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    Guardian Radio Episode 198

    14 February 2017 , by Mark

    This week we celebrate the official confirmation that Destiny 2 is coming in 2017! The latest Activision shareholders call revealed that the much anticipated sequel is set to hit shelves this Fall. We discuss what this means and dissect the quotes that came out of the call. We also preview the upcoming patch and discuss what was revealed about it.....

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    Guardian Radio Episode 197

    7 February 2017 , by Mark

    This week Bungie dropped the date for the incoming Hot Fix. This Hot Fix promises to change up the weapon meta and hopefully breath some new life into the Crucible. We also chatted about the recent trademark filing by Bungie for the word “Destinycon.” Is the this a good or bad thing for the community? We also welcome our god...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 196

    31 January 2017 , by Mark

    After a week off we’re back with another packed episode! This week we cover two weeks worth of news and cover everything from some hints at our next live event to some upcoming weapon balance changes. We may even finally know when we will get our first information at when Destiny 2 may be coming out. All this plus the...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 195

    17 January 2017 , by Mark

    The content drought is officially upon the Destiny community but that doesn’t stop us from sitting down to push an episode out. This week we discuss the latest ‘This Week at Bungie.’ There’s talk of a hot fix inbound and the return of Iron Banner. We breakdown the details and answer some great listener emails and speakpipes. All this and...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 194

    15 January 2017 , by Mark

    News is light this week and we’re left with a three man show. No bother though as we discuss the latest competitive Destiny news as the ESL sets its competitive Destiny rules inlace. We dig through them and give our thoughts on whether or not Destiny will be the next HUGE eSport. We also take some time to read a...

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