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Episode 15 3/4 of TTL Party Chat, the Official Podcast of the TTL Gunslingers, has arrived. Join Cozmo, Stuicide and Cute as they are joined by Tortacular to dive into the new Destiny patch 1.1.2 as well as the House of Wolves Reef reveal and some Totaly Rad Vids. Episode 16 is coming soon. So stay tuned.


2 for Eisen

HoW Reef Reveal

Houdini of Destiny

Datto’s Blind Raid

You can tune in by streaming the episode through the link below or by downloading it directly. The show is now on the iTunes store. You can send emails to the crew by emailing them to TTLPartyChat@gmail.com. You can also follow them on twitter (@TTLPartyChat) to keep updated with new episodes and gameplay. To sign up for the forums visit www.TiedTheLeader.com.


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