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    Guardian Radio Episode 230

    14 November 2017 , by Mark

    The crew is back after some sickness and not much health. This week they get set for the upcoming Curse of Osiris reveal stream and speculate what exactly could be instore for players with Destiny 2’s first expansion. They also discuss the latest Fraction Rally and some interesting comments from M.E. Chung and the dev team on some upcoming changes....

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    Guardian Radio Episode 229

    31 October 2017 , by Mark

    The details of Curse of Osiris has been revealed along with an amazing trailer and some gameplay footage. This week we break it all down and speculate on what could be coming in Destiny 2’s first Expansion. We also discuss Christopher Barrett’s recent comment in TWAB regarding things that the team is working on and Season 2. The hype train...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 228

    17 October 2017 , by Mark

    This week the crew share their thoughts and experiences with the return of Iron Banner. Did it live up to the standards set by Lord Saladin in Destiny? They also look forward to the Prestige Raid release this week and discuss Luke Smith’s latest interview. Is Destiny the “Collection” game we all wanted? All this and more on anothe...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 227

    11 October 2017 , by Mark

    This week we’re back for discussions about Iron Banner, Prestige Raid Mode, Seasons, and why Dead Orbit is the best faction. Well, maybe a one of those isn’t discussed but this episode is packed with great topics! Tune in! Don’t forget to send in your questions and topics to us to You can also s...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 226

    26 September 2017 , by Mark

    The Faction Rally is almost here and this week we breakdown all the details and fill you in on how you can pledge your allegiance to your favorite. We also discuss Destiny 2’s end game. There’s been a lot of discussion lately about it as many players have begun to approach it and we give our thoughts on the experience...

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