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    BAND Nightfall Challenge Givea...

    22 September 2017 , by Mark

    Hey everyone! We’ve teamed with the Dads of Destiny to deliver a Sponsored Giveaway brought to you by BAND! They’re giving away a combined prize total of over $1000!! The GRAND prize will be $300 to the quickest completion of the BAND Nightfall Challenge ($100 per player!) Teams placing 2nd through 15th will get $20 worth of Destiny 2 S...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 225

    19 September 2017 , by Mark

    Destiny 2 is still hot and this week we’re back to chat about the launch of the Leviathan Raid and Trials of the Nine. We’re joined by our good friend Parris Lill from Gamertag Radio and give our first impressions of each. Does the Raid live up to the precedent set by those in Destiny 1? Is Trials of the...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 224

    12 September 2017 , by Mark

    Destiny 2 is officially out and we’ve been playing it all week! Hear our initial impressions on everything from the gameplay, the story, the ending, and even the activities. We break it all down in this first crack at tackling all that Destiny 2 has to offer. Beware! There are SPOILERS in this episode so if you have not played...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 223 ...

    5 September 2017 , by Mark

    It’s here! By the time you listen to this many of you will already have teak your first steps as Guardians in Destiny 2. Join us this week as work through the final round hype and prepare for launch. DeeJ stops by as one of our callers to reminisce about Destiny, the community, and what the future may hold for...

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    Guardian Radio Episode 222

    29 August 2017 , by Mark

    The European Dead Zone has been revealed and joining us this week to talk about it is Parris from Gamertag Radio! Paris went out to Bungie a few weeks ago and got hands-on with Destiny 2 and the EDZ. We pick his brain and breakdown all the new info revealed over the last week. The Hypetrain has nearly arrived at...

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