thanks to gentleman who donated it. Forgive me as I have forgotten your name.


Josh H

I want to first off say that I don’t not wish to be put into the ps4 giveaway nor do I really want this letter to be put in a public forum. I am simple writing this because you asked what the community means to us and here is my answer.  I personally have yet to see any of the community aspect of destiny due to my strange play times. Much like Mark and Kdog I am a morning player and all my attempts to find a regular play group and clan have been for not because it would seem that most people local to me play of an evening and much to my dismay I have no irl friends to get into the game. Its nice that I can play with people in other counties but most of the time the sever instability this causes makes the game glitch a lot. I feel the destiny is a good game and I will continue to play it but without other people I have once again hit a wall as I did in the first months of year one. I wish I could have this uplifting story to tell you but I do not. And as much as I try to find that group where I belong more and more I come up empty handed. So as far as what the community means to me I have yet to see one or wonder if I ever will. I feel I will be stuck in the one percent that cant get things done because they cant find a group able to.  A I said before I do not wish to be entered into your giveaway and I prefer not to have this posted on your website or read on your podcast. I just simply wanted to answer your question. And honestly I wanted someone to know of my experience.



Hey Guardian Radio team,

Thanks for all you guys do for the community and for individual guardians looking for info and news. I wanted to put in my entry into the giveaway but not for myself but for one of my clan members who has had some hard times that has taken him offline and cut him off from a large group of his friends. As we all know Destiny is such a social game that the people I started playing with during the Beta and then launch became a regular group of 12-14 guys and a gal who really enjoyed playing together and raiding a couple times a week. We lost some people here or there but another friend took their place so that by the time of the big content lull in spring we still had about 8-10 people playing on a regular basis.  

My wife was pregnant at the time and very tired so most nights she would head to bed around 8 and I would spend the night hanging out and talking with my Destiny clan mates.  Around spring it also dawned on me that these people were now some of my best friends, we would talk every night about what was going on IRL as we discussed new jobs, new babies and relationships. So this all came to a head right around House of Wolves as first I had a baby shower BBQ and 3 clan mates that had never met came and it was great joking in real life like we do online every night.  

Then a few weeks later another of our clan leaders was getting married (Erik). One clan member who had been gaming with him for 4+ years but never met him (Aaron) was to be in the wedding party and fly out from Nebraska. Just before the wedding and after one week of house of wolves Aaron’s PS4 got the red light of death and to all of his power he couldn’t get it fixed. With the upcoming wedding and flight he didn’t have the money to buy a new PS4 immediately and he said he would wait till after the wedding. Well his bad luck continued and started a trend as as soon as he landed in California his mom had a stroke and he had to fly back to Nebraska and miss the wedding along with taking a financial hit to change his flight on short notice.  

The summer then began a series of bad fortune as he has medical bills to pay and a string of real life costs that prevented him from buying a new PS4 and also reconnecting him with his group of friends. Around taken king’s launch we even tried to pool together some extra money as a group of friends and buy Aaron the Taken King ps4 but we came up short and I personally could afford to contribute as much as it would have taken to buy it. We lost some hope and just and our fingers crossed that he would get some good luck and be able to buy it himself.  

Now 3 months later and that still hasn’t happened and now our clan is starting to fade more and more without Aaron as one of the leaders. The 6 guys we could assemble struggled mightily at hard mode Oryx and a couple people got too frustrated to try again. Now the few active guardians are forced to LFG for raids and trials and it feels like what was once a large group of friends has been reduced due to the loss of one guardian. I’m asking for your help in getting Aaron a Taken King PS4 as it would be the shot in the arm our group needs to get back in and would seriously make his year.  

Thanks for listening and I hope it all made sense. Thanks for doing what you guys do as I listen to the show every week waiting for friends to get on running bounties and patrols, and without the added lore and Byf videos Destiny and the community around it would have a huge hole in it’s heart. 



I have 2 groups that I play with inside Destiny. 

The First Group is made up of Casual gaming coworkers, it started out as me and two other people playing and talking about it at the office.  As we continued to talk about our amazing experiences, people were listening because they too love video games and had already started playing destiny or had thought about purchasing the game.  My goal was to recruit a fire team for a raid, it took a couple months, but we were able to finally get the team together and get everybody leveled up.  Currently I have 8 coworkers who play the game, 6 on Xbox and 2 on PS.  Anytime any news comes out I send out the emails to inform the group and to coordinate with my xbox team on the next raid. 

The Second Group is made up of Hardcore gaming players.  This team consists of college students with a lot of time to play video games.  I met them through a friend on Xbox who needed a 6th for the VOG NM.  We have been friends ever since.  We have done everything together and have even sherpa’d some of my casual coworkers through the raids.  We talk frequently outside of Xbox and talk about other video games, scheduling to do Trials or Raids.  The cool part is we are in different parts of the country, some are on the West Coast, Northwest, NorthEast, MidWest, and South East.  So coordinating has been crucial!  This is the group who makes it hard to tear myself away from Destiny and makes it hard for me to sit at work and see them play.  Cool part is I can ask them to stream on Twitch and I can join them in their adventures in Destiny or other games while I sit and take care of adult responsibilities.



Hey guys! Thanks for doing the show, I enjoy it! I’m a new player in year 2 and been playing for only 2 months about. I just want to say, I have never been into any FPS ever. When I started playing Destiny I didn’t realize that I would love it so much but I have been having a blast with it. I quickly realized that I had to get both of the collectors editions so I bought both the Ghost Edition and the Taken King Collectors off of people on eBay. I love all the extras that come with those Collector’s editions. So after playing for about a week I quickly realized that this is was a game to play with others. Within a month of playing I influenced 5 other coworkers to buy PS4’s and play Destiny! (No Sony wasn’t paying me to sell PS4’s!) I play every day without fail and it’s such a pleasure to get a break from PC gaming after working in front of a PC all day. Of course after all that they come out with a referral program just days after my coworkers have been new players! 

I would love a chance to get one of the Limited Edition Destiny PS4’s! Also please enjoy some of these Red Bull codes to pass on for the audience. I no longer need them. Some of the codes might not work, if so just use the next one!  

Thanks again for the Podcast and take care!



Hi everyone,  

I got Destiny when it came out because a lot of friends were excited for it so I got it too. I didn’t really get how to do the endgame and hunt exotics until right around when Dark Below came out. I really got into it around that time, and I couldn’t get enough Destiny. That’s when I started listening to Guardian Radio. I looked for a good Destiny podcast, so downloaded every episode since. It made my Tuesday morning work commutes much more enjoyable. I work in a high school and I talk to my students about games from time to time, but none of my kids played Destiny last year. This year I have two kids in my stats class who play Destiny and it was a lot of fun to teach them about random number generation. I taught them how to use their calculators to generate random numbers, why computers are limited to pseudo-random, and how programmers account for these limitations. We talked about how mad you might have been getting 6 No Land Beyonds before you get the Gjallarhorn, but that doesn’t make an argument that the RNG is wrong. In addition to my stats kids, I met a few other kids who I was able to get to know a little bit better because we could bond over Destiny. Some of the kids I never even had in class but I asked them what class they play when I saw the tricorn on their clothes or bookbag. Basically Destiny has helped me get a few kids a little more interested in math class.


Jose A.

Hello guardians! My name is Jose of the Destiny Mind Travelers! I’ve been a day one player since Beta and I’ve been hooked ever since. My full time job is a tower climber which requires a lot of travel. So Destiny is a good way for me to connect with friends when I’m at a random city.



Started listening shortly after release of Vanilla after getting talked into it by a co worker and have pretty much given up on all other games, even talking family members into getting it. I then randomly found your podcast a few weeks later and have not missed one since. 

Well as time progressed friends, coworkers and yes even family left me behind on the PS3, leaving your podcast and a few of the others here on GRN as the only source of reliable game info and chit chat  about the game.  It’s not that I didn’t want to upgrade but having other responsibilities i.e. house, kids and wife, funds for an upgrade are not that forthcoming.   

I would say that Destiny takes 40% of  my free time, which any dad will tell you is worth twice their weight in gold.  When you have a hobby that takes up that much of your time the people that you share that with become, well friends to a degree.  Sounds odd as I have never and probably won’t ever speak to anyone there but that is what the show has become. There are enough different points of views on the show that I feel like my view on any matter is usually brought up which makes it more than the random podcast I found over a year ago. It’s a discussion that I feel like I am part of and involved with about my favorite leisure activity with a group of people that I have been involved with for over a year. 

It would be nice to play with those I started with, although I would obviously not be running with most of my current friends list from the PS3, some will inevitably upgrade durning the holiday’s, some won’t but I mean come on PS4 right! 

Yours truly, 

The Hardcore Casual


The B3An 14

Hello gaurdians!

 My name is Kevin (sorry Belle ik there’s to many of us.. lol) just call me Bean. Or my gamertag The B3An 14. I bought destiny just over 1 year ago on xbox one, and absolutely loved it! Iv made several friends through the game that I still talk to even tho I’m unable to play now thanks to my new house having no Internet connection.. but I’m looking to move soon and I would love to make new friends on the Playstation side! Though ik there are more people that could use it more. 

 Anyway keep up the great podcast and I’ll always be here. Have a wonderful day!



My destiny story…..wow how do I explain this to someone else.  I am a longtime gamer. First console was an Atari 2600.  Without going into extreme detail about my personal life, I have had a lot of “shit” happen in the last few years!  ( feel free to leave this out….. list of shit includes but not limited to, a parental suicide, executor of estate,  lawsuit against the estate by 2nd evil step mother,  parenting of my own offspring,  and extreme marital issues, PTSD and a lot of counseling).   I was introduced to Bungie via Halo, It was the only game I owned for the Xbox for a long time.  Halo 2 continued this love of Bungie games.  Then there was the dark time of the 7nd Console war, I sat on the fringes and played a Wii and World of Warcrack    I had heard whispers and rumors about Bungie and a new game that combined elements of MMORPG and the glory that was Halo.   Following this game and its delays and various trailers and teases leading up to the beta was a wonderful experience.   We purchased a PS4 for me with the sole purpose of playing destiny Beta.  This immersive game has given me the chance to escape reality for short periods of time and retain my sanity during some very difficult and disturbing times.  Friendships made in the Destinyverse have carried over into real life and have made me a better person, friend, father and spouse and helped me deal. Thanks BUNGIE! 

Thanks to GR for your voices on a weekly basis as well. 

When we get custom games, I am eager to see GR celebrity deathmatch with Belle and Bfy duking it out while Mark and K-dub provide running commentary.  Throw in a few science facts from Craig and you could have a series on your hands!!!!! 

See your starside guardians!  



Just started listening to the podcast about 2 months ago and gotta say absolutely love it. Its nice to find people as passionate about this game as i am.  

I had heard about destiny before launch but did not play the beta, Picked it up launch day and haven’t looked back. Over 1400 hours logged.  

A few months before destiny released i suffered a couple of bad concussions playing hockey and was forced to hang up my skates. It was one of the hardest decisions i ever had to make as hockey was truly one of the few loves of my life. I was depressed, and found my self with out a competitive release. Destiny gave me that and more. The community, raiding with my friends from RL and meeting new guardians along the way. Brought passion back into my life. I cant wait to see what this game has in store over the next decade.



I just found you guys, and I want to throw in that I love the show. I’ve been playing Destiny since year one, and have been loving it. That’s not the interesting part though. 

The interesting part is when my wife took an interest. She’s never been interested in shooters, but she took an interest in the armor. So I let her make a character on my account (warlock) and she leveled her up pretty quick. One fateful night, I told her that it would be so much fun if we could play together. She must have agreed because when I got home from work, there was two copies of taken king, and an extra ps4 set up and ready to go. 

Now whenever I’m home we play Destiny together. We just finished doing iron banner together (her first ever pvp experience btw) and she did great for her first time. We help each other with missions, bounties, and strikes. The only thing we haven’t done is a raid, but we’ll be trying that on my next days off. 

Thanks for listening to me praising my wife. She’s the best.



Greetings fellow guardians, before Destiny I was mainly a solo campaign kind of guy – I did play allot of Halo(1) and Halo(3) multilayer but mainly just kept to myself as gaming was a casual past time. When destiny came along I found my friends list increase from my 10 real life friends I had on xbox live to about 100+ from meeting various people on LFG and through my clan that I became apart of. It made my online experience alot more enjoyable and also meeting new people is always interesting. I mainly play PVP and enjoy making my way to the lighthouse in trials of osiris. Ive been listening to your podcast on the way to work for the past 4 months or so and its always good to hear different views and experiences in the destiny world. Keep up the great work and enjoy listening to more episodes to come.



The skinny:

It’s almost the end of my shift at work, where most of my podcast listening takes place, and after the episode was up, I decided- what the heck, I’m going to submit an entry to what Destiny means to me. Destiny and the community has really accomplished opening me up to unabashedly nerd out to new guardians in Destiny as well as non Destiny players. This is pretty amazing since I don’t feel like I have to be in the closet about my near close addiction to the game. It’s probably because I feel supported by friends I’ve met through Destiny. I want to rave to non Destiny players all about them!  

Unabridged verssion:

After playing the game solo since the Taken King release, I admiringly looked at level 40 guardians and longingly wished I was there. Once I was level 40, I started looking for companions- Destiny Reddit, Fireteams, the 100, LFG- it was like speed dating: “Do you like PVE? How do you feel about putzing? Do lore or dead ghosts interest you? Are you literally 10 years old? Can you play without putting down other people? How accepting are you? Once you hear me on the mic and realize I’m a girl…?” 

Woah. Now let me tell you, being completely new to MMO-type games (yeah yeah, Destiny isn’t lalala), this was completely fascinating to me. I meet people who don’t even live in my time zone, I learn about people’s habits and gun preferences, or sandwich preferences for that matter, and build great camaraderie in the few strikes or raiding marathons that take place. I’ve started a clan, update a bungie destiny group, jump into randos’ games if I get an invite, and choose “clean snacks” to eat so I don’t ruin my ps4 controller because food takes too much time to make/eat during raids. It just doesn’t get old. With clan mates, we aren’t afraid to “take risks” and dabble in PVP; even though we all say we suck and how we prefer PVE. We do it cuz we don’t take losses personally, we want loot and to play with each other. Now that’s cool.   

Thank you Guardian Radio for being the little voice in my ear while I work the 9-5, updating me on the news, buzz, rumors, and lore. 



Hello everyone! Firstly, thank you to Zack for providing what is a really awesome prize for this giveaway! Secondly, thank you to everyone at Guardian Radio for giving me my destiny fix on my commute to work every Tuesday morning and for putting this all together! 

I’m sure my destiny story is like many others here, and while it may not stand out a ton, I feel that’s actually okay as the similarity I’m seeing in all these entries is really quite an amazing thing.    

Anyway, the reason Destiny has stayed such an important part of this past year for me is that it has helped expand upon what a relationship can be. I’ve never considered myself an avid gamer before…I dabbled in most of the AAA games here and there but have trouble sticking games through to the end a lot of the time. Destiny was different. It hooked me like it has hooked everyone here, and yes let’s be honest, probably took me away from other parts of my life a little bit more than it needed to. 

The thing is…my girlfriend totally got it. I had never had that in any of my relationships before and it gave us this totally great new thing to bond over. We tend to do the “pass the controller back and forth” thing whenever we play together but it would be great if we could get to the point where we’re on a fireteam doing everything! You know what they say…”the couple that raids together stays together…as long as you get good drops…and don’t mess up the jumps…” The analogy gets a little muddled there. 

Anyway, that’s my little story. I’d like to thank you all again for giving us all this opportunity, and wish everyone out there the best of luck in the contest. Cheers everyone!



I wanted to submit my entry for your giveaway. Destiny has brought my older brother and myself close together again.  He’s in his 30’s, I’m almost 30, we both have our families in different states.  Growing up we were best friends.  With my profession, we get to get together on major holidays at best.  He talked me into getting this game, as he was an RPG guy and I was a shooter guy.  It was a match made in heaven for our gaming styles.  Ever since I started back in March, we literally get to spend multiple hours a week hanging out.  This allows me to have extended conversations with my niece as well (not in raids of course!).  When life pulls us all in so many different directions, I can’t tell you how nice it is to have Destiny that brings us back together.  On the surface it seems like that is a poor excuse and that we should find time, but we all know that two middle aged men aren’t going to be on the phone with each other for more than a few minutes, but put a headset and Destiny on and we have an excuse to chat like little kids! 

This community has welcomed us in with open arms.  Very rarely do we have a bad experience from LFG sites and random raid groups.  When so many things are sour in this world, it’s nice to come to a place where a majority of people are genuine.  Thank you, Guardian Radio, for being such a leader in this positive community.  If any one reading this is looking for adults to play with, feel free to add BenMc19 on Xbox1.  



What does Destiny mean to me? How is it more than just a game? Well, Destiny itself is just that, a game. To me what makes it special is this amazing community. That is the biggest reason I keep coming back and play the way I do. I wouldn’t be where I am, not only in game but in my personal life, had I not found this community. Everyday I look forward to logging in and getting to chance to run crucible, raids, or strikes, just so that I can get together with people to talk and laugh. 

I have never been around a community that supports other players like Destiny. I received community help in completing my first Vault and Crota raids. After seeing their willingness to help and teach, I made the choice that I will give back to everyone I can in the future, by doing the same thing. Now I get to do it far more regularly in my clan. It is an amazing feeling hearing people kill Oryx for the first time just as it was for Atheon and Crota in year 1. That alone can turn a crap day around. 

So really it is the community that matters the most to me in this game. Some of the greatest times I have had have come from being in a party with others from from Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Not just folk from the U.S. It continues to show me day after day, we really are all just one people, one race. That is called human.



Where to start? I have been gaming for all of my life and it seems that everything has lead up to Destiny. I am, and always will be a fanboy for Mass Effect but Destiny has shown me a true multiplayer experience that I cannot live without. My experience started day one hour one. I got the game from my local gamestop and started playing the minute I got home. I wasn’t able to put it down and over a year later, I still cant. I fell in love with PVE with my favorite planet being Mars. I spent countless hours on patrol and right when I would think about getting off, a public event would start. All of a sudden, 5 to 6 Guardians would appear and we would work together to complete the objective. In the beginning, I wouldn’t think twice as all of us guardians would hop on our sparrows and go our separate ways. A few months in, I started inviting them to fire teams and making actual friendships. My most productive raid team is made up from a group that got its start taking down a fallen walker on the moon. 

As I stated above, I was always in love with PVE and didn’t have much time for PVP. When the Taken King rolled around, I decided to give it a go. I haven’t looked back since. Falling in love with PVP was like finding a whole new game. The more I played, the better I became. The last time Iron Banner came around, I actually managed to hit rank 5! It was such an accomplishment that I did something like that in PVP. 

All in all, Destiny has been amazing and I have enjoyed becoming a fanboy again. I can’t wait to see what happens in the months and years to come! 

Stand strong Guardians and long live the queen!


The Ed Man

So before Destiny came out, my gaming life was fractured. I played a slew of CoD games (before all this ridiculous movement stuff) arcade and single player games on Xbox 360. My friends all moved on to mine craft and fast CoDs, and jumped to the new console. When I heard news of this “shared world shooter” I was ecstatic. “A mmo type game, for consoles, with guns? Preorder please.” I put the One on my credit card and never looked back.  

Fast forward a year plus later, and I have more console friends then real life friends. More people I’ve never met text my number to get together than people I grew up with. I’ve done every single piece of content on its hardest difficulty, and been flawless with so many random people it’s amazing. Just last night I hit up Reddit and met 5 people across the country to do challenge mode 3 times in a row with no wipes. The caliber and friendship I’ve gotten from Destiny, and the unique people I get to play with is unmatched across anything I’ve done before.  

So, that said, here is my humble entry to get s PS4


James K.

Hey Guardian Radio pod people, just wanted to share my experience of what Destiny means to me, whether I win or lose the giveaway. 

As a full time worker, husband and father of 2, this game has kept me in the title of “hardcore” gamer i’ve held all my life since 4 years old. Case in point, since getting married I rarely played games at all.  Now I play the Destiny “average” of 3 hrs a night 3-7 days a week depending on the need. 

So, I started with the Alpha in skepticism since I don’t usually like shooters, and it got me really excited for the Beta.  Needless to say the Beta hooked me, and the following Monday I went into EBGames (Gamestop) and pre-ordered the Ghost Edition.

I Played for 2 months solo from release, as I don’t like playing online with others, and no one on my friends list was playing the game as religiously as I was, or at all… 

So in my “obsession” with the game, I stumbled on 3 things.

The first thing was Twitch, which I now watch more than TV or movies (Destiny and Bob Ross FTW).  There is so much on the game I learn from watching streamers, from PVP tips to experiencing the release streams live and direct.

Second, I stumbled on Guardian Radio, Ghosts and Echoes and Byf’s Youtube Channel which have all become my weekly staple for Destiny info/lore. This happened about 1-2 weeks into release as I just needed more Destiny… There are even times I find myself wanting to have conversations with you during the podcast, but I know you can’t hear me… 

Finally, the 3rd thing was that I hit a wall in levelling. I got to level 24 in 1.5 weeks from releaseb, but alas I had to grow out of my shell.So, I joined a clan I found through Facebook.  Since then I have joined 3 other Destiny Facebook groups (staying loyal to my clan – but branching out to playing with others due to the time of night I play), and pride myself in knowing a lot more about Destiny lore and info than most I play with.  I have made friends ranging as far as from Australia to Europe, and my friends list has grown from mere 20’s to over 120 in that time (including some of the Aim Assist boys). 

I guess what Destiny means to me is this:

Destiny is something that I can easily say has become my new hobby/obsession/lifestyle.  Even though I’ve bought countless games since it’s release, it remains the ONLY game I have played since Sept 2014. Something about this game keeps me coming back, even when I am tired of it, I find a reason to play as there is always something to do in game.

It has brought me new friendships I otherwise would never have made with people that live far wider than i expected. It has taught me to be more social, has been my light in times of darkness at home and work, and brought me closer to all of you in a round about way.

Sure Destiny can be frustrating at times, but it can also bring emotions of joy that I never thought I had capable (getting my first Ice Breaker and Vex in Vault, Hawkmoon from Ir Yut, Gjallarhorn 3x 2.5 months before TTK all from nightfalls drops).  The community that has been grown by you and the likes of King Gothalion, and other Twitch streamers, are a force to be reckoned with in the industry, and it is what keeps me positive towards the game. 

I know these words don’t nearly do justice as to what Destiny really means to me, nothing ever will, and i didn’t want to write TOO long of an email with details galore.  But I just wanted to share a little bit of my experience, since i really have no one daily to discuss this with. 

Keep up the great work on the show and I look forward to hearing the next episode




Hey guys I’m a big fan of the show, you guys are great and thanks for doing the show. 

What destiny means to me Is friends. Iv made a lot of close friends playing destiny, before destiny I didn’t talk to a lot of ppl and destiny brought a lot of ppl that are like me into my life.



Hey guardians, 

I’ve been listening to GR for several months ago. I will stay off by saying I grew up a gamer.  As a 33 year old, I grew up with all the consoles the were.   In college I got a GameCube and loved it,  but life happens and I grew up,  got a job,  got married, had a kid,  got divorced, got other jobs. .. you get the idea.  I kinda put gaming on the back burner and never had money for a new console.   Recently my little brother passed down his aging ps3 and I decided, at the recommendation of my work friends to jump on the taken king.  It was tough to bite the bullet at 80 bucks for the bundle but I did, figuring I would play it plenty as it is one of my only games.  Anyway I started playing and having a great time with my work buds and realized how much I had missed gaming and how much I had missed out on during the hiatus.  So for me destiny has brought me back to a hobby I always really loved.  So since then my friends at work are all on ps4 and my sweet little ps3 is dying a slow death, it would be awesome if Destiny Santa would bring me a ps4.  First thing I’d do is update my gamertag from Jared_32 to something of my own and have people stop cursing my poor bro.   Anyway I’ll listen and see if I won.  Thanks Zack and guardians



My name is Nick, my GamerTag on PS4 is EmeraldArcher13. I have been playing Destiny since Black Friday of Year 1, originally starting on the XBOX 360, playing with randoms, and really enjoying the fact that the community is much better than any other online game I have played. That Christmas, I received a PS3 with a YLOD (which I fixed Christmas Eve) and was eager to play the next day as I let Destiny install overnight. You can imagine my irritation when PSN, Microsoft, and Bungie servers were down for 3 days due to the big hack that happened, and I needed my Destiny fix really bad. I had come to love the game and it became more of a hobby than anything else. So much so, I got my Dad involved and soon he and I were playing for a minimum of 3.5 hours a day together. My Dad and I have always been very close, but since I live 45 minutes from him, work, and go to community college, time with him has been short. But Destiny allowed me to spend virtual time with him everyday, saving the galaxy together, and rubbing each other’s noses in the new gear we got. But about 4 months ago, my fiance purchased a PS4 and I upgraded Destiny to next gen, sadly leaving ol’ Dad behind on the 3. For a while I was back to playing with randoms and my little brother, but Dad finally broke down and bought a 4. Sweet, me and Dad can play again! But as you know, TTK is the only DLC that doesn’t transfer to next gen over an account. I am hoping to win this PS4 giveaway so I can give him the game, keep the console, and give my console to my fiance so she quits bugging me to let her play Dragon Age: Inquisition. In short, Destiny is a way for me and my Dad to spend quality time together. He has always been Superman to me, but now my father is my Titan, standing tall against the Darkness, leading the charge into battle. I can always count on my Dad’s Titan having my Hunter’s “six”.



At first all I knew of Destiny was from it’s commercials, which before it came out, made it seem like it was going to be something like Mass Effect, an epic space shooter with an interesting story. So I bought it, started playing it a little bit. I thought it was ok, but after I beat the last story mission, thought that was it and stopped playing. I went to a party a few weeks later and overheard some younger guys talking about endgame content. They sounded so excited about it I decided to give destiny another try. I looked up online and learned more about progressing to higher light levels and began the grind. I quickly became addicted. I remember the first time I did Vault of Glass, just shaking in my pajama’s and playing it all night. I was hooked. Destiny became a daily thing for me. I made friends, I laughed a lot, I finally got a gally. It was great. At the same time, I was working as a non profit outpatient therapist with an extremely high caseload. I was burned out, depressed and escaping into this game. For some reason after talking all day I didn’t mind even more talking if it was about the game. My depression deepened but I continued to play. Some of my best memories were watching a streamer I really liked while playing the game myself at the same time. I understood what the community was because it made me feel excited about things and connected to others. I finally quit my job, bought a ps4 with extra money I got from leaving and grinded out 3 characters all over again! (switched from xbox) I made new friends and continued to play. Then I hurt my back and ankle quite badly in a soccer game, so again back to destiny while I healed up. 

 Sometimes I wonder what I could have done with all the time I spent playing this game, I mean I probably could have learned another language with that amount of time! But ultimately it was a game that was there for me when not a whole lot else was going well. Currently my back is healed up and I can play soccer again, so I don’t play destiny as much, but I love knowing that it will be there as a distraction if I need it to be.  I would be grateful to win another PS4 as I would most definitely gift it to a close family member so we can spend more time together playing games. Thanks so much guardian radio, you rock.



Let me start by saying that I love your Guardian Radio show! 

My name is Angel Mirabal, aka Skaven1 on Playstation. I’m 42 years old, married and father of 2, from the beautiful caribbean island of Puerto Rico, and I’ve been playing video games with my brother since Atari 1200 (!). 

Destiny means a lot to me because I started playing Destiny since the Alpha with my shooterbro, Bodogj.  We come from the FPS shooter/MW2/Bad Company 2 side of things, but we were looking for a game with more depth (we played Skyrim a lot). Also, we have kids, and games were getting kinda violent and gory (gears, GTA, etc). 

I love Destiny because I find it to be a “safe” game. Yes, it is a shooter, but there is no gore/blood/crap in the screen all the time. The game is colorful and bright and FUN. Even my wife likes it, which is saying a lot. 

This is important because, with other games, I had to take time away from my family to play, or wait ‘till they were sleeping, etc. But because Destiny is so colorful and vibrant, I can play a few games while helping the kids with homework or even while cooking and it’s great. We have a huge Spanish-speaking community and it is awesome! We follow all the big Twitch guys and I listen to Destiny podcasts during my commute. I know you hear this all the time, but I’ve met some great people because of Destiny, and now they are my friends. 

My Christmas Wish is to play destiny with you guys one day, just like Lazesummerstone! 




Thanks for giving the opportunity to be part of this great giveaway!

Love the show guys!  

Long story short is i got married and moved out of state from friends and family, Destiny has allowed me to still stay in touch with some of my closest friends. There isn’t a game that has required more friends than destiny its great and i really enjoy it. Destiny has been that game that got me excited every weekly raid night because i would be able to play a great game with friends i love to play games with.

My brother lives in another state though and hasn’t been able to make the console jump and get into Destiny but i hope to change that, so i’m hoping that if i am able to be the one gifted with the PS4 i will be passing it on to my brother. Ill make sure to add another Guardian to this great community.  

Thanks everyone in the Destiny community for being great and respectable in a highly competitive game!



Destiny is my hang out.  Destiny is my party zone.  Destiny is my comedy relief.  Destiny is my escape.  Destiny is my place to unwind.  Destiny is my quiet place. 

Destiny is my destination.  



Hey folks. Long time listener. Love the show. Really enjoy what you ladies and gentleman bring to the community. Destiny to me has become friendship, deep meaningful friendship. As I’ve gotten older I’ve fallen victim to the same idea of adulthood that people subscribed to after world war 2. I wanted my wife to be a stay at home mom while my son breast fed and she had dreamed of being one since she was old enough to know. In order to achieve my family goals and dreams I have to work long hours 6 to 7 days a week. Until destiny I had no time to build friendships and balance family time. Anyone I met had conflicting schedules and such. Once I got involved in this game I met a core group of guys and reconnected with old friends and now we have our weekly rituals. We joke and have a great time but also we talk about life and all of its twists and turns and raising kids and the state of the world and country.  Destiny also is something to listen to and focus on while doing my job. I walk 15 miles a day all by myself and this podcast as well as crucible radio and aim assist gaming among a few others have really enriched my plethora of alone time. So thanks Mark, Belle, Byf, And Craig for helping me find a game that built my band of brothers and thanks so much for making my alone time a little less lonely. 



i have been listening since episode 54 or so…this will be my first time sending in a response to one of the weekly bounties…   

so this question about what exactly has destiny done for me in my life has made me sit back and think about what exactly i have done with my life in the last year while playing this game and being involved with the community. 

when i first started destiny i was very happy to play because i had a few friends that i had went to college with who moved to the Seattle area while i was still stuck in small town wisconsin.  so it was a way for us to play and stay connected.  over the first year of the game we started a clan together (Darkness After Dawn) and started doing some recruiting. Every friday and saturday night we would go on to lfg and find people who needed a crew to run HM crota and Atheon.  Our clan grew to the now 14 ppl we have in it by using the lfg site.   

video games have been a big part of my life..remember back when you turned on your nintendo or sega and sat down with your best friend during a sleep over and tried to conquer sonic the hedgehog or super mario.  that is what destiny has to offer.  i can start up destiny and a party chat on PSN and talk with my friends and game.  that is something i havent experienced since this game came out besides COD.  then we started exploring lfg lists and we have met some people who we have all became really good friends with  who can join our chat sit down and grab a beer and kill the ugly bad guys in this game.  

thanks for doing what you guys do…you are a big part of our community and when destiny gets stale your show gives hope that something new and exciting will come out soon…



Why Destiny is more than just a game to me…. 


 My friends and I play at least 5 days a week helping each other out with different activities. We have friends from the Netherlands, England, Iowa, Georgia etc. and Destiny has been able to bring us together to play a game we all have in common.

 In essence we are our own “little clan”.

If someone needs a daily to get legendary marks we will help them run that so they get what they need. 

Sometimes friends of friends will need help and we will help them as well because we can. 

We as a “little clan” always have a good time but never at the expense of someone else (well unless it’s to make fun of ourselves then that’s okay), meaning if you are being a jerk or are disrespectful not just to us or anyone in our party (including squeakers) we will kick you.  

So in closing Destiny=FUN WITH FRIENDS 

Our sort of clan slogan is” Friends are for reviving” 


For KungFuCaptain

Not sure if this matters (leaving a comment) but our buddy in our clan is having a baby and had to sell his PS4 due to financial reasons and a bunch of the clan is trying to win one to get him back! 

Our clan is Trials of Brosiris, or buddies PSN is KungFuCaptain. He was seriously one of the best players on our clan both in PVP and PVE and we miss having him. I hang out with him IRL, but most of the rest of the clan doesn’t, and we have created some solid friends on destiny and have even met in person when we all live states away. It’s been awesome and we need our buddy! 

Thank you for your time!



This is DaRedEyedJedi and I am reaching out to you guys on behalf of our clan The Trials of Brosiris. We are a clan that was formed by 3 roomates who used to live together but are now seperated across the United States. Through thousands of combined hours our clan consists of people who are all connected intrapersonally through everyday life. We have all become best friends and while everyone in the group knows at least 1 or 2 members outside “The Tower” we are planning on having a get together this month in our home state when we are home for the Holidays! This leads me to the moment that inspired me to reach out to y’all. Last night while running out the last of our weekly Trials runs a few of us realized that we had recieved a message from one of our mates KungFuCaptain13, In this message he relayed how much he loved Destiny and loved playing with all of us, how he had never thought he’d have best friends who he’d never met and how before Destiny gaming had been a fairly solitary experience. Sadly he was messaging us this because with the impending birth of his 1st child! (YAY!) he needed to sell his PS4 for financial reasons. Immediately we began messaging each other via Group Text and trying to figure out how much money we could all pool together for Christmas to get him another PS4! As of this typing we put together $200 (I love my friends) and while listening to the show this morning I realized I had forgotten about your giveaway, none of us can necessarily afford this but we want to band together to bring him back. I don’t know if we meet the requirements but once I told the guys they said we should send it in and give it our best! I want to thank you all for being a wonderful outlet for our community and for always being great and supportive! I love to listen weekly and I wanted to include a B & B marriage joke but didn’t want to include any dad jokes! Thanks for all that you do! 


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