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Destiny needs some work. Yes, the combat is sound (though I’d argue the combat encounters are not nearly as rewarding as Halo: Reach – but we aren’t here to compare Bungie’s last game to their current one); and the world is interesting once you dive deep into the lore (which should have been in the game as opposed to Grimoire Cards); but that still doesn’t help the position Destiny is currently dealing with. Namely people expected a lot more from Destiny and while hype is definitely a factor in this, there is also another angle to look at – Destiny is treading new ground regardless.

One very absent omission from the Destiny experience is the extensive use of vehicles. Yes, I will fully admit to the fact that every Guardian has access to their Sparrow, which handles almost perfectly. But there is still a very distinct lack of “vehicle sections” throughout the game. Off hand there are only two real strikes that employ the use of vehicles and these moments are not only a wonderful change of pace but also a ton of fun; to a degree.

Vehicular combat is something that makes Bungie games special; Halo became a household name thanks to the amazing combat situations where players were plowing through hordes of enemies on their Warthog or destroying heavily armed opponents in the Scorpion Tank. While many will argue that it is not fair to compare Destiny to Halo due to the fact that they are two very different games – we cannot ignore the fact that these are two first person shooter experiences made by Bungie; they are going to be compared and in some cases should be.

What was really special about the vehicular sections of past Bungie games was that they broke up the pacing of the single player experience. No matter how fun the moment-to-moment combat is in either Destiny or Halo, there will come a point where it starts to become a grind. Injecting ten to fifteen minute portions of the combat behind the helm of the vehicle was refreshing. Destiny does not have these moments are frequently as it should.

Let’s step back for a moment and look at the content we have thus far and where some extra vehicular combat would really spice up the experience. Since we have spent most of our time in Old Russia (when you think about the Alpha, Beta and full game) we will use examples from that zone. First up is Patrol. Currently there are pockets of Fallen scattered across the terrain which respawn on timers after they are dispatched. It’s fun but the same across the board. But imagine if throughout the Old Russia zones that there were patrols of Fallen on Pikes. Instantly a new combat scenario shows up and injects an extra layer of life into the zone.

But let’s take it a step further into public events. Perhaps there could be a public event that requires players to make their way across the map in a certain amount of time; maybe for a delivery – using an enemy vehicle. Or even better yet what about a Pike gang that has to be taken out under a certain time limit; with vehicular combat being the only real way to take out the enemies within the given time limit. Scatter Pikes across the map to give the player an alternative mode of transport or another combat option. Just think about how cool it would be to fight a Devil Walker with a vehicle. Heck maybe even two Devil Walkers to compensate for the extra firepower.

This is just one of many examples Bungie could possibly do to add some variety and fun into Destiny. Right now, with the impressive grind Destiny requires of players, breaking up the combat would be a welcome change.

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