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The wait is almost over. We’ve had almost three years (some of us even longer) to get this hype train up to full speed. All through that time the community has had questions, some of which have been answered but there are still many things we just do not know, and we won’t find out till September 9th. And even then I still think there are things that will still be shrouded in mystery. So, I, along with some of the Guardian Radio staff, want to let you in on some of our predictions, hopes, and still burning questions.

“The Vex are the real main antagonist and they were created by the Darkness.” –My Name is Byf

GDC Slide 43

I have a very similar predictions to Byf. We know that all the enemies that we have seen in Destiny are the armies of the Darkness. What does that say about the Darkness? I’m still hoping for a mysterious fifth enemy that overarches the others and maybe the Darkness itself. We know that there were originally plans for five different enemy races and if we go back and look at the 2013 GDC Panel titled Building a Brave New World we can see such evidence. Now I’d say this is still a pretty controversial view of Destiny; however I still think there is something left here. As you can see these are the mere skeletons of the ideas behind Destiny’s enemies. We can clearly see the Vex, Fallen, Cabal, Hive, and the mysterious fifth enemy. We can see in the Hive image that they originally had the Fallen’s death animation (souls ripping out after a headshot) and the fifth enemy has that smoky darkness associated with the Hive. The Hive could have very well borrowed a lot of the fifth enemy’s traits with their Tomb Ships and smoky inky atmospheres but I still have hope!

“In one interview with Jason Sussman he was asked if there were only the four main planets [Earth, the Moon, Mars, and Venus]. His response was something like… ‘What I can announce is that there is going to be [those planets] and of course the Tower… that is what we’re talking about currently.’ My money is on at least one more location.” –Craig Hardgrove

          Bungie has promised that Destiny will be the biggest game they have built, one that spans our Solar System. That’s a pretty big promise and many of us fans are wondering if we will venture past the inner planets of our Solar System. We know for sure that Earth, the Moon, Venus, and Mars will be fully explorable places similar to what we have seen in the Beta. We know Mercury is going to be an exclusively PVP map and we have only the slightest hints about The Reef located in our Asteroid Belt. However, we have seen other planets and moons mentioned in concept art, Grimoire cards, Limited Edition goodies, and in the Director, Destiny’s in game map. Whether or not the entire Solar System will be available at launch or whether we will have to wait for Destiny’s Expansion packs to introduce new planets or new locations on existing planets we will just have to wait.

Star Charts

“One of the alien races we are fighting were one of our allies at some point (probably not the Vex). [If so] the Humans were like ‘let’s get all greedy and screw you over’. [Also] new Raid every 2 months.” –Patrick Watts

If we look back at Bungie’s story telling history we know they do not keep things good versus evil for very long. In Halo the Covenant suffered the Great Schism which divided humanity’s greatest enemy and created new allies out of old foes. We have already seen hints of this with the Awoken race. Some of the Awoken are Guardians fighting alongside humanity while others follow the Queen of the Reef and have some sort of alliance with the Fallen. This dichotomy is what makes a living breathing world possible. You can look around in the real world and realize no matter what ideology there is there will be people who disagree with it. Lastly, a Raid every 2 months? We’ll see…

“I predict there will be a story mission or even a part in the raid where we lose the power of the Traveler and can’t use our Supers. Somehow [we] become corrupted by the darkness and lose our abilities for a short time. [This] may even disable [our] Ghost.” –Mark Turcotte

The City

The Traveler, possibly one of the most iconic image of Destiny is also one of the biggest unknowns. We know that it spurred Humanity’s Golden Age. Its power is called the Light. Its enemy is the Darkness. We know it gave up most of its power in order to protect us against the oncoming Darkness. We know in its last breath it created Ghosts and Guardians to do what it could no longer do: protect the Last Safe City and defeat the Darkness. Other than that we do not know much else. And I do not believe we will learn much more over the course of Destiny’s first game. I’m willing to bet we will have even more questions by the end of Destiny and a lot of the same questions that we had before launch. Remember, Bungie wants Destiny to be its next billion dollar, decade long franchise. They will not give away all their big secrets in one go. That’s not to say there will be a huge cliff hanger at the end like the death of the Traveler or its Light, but who knows?

“I’m hopeful that the multiplayer will be more fleshed out beyond the whole ‘get guns in singleplayer and use them in multiplayer’. It’s a nice idea, but I want a lot of options [behind Destiny’s multiplayer and Iron Banner].” –Fenix

Bungie games are known for having spectacular multifaceted multiplayer. What looks simple from the outside is actually much more nuanced than you would think. I’m hoping that there will be more vehicles. Currently the only vehicles we have seen are the Sparrows, Pikes, and Interceptor (and the turrets if you count those). Vehicles have been a hallmark of Bungie multiplayer and one of the things that has always set Halo apart from other FPS games. In the special edition Newsweek article Bungie seems to be somewhat against another warthog stating “The first cuts were jeep-like, multiseat vehicles…” especially after Bungie saw how much fun the Pikes were. It seems that this time around the vehicle offerings will be sparse but here’s hoping for some kind of flying vehicle!

These are some of the biggest lingering questions and predictions we have here at Guardian Radio. There are still so many questions to be answered like will there be slightly dynamic environments boasted in the first gameplay showcased at last year’s E3? More locations in the Tower like the Iron Banner? Sunslinger or Fireslinger?? Beards??? All we can do is see if we can push the hype train a little faster as it barrels towards September 9th and hope we do not crash in a blaze of glory. All aboard!

Let us know about any of your predictions or unanswered questions you have in the comments below.

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  • alt_example

    MonsterMashie August 27, 2014 at 9:55 PM - Reply

    There is much more to “The Speaker” than first appears. 😉

  • alt_example

    Toddrick87 August 28, 2014 at 10:44 AM - Reply

    *Sunsinger or Firesinger

    They’ve been going back and forth on the website with this. Even the Newsweek article mentioned both within a 50 word paragraph, that is if you count the header.

  • alt_example

    Dokta Vodka September 7, 2014 at 2:06 PM - Reply

    The Vex are from the past and are reviving their infrastructure to either as friend or foe. The scary part is there could be armies of Vex seeded among yhe planets waiting to be reactivated.

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